tagGroup SexThe Fuck-Hungry Malay Aunties

The Fuck-Hungry Malay Aunties


The next day aunty Sutinah's friend Rohaiyah came to visit her. Harlina and Reymon were at home too at that time and they all enjoyed lunch together. Aunty Sutinah had told about Reymon to Rohaiyah and she was thrilled to see him. Rohaiyah was 40 but looked very young for her age. She had big boobs 40D as that of aunty Sutinah and a big butt. She had high cheekbones, long black hair, thick red lips and intoxicating eyes. Sine she was in the same age groups as of aunty Sutinah both Harlina and Reymon addressed her as aunty Rohaiyah.

"Harlina she looks very hot and I love her big butt" said Reymon to Harlina in the kitchen as she was preparing tea.

"Yeah she is very sexy like aunty Sutinah" she smiled and continued "I like to watch you do both of them with your huge cock as you did Suzannah."

:And you will love aunty Sutinah's shaved puffy cunt don't you dear? He asked.

"What! What!! she shaved her cunt hair?" asked Harlina in surprise.

"Yeah I did that for her, now it is smooth, don't know how Rohaiyah is" Reymon said rubbing his hands on Harlina's back.

"I love your thick bush dear, better don't shave or trim, leave it like that" he whispered.

Sipping the warm tea they all enjoyed a good conversation on sex and dirty stuff. All the while aunty Rohaiyah kept her eyes fixed on Reymon's crotch which was hard. Reymon gazed aunty Rohaiya's sexy and hot body.

"Reymon show aunty Rohaiyah your big dick she still does not believe your size" aunty Sutinah said smilingly.

Reymon was just waiting for that. He immediately stood up and pulled down his pants to show aunty Rohaiyah his huge cock. Aunty Rohaiyah stared unabashedly at his cock and her sexy lips parted without her knowledge. His cock was very thick and hard and hung that of a stallion. Rohaiyah had never seen a huge cock like this before. She swallowed her saliva and looked at Reymon's tool in amazement and passion.

"Aunty Sutinah now you have to make aunty Rohaiyah horny before I fuck her as you wish" Reymon said stroking his cock.

"That's lovely I can see both the aunts naked" cooed Harlina.

Aunty Sutinah removed aunty Rohaiya's Baju kurung, leaving her in her bra and panties. Aunty Rohaiyah wore high heels.

"Hmmm…Rohaiyah high heels will make your big butt shake and make the guys dick stiff" said aunty Sutinah grabbing her friends leg.

Aunty Rohaiya's big boobs were overflowing her bra and her hips were flabby and her navel was round and hidden in her belly flab. Her cunt was already oozing the horny juices and her panties was wet showing her thick cunt hair. Harlina sat on the couch with her legs crossed and watched. Reymon stood next to her with his big tool pointing towards the two sexy Singapore Malay aunts. Aunty Sutinah leaned forward and pulled aunty Rohaiya's feet in her laps. Then, lowering her head slightly and opening her mouth, aunty Sutinah let her tongue trace lightly across the leather of the sandal.

Watching closely, aunty Rohaiyah as well as Harlina purred with delight and said, "MMMMMMMM…NICE…."

Aunty Sutinah cruised her tongue across the contours of aunty Rohaiya's sandals and sucked her heels as if it was Reymon's cock. Aunty Rohaiyah put her hands across aunty Sutinah and kissed her passionately on her mouth. Their tongues explored every inch of each other's mouth. Harlina helped aunty Sutinah remove her Baju kurung. They both now fondled each other's huge tits over the bras, when Reymon unhooked it for them. Both of them had melon sized huge boobs that swung this way and that way. Aunty Sutinah swooped down onto aunty Rohaiyah's thick and erect nipples and swallowed it completely. Aunty Rohaiyah also reached down and caressed aunty Sutinah's big tits. Aunty Sutinah was flicking her tongue over aunty Rohaiyah's thick and sensitive nipples and was flooding her with deep pleasure.

Unable to hold any longer, Harlina stripped down her Baju Kurung and took care of aunty Rohaiyah's other sensitive nipples. She sucked on it hard and wild trying to squeeze as much of aunty Rohaiyah's big boobs into the mouth. Both Harlina and aunty Sutinah were sucking aunty Rohaiyah's huge boobs and massaging her hips and her belly flab. Aunty Sutinah pulled with her soft wet lips on aunty Rohaiya's thick brown nipples until they shinned delightfully and became even harder and thicker. She rolled it between her fingers and pulled it hard. The pleasure of getting sucked both her boobs at the same time was driving aunty Rohaiyah crazy and extremely horny.

Aunty Sutinah, aunty Rohaiyah and Harlina were gasping, writhing, by urgent desires and aunty Rohaiyah slipped her arms around Harlina's bare back and pulled the panting woman against her. She felt Harlina's firm naked breasts mash and squirm together, her own tight nipples wet with Harlina's warm spittle. Aunty Rohaiyah burrowed her searching tongue into Harlina's ear, and stroked the smooth silky flesh of her back kissed and gently bit her long creamy neck, humming low senseless husky sounds murmuring into Harlina's ear.

