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The Firehouse


"Nah, it'll be a long night here alone, go ahead and stop by if you're out. Alright, see you then," said Tony as he got off the phone with his wife, Dana, who was out with another couple at the bars. Tony was on night shift watching over the firehouse and was supposed to be the first to have a truck pulling out of the station as everyone else geared up and piled into the truck for a call. The guy rotated and it just so happened that of all nights, he got stuck here on a Friday night. He loved his job, he loved fighting fire, and he loved saving lives, but having to miss out on a good Friday night's fun got Tony down a little. He was nearly ready to fall asleep when he heard a knock at the door. "I'll be right there!" He shouted.

To Tony's surprise, he opened the door to see his wife standing there in nothing but a black trench coat and nothing underneath. His eyes grew wide with the shocking sight. She stepped aside to see Amanda, his best friend's wife, standing there as well in nothing but a trench coat. His buddy Dave laughed. "It's been a crazy night so far! I can barely keep these two off each other!" Dave exclaimed, "Not that I'm complaining or anything!" The guys laughed and the girls filed in.

"We just want you both to watch," said Dana calmly. "Think of it as both your treats to you for treating us so well by working so hard." Both girls stood before their men, looked at each other and dropped the coats. The girls had the guys turn their chairs facing each other and then sat on their own hubbies lap. They weren't kidding around anymore, it was on. The girls straddled their man but were facing each other so they could give their men a show they'd never forget! The girl reached for each others hair and faces, kissing and licking each inch of the beautiful woman sitting in front of them. Occasionally a hand would migrate south to the hard nipples awaiting the touch of the other girl.

You could hear the light moans coming from one girl and then the other. Neither of the guys could keep their hands off their wife. The girls started to stand up, not losing concentration on each others lips, tongues swirling about with a quick breath here and there. The girls started to move towards the truck sitting just to the left of where the chairs had been seated. The guys turned their chairs to face the truck.

It was predictable one would be up on the truck shortly. Within seconds, Dana hoisted Amanda up onto the hood of the fire truck. She grabbed Amanda's legs and spread them wide. She wanted to see, feel and taste every ounce of Amanda. She started, her soft lips, kissing and biting their way up Amanda's leg. She got to her knees and then to her inner thigh as she held tight to Amanda's legs to make sure she kept them as wide as she could. She turned to Dave, "I bet you can't wait to watch me eat your wife." He smiled and tried to nod but was so excited he didn't know which way to shake his head; it turned into more of a circle than anything.

Tony still seated quietly, he finally said, "Eat her baby, eat her until she cums in your mouth." Dana smiled, oh she intended to. She turned back to Amanda's wet pussy and buried her face in it.

Amanda moaned loud and laughed. "Oh baby, fuck me good," she shouted. Dana rammed her face into Amanda's gapping hole, her tongue thrusting in and out of her friend. She slid her tongue faster and fast in Amanda's hole until there was no silence left in the building. The only thing any of them heard what the echoing on Amanda's erotic moans. Dana moved her mouth up to Amanda's clit and shoved her fingers where her mouth had just been. She began to suck on Amanda's lips and hard pebble clit. Amanda's moan grew more intense and deep as Dana went to town on her sweet pussy. "Fuck me, AHHH FUCK ME," she'd beg.

Dana would smile knowing that Amanda was drawing closer and closer to her peak of ecstasy. Dana removed her mouth from Amanda's clit and slid the flats of her fingers to Amanda's clit. She began rubbing circles, applying more and more pressure as she did. Her thumb cupped inside Amanda's hole, sliding along the inner wall of her vagina. The more pressure Dana applied, the more Amanda thrust her hips to meet those fingers. Finally, when Dana could take no more of the suspense, she rammed her face once again into Amanda's pussy, still rubbing her clit harder and harder. "Oh, FUCK!" she screamed, a long drawn out scream of satisfaction. "Suck it baby, suck it!" She continued. Dana could feel the warm juices pouring out of Amanda. She loved the gratification she got from pleasing her friend.

Once Amanda caught her breath again, the girls turned to the men who had started rubbing their cocks through their pants. "Both of you come here" the girls gestured.

"Fuck her now," Amanda told her husband Dave, who looked surprised that he was being told to be with another woman, "Fuck her first, then fuck me." She told him. "Tony, I want to suck your cock." Amanda told Tony, who looked to his wife for approval. Dana already knew this was coming; the girls had talked about it prior to coming here. She nodded her head in agreement.

Tony sat on the hood of the truck while Amanda slid her mouth around his piercing rod. Dave, smiled as he watch his wife suck his friend's dick and also while he got to fuck his friend's wife. Dave rammed his hard 8 inch cock deep inside Dana as she whimpered in enjoyment. He was so horny and turned on by Dana taking his wife's pussy until she came that he couldn't stand it. He fucked her harder and harder shoving her up the hood of the truck.

Tony was groaning, deep, delightful groans while Amanda sucked him hard. She's slide her hand up and down his cock, stroking it and then cupping his balls in her hand. Once the girls had the men consumed in the moment, they pushed them back, "Trade," the girls whispered to each other as they exchanged another tongue swirling kiss through passing.

Now each man was with his wife but still enjoying the show put on right in front of them by the other couple. The men had never felt this type of passion, this uncontrollable urge to fuck their wives until they came time and time again. They thrust harder and harder while their wives screamed, reaching their peaks, squeezing their husband's hard cocks tighter and tighter with every second. The intensity of the contractions forced each man over the edge, shooting their hot juice into their wife. They'd stop long enough to breathe and then thrust again harder and harder until the next moment of exhilaration.

By the fourth finish, the guys nearly collapsed into their chairs while the girls struggled to pull themselves up from the truck. Before each girl got off the truck, they turned to the other and liked the juices of each others husbands that had just filled that precious hole. The girls smiled and climbed down. Just as they both climbed off the truck the siren rang. It was a fire.

Tony had to come to his right mind to get his clothes on and into the truck before anyone else arrived. The girls and Dave scrambled for their coats and clothes and ran out and into their vehicle before anyone pulled into the station drive. They had barely gotten out of the driveway when the first guy pulled into the station and rushed in. The girls still giggling from the show pleasure they had just given and received and could only hope Tony had his clothes on by now.

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