tagNovels and NovellasThe Freshman Ch. 06

The Freshman Ch. 06


Chapter 6 - Punishment and Pleasure

The following morning Jason and his friends got together for breakfast, to talk nervously about the previous night's disaster and what being caught by their RA might mean for their immediate future at the university.

The RA had the roll of film as proof of their misadventure. What was almost as bad, Lisa's camera was one of those electronic cameras that added a date and time in the corner of each picture. Not only was the evidence of their behavior on film, the date and time was there as well. Mike, Lisa, and Ken were totally scared.

Jason, giving the matter some more thought, suspected that it was his life that would be much more affected than the lives of his three friends. In fact, if he did what Cecilia told him to do, it was possible nothing at all would happen to the others. However, Jason could only give them partial reassurance, because he had no desire to bring up what was going to happen to him Friday evening.

Jason now had two very powerful motives to make up with Cecilia and do what she told him to do. He was desperate not to let her slip away from him, but at the same time she now held the fate of his friends in her hands. He felt obligated to get them out of trouble, if at all possible.

Jason went to his first session of Life Drawing with Ken, and once again stripped to model for the 30 students attending the 9:00 session. It was an unfortunate coincidence that Jason's pose for that day was to place his hands on a chair and bend over, as though he were bending over to receive a punishment. He spent the hour wondering if this was to be the position that he would have to assume for Cecilia on Friday. During the 11:00 modeling session Cecilia took her normal position right behind him, giving him one of her sweet smiles. She drew him, bent over the chair, and then added several belt marks to his bottom. She planned to hang the drawing in her dorm room to remind Jason of his role in her life every time he came over.


Cecilia did not have an appointment with Ruth Burnside that afternoon, so she was free until 1:30. She had a small amount of spending money with her and decided to get a few items she would need for her time with Jason.

The first stop was to drop off Lisa's roll of film to have it developed. Cecilia had absolutely no intention of turning the pictures over to the dorm director, but having them in her possession was one more way she could wield control over Jason and his three friends. Besides, she was curious to see what was on them.

The second stop was at a bath shop to purchase a bottle of massage oil and a massage manual. Massaging Cecilia would become an important duty in Jason's life. At first he would remain restricted to her hands, arms, shoulders, neck, calves and feet, but over time he would become responsible for massaging the rest of her body as well. He would massage her on a daily basis, to help alleviate the stresses of her daily life. Massaging properly was a skill Jason would have to learn, one of the things she would hold him accountable for as part of his duties to her.

The next place she visited was a men's clothing store. There was no question Jason had to change his evening wardrobe. When they went out, Cecilia wanted her man properly dressed, not looking like some M-TV groupie. He needed to buy a couple more suits and several decent shirts, and definitely more shoes. She roughly knew his size, so she concentrated on looking at clothes likely to fit him. The following weekend she would bring him to this store and make him spend nearly $1,500 on new clothing. The purchases would be on his dime, not hers, however. He had the money and there was no reason why he shouldn't spend it to look decent.

Cecilia walked by a store of expensive women's clothing. She glanced longingly at the nice items, things she would not be able to afford for at least another year. Her own wardrobe was very limited and, with the single exception of the "Socrates' Mistresses" dress, mostly consisted of cheap clothing bought at discount stores. She sadly walked on, resenting having to wait to have decent clothes. The words of Ruth Burnside came back to her: "Of course it's not fair, but that's the hand in life you've been dealt."

Getting Jason to buy her the clothing she wanted never crossed Cecilia's mind. She was not interested in his money, nor did she want him buying her things. That was not the kind of relationship she wanted to have with him. Obviously he needed to pay for concert tickets and dinners, but she would have expected that from anyone taking her out, rich or poor. Paying for their dates was the only thing she wanted from him financially. In fact, she planned to discourage him from buying her gifts, because she did not have the money to reciprocate and did not want to feel indebted to him. As for the money she planned to make him spend at the men's store, that did not count, because that was to purchase clothing for him, not clothing for her.

