tagLesbian SexThe Forbidden Gift Card

The Forbidden Gift Card


At first, when I opened that little white envelope, I thought it must be some kind of joke. A silly gag gift, given to maybe make fun of me; and for an office party it was certainly in bad taste. I mean who had ever heard of a gift card for an erotic website?

Turning it over, I had seen a full set of instruction on how to use it. Simple to follow. In fact, maybe too simple. A scam? A gift card that was an internet scam? Well, that would be not only in bad taste but just plain mean! My mind had raced through everyone in the office, trying to think who I might have made mad enough at me to do something like that to me.


Could it be real? Not a scam? Well, possibly but this would have to take the cake as the weirdest gift card I've ever heard of.

When I'd gotten home from the Christmas party I had immediately gone to my laptop and done a quick search, using the Logo on the card, for scams. Nope. Humph, curious, curious.

Ignoring the card for the moment, I went to the bathroom and got out of my long-past-the-point-of-uncomfortable party clothes. Leaving behind me on the floor by the laundry room a discarded pile of red silk bra, the matching panties, my long red "Christmasy" stockings and that silly party dress; I headed for the shower. I barely turn on the cold water at all, I want it brutally hot. Scalding.

"I'll have to take my dress to be dry-cleaned." I thought as I wait for the water to steam. My dress reeked of the "Axe" cologne of the men I had to dance with, to simply be sociable. I climb into my shower with a pleasure moan as the hot water hits me, taking that scent from my skin. Scouring it off my body to vanish where it belongs, down into the sewer. Pulling my long hair out the way, I let the so very hot water pound the back of my neck. "Another Christmas party survived." Moving my neck, the flow of water moved to the front of me, sending scalding rivulets across by breasts, painfully stinging my nipples with the heat. Then down across my nearly flat belly it flowed in cascading rivulets of heat to find and burn every nook and valley.

I slowly shook my head.

"What the hell is wrong with those idiots I work with? I never bring a date. They've never seen me with a guy, so why do the young men all seem to think I'm the one to make passes at? It's not like I flaunt myself at them, certainly not the way Suzy Carson does. I ignore them! Maybe that's what it is. They can't take it when they're not the center of attention from everything female in the room. Why...? Oh, Enough! Enough is enough, is more than enough! The party is over, I've slogged my way through three endless hours of it yet again, and now it is time for me.

It's "me" time now!

The towel had tumbled for too long in the dryer, it was too soft. That was the only thought I let myself entertain as I dried off and slipped into my comfy pants. I pulled on my favorite, washed till it is getting soft and is nearly see-through pink tank top, and headed to the kitchen. Absently giving the smelly dress a kick as I passed it. A bottle of very oaky Chardonnay, a bag of my all-time-favorite Archway Wedding Cake cookies and I went to burrow myself into the huge nest-o-pillows that I use for a couch. Sipping, munching, I pick up my latest novel ready at last to just read.

Or so I though.

After reading the same paragraph four times without taking in a word, my eyes slid over to my laptop. And that shiny gift card lying next to it. With a shake of my head and a large gulp of wine, I went back to reading ...


Pulling the computer over to me, I opened it and reading the site, typed in the name. Then I entered the code on the card. What? Wait a minute..."Oh, MY GOD!" This was not an erotica site, this is an escort site! Who the hell would give this to me? I spent only a half second looking at the opening page before I fled from the site. I set my computer to running all of my anti-virus programs while I went and deleted my history and cookies.

"Who the hell?" Furious, I refilled my glass and steamed while the computer ran its scans. I tried to go back to reading my book, but couldn't. "Why? An escort service gift card!"

** ** ** ** ** ** **

The next few days at work were filled with me doing my Olivia Benson impersonation. I hunted the office for clues to who had been my Secret Santa. The problem was the only person that knew who all the Secret Santa gifts were from, the company VP, had taken a vacation till after New Year's. From what I could discover from my sleuthing no one else at the party received anything weird as a gift, well no weirder than usual for a company party. It was also while I was at work that I began to think more and more about that card. About what it must have cost financially. Hundreds? Thousands? Well, certainly a lot more than the twenty-five dollar spending limit...also about what it "meant" that someone had given it to me. A gift card for an escort, no for a prostitute! Who would think I wanted or needed something like that? Who gives away something like that as a gift? Who...