Aunty Sutinah pulled down aunty Rohaiyah's moist panties down her stout and creamy thighs. Aunty Rohaiyah was completely naked except for her sandals. She had a thick pubic hair, even thicker than Harlina's bush. Her whole crotch was matted with dense black hair that extended down to her anus. Aunty Rohaiyah watched in awe as aunty Sutinah pulled down her panties revealing her shaved cunt. The thick folds of her puffy cunt lips were gorgeous and Harlina let out a soft moan on seeing it. Reymon enjoyed the whole sight still stroking his rock hard cock. Harlina pulled away from aunty Rohaiyah and sat next to Reymon to watch the two hot Singapore Malay aunties in wild sex.

Aunty Rohaiyah gazed into aunty Sutinah's flushed and passionate face, digging her fingers into the flesh of her big ass.

"OOOOOOO…AAAAAUUNN" aunty Sutinah moaned in pleasure.

Aunty Rohaiyah wanted to have aunty Sutinah at the same moment that aunty Sutinah had her. Aunty Rohaiyah's thick haired cunt was dripping with juice and burbling with horny fire. She wanted to lick out aunty Sutinah's shaved cunt just as aunty Sutinah wanted to at hers. Before she could realize aunty Sutinah placed her wet mouth on aunty Rohaiyah's hairy cunt lips.

"UNNNNNNN….OOHHHHHOHNONOSHSSAAAAAA! AAAAOOOO!! AAAAAAAAA" aunty Rohaiyah cried out, her hips jumping and gyrating helplessly as sensations of horny fire shot through her wet and hot cunt.

Feverishly her fingers grasped and stroked aunty Sutinah's body, her waist, her long silky hair, and her smooth big ass. Aunty Sutinah's tongue slithered into the depths of aunty Rohaiyah's horny cunt. Aunty Rohaiyah wanted to lick out aunty Sutinah, but was helpless. Her whole body shuddered and rippled with flame and she was delirious with desire. Aunty Sutinah's tongue searched and probed the thick puffy cunt lips of aunty Rohaiyah and her inner thighs. Aunty Rohaiyah moaned, and writhed, rotating her quivering pelvis instinctively, thrusting her wet cunt up into the invading mouth of aunty Sutinah. Weak and trembling with hot delight, aunty Rohaiyah whimpered and moaned and surrendered totally to her friends.

Watching her two sexy aunties making love was making Harlina extremely horny and she cried out, "Eat her hairy cunt aunty Sutinah! lick all of aunty Rohaiyah's big cunt."

Aunty Sutinah drove her fingers into the butt crack of aunty Rohaiyah as she kept eating her cunt. Aunty Rohaiyah clutched aunty Sutinah's head and pressed it hard on her cunt and closed her stout thighs. Aunty Sutinah stroked aunty Rohaiya's erect clit that was hidden in the upper folds of her thick cunt lips. Aunty Rohaiyah knew she would climax soon, and second now she would. But she didn't want to, she wanted to have her cunt licked like this for ever.


Aunty Sutinah too wanted to have it forever, but sensed aunty Rohaiyah was close to her climax and she went for clit and flicked it hard with her tongue. Aunty Rohaiyah exploded in orgasm after orgasm.

"OOUUNNNEEEEEEOOHHHAAAAAIAIAAASSSSUSUUSTTUTUTIIINNAAA" aunty Rohaiyah screamed and screeched her big body. Her climax ripped her apart and tore her every nerve and she lay burning and shuddering uncontrollably as the wild orgasm exploded again and again.

Harlina fingered her cunt as aunty Rohaiyah exploded in orgasm after orgasm. Harlina asked Reymon to fuck them hard who has also been watching the fun. She left the room for a shower. "Aunty Sutinah and aunty Rohaiyah it's my turn to fuck you both" said Reymon as aunty Rohaiyah came near him. A barely audible gasp escaped her involuntarily seeing his rock hard cock. Almost without hesitation she leaned forward to engulf his thick cock in her warm mouth. Reymon looked down at aunty Rohaiya's beautiful and sexy naked body and marveled at the sight of this sexy aunty with his thick dick in her mouth with her thick red lips wrapped around it tightly. She sucked it like a pro and watched in amazement at aunty Rohaiyah's big and bouncy jugs. It didn't take long before he could feel his eruption rising. He caressed her cheeks and with a final thrust all the way to the back of her throat, he grabbed her head and held it tight. He shot a load of hot cum straight down her throat.

"That was great aunty Rohaiyah" he said pulling his cock out of her mouth.

"Let's see how you fuck, you want my thick cock don't you aunty Rohaiyah" he asked.

"Yeah Reymon, I need you thick monster" she answered.

"Now ask me to fuck you aunty Rohaiyah" he said

"Reymon you are doing it great" said aunty Sutinah who was sitting on the sofa and watching.

"Fuck me Reymon" aunty Rohaiyah said.

Reymon smiled and said, "Stand up aunty Rohaiyah and kiss me with your hot lips."

