tagGroup SexThe Further Adventures of Cat Ch. 02

The Further Adventures of Cat Ch. 02


I had a wonderful night last night. Obviously I'm not leaving on a jet plane this evening; I arranged to fly out Sunday night instead. I had an excellent dinner, me and six guys and one wife. Yep, one software dude brought his wife to dinner, and she and I got along great! She's a lawyer, and it was a pleasure having an intelligent conversation with another woman for once.

After dinner, we all came back to the hotel and had a couple of drinks in the lounge. It was pretty nice actually, and had a nice pool table. We played pool for rounds of drinks, and I won several times. I was getting pretty plastered, and after awhile, the husband and wife team retired for the evening.

That left me with five drunken guys. At about midnight, someone suggested we all get some sleep so we would be well rested for our big rematch in the morning. These guys take golf way too seriously! Anyway, I said something about not being sleepy yet, so a guy named Tony offered to host snacks and a movie his room. He had one of those large suites that can accommodate an entire family, with separate living room, kitchen, etc.

The six of us went up to his room and watched "Insomnia" with Al Pacino and Robin Williams on pay per view. Good movie actually, at least what I saw of it. I sat in the middle of the couch, one guy on each side of me, one on the floor at my feet between my legs, and the other 2 were on lounge chairs.

I was quite cozy, but a little uncomfortable in my tight jeans and camisole top. I asked the guys if one of them had a long tee shirt I could borrow, I wanted to get comfy and snuggly. After getting three tee shirts thrown at me, I picked a red jersey type with double zeros on the front and back, excused myself and went into the bathroom, stripped down to my panties, and came back out wearing only the tee shirt and undies.

One guy had to leave, something about calling his wife (he's pussy whipped). Tony suggested opening the couch (a fold-out bed, how convenient), so as to make things more comfortable for movie viewing. We all got off the couch, folded it out, and then someone decided to order some food. I'm wondering why no one was concerned about the golf game in the morning anymore.

My two original geek friends, Joe and Steve, began debating what appetizer to order. When I got back on the couch bed, Tony climbed in on one side of me. The fourth guy, Rob, was so plastered, he could barely drag himself up onto the foot of the bed, curled up practically on top of my feet, and went right to sleep. Joe and Steve were still arguing, so I suggested pizza and beer, which they agreed to, and before another argument started, I said I'd love to go all the way. I meant the pizza toppings.

It finally dawned on Joe and Steve one of them had lost their spot on the bed, and I chuckled inside, wondering how they're going to resolve that! Unfortunately for Steve, he had to go to the bathroom pretty bad, so when he left, Joe got in bed on the other side of me. Steve came out of the bathroom and looked over at me with sad puppy dog eyes. I told him to gently roll Rob back onto the floor, and then take his place. Steve put several pillows on the floor, and pushed Rob off the edge, where he fell to the floor, and never once woke up.

After Steve got Rob off the bed, I patted the area of the bed right between my legs, and told Steve to bring me a pillow. Steve handed me a pillow from the floor, one not being used by Rob, I placed the pillow between my legs right on my crotch, and I told Steve to lay his head down there. In spreading my legs apart, my tee shirt rode up higher, and now my panties were almost completely exposed to everyone in the room.

We watched TV like this, and while I was running my fingers through Steve's hair, Tony put his hand on my bare leg, and started running his fingers up and down my calf and knee. Tony said I have nicely toned legs and asked if I worked out on weights. I told him I run a lot, 30 or 40 miles a week. Tony told Joe to check out my leg muscles and since I didn't object, Joe started rubbing my other leg. Steve asked me if I would be offended if he took his jeans off, he would be much more comfortable. I told them they should all get their pants off and get comfortable; why should I be the only pant-less person in the room? Three pairs of pants came off in less than five seconds.

So now nobody had pants on, and I was still in the mood for Cat teasing. I told the guys I needed to buy my husband some new underwear, but I wasn't sure what kind I'd like to get him, so I innocently asked if they could all stand up and model what they had on, and I could do some comparison shopping. Oh, by the way, Rob had woken up from his drunken slumber and was just staring at the four of us, probably wondering if he was dreaming.

The guys got off the bed; Steve got Rob up off the floor and explained to him we were going to have a fashion show. Rob struggled to get his pants off, forgetting he still had his shoes on, but eventually stumbled out of his pants. Now these four (married) software sales guys were standing together in a hotel room in their underwear and shirts, in front of a woman they just recently met, modeling underwear for her. You guys will do just about anything for a woman if you think you might get laid. Tony thought to ask me what kind of underwear my husband currently wears, and I told him the traditional white Fruit of the Loom briefs, but I wanted something different.

Oh, another factor I didn't mention earlier . . . Tony and Rob are in their mid to late 20's, Steve and Joe are probably late 40's to early 50's. I told them I wanted them to walk up to me one at a time, turn around so I can see the butt, turn back so I can see the front, then walk back and the next guy starts. Tony, who had been the most aggressive of the four, said he would do this only if I agreed to model my underwear for them. Oh okay, anything for the team.

Rob said he wanted to go first, so he started to walk towards where I was sitting on the edge of the bed. He was still a little unsteady on his feet, but when he placed his hands on his hips and started walking with an exaggerated sashaying and swaying of his hips, he looked like an ugly, hairy supermodel with a beer gut. It was hilarious! He was wearing small black bikini briefs, and his gut hung over the front of his underwear.