...knew me so well? Knew that unspoken fantasy?

That night, when I got home, I went back to my computer...back to that escort site. Just to look at the women, not to cash in the card. That night I looked, and the night after that, and the next night after that as well. I read what was available, what services, what...forbidden impulses could be indulged in.

Oh, and indulge I did.

Only privately.

Personal parties, where the wine did flow, and I let my imagination take me to places where only books had taken me before. Places where soft feminine fingers, silky lips that tasted of lips gloss, smooth skin would meet mine in soft caresses. And those lovely ladies had all of that. Sexy Emily with her delicate chin, or Corey with lips I wanted to kiss so badly. The flirty pictures of Amy and Judy kissing had me always on edge. A sweet and bitter edge, an edge I could not get over, no matter how hard I tried, no matter what I tried. I think it was that more than anything that got me to thinking about really cashing in that gift card. That want...desire...need to feel just a little bit more...of even one of those fantasies...come to life.

And for more than a brief moment of unsatisfactory pleasure.

I even went so far as to enter the redemption code only to wipe it and leave the site. Till New Year's Eve...

** ** ** ** ** ** **

Lonely, more than a little drunk, I sat burrowed in my pile of pillows, listening to the distant echoes of parties. Fireworks. Parties I hadn't been invited to. Fireworks I didn't want to go watch. In fact, There were no plans for this night. Just like last year, and the year before that, and far, far too many years before that. All a tumbled mess of drunken memories. Just me and empty bottles of wine and a book for company. Maybe my fingers for a good time.

But tonight the book wasn't interested; fingers didn't satisfy.

My computer...with those incredibly gorgeous ladies waiting on that site. If felt almost like they were calling to me, calling with a longing that made me burn.

The redemption code.

Oh, the wet burning need between my legs.

Entered, yet again.

"Oh, sweet Heather. I so want you...need you."


The black plastic card fell from nerveless fingers to lie lost among the many pillows as I lifted my finger from the enter button I had touched without thinking about it. What have I done? I began to look for ways to reverse it, but even as I was frantically searching the site, I saw the icon on the top of my screen telling me I had mail.

"Oh, my god."

"Code received. Your gift card has been redeemed, expect the arrival of your fantasy package prepared escort within four hours. We thank you for our business and hope your experience is everything we promised it to be. Again, thank you."

"Oh, god, oh god what have I done?" A sudden nausea of nerves sent me rushing to the bathroom. Splashing cold water on my face to stop the growing panic attack didn't work. I looked in the mirror at the true face of fear. "What have you done?"

Unable to find an answer I left the bathroom shaking. In three hours, twenty-one minutes and fifteen extremely rapid heartbeats later, when my doorbell rang, I was a trembling mess of nerves. But at the same time...I was horny as hell!

Outside my door was a goddess.

"Hello there, I'm Heather. Do you have your gift card? I have to see it as proof." I nodded, went to get it and handed it to her with fingers that trembled. She smiled and slipped it into a pocket of her coat. "I understand you're not feeling well, can I come in? Maybe check and see if I can help?" At my nervous nod, she gave me a soft understanding smile and reached up to caress my cheek. "You don't fret any now; I'll make you feel all better."

When her long coat opened and the white nurse's uniform appeared my heart skipped two beats. It was exact to the fantasy I had entered into the site. Not a naughty nurse, but not a regular nurse's uniform either. A flirty blend of the two. Sexy and professional all in one, right down to the black leather doctor's bag she carried. That bag made me catch my breath. If the outfit was this close a match to what I had asked for then all the rest...oh, my.

Then the back of Heather's hand was checking my forehead and face and I lost all ability to ponder silly fears.

"Well, you don't seem to have a fever but you are more than a little hot." Her hand brushed my cheek and crossed my neck, and then fingertips "accidentally" grazed the tops of my breasts, as she reached down and took my hand. "Maybe you should lie down. Let me check you out, properly. Over here looks like a good spot."

I could not have been more nervous or more eager when Heather led me to my nest of pillows and down comforters. When her fingers left my hand I looked at her.

"Take off your clothes, please. I'll be right with you. Bathroom?" she asked softly.