Cecilia went into a used clothing store to look at belts. There were several racks of used belts, but most of them were too light or too stiff to use for Jason's punishment. She finally found five old heavy leather belts that were right for her needs, from which she planned to choose two. She tested them by doubling them and swatting them through the air to see which ones felt the most comfortable in her hand. A female clerk glanced over at her, curious about the customer because it was obvious what she was planning to do with her purchase.

Finally Cecilia chose two very flexible old belts, both sturdy and made from thick heavy leather. When she went to pay for them the clerk flirted with Cecilia and gave her a very warm smile.

"So, sweetie, who's been naughty?"

Cecilia hesitated, then decided to be honest.

"I got 'em to use on my boyfriend. He...sorta did something yesterday I didn't appreciate."

The clerk's face became somewhat disappointed upon finding out her customer was straight, but she responded.

"Well, you got a couple of good ones. Have fun, and give him a swat for me!"

Cecilia rolled up the belts and put them in the bag with her massage supplies. It was an ironic mixture of items, pleasure and pain.

Finally Cecilia returned to the film-developing store to pick up Lisa's pictures. She peeked into the folder to make sure she had the right ones, and sure enough, the stuff Jason was doing with his friends was undignified, to say the least. She added the pictures to her bag of purchases and would look at them later that night.


Cecilia did her usual workout with Lisa. She could tell her companion was desperate to please her, terrified at the thought of those pictures being turned over to the dorm director. However, she was afraid to simply come out and ask what the RA planned to do, if anything, about the streaking incident. Cecilia did not volunteer any hints. In fact, she had only one comment about the previous night; one that left Lisa very unsettled.

"You know, when I was in high school I played a bit of Poker myself. One of these days, when I have some time, I ought to have to you come over to my room and we'll play a couple of rounds. Jason told me you're really good, and it'd be nice to have a game with someone who actually knows how to play. And of course, we'll have to make it interesting with the bets."


After dinner Cecilia called Jason to let him know she wanted to move the economics class review sessions to an earlier time: 8:30.

"There's some things I wanna start doin' differently and I got a couple of favors I'm gonna ask you."

"What are they?"

"We'll talk about it when I come over."

Cecilia went over to Jason's room precisely at 8:30. She seductively placed her hand on his arm as she gave him a quick kiss on the mouth. As normal, Jason was wearing a pair of loose-fitting shorts and a Hawaiian-style shirt. Jason's clothing was the first issue Cecilia wanted to address.

"Jason, I got a question for you. What do you usually wear when you're in your room studying alone?"

"Uh...to be honest I usually don't wear anything, you know, 'cause the rooms are so hot."

"Then that's the way I want you to be from now on when I come over. Remember what I told you, that I don't like a hypocrite and I don't like a person who hides things from me? If you're gettin' dressed just because I'm coming over, I consider that being a hypocrite and I don't appreciate it."

"Uh...yeah, I guess..."

Jason stood looking at Cecilia with a very nervous expression.

"So what are you waiting for? Get your clothes off and put 'em away."

Reluctantly Jason took off his shirt and his shorts and threw them in the closet. Cecilia angrily walked over to the closet, retrieved the items and threw them on his bed.

"I didn't say throw 'em on the floor, I said put 'em away. That shirt needs to go on a hanger and those shorts need to be properly folded. That goes for the rest of the stuff in your closet. I don't know what you're thinking, but that closet's a disgrace."

"Yeah, I guess it is..."

"And that's another issue I want to settle with you. I already told you that I want you to answer me properly and with respect. Not with 'yeah' and 'uh' and nodding your head. I told you that, and I shouldn't have to tell you again. Do you understand me?"

"Yes Cecilia, I understand."

As Jason hung up his shirt Cecilia noticed a lock on one of his suitcases.

"Why is that suitcase locked? What's in there?"

"I got some personal papers in there...and...a couple of things I...didn't want you to know about."

"So you were keepin' a secret from me?"

"Uh...yeah...I mean yes, Cecilia."

"Well, give me the key, 'cause I want to see what it is."

He hesitated.

"Give me the key Jason, now."

