tagAnalThe French Visit Ch. 04

The French Visit Ch. 04


Georges had to return to Paris late on Sunday evening to complete his business deal there, so they decided to make a day of it, and enjoy the glorious summer weather.

Laura was still a little in shock over what had happened the previous night. She had talked to girlfriends about their sexual experiences, of course, long gossipy intimate conversations over glasses of cider in the Students Union, and thought she had known what it was all about, but she hadn't expected anything as explosively sensual as the experience she had had.

For the most part, the girls initially talked of romance, long kisses and gentle caresses, but as the evenings wore on and more drink taken, they confessed the reality; fumbling, eager boys who came too soon with little regard for their lovers pleasure. She had grown wary of them, the drunken rugby players, the noisy soccer stars, even the studious library worms; she viewed them all with the same jaundiced eye, only out for what they could get. But now she realized that in the right hands, her body was designed to give her a lot of pleasure.

As before, Vivette made no mention of the previous evening. She was in the kitchen preparing a picnic lunch when Laura came down after a sound night's sleep. The two women worked together companionably, and soon the three of them were ready to set off.

Georges had chosen an old castle a few miles from home for their day trip. As they drove there, he gave Laura a potted history of the castle and its role in the 100 Years War with the ancient enemy, the English.

The castle was magnificent; a resolute tribute to the medieval French who had laboured to build it's sturdy walls. The grounds were extensive; many acres of land designed for deer to roam within to allow the masters of the estate their hunt.

It was high summer, and many families had chosen to spend their Sunday afternoon there, exploring the grounds, the shrill excited cries of school children echoing from the ancient maze, lost in the shadows within. Laura and her companions wandered deep into the woodlands around the castle, well off the signposted footpaths, and gradually the noise of the other visitors dwindled and faded. Georges and Vivette were holding hands, their affection for each other obvious. They walked almost in silence, occasionally pointing out red squirrels and pheasants, listening to the sounds of the countryside. It seemed to Laura that the couples wandering wasn't arbitrary; they knew where they were heading, and soon came to a sheltered grove, the sunlight diffused through the canopy of leaves overhead, dappling the undergrowth.

This was an ideal spot for a picnic, Vivette declared, and Georges set down the wickerwork basket he had been patiently carrying. Vivette spread the picnic rug out on the soft grass, and the three of them settled back to enjoy the cold collation that they had prepared-being French, Georges had insisted on a fine wine to accompany their meal, and soon, happily relaxed, Laura lay back, drifting peacefully.

She lay with her hands behind her head, stretched out, looking up through the trees, and thought that she had never been so content in her life. Georges and Vivette were cuddled up beside her, Vivette with her head resting on Georges shoulder, his arm around her.

Laura gradually became aware of movement: Vivette had slowly moved her hand down and pulled Georges polo shirt from his waist band, and eased her hand up to rest against his stomach lazily scratching and stroking the dark hair across his chest. Laura heard him growl quietly, his hand pressing hers to hold it still, but she was determined. She slid her fingers down and unfastened his belt, pulling it open, then slowly slid down his zipper.

She eased her fingers inside, and rested there for a moment, her slim fingers pressing against the growing bulge of his groin.

Laura turned on her side to watch: at the moment she was content to remain an observer and learn what she could from them. She smiled inwardly: none of her seminars at college had been this exciting.

Vivette's fingers were beginning to move, curling around Georges's cock. With a sigh of mock exasperation, Georges lifted up his hips and pushed his trousers down to allow his wife easier access to his cock. He rested back, and when his wife's head bent to his cock to take him in her mouth, he raised his hand to stroke her hair gently.

