tagLoving WivesThe Flooring Guy Ch. 02

The Flooring Guy Ch. 02


The Flooring Man part 2 Tim

Debbie's Adventure part 2

This is a continuation of part 1. It isn't necessary to read part one to understand this story. But it might make a little more sense.

There is a part 3 in the works and a part 4 planned.


"It's me Barb." Debbie said.

"Hi, Deb, how did the kitchen turn out for you?"

"Very nice, I'm so happy with it. And meeting Frank was great. I could have killed you, telling some guy that I enjoy sucking cock, but I'm glad you told him. I made that poor man suffer for three days before I took care of him. I was more turned on with him than I have ever been with Todd."

"WELL, what did you end up doing then?"

"After teasing him those couple days I was extremely aroused. We were in the living room the last day of the job. I was getting ready to pay him and he pulled me close, kissed me, rubbed my nipples and as soon as he touched my pussy I melted. I had to actually pull myself away to keep from letting him fuck me. He started kissing me again and he ended up fucking me. It wasn't totally consensual at first. But once he got it started it was fabulous. I've never been so turned on. But that's not why I called. Todd's going camping on Friday for three days. Do you want to go "shopping?"

"Sorry Deb, I've got a date. I can meet up with you on Saturday night, though. How's that sound?"

"Sure, I'll go solo Friday, but give me a call sometime Saturday about the evening. bye bye."

Friday came and Debbie hurried home from work to get showered and ready for her evening.

She got dressed in her "look at me outfit ". A tiny denim mini skirt, a low cut tank top, no bra, her little white panties and leather sandals. She was kind of glad Barb wasn't going tonight. This gave her more opportunities. If she saw a guy she liked, there would be no concerns about what the other girl would do.

She started thinking about Frank on her way into town. She had enjoyed the fucking he had given her. It was so different than Todd. Frank had been very rough with her, he actually forced her.

Debbie parked her car in the parking lot and walked to the door of the bar. There was a large man at the entrance checking I.D.

"Hello miss, could I see some ID?" The doorman asked.

"Oh, aren't you such a flirt." Debbie gave the doorman a big smile for that.

She had just made her way to the bar and someone called out to her. "Mrs. Kramer."

Startled, she turned and saw Tim coming her way. How could she miss him, a 6'6" tall man? He towered over everyone else in the bar.

"I saw you when you came in the door. How are you doing? Is Mr. Kramer here with you or is Barbie with you? You really look nice, very nice."

"First of all young man, you're never to call me Mrs. Kramer, it makes me feel old. Secondly, I'm doing quite well. No, my husband or Barbie are not with me. And lastly, thank you for the nice compliment; you've made me feel like a young woman again."

"I'm sorry for calling you that, Debbie. Can I buy you a drink?" This woman is such a fox. What a fucking nice body.

"I'll have a screwdriver, thank you." Debbie responded. Tim is such a handsome young man.

"Deb, let's grab a booth. Do you like to dance?"

"I love to dance, slow and fast, how about you?"

"I don't fast dance. I'm too tall and look a little gangly. But if they play a slow dance, we'll hit the floor. Whatda ya think."

"Sounds great."

After chatting a few moments a man walked over to there booth and asked Debbie if she would like to dance.

"Sure, aahhh , do you mind Tim?"

"No, not at all Debbie." Then Tim thought, "Oh shit, this guy is going put the make on her on the dance floor. Now I don't have a chance. This guy's older and she'll surely rather talk with him."

Debbie started dirty dancing with the newcomer. He responded to her, matching her moves. Grinding pelvis', hands on each others bodies. Debbie turned and he tucked in behind her up against her ass. He had hold of her hips matching her sway and slowly moved his hands up towards her breasts. Debbie pushed his hands back down, turned slightly and smiled at him. He slid his hands down her thighs and tried to get them under her skirt. She turned quickly, rotating out of his grasp.

