tagLoving WivesThe Friendly Rapist

The Friendly Rapist


"I'm a mad rapist and I'm going to fuck you in every room of this house. If you make a sound, I will spank your arse. If you say a word, I will fuck your arse. Do you understand?"

Ever since my wife had returned from her first session at the local gym, hot, sweaty and as horny as hell, we had agreed that we would surprise each other in turns by acting out any fantasy we wanted. Tonight was my turn but I know it was one she had too, although all the details were to be of my choosing.

That first night she had just jumped onto our bed, tore the duvet away and dived on my naked body. I don't think my cock had ever had so much pleasurable punishment as that night. Since then, her choice had been for me to walk in on her wanking herself with a huge vibrator up her cunt as she fingered her arsehole while I had asked her to shave her pussy bald. There had been other adventures since but tonight, as I said, it was my turn.

I had leapt on her from behind the bedroom door as she had walked into the darkened room, not knowing what to expect. I had one hand over her mouth and the other arm around her waist, keeping her quiet and holding her still.

"Do you understand?" I asked again. She nodded "yes" as her fright subsided and her breathing returned to normal. I held on to her like this and marched her over to the bedroom window. It ran from the ceiling to just above waist height and I commanded her to place her hands on the wooden window sill. As she did so I opened the curtains and we both looked out into the dark night, hardly able to even distinguish items in the garden. The houses opposite still had lights on in some of the windows and I knew if anyone happened to look our way then they would be able to see exactly what we were up to. Especially as I had turned on the light.

I ran my hands over my wife's fat belly (that's why she was going to the gym, even though I loved every inch of her oversized body) and made my way under her baggy t-shirt, up to her big, fat tits. Her white sports bra was straining to contain her massive breasts so I unhooked the front-opening clasp and let them swing free. They felt hot and sweaty underneath and I knew she had come straight from the exercise bike without showering. I squeezed both of her tits gently, enjoying the weight of them in my hands. Then I moved to her deliciously long nipples and rubbed them, just as gently, between each forefinger and thumb. She moaned as she always did when I played with her sensitive nipples and I whispered in her ear, "That's a spanking I owe you."

I thought my cock was hard as I hid behind the door awaiting her arrival but the idea that any one of our neighbours could be secretly watching me play with my wife's fabulous tits made it strain for attention.

"Can you feel my cock pressing against your arse?"

In reply she simply wiggled her hips and pressed back so that my prick was firmly ensconced between her fat cheeks.

"Let's see if your cunt's as ready," as I lowered her jogging trousers and removed the tiny thong from her sweaty arse and cunt. I pulled them both down until they were around her ankles then said, "Open your legs." She opened them as far as she was able, as far as her new ankle "bracelets" would allow. I ran my right hand down from toying with her nipple, down over her swollen belly, down over her bald lips and ran my fingers along her dripping slit.

"I guess you're ready but I think I have to taste that sweet pussy before I fuck it."

The bed was less than two feet from the window so I sat down on it then leaned back, my legs hanging over the side and my rampant cock pointing to the ceiling.

"Slide back on to my mouth."

Sitting first on my lap, she manoeuvred herself along my thighs, pushed herself over my cock, and squirmed her fat arse up to my face until her dripping cunt was in line with my mouth. I couldn't see a thing except her fat, sweaty arse; my nose was pressing against her tightest hole and my tongue was lapping as quickly as it could the juices dripping from her pussy. As she sat upright, again, anyone still watching from outside would be able to see the expression of lust on her face, her hands on her own tits and her whole body moving as she tried to make herself cum on my tongue. However, this was to be my fantasy, so I raised both hands, grabbed both of her fat arse cheeks from behind and forced her off my mouth and down towards my prick.

"Put your hands back on the window sill." To do so she had to stand in front of the window again. I moved behind her, lined up my cock with her cunt and pushed. I slid all the way in with that one thrust and heard her moaning at being full. "I guess that means another spanking."

I sat back down on the edge of the bed again and pulled her with me, grabbing her wide hips and pushing my cock even deeper in as she landed on me.

"Now, ride that cock."

She didn't need to be told twice and started to jump up and down on my cock, almost standing upright as my cock slid out of her pussy then plummeting back down again to impale herself. She rode me like a madwoman, her hands still outstretched on the window sill and her huge arse bouncing up and down on my lap. With that kind of treatment, I was never going to last very long and, sure enough, within a few minutes I could start to feel my balls tingling.

"Make yourself cum," I whispered to her and she eagerly brought down her right hand and rubbed frantically at her clit. She couldn't take much more either and, just as my cum started to shoot out of my cock and into her pussy, her body started to tremble.

"Yesss!" she screamed. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming." So was I. My spunk filled her cunt and started to drip out of her onto my balls and we both fell backwards on to the bed. As she fell back my cock slid out of her cunt and my spunk flowed from her open hole.

Normally, after a fuck like that, we would cuddle together and enjoy the feel of each other's bodies but tonight was to be my fantasy night so I struggled to my feet, helped Alison get to her's, reluctantly, and reminded her, "Every room in the house."

The first room facing us as we left the bedroom was the bathroom so that's where we went although Alison was finding walking difficult with shaky legs and her trousers and knickers still around her ankles. She sat down on the toilet and reached down to take them off but I told her to leave them where they were. I don't know what it is but I find a woman with her knickers half way down her legs, or even at her ankles, incredibly sexy.

She looked up with resignation but with a smile too as she knows me only too well. "Well, what's next?"

