tagMatureThe Farmhand

The Farmhand

byPatrick Flanagan©

After my divorce I moved to a quiet little town along the Canadian border in Washington State. I found a nice place with forty acres, thirty acres of it wooded in trees, and the remaining ten had my house and a small pasture. It was the perfect place for me to concentrate on my next book and I also found the farm work to be invigorating.

No one ever came up my driveway save but for the mailman so it was a surprise to me to see a horse and rider coming up to the house early one morning. The young lady astride the palomino was a natural beauty and I found myself staring and thinking that at 39 I was over twice her age.

"Hi, I'm Emily!" her hair went flying as she leaped off the saddle. "I saw your place and wondered if you might need any help this summer? Like a farmhand?"

I didn't really need any help, but if my money could keep this charming little elf around then she had to have a job.

"As a matter of fact, Emily, I was just going to see about hiring someone. Think you can handle it?"

She leaped to give me a hug and her gratitude was evident.

Over the next few weeks I got to meet her parents from a few miles down the road and they were typical of the area. They were of Dutch descent with five boys and three girls (of which Emily was the oldest at 18) and, like most farmers in the area, they needed all the extra money they could get. The money I was paying Emily was essentially the grocery money for the family and they made it clear that they needed her to have the job.

I called my CPA and had him put Emily on a regular weekly paycheck and I made the pay a bit more substantial than it had been. Emily was stunned when she saw that first check and then told me how much this could help at her parent's farm. I told her that I expected to see more of her and I'd also need her help taking care of my house and not just the farm.

I didn't realize the pressure that was on Emily to contribute to keeping her family farm afloat and one day she burst out in tears and just sobbed as she was doing the dishes.

"I'm sorry, it's just...I'm so lonely!"

I gave her a hug and comforted her and she spilled her guts about how she'd never had a social life and how college was never going to happen and on and on. That moment allowed an intimacy to develop between us and she began to share more of her personal life with me. One day the subject of sex came up and she asked me every question I could imagine and I made a point to give her honest, yet somewhat clinical answers.

I figured that all it was about was talk.

She'd been with me for two months when she showed up particularly early one morning wearing nice clothes than usual and with her blonde hair nicely up in a bun. She put on breakfast and coffee while we chatted and then I went off to the shower afterwards while she cleaned up. The hot shower was wonderful and I put on a close shave and then something told me to put on a little cologne as I was drying off. I was a little surprised when I slipped from the bathroom to my bedroom, naked, to find Emily sitting on my bed. I quickly grabbed my towel and covered up.

"Emily, what's up?"

She looked serious. "You know how I've been missing things and all in life?"


"I got some condoms and was wondering if you'd..." Her neatly prepared speech fell to pieces and she buried her face in her hands and began to cry.

"Emily, I'd love to make love to you if that's what you're asking."

She ran to my arms and my towel fell to the floor as I put my arms around her.

"I'm sorry about it all, Patrick, I'm just so...so..."

"Emily, I'd be honored." I leaned in to her upturned face and kissed her as I began to unbutton her blouse. Her hands both wandered to my cock and I had a hard time standing up as she delicately stroked my throbbing rod.

I was a little surprised when she stepped back from me and dropped the blouse before stripping off her jeans. I moved in and undid her bra to reveal her pert 34B titties (yeah, I checked the size!) and then lowered her white panties to the floor.

She giggled a bit as she fumbled with the condom package and then, once opened, she slipped the latex over my cock and pulled me back to the bed.

I was curious by her actions. "Emily, are you a virgin?"

She giggled again. "No, I had a boyfriend when I was fifteen, but nothing since then, I swear. I wish!"

She threw back the covers on the bed and lay down in the morning sunshine, her hair splayed about her face and her feet flat on the bed. She was a sight to behold.

I'm normally all for foreplay, but it'd been a while for me, too, and I gently climbed on the bed and lowered myself between her soft thighs and began kissing her. She was amazing. My blood rushed to my head as I swam in the pleasures of this teenage beauty. Another thought popped into my head.

"Why the condom? I'm safe. I haven't been with anyone other than my wife in sixteen years."

She kissed me and I felt her body calling for me.

"It's for me, silly." Her voice was getting husky."I'm not on the pill or anything and I want to enjoy this, not sweat it out over a baby."

She wasn't on the pill. If she'd only known what those few words did for me! I knew this area was really conservative and single mothers don't do well here. After sixteen years with my wife, I figured I deserved someone like Emily. Now I just had to make our arrangement less temporary.

I reached between up as we continued to kiss and caress and I deftly removed the condom, dropping it off to floor. Then I ran my hands up her arms, to her wrists and held them over her head.


She nodded at me and kissed me deeply as my bare cock kissed up to her pussy lips and parted them. She was ready for me and in a few short thrusts my cock was buried to the hilt in her gloriously tight pussy. Our lovemaking began in earnest as I started to give Emily a serious adult fucking. I eased myself up on her to get my cock rubbing her clit and she responded with an affirmative moan of pleasure. Her legs opened wider and my cock moved deeper into the girl, seeking out her deepest places.

"Oh, God! It's wonderful!" she moaned. With that, I withdrew my cock almost all the way out so only the tip was still in her. Then I eased forward while strongly pulling her hips into my torso. The move worked to plow my cock six inches into her cunt where it finally kissed into the soft flesh of her cervix. Emily yelped out in pain as I skewered her.

"Oh it hurts" she whispered.

I kept my cock buried to the hilt and softly said, "It's okay, Emily. It'll feel better in a minute."

Then I slowly began thrusting my cock slowly in and out. An inch or two back and then an inch or two forward. I slowly repeated this motion and within a few moments I felt my balls begin to boil with pressure. I was loving it.

Emily still softly moaned as our lovemaking intensified. I was surprised that she couldn't tell my cock was bare. I held her by her hips and began a slow steady fucking. I could feel the tip of my cock knocking on the door of her cervix and I swear I could feel it open up to welcome my sperm into her womb. The boiling in my balls was telling me that there could be no more delay, and I was so eager to fill this beauty with my come that the thought of her walking around my house with her belly swollen was enough to make me come right then and there!

I buried my face in her neck and bit and sucked as my pleasure was building to a crescendo. I tried not to leave a mark, but when I saw the hickey on her porcelain skin that did it! I drove my cock deep into the girl and she gave a little shriek as she felt my cock swell and hammer at the gates of her womb.

I gave another deep thrust to her and then the flood gates opened. My cock rippled with joy as my balls emptied into Emily's unprotected and unsuspecting belly. She held me tight all the while my faithful little swimmers were on their way to make me a daddy.

She smiled at me as my cock still twitched inside of her. "That was wonderful! I'd love to do that again!"

Her wish was my command and a few minutes later my cock swelled up again. This time, she gave a little shriek not of pain, but when her body answered the pleasure it had given me. And as she was coming down from her pleasure I filled her tender pussy with a second load of babyjuice.

I took her straight to the shower and we bathed each other and she somehow never noticed that the condom had been empty. Every time she came over after that we always managed to find time to fuck and except for one time in the barn, she always insisted on a condom and I always took the fool thing off.

It was her 19th birthday when she came over and told me she wasn't feeling right. Two days later I took her to the justice of the peace and we were married. Now, as she walks around my house with my baby in her swelling belly, I have no regrets.

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