"I don't know you well enough for that quite yet." I don't want to appear too easy.

Debbie looked over at Tim a few times and waved to him. He waved back, knowing his chances with her were diminishing. She saw he was a bit distressed and knew exactly what he was thinking.

"Thanks so much for the dance. I really liked your moves." Debbie gave the newcomer a hug right in front of Tim.

"I liked your moves, too. Would you care to go somewhere a bit quieter?" The man asked.

"Thanks, but I'm here with a friend." Debbie gave Tim a warm smile. Debbie wrapped her arms around the strangers neck and quietly said "Maybe tomorrow night." With that she broke the hug and the newcomer walked away smiling.

Tim asked Debbie, "What did you say to him just now?"

"I told him I enjoyed the dance. Why?"

"It seemed like you had such a nice time dancing with him. That's all."

"Tim, I did have a nice time with him. Come on, there playing a slow song and you promised me a slow dance." She pulled Tim out of the booth and onto the dance floor.

Debbie thought "This will give me a chance to get his mind off of that other guy dancing with me."

She wrapped her arms around his neck, her top riding up to just below her breasts. Tim put his arms around her lower back, feeling the softness of her skin.

"OH no", Tim thought after just a moment. "I'm already getting a boner. She's going to think I'm some kind of a pervert. But she is so soft and her body is so tight to mine. Her breasts are so firm and her thigh is pressing into my groin."

"Tim, what are you thinking right now?"


"TIM, TELL me what you are thinking."

"Debbie, it's going to embarrass me if I tell you."

"Tim, I want to know what you are thinking. Don't argue with me, just tell me."

"I'm thinking how incredibly beautiful you are. How soft your skin is. The perfume you have on smells incredible. I can feel your breasts against me and they are fantastic."

"Anything else?"

"Your thigh is pressing into me. It's very arousing."

"Do you mean you're beginning to get a hard-on?"

"This is embarrassing to me Debbie."

"TELL me Tim. Tell me if you're getting a hard-on."

"Yes, yes I am."

"Would you like to leave here and go somewhere quiet? Somewhere we can talk. It's too far to drive to my house. Is there somewhere closer we can go?"

"Well, the house that my buddies and I rent is only a block from here. We could go there and talk. The only problem is that a couple of the guys will be there. But they won't bother us. We can even go to my room and talk. It will be much quieter up there."

"Let's go." Debbie's panties were beginning to moisten up.

It was a short walk. Tim even held Debbie's hand.

"Well, here we are", as he opened the door for her.

She could hear the loud music, men talking and laughing.

Debbie stepped through the door and into the living room where Tim's friends were sitting. All heads turned and there eyes were on her. Everyone got quiet. Tim stepped in behind her and they all greeted him.

"Fellas, this is a friend of mine, Debbie. Debbie, that fella is Jim. That guy's Jamal and last but not least is Bubba. Bubba keeps order in the house. If there's a problem he takes care of it."

"Hello Debbie". They said almost in unison.

"Hi guys, it's a pleasure meeting you all." She thought to herself "I hope these guys don't think I'm here for a gang bang. This may have been a mistake coming here. Good lord, they're staring at me like I'm fair game for all of them."

"I invited Debbie over to listen to some music up in my room. Maybe hang out for awhile."

Tim guided her towards the steps and Jim said, "Have a good time, Tim."

Once in his room he closed the door. "Debbie I apologize for what Jim said."

"Tim, don't worry about it. Boys will be boys. I would be very disappointed if you didn't at least kiss me. I remember that kiss in the basement that day at the house. I wanted much more from you. But with Frank upstairs, I had to stop you."

"I didn't know that." Tim said as he closed the gap towards Debbie. Pulling her closely he lowered his mouth onto hers and they kissed. She parted her lips, giving Tim immediate access to her tongue and mouth.

Tim's hands were all over her body. He lifted her top off and just stared momentarily at her breasts. He lowered his mouth to her little tit and gave it a nice long suck, to the point of Debbie letting out a gasp of pleasure.