When she disappeared down the hall I had a second panic attack. Trembling, I began to do as she had said; the room so hot moments before now felt terribly chilled as my bare skin appeared. My nipples were painfully hard and I had gooseflesh everywhere by the time I was down to my panties. When they lay in a pile around my ankles the bathroom door opened, the light shut off, and with her low, white, patient-leather heels clicking on the floor, she came back to me. I felt my pulse jump at the site of white latex exam gloves, and the shiny metal stethoscope hanging around her neck. Her eyes went from the top my head to my toes, half-hiding under the pale pink underwear, and then back to my face in a long, slow caress of vision. I shivered under that hot gaze. From nerves, cold, or lust did I tremble? When she spoke I knew it was all three.

"Quite lovely, I can see nothing wrong with you there. Lie down, please. Let me check the rest."

With pillows bunched under me I did as she said, little twitches making me jump as she began to touch me. Not quite as an exam, at least like no exam I had ever received before, but it was not an erotic massage either. Her touch was light, the silky glide of latex across my chill-pebbled skin. Then her fingers were brushing the insides of my knee, gentle pressure applied to get me to open my legs. When I did I could feel her nails through the gloves in a slow scrape down the softness of my inner thighs.

"Well, this could be the problem." I gasped as two gloved fingers parted me and slid inside. "You're far too wet down here. And certainly too tense." Her wrist rotated and her fingertips brushed the upper inside, exactly where I had said in my profile that I was the most sensitive. Then that latex covered thumb was making a small circle next to my clit. Touching it but not at the same time. One of my plush pillows began to get crushed in my grip as I lifted my hips towards those probing fingers.

"Feel good, my dear?" she asked smiling, an eyebrow lifted.

"Yes." I moaned the whisper I was too ashamed to say louder.

She smiled again. "That's good. Enjoy the exam if you can, it's normal to do so." For several more minutes she caressed me, inside and out, then just as I hit the edge I can never cross, she removed her fingers. "I need to take a sample for the labs to test, but I appear to forgotten my swabs. I'll have to find something else."

The very second I saw her head lower I could not believe what was about to happen. Then I felt Heather's breath on my nether lips and then her fingers opened me and I felt her tongue. A hot ribbon of fire coupled with a silken caress that lathed my outer lips, devouring every hint of moisture from them, and then working deeper. I began to thrash under her skilled mouth, grabbing and clutching at pillows, comforters, old stuffed toys that had migrated into my nest, hell anything that I could get into my hands.

Her mouth, sweeter than the sweetest wine, never seemed to tire not for what to me seemed an endless amount of time. The time that I spent moaning, begging, wishing with all my heart that I could just get one moment over that edge I was clawing to get past. Oh, how wonderful, how incredibly sinful, and naughty to have a woman's mouth on me there. I filled my mind with every erotic thought I had ever had about this woman. And not just her but all of the women I had seen on the site. Emily and Corey forever linked in my mind with passion, and sweet Amy so very innocent and so wicked hot at the same time.

Oh, why can't I just take that last step? It's just a single step and I would be screaming not moaning. I twisted the pillow in my hand, as bitter frustration began to gnaw at me.

"Turn over my dear."

Blinking, I looked down to find her looking up at me, her face shiny wet. "Wh...what?"

"Turn over." She dabbed at her face with a cloth, and then lightly wiped me. "Now, please."

Confused but willing I rolled over onto my belly. Looking back at her, I shivered at the smile she was giving me now. Playful, but with a hint of mischief. I trembled when her hand ran along my thigh, across the curve of my ass to the small of my back, and then a single finger traced its way back between my cheeks. It crossed the raised wrinkled rose making me gasp, and then her fingers sank back into my pussy with a brutal lack of tenderness. I cried out against the pain and pressure even as I begged for it to never end. That bit of pain helped me to claw one finger closer to that bright point of light I desired, one inch only, but that was more than I have ever gotten alone.

I wanted to weep at the emptiness I felt when her fingers vanished from me again.

Then Heather's weight was on me, pressing me hard into the pillows under me. I felt her breath hot by the nape of my neck, then just under my ear.

"Time for you to cum," she whispered.

