tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Flight to Jougin 9 Ch. 01

The Flight to Jougin 9 Ch. 01


I sat in the corner of a booth in a bar that was located in the spaceport on the small but habitable moon Hovan. I was not yet out of money, but considering that I was out of work, I couldn't see as that I had much hope. My only hope was that someone had missed their flight, or needed to get off quickly, and would hire me for the job. As soon as that was arranged, I could use that money to get me back to Yobina, where a wealth of jobs for smugglers like me awaited. But, things didn't look too hopeful. I had money enough for maybe two days, if I stretched it thin.

As I sat, drinking the glass of water I had been given, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. Slowly I turned my head up to investigate. I was looking towards the door when my eyes saw a beautiful, and likely young, Kopan female walk through to the bar. Sure doesn't look like the type who would be caught dead in a place like this, I thought to myself. She's a walking target for any of the myriads of criminals that are in this place. And sure enough, as I looked up, I saw a tough looking Yourtiki begin to walk through the crowd in her direction. I grimaced slightly, and checked for my blaster. Silently I flipped the safety off of it and brought it to bear underneath the table, hoping nobody would notice as I slowly scooted to the edge of the table.

I saw the woman walk over to the bar and order a drink. From here, it looked like a vodkaline. I couldn't tell for sure though, and she downed it quickly. The girl was maybe 5 feet tall I guessed, with dark brown hair, brown eyes, and full lips. She looked rather like the pictures of Hispanic women I had seen, those that had once lived on Earth; before it had been destroyed in the second galactic war of course. In fact, the only way I knew that she was Kopan, was because of the coin she had tossed the bartender. I could instantly tell from the distinctive blue color, it was made from the distinctive metal known as donais. It was only found on Kopan, and only a Kopan native would be likely to use one of those coins. Anyone else would get it exchanged as soon as possible. She had noticed the Yourtiki heading her direction. "Good evening sir," she said to him. "Is there something I can help you with?"

The Yourtiki was almost 8 feet tall, and was obviously drunk. With all the weight of his furry body, he leaned over and said to her, "I'll just take your purse and there won't be any need for violence."

"And if I refuse?"

He slipped a blaster from a compartment on his utility belt and fired. But it was too late. She'd ducked down to grab a knife hidden underneath her pants and tossed it straight up and into the Yourtiki's heart. All the Yourtiki had managed to do was blast a hole in the floor. Clearly, I had underestimated this girl. She walked over to the Yourtiki, retrieved her knife from his dead body and casually walked back over to the bar. She leaned over it and asked the bartender a question. I couldn't hear what she said, but the bartender pointed in my direction. Slowly, she walked over to me. Those patrons who hadn't left after her bold display made a path for her. She slid into my booth, and I pretended not to notice. "That was cute," she told me. "You had your blaster ready the whole time. You thought I'd be the damsel in distress, didn't you?"

I looked up at her casually. "Well," I admitted, "the thought had crossed my mind. What can I do for you?"

"The bartender said that you were looking to give passage to people who needed a ride off the moon. And I do. I need a ride to Jougin 9. Can you do that?"

"I think I can manage," I replied to her, still casually. Maybe things were finally begining to look up for me? "I'll want ten thousand credits, up front. And then ten thousand more, upon arrival."

"My, that's expensive," she said looking at me coyly, "but I suppose quality does have a price. Where are you staying?"

"Aboard my freighter," I replied brusquely.

"Ah, the comforts of budget living," she laughed. "Would it be alright if I saw the ship before I make up my mind?"

"I don't see a problem with that," I told her. "Follow me."


Carefully, we made our way to my freighter, the Ocean's End. "It's not the prettiest ship on the block, but it gets the job done. And fast, too," I said to her.

As we reached the ship, she gasped. "You weren't kidding, this thing is the ugliest piece of junk I've seen in a long time. That Yourtiki wasn't this hideous."

"Hey, who says I have to take you anywhere?" I snapped back at her.

"No, you're right, I'm sorry. As long as it's solid."

"That it is," I replied to her. "But before I go, anywhere with you, I must insist you tell me your name."

"Oh, that slipped my mind, I'm sorry. Call me Maria. Maria Villanova."

"It's a pleasure to meet you Maria, I'm-"

"Patrick Scarvem. I know."

I raised my eyebrow at her. This kitty had done her homework for sure.

"Can you take me aboard? I'd like to see the interior if I may."