"AAHH, not too fast cowboy. I want this night to last. Take your t-shirt off Tim." She waited, then started lowering herself down in front of him, raking her fingernails down his chest as she went. Debbie stopped at his belt and undid it. Then she unbuttoned his pants. Now she knelt in front of him.

"Tim, you don't mind me undoing this, do you?"

"Heavens no." "This is going to be better than I ever imagined," Tim thought. "Any other girl was always a romp in the sack. Debbie knows just what she's doing to me. What a tease. I hope what they say about older women is true, they make a good piece of ass."

Debbie slowly tugged his zipper down and slid his jeans to the floor. Tim kicked them off.

Next she pulled his underwear off, exposing a very large and hardening cock. "This young man has a very nice piece of equipment," she thought.

She dug her nails into his sac and pulled down. Tim let out a low groan. Next she stroked his cock, slowly. Then ran her fingernails up and down his cock, finally scratching his cock head with her nails.

"Ouch, "he said, "Debbie that hurts. My little guy is very sensitive at the end."

"Tim, there's nothing little about your "little guy". And how about I kiss it and make it feel better." And she brought her mouth over the head of his cock softly suckling it. She slowly stroked his cock shaft with one hand and softly pulled and massaged his sac with the other.

"Debbie, that is fantastic. You really know what you're doing and you do it so well. Oohhh, that feels so good," Tim said as he was beginning to teeter, having trouble concentrating on his balance and the extremely good sensations in the head of his cock.

"Tim, I want you to sit down on the edge of the bed. Now, just watch. Don't touch your cock and don't touch me unless I say it's okay."


Debbie stood in front of Tim, rolling her nipples and getting very turned on by it. She stepped up to him, raising her knee and ground it into his groin. Hubby always loved it when she did this to him.

"Now, kiss and suck on my nipples Tim, very soft and tenderly. Make love to my nipples with your mouth and tongue. Very nice. Do you like loving my nipples this way?"

Tim just nodded his head. He was slowly being tortured. He wanted to fuck her right now. His balls were aching.

Debbie pushed him back and backed away from him.

"Tim, get your hands off your cock. And you are only allowed to touch me when I say its okay."

Tim just nodded.

She stood with her back to him, just out of reach. She bent over slightly and unzipped her denim skirt, slowly allowing it to slide over her butt, letting it drop to the floor. She turned just her head and smiled at him.

"Do you want to see more? Or would you like me to get dressed, go back to the bar and let that man that danced with me earlier take me to his car and fuck me? Would you like to watch another man fuck me, Tim?"

"Hell no!! I want to fuck you badly right now." Tim started to get up.

"Tim, sit down. I'm not ready yet. Don't you want me ready, real ready for you?"

Tim just nodded.

Debbie turned back around and bent over a little further. This time she shimmied her panties slowly over her ass, letting them fall to the floor. Spreading her legs widely and bending completely over now, she ran her hands up and down the inside of her thighs emitting little moans of pleasure. Debbie turned ever so slightly and looked at Tim.

"Tim, do you like what you see?" Debbie ran her fingers up to her soaking wet bald pussy and put a finger in. She withdrew her finger and put it in her mouth, sucking on it. "Tim, my pussy tastes very good. Would you like to taste it?"

"Yes Debbie, please stop teasing me!!"

Debbie straightened up, turned and walked to him. She took his face in her hands and kissed him. His hands were all over her once again. She broke the kiss and pushed him onto his back. Debbie leaned forward and once again lowered her mouth onto his cock and gave him a few stokes.

"Tim, it's time to taste my pussy. You do want to taste it don't you?"

Tim grabbed under her shoulders and rolled Debbie onto her back. He kissed her lips and mouth softly. Tim worked his way down to her breasts, kissing and gently rolling her nipples between his fingers, finally running his tongue down her tummy. He slowly lifted Debbie's legs in the air and lowered his face between her thighs. Debbie was breathing heavily now, grabbing his head, trying to push it to her pussy.