My eyes went wide, as I felt her drag something hard up the back of my thigh, between my legs, it crossed my neither lips, gathering moisture as it pushed my body open. I tried to ready myself to feel the hard length of her toy enter my pussy, only it was suddenly gone. When it reappeared against that forbidden rose bud, I gasped as I remembered what I had written in my fantasy package. That unspoken fantasy, the one I've never shared, not even in the darkest of nights in the arms of the few lovers I've had.

A pressure began then, a deep burning ache that took my breath, I cried out as I felt something pierce that which had never before been pierced. I clawed at the pillows, pushing them aside, digging my fingers into the thick carpeting underneath. Heather's weight increased as she moved herself up my back, a movement coupled with a thrust that brought a scream of pain that turned into a deep wrenching moan of something that was not quite a pleasure. Tears sprang from my eyes at as the toy retreated but did not leave me.

"Oh my god, Heather!"

"I know...poor little thing. It feels like it's in your throat doesn't it?" Heather asked in a whisper that was half-chuckle, by my ear. "I'm sorry it hurts, but it's necessary to make you all better. It will get easier to take here in a second. Here, let me help."

When her hand reached under me and those fingers brushed my clit, I realized that her glove was gone! Oh, how warm, how silky her bare skin felt touching me. I felt the tears dry from my eyes at that so welcome touch. My bottom lip was caught between my teeth as she gave me a second thrust, deeper than the first, which took my breath away. I...I...I...


With a scream that tore at my throat and took every ounce of energy I had to make I breached that last wall, I took that final step, clawed my way through to that last inch, reaching up touching that light I had grasped for so many times and failed to reach.

And it BURNED!

From the center of me out it burned. A fire that spread down every nerve, setting them in sympathetic flame. It took me to the very heights of light, carrying me upwards with the flames, as I screamed at the heavens for this to never end and at the same time begged mercy. A mercy that was in some small way given as I felt suddenly empty, the burn between my ass cheeks dropping away, as heather removed her toy from me. But even as that happened her fingers on my clit seemed to double their pressure.


Again my body shook beyond my control. A delightful surrender to the goddess of pleasure. A broken rapture that took me down with it, down into soft pillows of velvet and warmth, they closed around me taking the light with them. I know there was a passage of time lost then; I felt I was swaddled in cotton candy. In those pink spun-sugar pillow-dreams, I walked my way back from the little death. Back to a body of trembling flesh and small aftershocks of pleasure.

Heather was sitting next to me. A soft smile on her face as she looked down at me. She took one of my comforters and spread it over me.

"I cleaned you up, precious. Now I want you to rest. You hear me? If you don't, you won't get better, and if you don't get better..." Leaning in she brushed my lips with the softest kiss I've ever known. "I'll have to come back."

With a smile, she rose to her feet, settling her clothes and picked up her little black bag. She let herself out.

As I lay there my body melting into a warm pool, snuggled in the softest of down, sleep courting me like a lover, I took with me into dreams two things. The rich feminine scent of myself that had been so heavy on Heather's lips when she had kissed me...and the question. The still unanswered question that had bothered me for a week now.

Who could have possibly sent that card to me?

** ** ** ** ** ** **

How? How could I possibly function at the office? Whoever gave me that gift card had to have just received a bill for the services. Right? Surely it wasn't prepaid on something that expensive, the site would bill a credit card, anonymously. Right? And now whoever gave it to me knew I had cashed it in. Knew I had let a prostitute, a female prostitute since that was all the site offered, do such...incredibly naughty things to me. Oh, I felt myself getting hot even at the memory of Heather. Of Heather, and of a New Year's Eve that I will remember forever.

But how?

How do I go into work, walk among those people and look them in the eyes, knowing one of them knows that secret? I had to find out who sent it! And...and...and then what? Confront them? No...I would die of embarrassment. I...guess avoid them. Maybe?

"Oh god, what did you do?" I asked myself for the hundredth time this morning as I fumbled my way through ten choices of clothes, rejecting each, unable to make even a decision about shoes, let alone what to do about the gift card giver. "Oh, god what did you do?"

Again and again my mind answers that repeated question with "Had the most awesome sexual experience, and the most powerful orgasm of your life." Ignoring that voice of reason I flew out the door, no makeup, with nothing that coordinates with anything else and then burst into tears when I dropped my keys in the slushy snow by the car door. Tears-falling I knelt, trying to keep my knees dry, and fished through the wet slush for the keys.

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