"I guess so," I told her, "but don't try anything funny. I'll be giving you a guided tour, and that's ALL you'll get until I get my ten thousand up front."

"Of course. That's all I really want anyway. Just to know if this ship is up to the task."

"It certainly is," I replied. "Come on, I'll show you." I keyed the number for the entryway hatch and it opened up. Maria followed me inside. As the entryway closed, I showed her around. The bathroom was to the left, with a shower if needed, the tiny and cramped kitchen, just beyond, complete with a luxurious microfridge and microwave. There were two cabins beyond that, both exactly the same size, one being empty, and the other containing my stuff. The ship was compact for the most part, because being a smuggler's vessel, the cargo hold took up most of the ship. "Like I said, it's not pretty, but it gets the job done."

The last place to show her was the bridge. I keyed for the door to the bridge to open and we stepped on. She gasped again. "Wow, you weren't kidding. This is an impressive bridge. I like a man with nice equipment."

I smiled for the first time since I'd met her. "Well, I don't like to brag, but this baby can..." I was cut off as her lips locked with mine. I felt the fullness of her lips as she pressed her lips into mine, hard and eager. Obviously, my bridge had impressed her quite a bit. She moved her hands around to begin unbuttoning my shirt. Not thinking, and caught up in the heat of the moment, I pulled her shirt over her head. There was no undergarment of any type underneath it, strange that I hadn't noticed, and her full bosom was freed as she smiled. I tossed her shirt to the side, and mine soon followed.

"I like it hard, and I like it fast," she said already beginning to unbutton my pants. They were soon added to the growing pile of clothes, as was the tight pair of pants she wore. By the time I had gotten her pants off, I was naked and she tossed my underwear to the side, and then removed her own. She pushed me into the captain's chair, and then turned it away from the console and kneeled at my feet. Slowly, her mouth slipped over my cock. "Oh God," I moaned, "are you always a devil like this?"

She sucked fast and hard on my cock as I slid it deeper and deeper into her mouth until she was deep-throating it. She began to moan on top of my cock, and I couldn't control myself anymore. "Oh God baby..." She sucked industriously on my cock for a bit longer and then I couldn't stand it. I pulled from Maria's mouth and made her stand up. Then I spanked her ass. "Turn around babe," I said to her.

Without asking or objecting Maria turned around and rubbed her ass against my cock. "I want your cock in my ass." She didn't have to ask me twice. Lining up my cock with her asshole, I slipped my cock, still wet from her saliva, into it. She began to moan as I moved my cock in a circular motion within her ass. Slowly, I began to thrust it in and out. Her hips bucked as she rode my hard cock. Up and down, up and down, "I-I'm going to cum," I said. "Shit...!" And then she stopped.

"Not yet," she said. "Not yet. It's too soon." She smiled at me, then turned around again.

"Oh?" I didn't know what to say. She kissed my lips softly and sweetly, as her tongue slipped inside my mouth. I wasn't quite sure what had got her started, but I loved every second of it. Her tongue pressed tightly against mine. She was filled with such passion, I felt her every touch and movement as if it was magnified a thousand times. Her arms wrapped around my waist and I felt like I could cum just from the feeling of her hands against my skin. Her tongue explored every corner of my mouth, and mine did the same to her. I'd never felt someone so passionate and impulsive. But that didn't matter, because I liked it. Her impulsiveness was refreshing, and a change in my routine was just what the doctor ordered. I felt relaxed and calm now. Well, aside from my throbbing cock. She grasped it in her hands, and began to stroke it. It felt so good, her firm hands stroking my wet, sticky cock. After she had been stroking it for a little bit, she turned to me and smiled mischievously. Her hands directed my cock to the wet entrance of her pussy and it slipped inside. It felt so good, aching to come. She didn't ride it though, I begged her to. "Please, ride me Maria, I want it so bad..."

My cock grew harder and harder in her pussy, and it ached to cum. "Maria, please... Ride it." She kissed my lips and then rose up and off of my cock. She stroked it again, until I came all over her face, breasts, and stomach. I slumped over in the chair, tired from the effort, and she went down on my cock, sucking it clean.

"I haven't a place to stay, since your prices are a bit... High," she told me. "Would it be alright if I stayed on your ship for the night, and then we can leave in the morning?"

"I think that can be arranged," I said, smiling at her weakly from the chair.

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