"DEBBIE, Do Not touch yourself or me unless I give you permission. Do you understand?"

"Tim, I need it NOW."

"Too bad babe. You had your fun teasing me, now I'm having mine. Besides, earlier you told me "Not too fast cowboy, I want this night to last." Do you remember that?"

Tim went back to work on her pussy. He had never seen a shaved pussy before, it was very smooth and soft. So clean looking. First he softly licked around her clit. Then gave her a couple sucker bites on the inside of her thighs. How would she hide these from her husband? Then he went back to her clit. Licking it all over and diving his tongue deep inside. By now Debbie was moaning and panting.

"Please Tim, fuck me, please."

Tim started moving towards her head, licking as he went. "Debbie, I'll fuck you right now if you let me give your tit a sucker bite."

"No, you can't do that. My husband will see it when we shower. You already gave me a couple bites between my legs that I'll have to hide. No more, especially not on my breast."

"Debbie, I need to give you a bite on your breast. I want you to beg me to give you a sucker bite and then I'll fuck you." Tim put his cock right at the door of her pussy and pushed in slightly. Debbie started squirming and trying to pull him inside of her. He kept just a slight pressure against her pussy, driving her wild.

Debbie could not take it any more. She needed his meat in her NOW.

"Alright Tim. You win. PLEASE give me a sucker bite on my tit. PLEASE TIM."

Tim placed a sucker bite on the top inside of her breast. Todd would be able to see it easily if she showed him any cleavage or bare tit.

"Oh Tim, now please fuck me. That's it. OOHHH yes I need that in the worst way. It feels so big in me." Debbie started her first orgasm. "Hold tight against me. AAAAHHHHH OOOOHHHHH." Her legs were quivering from the explosion. She had a very strong orgasm. Debbie hoped she hadn't screamed loud enough for the guys downstairs to hear.

Tim started it all over again. Slow penetration and then ease his cock out. Over and over again until he could feel her matching his pace. He knew she was going to come again. And she did. Screaming just like she had on the first orgasm.

After four orgasms, she relaxed. "Tim, it's time for you to come now. Do you want to cum in my pussy?"

"You bet I do." I won't last long now, he thought. "Debbie I'm ccuuummming. Aaahhhhh. UUUHHGGGGGG.

Tim rolled off of Ashley. They had both enjoyed the sex. Cum was seeping from Debbie's pussy. Small driplets of cum were still oozing from Tims cock. Tim got up and got Debbie a towel to clean herself with.

"Thank you Tim. Come here and let me clean your cock off, it's dripping." Instead of using the towel, she put his cock into her mouth and sucked it clean.

"Debbie, you can spend the night if you like. You said Todd wasn't home."

"I'd love to stay and have a couple more sessions like the one we just had. But, I really have to go. You could walk me to my car, though. It's back at the bar."

"If you're sure you can't stay, I would be glad to escort you to your car. Let's go."

They dressed and left his room. On the way down the steps Debbie asked Tim to go first just in case the fellas might be down there. They stopped for a few minutes and talked to his friends. Debbie noticed they seemed to be covering there crotches, probably a bad case of erections. She giggled to herself. 42 years old and she had this effect on young college men. She just might have to visit this place again sometime.

They excused themselves and headed out the door. Tim held Debbie closely on there walk to her car.

"Well Tim, here we are. Thank you for such a nice evening and especially for accompanying me to my car." She pulled him close and kissed him deeply. Her hands rubbing the front of his jeans, feeling his cock begin to grow again. "Now Tim, I feel you growing again, so I'd better get going. We can get together again sometime and have a repeat performance. I have your phone number. DON'T call me at home."

"Goodnight Debbie, drive carefully on the way home." As she drove away he was still rubbing his cock through his pants.

-to be continued-

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