She complied willingly. As they tightly embraced, Reymon slid his hands from the back of her neck down her back and gripped her big and soft butt pulling her groin against his thigh.

Aunty Rohaiyah grasped as Reymon squeezed her big butt but continued to kiss him tight and wet. Her tongue expertly probed into his mouth. He could feel her juices as she rubbed her black-haired twat against his leg. "Aunty Rohaiyah you have a lot of hair on your cunt" he said. He could feel her warm nipples on her lovely big boobs harden as she rubbed them vigorously against his hard chest. Her breathing had become deep and rapid and Reymon was once again confronted by a woman who was fully aroused and horny. Aunty Rohaiyah knew what she wanted and wasn't about to stop until she got it.

She glanced down at his engorged and steel hard cock and looked back at him with a half smile and said in a demanding voice, "Reymon put me against the wall and fuck me."

:Yeah aunty Rohaiyah that's it…I love that" he said smiling.

Reymon and aunty Rohaiyah took a few steps to the nearest wall. She reached down and grabbed his thick dick and placed its head on her puffy cunt lips. The feeling of his cock head rubbing the dense black hair of aunty Rohaiyah's cunt was awesome for Reymon. She rubbed it quickly against her dripping wet slit.

Then she smiled as she watched his face and said, "Fuck me Reymon…Fuck me hard…as you have fucked aunty Sutinah, Harlina, Julianah and Suzannah."

Reymon thrust and slid all the way in to his full length easily into aunty Rohaiyah's wet cunt. She really had a big and deep cunt than aunty Sutinah; it was big enough to engulf his horse prick so easily and with one shove. The thick puffy cunt lips stretched easily.

"Aunty Rohaiyah you have got a big but tight hole" he said.

He reached down and grabbed her stout thighs and lifted her feet off the floor. Her legs immediately spread invitingly and she crossed her legs and hooked her ankles behind him. Her chubby arms went over his shoulders and gripped his back firmly, tightly pressing her huge boobs against his chest.

Reymon was now thrusting all the way into aunty Rohaiyah's wet cunt with long slow strokes. He would pull back nearly out and then slide slowly back in enjoying the feel of aunty Rohaiya's tight and warm cunt walls and her thick cunt hair. Reymon kissed her cheeks. Aunty Rohaiyah smiled weakly at aunty Sutinah who was lying on the sofa and finger fucking herself watching them both. Aunt Rohaiyah was now moaning and grunting as Reymon was fucking her rapidly with hard strokes.

"Keep fucking her harder…harder…"shouted aunty Sutinah.

Aunty Sutinah shoved two of her fingers into her cunt again and again looking at the puffy cunt lips of aunty Rohaiyah's that bulged in and out with Reymon's every stroke.

As Reymon plunged his thick shaft in and out of aunty Rohaiyah's hot cunt at breathtaking speed, aunty Sutinah paced her finger fucking of herself to match. Aunty Rohaiyah was completely enthralled by the sight she was seeing. Although she loved the screwing she was getting with a huge cock from Reymon, she wanted to lick her friend aunty Sutinah's shaved puffy cunt.

She gave aunty Sutinah a look that said, "I'm going to eat your shaved cunt." Reymon finally built up to his peak and erupted saying, "Here is it aunty Sutinah…take it…AAAAARRRGGAAAAA" and then he began to slow down his pace.


Her erotic voice and the sight of her thick cunt lips made Reymon's softening cock to revert back to its erect state.

"YEAH…I AM COMING…AAAA! OOOOOOO!! AAAWWSSSHHAAAAUUUNGNNGNGNNN! " aunty Rohaiyah cried out as she clutched him tightly with her legs and arms. She nearly squeezed the air out of him. This sight was too much for aunty Sutinah and she too came rather noisily.

He pulled his cock out of aunty Rohaiyah's wet cunt and kissed her cheeks.

"Now Reymon Fuck aunty Sutinah as you fucked me and let her lick my cunt" said aunty Rohaiyah.

Aunty Sutinah put her head between her friend aunty Rohaiyah's stout thighs, slurping and sucking her hairy cunt.

"Fuck aunty Sutinah…I want to see you fuck my horny friend" aunty Rohaiyah said.

Reymon got down on his knee behind aunty Sutinah. She spread her thighs apart and pushed her big and bulgy butt in the air giving him and excellent view of her shaved and puffy cunt lips. He put his thick cock at the slit of her wet cunt and shoved it in hard. He reached under her and grabbed her big and bouncy tits like handles while he fucked her rapidly. He was surprised to see how wet aunty Sutinah was. Aunty Rohaiyah's hairy crotch was pushing aunty Sutinah head backward and he was driving her head forward into it. Aunty Sutinah was sandwiched between aunty Rohaiyah and Reymon and she loved it. Reymon began fucking her hard slapping and massaging her big butt finally exploding inside her wet cunt. He kissed both of them again and again.

"I want that big dick in me soon" said aunty Sutinah with a kiss on his cheeks. Aunty Rohaiyah kissed him many times and left for her home after enjoying the fuck of her life.

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