I took a step closer and presented my softening, juice-covered cock to her mouth. With her on the toilet and me standing we were both at exactly the correct height so, with a sigh, she took hold of my dick and started to lick. Since we've been married she has managed to get over her reluctance to suck me but she knew this time that she would be tasting her own juices too. After the first few licks, however, she seemed to warm to the taste and slurp up and down my cock before taking it in her hot mouth. She had never been able to take me all the way down her throat but, between her right hand and mouth on my cock and her left hand reaching to play with my balls, it wasn't going to take me very long to get hard again. She was obviously enjoying herself too because she was now trying to rub her fat thighs together to create some friction on her clit.

But since she was ready, who was I to make a lady wait? I pulled out of her clamp-like mouth and stepped back.

"Turn around and bend over."

She knew I loved this position she took no time in moving to exactly where I wanted her, resting her hands on the toilet where she had just been sitting. The site of her huge arse before me almost drove me to stick my cock up her dirtiest hole there and then but that was for later. Her pussy lips were peeking out between her legs and I rubbed my hard cock between them, savouring the silky wetness of her cunt.

"Don't tease me. I need that cock in me now."

Again, who am I to disappoint a lady (although she didn't look much of a lady just at that moment)? I rammed my prick all the way in with one thrust and nearly pushed her over.

"Now fuck me, you mad, dirty rapist!" she screamed. A lady commands.

I grabbed her big, fat hips and fucked her with all my strength. I had already cum not too long ago so I knew I could afford to really give her what she wanted without worrying about cumming too soon.

"That's it! Fuck me! Fuck me! Harder! Harder!" Her arse cheeks were wobbling in a frenzy as she met each of my thrusts with a backwards push of her own. I reached down, grabbed her hanging tits, and held on for dear life as we both gave ourselves to our animalistic fucking. Harder and harder I fucked her. Wetter and wetter her pussy became until, finally, neither of us could wait any longer and I filled her cunt with my spunk, just as she squirted her own juices all over my cock and balls. This time neither of us could stand up and we collapsed in a pile of intertwined arms and legs onto the bathroom floor.

I was the first to recover and, as I helped her to her feet, I smiled at her and said, "Just two more fantasies to go." I think she thought I meant two more rooms but I'd already decided her pussy couldn't take much more tonight so I led her into the living room and sat down on the couch.

"Over my lap, please."

She giggled as she lay down over my thighs, her feet touching the floor on one side of me and her outstretched arms on the other. She presented her bare, upturned arse and wiggled into position, awaiting my first slap. Before I did that, though, I wanted to admire the gorgeous view in front of my eyes. Although it had grown considerably since we were married, Alison's big, fat arse was still a beauty to behold and I wanted a minute to enjoy it at such close proximity. Just as she started to fidget in impatience I brought my hand down on her right cheek. It wasn't too hard but still enough to make her jump. As I then moved to her left cheek and then alternate cheeks I could tell that, the redder her cheeks became, the more it was turning her on. She was wriggling about on my lap, trying to rub her clit against my thighs, as her pussy juice was running down my legs. The more she struggled, the more I spanked her and the more turned on she became. Eventually she couldn't stop herself and reached down to rub her clit and bring herself closer to cumming. I thought I should help out at this point and rammed two fingers into her soaking cunt. That was all she needed because she started to shake and let out a scream loud enough to wake the dead, never mind the neighbours.

Finally she stopped. She pulled her hand out from under her as I pulled mine from her cunt. She then slid to the floor and said, "Do what you want to me. I'm all yours."

Well, I didn't need anymore invitation than that. My final fantasy was one I knew she was apprehensive about and needed a huge amount of patience on my part. I rolled her over onto her fat belly and then left the room. I came back only moments later but I think she was almost asleep already. I picked up one of the cushions from the couch and pushed it under her to raise her arse. Then I started to rub her fat arse and wait for a reaction. The only one to come was for her to move her hips in time with my hands and purr in pleasure. As I spread her cheeks, however, she stiffened and seemed to remember what I had said when she first come home and what she had said only moments before. I squeezed out a large amount of the anal lube that I had bought earlier today and which I had just retrieved from its hiding place in the bedroom. I rubbed it up and down the length of her spread cheeks (she was now holding them open for me) and paid particular attention to her tightest hole. Although she was nervous, she seemed to be enjoying the unfamiliar attention to her bum and moaned again in pleasure. The next squeeze of lube went all over my stiff dick and got it ready for its biggest treat ever. I put down the tube and climbed on top of her. "Slowly, please. Very slowly."

So, of course, I did. I couldn't really do anything else as her arsehole was not going to give up without a fight and resisted the pressure from my cock for much longer than I had anticipated. Eventually I knew that if this was going to happen then I would have to force the issue so, with one almighty push, I broke through her hole and managed to get the head of my delighted cock into her dirtiest hole.

A very long, "Ohhhhhhhhhh!" was all I got from Alison and I took that as encouragement. Slowly, inch by inch, I pushed the rest of my dick in until my balls were resting against her pussy. We lay there for a few moments for us both to get used to the sensation; then she uttered those words I thought I would never hear, " Do it! Fuck my arse!"

So I did; slowly at first, to let her get used to the whole length of my cock sliding in and out of her arse but, as she urged me on, the thrusting became faster and harder.

"That's it. Fuck me! Fuck my arse! Fuck my arse! Fuck my arse!"

So I did. I thought I was going to drive her through the floor so hard did I fuck my cock in and out of her big, fat arse but it just seemed to spur her on.

"Do it! Cum in my arse! Fill my big, fat arse with your spunk! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

From the sight below me, her filthy words and the sensation of my cock being grabbed by her arsehole, I couldn't hold off any longer.

"Here it comes! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!"

My cock seemed to shoot spunk forever but eventually we both collapsed and I thought neither of us were going to move again that night.

Then she twisted her head around to me and said, "Should I go out again tomorrow night?"

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