Reluctantly Jason handed her the key. Cecilia took the suitcase out of the closet, laid it on the floor and started going through the contents. It turned out that "Jason's secret" was not too big of deal, some sexual comic books, a couple of men's magazines, some nudist magazines, and a sexually oriented video game.

"Alright, it's not too bad. I'll let you keep the nudist magazines. The rest of this stuff I want you to throw out. Just run it over to the bathroom and drop it in the trash. Once you've done that we'll get started with the readings for Wednesday."

Jason, hugely relieved that Cecilia had not blown up at him over his modest pornography collection, was willing to part with the items if it meant maintaining peace with her. He felt a twinge of regret as he heaved the magazines into the bathroom trash, but mostly relief that she seemed relatively calm about this small act of deception he had attempted. When he returned to his room, he found her sitting at his computer.

"What's your password?"

Jason told her the password and she wrote it down on a small piece of paper after making sure it worked.

"Alright. I'll be over sometime later this week to see what's on this computer. If there's anything on here you don't want me to know about, I'm givin' you the chance to get it off."

"Thank you, Cecilia."

"So there's stuff on this computer you wouldn't want me to see?"

"...Yes, I got some stuff on there..."

"Well, then that's what the 'delete' key's for, isn't it?"

Jason took his standing position while the RA sat at his desk barraging him with questions about the class assignment. Very quickly he forgot about his forfeited magazines and the fact that he was standing in front of her, hands at his sides, with nothing on. He was too busy concentrating on economic theory and formulas to think about anything else.

Once they finished, Cecilia let Jason know that she was very pleased with him. With no resistance or arguing whatsoever, he had granted her the right to review his possessions, tell him what he could and could not have, and go through his room and computer whenever she felt like it. He had ceded control of his personal space to her, which she considered a very important part of his submission. She was genuinely grateful that he was willing to make that sacrifice and rewarded him with a longer and more sensual good-bye kiss when she left to return to her room. She then asked him to call her once he finished reviewing Burnside's readings with his friends. She had another favor to ask of him later that evening.

Following an hour tutoring his friends, Jason called Cecilia to tell her he was ready to go over to her room. She met him at the door that separated the women's wing from the commons area to escort him back. She was dressed very casually, wearing a mini-skirt and a tube-top that fit snugly around her breasts leaving left her shoulders completely bare. Jason correctly guessed his girlfriend was wearing the outfit because she wanted another massage on her shoulders and feet.

They entered her room. Jason noticed a bottle of massage oil sitting next to her armchair and two towels spread on her bed. He also noticed a drawing hanging on her wall, a black and white image of himself bending over with belt marks added to his unprotected bottom. The picture was a clear indication she had not forgotten about the proposed punishment on Friday.

Cecilia took a seat in the chair.

"Jason, go ahead and get your clothes off, fold 'em up properly, and then I'll tell you what I need from you."

Jason obediently stripped, folded his clothes, and stood in front of Cecilia.

"Take a small dab of that oil, and spread it on my feet. Then you can start massaging them, starting with my toes and working your way up to my ankles."

Jason knelt in front of the chair and gently began spreading oil on her feet. He followed her directions as he pressed hard into the soles of her feet with the palms of his hands and worked the muscles and tendons of her arches. He massaged the area around her ankles and then pushed up her calves, obediently stopping at her knees.

Next came massaging her arms, shoulders, and neck. She instructed him to stand behind her and start on her neck, then ordered him to kneel beside her and work her hands. He gently massaged her fingers and then pressed into the palms of her hands with more force. He worked his way up her arms and spent a long time massaging her shoulders and neck for a second time.

When he finished she rewarded him with a gentle pat on the hand, and then moved to her bed for the second part of her massage. She lay facedown over the towels to allow him to work her feet and massage the backs of her calves. He took advantage of his position to sneak several glances at her bottom under her skirt, and the tiny piece of white cloth from her thong that concealed her vagina. His heart jumped at the clandestine peek at the intimate area under her skirt and his penis stiffened

She quietly instructed him what to do as he worked the muscles on her calves, but the next day she would give him the massage manual and he would be expected to learn what was in there by heart and apply that knowledge to making her feel better.