Vivette licked her lips in anticipation, and slowly opened her mouth to engulf Georges's rapidly hardening shaft. She licked delicately at the slitted opening of his cock head, and then ran her tongue around the crown, nibbling lightly, kissing her way down the shaft until her nose was tickled by his hair. She kissed his balls, carefully holding them in one small hand, caressing with her finger tips. She licked lightly, and then sucked each one very gently into her mouth. She delved deeper, holding his scrotum up slightly, licking the under surface. Georges spread his thighs slightly and she probed, her tongue reaching his perineum. Then she returned to his cock, kissing and mouthing her way up his sturdy shaft.

She opened her mouth wide again, and took his bulbous shaft deep into her throat. Laura was watching intently, fascinated with Vivette's movements, the constant stimulation she was applying to Georges cock and scrotum, working him with her hand, tongue and throat.

Laura watched Georges's face: he had closed his eyes, and his hands held his wife's head to his cock, gently forcing her down. Vivette swallowed, and moved her tongue against his shaft, massaging him in her mouth. She released him slightly, her mouth sucking the engorged tip, her hand wanking the shaft slowly. Then she sat up: she wanted to feel him inside her, his cock filling her needy pussy, and she slipped off her summer dress. She was wearing only a tiny thong, and pulled this to one side. She straddled him, and he held his cock, guiding it into her.

Laura came closer, wanting to see Georges's cock coated in Vivette's slick juices. She watched as Georges began raising his hips, pumping into Vivette. Holding onto his wife's hips, he helped her move on him, and she rotated her pelvis, grinding her sex onto his.

Laura reached out and stroked Vivette's back, wanting to join in, but not sure where to begin.

Vivette looked around at her and smiled.

'I want you to play with me, cherie,' she asked, 'I need you both in me.'

At first, Laura was a little unsure at what she was being asked to do, but then she remembered the sight of Vivette on video, her anus being probed by her husband's finger.

Vivette leaned forward, changing the angle of penetration of her pussy, and began to move her pelvis, driving her clitoris against Georges's pubic bone, enjoying the rough stimulation.

Laura sucked her middle finger, and then pulled aside the thin thread of Vivette's thong, exposing her tight anus. She recalled what Georges had done, and first pressed the pad of her finger to the amber ring, feeling how tight the older woman was. Slowly the muscular ring relaxed slightly, and her fingertip slipped inside. She was amazed at the heat and tightness, the muscles clamping down on her exploring finger.

She needed more lubrication, and leaned forward to lick, her tongue working the tight ring along with her finger, pushing constantly. Her finger was soon engulfed, buried deep in Vivette's bowels, feeling the muscular walls. Vivette was relaxing now, her tight ring dilating slightly, and Laura speeded up her thrusts. Remembering how Georges had timed his fingering to coincide with the thrusting of Paul's cock, she tried to do the same, and was rewarded with mewls of pleasure from Vivette.

Laura pulled her finger out, and decided to try with two. Licking again at Vivette's musky entrance, she overlapped her forefinger and middle finger, and edged the two of them in. Vivette groaned, and Georges could feel her clench her vaginal muscles round his cock in excitement.

Vivette continued to ride Georges's cock, the pressure from Laura's fingers pushing her onto him. Her arousal and excitement were mounting, and she looked around at the teenager finger-fucking her anus.

'Please, ma cherie, I need more,' she pleaded, and Laura cast around for inspiration.

She saw the empty wine bottle lying at the edge of the picnic blanket, and reached for it. She sucked the narrow neck of the bottle, and removing her fingers from Vivette, she placed the neck of the bottle against the woman's dark entrance. She pushed slowly at first, but soon Vivette's ring had dilated to take the bottle neck, the ribbed end massaging her.

The cool, unyielding glass was an entirely different experience for Vivette, and she welcomed the alien sensation, her anus relaxing further to accept it. Laura pushed a little, and soon the bottle neck was buried deep inside Vivette. Holding it by the bottom, Laura began to twist slightly, maneuvering the bottle gently, probing and rotating it until Vivette began to pant, her pussy twitching and her ass clamping down in spasms of pleasure.

