tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Field Trip Ch. 04

The Field Trip Ch. 04


Authors note - Hey guys! I'm really happy with how this chapter came out. More ideas on what to do next would be appreciated! All characters are purely fictional in a fictional world. None of their actions should be replicated in real life. Thanks to the anonymous helper for giving me a topic for this chapter!


The belt whistled as it came down onto my cunt. I would've screamed, but Mr Rayner had gagged me. I couldn't do anything but endure it. The pain was excruciating. He continued whipping me, enjoying every sweet moment of it. At one point, I felt as if I was going to faint from the insane amounts of pain that coursed through me. I was shaking and sweating, but he didn't care. He whipped me five times in total on my pussy and then turned me around so that my ass was pointing skyward. I felt his hands grip my butt, opening it, so that he could see my hole. I could see his hand reaching into his pants, rubbing his cock while pulling it out. He grabbed my hand and put it into it.

"Stroke it, Chloe," he demanded.

I obeyed.

His belt came down, directly making contact with my asshole. I couldn't help but cry. Although the pain was much less than being whipped on my vagina, it was humiliating. His cock in my hand wasn't making it much easier. It was much larger than my small hands could wrap around. I could feel the throbbing heat radiating around it. Mr Rayner whipped my ass a total of five times as well. He dropped the belt, finally finished with my punishment.

Mr Rayner grabbed hold of his own cock, furiously rubbing it against my skin. He untied the piece of cloth that was preventing me from screaming and then began working. He told me to lie down again, and positioned himself above my abdomen. Slowly, he began unbuttoning my blouse with one hand. After taking it off, he reached behind me, and unhooked my bra in one swift motion. He gently peeled the thin piece of fabric off my skin and dropped it on the ground. My breasts relaxed, as the pressure relieved. Mr Rayner stared in awe as he fondled them once again. He squeezes them tightly, making me accidentally moan. My nipples were suddenly erect, pointing up towards him. I blushed at this, my cheeks turning red. Realizing that they were hard, Mr Rayner pinched them, making me wince. He then grabbed both my breasts, wasting no time to slip his cock into my cleavage. I gasped at the feeling of his large cock between my breasts. The incredible piece of meat, was rubbing against my skin. The feeling was incredible, overwhelming even. He rocked himself at an incredible speed, using the sweat in between my breasts as lubricant. His cock slipping in and out of my cleavage, gave me immense pleasure. The waves of joy went throughout my body. I could feel the juices, building up inside me and slowly exiting my slit. I felt numb, unable to move. It was like his cock had taken my ability to do anything but moan and sigh, although that was probably not a bad thing. He squeezed my breasts inwards, onto his cock, creating more friction and therefore, more pleasure for both of us. I came in a matter of minutes, my fluids squirting everywhere, for the third time in a day. Mr Rayner gently slapped my pussy several times, approvingly. He came as well, a few minutes after I did. With one last thrust into my cleavage, his semen exploded onto my face and neck. He groaned, still rocking back and forth, his cock spasming in between my breasts. It came out in long, thick strands. The cum was warm and all over my face. Again, it was salty in my mouth, like at the beach. The sticky gunk, sloshed around in my mouth, forcing me to swallow it again. He laughed, looking at me. Once again, I felt humiliated. My dignity had been stripped by him. I was breathing heavily, my mind still hazy.

"Clean yourself," he said, while pulling his pants up.

I grabbed tissues, and wiped my face. It took several minutes just to get the stickiness off my face. I tried my best to fix everything, but my hair was a mess and my clothes were soaked with sweat, semen and vaginal fluids. As I stood up, my legs almost buckled. I was exhausted and didn't try hide it either. I grabbed my bra, slipping it on. Mr Rayner walked behind and hooked it for me. I said nothing to him. I was filled with hate and frustration. My mind was clouded with thoughts from earlier and I didn't want to speak to him. I buttoned up my blouse, which was now wet, with several stains on it. I looked at myself in the mirror. Luckily, it wasn't obvious that there was anything other than, what looked like water, on my blouse. I then straightened my skirt, which had ridden up all the way to my upper thigh from when Kristy had pleasured me. After all the adrenaline dissipated, only then did I realize the extent of the pain that Mr Rayner had inflicted. Sitting down on a chair, I looked down at my vagina. It was blood red, which was expected, and swollen as well.

"You may leave now, I will call both you and Kristy back later," Mr Rayner said.

I slowly got up and limped out of the room without saying a word. I looked at the time on my phone. It was just about the end of the second period. I opened the door, to find Kristy was sitting outside waiting for me.

"What are you doing here?" I whispered.

"Oh my god, Chloe are you alright?" She gasped.

"Yes, let's go, I'll talk about it later," I replied, eager to leave.

Kristy apologized constantly for what she did. I had forgiven her the first time, saying that it wasn't her fault, but she was still sorry. I told her everything that happened and how it all started. She took it fairly well, saying that we needed to fix everything somehow, but I knew that we couldn't. Mr Rayner was just too smart for us. Two periods passed and neither of us had heard from him yet. It was fifth period, after lunch, when he decided to take action. Both of us were on the volleyball team, so we were together when he called us to his office. We walked there, still in our sports uniform, which was also far from modest. A thin, tight shirt, covering my breasts alongside a pair of very short shorts that were just about as long as my panties. Opening the door, we found Mr Rayner waiting for us like before.

"Now that you are both here," he began. "I would like to tell you some rules that you must follow, as my slaves."

I cringed as the words came out of his mouth. I looked over to see that Kristy had the same expression as I did.