He moved to massaging her shoulders, and succeeded in putting her to sleep. He stopped massaging her, and sat at the foot of her bed, positioned so he could look up her mini-skirt at the lower part of her bottom and her famous white thong. It was the most of her that he had ever seen. The sight of her lovely dark thighs and tempting bottom, highlighted by that tiny triangle of white cloth between her legs, drove Jason wild with desire. He wanted her...he wanted her so bad...and was willing to do whatever it took, make any sacrifice necessary, to have her.

She was well aware of what he wanted. Eventually she would give in to him, but he would have to earn it.

Jason had to wait for his erection to subside a bit. He got dressed, gave the sleeping young woman a gentle good-bye kiss on the cheek, turned out the light, and slipped down the hall to the commons area and to his room.


The week passed quietly, but in nervous anticipation for Jason and his three friends.

Lisa continued to work out with Cecilia, and in many small ways tried to please her. She went over Burnside's class material with her RA, trying to demonstrate her dedication as a student, and in very subtle ways tried to figure out what Cecilia planned to do about Sunday night. Cecilia's comment about a Poker game and making "it interesting with the bets" also worried her. Cecilia was pleasant, but didn't give her any clues about her thoughts concerning the streaking incident.

Jason was both scared and excited about his session with Cecilia Friday night, but was afraid to say anything or ask her about it. When he visited her room he looked up at the drawing of himself bent over a chair, figuring that probably was how he would be spending Friday evening.

He was smart enough to take Cecilia seriously about what was on his computer. Over the past year he had downloaded several hundred pictures of nude women, a few short sex videos, and some erotic fiction. He transferred the files to a CD and deleted them from his hard drive, then cleaned his registry and deleted his temporary folders and Internet files. He pulled out a drawer from his dresser and taped the CD to the back, thinking he could at least keep that from his new girlfriend. Making and hiding that CD was something he later would regret doing, but at least now his computer was cleared of anything Cecilia might find objectionable. Wednesday night he stood nervously while she went through his computer to see what was on it. She not only was looking for pornography, but also for any sign he might be cheating in any of his classes, and any other possible secret.

Cecilia studied, did her rounds as RA, wrote up dorm residents for miscellaneous violations, and attended to her duties in class as Burnside's unofficial assistant. In the evenings she grilled Jason about his progress in the class and then had him put her to sleep by massaging her. She let him know that Saturday she was the duty RA and thus could not go out on a date, but the following day, Sunday, she wanted him to accompany her shopping.

"Cecilia, why couldn't we go out Friday night? I mean I could get you back in by midnight, for your shift."

Cecilia feigned a surprised look.

"Jason, don't you remember? Friday night's when I'm punishing you for what happened Sunday. We're not goin' out. We'll be together Friday night, but we're not goin' out."

Jason felt his heart in his throat. No, he was not getting out of being punished.

Finally Friday came. Cecilia found out that Lisa was planning to go dancing with Mike, which would leave her room unoccupied until very late. That detail made the RA decide to move Jason's punishment from his room to hers, because the RA's room was at the end of the hallway and her only next door neighbor was Lisa. With Lisa gone, and most of her other floor residents at pledge parties, Cecilia would have plenty of privacy for Jason's punishment.

At 7:30 p.m. Cecilia went to Jason's room and knocked on his door. He was obediently naked, and had followed her instructions to get cleaned up and make sure he didn't have to go to the bathroom. She warmly kissed him, and then told him to get dressed. She gave him a seductive look with her sarcastic smile, and took his hand. Without saying a word she led Jason to her room, her hand rather firmly gripping his.

When they entered her room, Jason saw two thick, very sinister-looking belts laid across his girlfriend's bed. His heart raced and his breathing became difficult.

Cecilia handed him a shirt and a pants hanger. He obediently took off his clothes and hung them up. She took his hand, squeezed it, and sadly looked into his eyes.

"Jason, I really care about you and I want the very best for you. You understand that, right?"

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