Georges could feel her orgasm rising; he could see the change in her expression; she was biting down on her lip as if in intense concentration, her eyes closed.

He could feel the pressure of the bottle neck through the thin membrane dividing his wife's pussy and ass, and it was stimulating his cock further. He had been taken aback, and excited, by the way in which Laura had casually violated Vivette's anus with the bottle. He wanted to see the bottle buried deep in Vivette's ass, to see her tight ring stretched and to take her himself there. But now he wanted to unload into her cunt, to pump his come deep inside her and watch Laura lick his wife clean.

His balls tensed, and he spurted, coming with a groan. Vivette felt the hot juices moistening her tunnel, and this was the final sensation her abused ass and pussy could take; she came too, collapsing against her husband's chest, quivering as he held her.

Laura eased the bottle out, the ribbed end triggering a further shudder as it teased Vivette's hole one last time. Georges lay Vivette down on the blanket on her back, gently parting her thighs. His juices were gathered there, creamy white, oozing from her vagina.

Laura knelt between the woman's spread legs and lowered her mouth as Georges directed, licking at the pussy lips, engorged and reddened. Vivette gasped and writhed, her body still trembling in the aftermath of her orgasm, but Georges held her down, and Laura's tongue became bolder, probing and licking, swallowing down the mixed love juices. Vivette was thrashing around, her pelvis rocking, not sure if the sensations building up inside her were a continuation of her first orgasm, or the beginnings of a second but she knew that she couldn't take any more. Gasping, almost sobbing, she pleaded with them to stop.

Georges relented, and released her, and she turned onto her side, her body languid, and every muscle at ease. She watched as her husband moved closer to Laura and they kissed, Georges's tongue exploring the teenager's mouth, and Vivette knew he tasted his own come, a taste he enjoyed.

As they relaxed on the blanket, Laura broke the silence, asking a question that she longed to know the answer to. She wanted to know what anal sex was like. Was it painful? She knew it looked incredibly erotic, but would she enjoy it?

'Ah, cherie,' replied Vivette, 'with the right man, anything can be enjoyable.'

Laura knew, without being told, that a silent promise had been made. They planned to show her just how enjoyable it could be.

Georges had to return to Paris for a few days first though, and Laura thought that she would die of frustration. She and Vivette got along very well, and the older woman was making sure that she kept up to date with her college work, redoing her failed assignments, keeping her occupied until her work improved beyond recognition. The intellectual challenge took her mind off the coming weekend a little, but her body was yearning for it. Vivette had shown no signs of wanting Laura for herself, despite Laura's hints.

It was though the older woman was determined to heighten the erotic tension by denying Laura any means of release, other than by herself. Laura was masturbating frequently in the privacy of her room, her fingers frantically playing with her clit, but it wasn't the same. She needed someone else's fingers on her, someone else's fingers probing her pussy and a tongue licking at her clit.

One night, unable to sleep, she moved a hand down to her buttocks, and began to probe at her tight anus. It was closed tight, and she needed lubrication. Licking her fingertip, she tried again. This time she was able to ease her finger inside. It wasn't painful, and she began to move it slowly, rotating in tiny circles, feeling the pressure. She realized she was holding her breath in anticipation. What would a cock feel like there?

Georges came home that weekend in good form; his business had gone well and he planned to take a few days off to spend with his guest. There was a holiday atmosphere in the house, a sense of anticipation and expectation. Laura knew what was going to happen, and she felt her stomach cramp in excitement at the thought of Georges cock buried deep in her bowels.

It happened that evening. Vivette had led Laura to the master bedroom where Georges was waiting. He was watching one of their videos, and Laura caught a glimpse of Georges thrusting into Paul on screen before he switched it off. She felt a peculiar twitch deep inside at the thought of seeing the two men together, but her attention was drawn by the erection Georges was already sporting-he had found the video as exciting as she had.