"One, you must call me master. Two, you will only have sex with myself or each other, unless I say so. Three, you must follow all my orders and four, you will not tell anybody," he smiled.

"If you do not follow my rules, you will be punished."

We took a couple of moments to take in the information. It sounded crazy but we had no choice.

"Do you understand?"

"Yeah," I muttered.

"Yes," Kristy followed sheepishly.

"Yes, who?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Yes.. Master," we replied.

"Good," Mr Rayner grinned. "Now, please take your shirts off."

I stayed calm, remembering that he could easily overpower both of us. Obeying his order, I peeled my shirt off my sweaty body. We had changed into sports bras before beginning our volleyball session and didn't have time to change back. Mr Rayner stared at our breasts for a few moments, grinning from ear to ear. My bra was dark blue, with straps that crossed on my back. Kristy's was bright pink, and had a style similar to mine, but was larger to accommodate her breasts. Mr Rayner walked towards us, reaching out to touch our breasts. His hand poked and squeezed, triggering yet again, a great feeling inside of me. He began undoing his pants, telling us to do the same. I looked over at Kristy, my panties quickly getting damp. She was a goddess. Her legs were smooth and hairless. Her tanned skin contrasted nicely with the tan lines around her panties. Mr Rayner smiled even more. He looked at both of us, his cock getting even larger in his boxers. He told us to lay on the table, in a sixty-nine position. Kristy was on top of me, her pussy right above my face. Mr Rayner then told us to start pleasuring one another. My shaking hands pulled her underwear to the side, giving me full view of her glorious sex. It was swollen as well, and wet to the touch. I started with my fingers, slowly drawing lines across her slit and on her clit. I was having the time of my life, playing with Kristy. She was also doing a great job with my pussy. I felt her hand, smacking and rubbing my wet mess, making sounds that I loved. Kristy's cunt wasn't much different. I inched one finger after another slowly into her, until three of them were fully inside. I could hear her moans, muffled by my vagina, which she had already begun eating. I felt her tongue, gliding across the inside of my lips. Her finger was on my clit, drawing smooth circles around and on it. Her tongue worked wonders, even more so than before. It penetrated fairly deep inside me, not like a cock, obviously, but gave an entirely different feeling.

My fingers slid in and out of her hole, at a rhythmic pace, until I decided it was ready for me to eat. I had never eaten out of, or had any sexual experiences with girls before, so I was nervous. Her moans gave me a signal that I was doing a decent job. I grabbed her thighs, spreading them so that her pussy would be on my face. I began licking around her slit, testing the waters. My tongue easily slipped into her wet cunt, freely moving around inside as well. Her vagina tasted much better than I expected. It was sweet, and was much thinner than Mr Rayner's cum. Overall a better fluid. I swallowed it without hesitating, enjoying the moment while it lasted. I could see her smile, happy with my actions.

Mr Rayner was watching us, his hand jerking off his cock. He walked over to Kristy, stopping her to suck his cock. It exited her mouth covered in saliva only seconds later to position itself in front of my backside.

"No.. Please sir!" I begged him, to no avail.

There was a crazy stinging pain when he pressed it in. I yelped in pain. The cock was only a few inches inside of my rectum, but it hurt like fuck. Kristy was looking apologetically at me. I had never had a penis enter my ass, and never planned to. The pain was much worse than when he had vaginal fucked me. It was a feeling that I had never felt before. He continued pushing himself in, stretching my anal cavity further than its limits. It insisted itself into me, the whole thing. His hands were on my butt, opening the cheeks wider to provide access for his cock. I was crying, the pain too much to handle. I felt his hand, on my bra, violating my tits while taking me by my ass.

"No.. Fuck - please!" I cried.

He trusted in and out, creating destruction inside of me every stroke. His hand pinched and rubbed my nipples, forcing me to moan. After only several minutes, he came. The friction was much more than inside of my vagina. He groaned, gripping onto my thighs while he rocked his semen into me.

"Oh!" I gasped.

I felt it shoot up, deep into my rectum. The hot gunk spewed out of my ass, dripping onto Kristy's face, under it.

He slowly extracted himself from my ass and walked to put his cock in front of my face. It was softening, but still large.

"Open up," he ordered, grabbing my chin.

I opened my mouth.

Mr Rayner placed his cock inside.

"Clean it,"

I sucked on it, disgusted. I tasted his cum, all sticky, coating his penis. Luckily, I couldn't taste anything else. The thought of putting it in my mouth after it had been in my ass, made me lose my pride. After all the semen had been cleaned off, Mr Rayner removed himself from my mouth. I breathed heavily.

"Good girls," he grinned, zipping up his pants. "Now, you may finish each other off as then leave."

Kristy's tongue started up again, licking my cunt at a steady speed. My mouth was on her's as well. Several minutes passed before I felt an orgasm building up inside me. Her hands worked on my swollen clit, occasionally entering my slit. I let out a sigh as she pushed me over the edge. Kristy giggled, my juices running all over her face and into her mouth. I went red, unable to do anything but moan. My lower body bucked, the pleasure was too much. I kept my mouth on her vagina, licking every inch of skin that I could. She came after me, her juices, unlike mine, ran smoothly into my mouth.

"Oh.. Oh my.. God!" She moaned.

We were both breathless, at the hands and mouths of one another. Mr Rayner waited patiently for us, as we got dressed. I could barely walk, the pain in my ass, hard to ignore.

"I have both your phone numbers, when I have something for you two to do, I will send you a message," he said, after we had slipped back into our clothes.

We walked out together, exhausted and pained.

"Well.. I guess I'll see you later," Kristy said.

"Yeah.. I guess so," I replied.

And then, that day's adventure was over.

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