She quailed slightly-he looked so big; surely he wouldn't just ram his cock into her? Then she was embraced by Vivette, and the sensation of the older woman's body pressed against hers, and their mouths meeting, tongues entwining, relaxed her fears. Still embracing, the women fell onto the bed, their hands working eagerly, pulling off each others clothing. Vivette went quickly to the focus of Laura's passion, fastening her mouth on the younger girl's clit, licking steadily. Her fingers were probing her pussy, drawing out the moisture and spreading it over the girl's lips, sliding up and down the hidden folds and crevices.

Georges was watching carefully: he was tempted to film this, to capture this girl's first anal experience on camera, but he decided against it, he wanted to join in.

Vivette had pushed back Laura's legs, her face buried deep between her thighs, her mouth working frantically, tonguing the younger woman's pussy and licking down her perineum. Then she stopped; drawing back, she asked Laura to turn over. Pulling a pillow from the head of the bed, she propped the girl up comfortably, her buttocks slightly raised.

Vivette began to massage the full, plump buttocks, her fingers pressing deeply. She leant down and began to nibble and bite at the younger girl's flesh, teasing her. Vivette's thumbs slipped down into the deep cleft between the girl's plump cheeks, and she spread them, exposing the dark shadow of her anus, the tight ring closed.

Her mouth began to work there, licking the puckered rosebud, and Laura quivered under her touch. This was so different from her own fingers; the moist warmth of Vivette's tongue probing her triggered an explosion of need within her.

Georges moved closer, sitting on the edge of the bed, enjoying the sight of the young woman defenceless with pleasure at being tongue fucked. He held up a tube of lubricant, and Vivette held out her hand for some. She exchanged her tongue for a finger, the silky lube allowing it easy entry, and began to push harder until her finger was well inside. Laura braced herself; she was on her hands and knees now, Vivette driving her finger into her firmly, rotating and massaging.

Georges was becoming inpatient; he knew his wife was having fun, but he needed a turn. Vivette had reached up under the girl with her other hand and was fingering her clit whilst ramming her finger inside her ass. He knew that Laura would come soon, and he wanted her to come with him buried inside her, to feel her ass muscles clamp down, milking his cock of his come.

His wife knew what he wanted, and reluctantly withdrew. Laura murmured a protest, but was soon comforted by the feel of Georges's cock pressing against her anus. He felt much larger than Vivette's finger, but she was so excited that she pressed back against him, and his cock head entered her ring. She gasped; for a moment she had second thoughts, but after a short burst of pain, he was soon inside, and the pain was replaced by an amazing sensation of fullness, her tight ring stretched, her ass walls being stimulated by his driving cock.

He moved slowly at first until she was used to the size of him, but then unable to contain himself any more, he began to ride her ass, pulling back on her hips, slapping into her. She was gasping, the breath being buffeted from her with each thrust. Vivette's fingers had returned to her clit, rubbing her, pushing fingers inside her pussy again. Vivette loved to watch her husband fuck other women, to see him give them the pleasure that he gave her, but this girl was special. She was a true hedonist, eager to try anything.

Laura was coming-the combination of her tight ring being stretched beyond endurance and her clit being fingered unmercifully was too much for her. Georges felt her ass muscles clamping as he had hoped, and his cock was held in a vice-like grip as she moaned and quivered beneath him. His wife's hands moved to cup his balls and this extra stimulation caused his come to erupt from him, pumping into the girl's hot tunnel.

He slipped out from her, followed by a gush of creamy fluid.

Laura remained on her hands and knees, trying to catch her breath, her buttocks still spread. Vivette moved in behind her, and licked at her, lapping over her anus, and scooping up her husbands come on her tongue.

Georges watched, amazed once more at his wife's eroticism. Next time, he decided, he would have to get this on tape.

The next morning, Laura woke late, back in her own bed. Her bottom was a little sore, but she knew that Vivette had been correct; with the right man, anything was enjoyable.

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