Rob walked up to me, and turned around and I told him to hold up his shirt, which was covering his butt. I ran my hands up and down his butt, commenting on the softness of the material. Then he turned around to face me, his crotch inches from my face. Even with all the alcohol, he was still able to get a boner. I rubbed my hand up and down the front of his underwear, pulled the waistband out a little, causing the tip of his penis to poke out. I massaged his balls through the material a little, then I told him thank you, and asked for the next Cindy Crawford wannabe!

Steve was next, and as he walked towards me I saw he had on the traditional white briefs. He had this dejected look on his face, like he knew I wouldn't like them and therefore he wouldn't get the same treatment as Rob. I'm a serious tease, but I'm not cruel! When he got right up to me and turned around, I rubbed his butt cheeks a little harder than I did Rob's, and I told him he looked way better than my husband in these. See? I can be a nice kitty Cat sometimes.

Steve turned around to face me, holding his shirt up to his chest, and I gave his balls a good workout through his briefs, then ran my hand up and down his shaft several times. I pulled his waistband way out, exposing almost his entire cock, then I reached down inside to feel the material, making sure my hand made good flesh on flesh contact with his balls and penis. I let the waistband snap back, I looked up at him and winked, then I shouted next!

Joe was next, and he got smart and took his shirt off first. Now Joe is a little older than me, but he looks pretty good for his age. He was also wearing bikini underwear, but the kind that is smooth in front, no opening. He walked towards me and his hard-on was painfully obvious. There was no way those undies were going to contain that thing in that state. He looked like he had a coiled python in his bikinis. He stopped in front of me and turned around, and I gave his butt the same treatment as the others.

When he turned to face me, I thought sure the front of his underwear was going to rip right out. I said that looked way too uncomfortable, and was sure my husband would be cramped up in them as well. I pulled the waistband out like the others, but this time I grabbed his cock and pulled it completely out, letting it stretch to its full length in front of me. I tucked the front of the underwear up under his balls so they were hanging out too. I gave everything a good massage, then said next! I think Joe was expecting more, but that would be unfair to the other three wouldn't it? Joe walked back dejected, his penis and balls hanging completely out in front.

Then Tony walked towards me, wearing boxer shorts. He had also taken off his shirt. Even with the loose fitting boxers, he was sporting a huge pole, and the shorts looked like they were tented out a foot in front. When he got up to me, he was standing so close that when he turned around he nearly smacked my face with his material covered cock. I felt up his butt like the others, then ran my hand down between his legs and massaged his balls from behind. When he turned to face me, he almost smacked me again with that sausage. When I started feeling the front of his boxers, I pulled apart the opening in front and pulled his penis out the hole, commenting on how much easier it would now be for me to feel the material. The tip of his cock was bobbing about three inches from my face, and I had the urge to just gobble him down my throat, but I wasn't done prick teasing yet.

I told the guys I was almost ready to make my decision, but I had to try one more thing. I told them I almost never wear underwear myself, today being one of the exceptions, but when I do, I like to wear men's underwear instead of women's. The reason being, men's underwear tends to be more practical and more comfortable than women's underwear. When I do wear women's underwear I only wear thongs, usually because I'm trying to be sexy, not for comfort. But for everyday use, or around the house, I wear either nothing or men's undies.

My secret was out: I was shopping for myself. I told the guys I wanted to try on their underwear so I could see which ones I liked for myself. I also told them I preferred trying on clean underwear, no offense. Tony said that between him and Rob (they shared the room), they had at least four different kinds of (clean) men's underwear I could try on, but I had to stick to my original agreement to model for them. Since I had already agreed to this, Tony and Rob went and retrieved four pairs of underwear: boxers, boxer briefs, bikinis, and standard briefs.

Tony said I still had to model the girly underwear I had on, and I agreed. I suggested another round of drinks, and asked what happened to the pizza. Just then there was a knock on the door, and since the guys were all standing around in just their underwear sporting boners, I answered the door and it was the pizza and beer guy! I gave delivery kid the money Tony had given me, he looked me up and down a couple of times, handed me the food, and left looking sad I didn't invite him in.

We took a quick pizza break, I swigged a beer, then gathered up my men's underwear and walked towards the bathroom. After peeing a gallon, I walked back out and asked what they wanted me to model first. Joe suggested I start with my own underwear, then do the men's stuff. The guys placed four chairs in a loose circle, and they were all sitting there eating pizza and drinking beer.

I walked out towards the guys, swaying my hips (a little more appealing than Rob's version I hope), and I stopped in the middle of the circle. I slowly turned around, holding my shirt up to my stomach. I felt a pair of hands on my butt, rubbing up and down. Then someone started rubbing the front, concentrating on my pussy lips, and boy did that feel good. I kept slowly turning so everyone had a chance to cop a feel, front and back. A couple of middle fingers slipped between my lips and rubbed a little deeper through the material, but I still wasn't ready yet.

After a few minutes of this, I walked back to the bathroom to change into my first pair of men's underwear. I came out wearing the bikinis, and they didn't feel much different from my own panties. As I started to walk towards the guys, holding my shirt up above my waist, Steve suggested it might be more comfortable for me and easier for them to see if I were to just take my shirt off. The other guys readily agreed, and after only a microsecond hesitation, I pulled my shirt up and over my head and tossed it aside.

There was a collective sigh from the guys as my bare boobs came into full view. Rob said, "Man, those are the nicest tits I have ever seen." I thanked him, then proceeded to walk into the middle of the four seated guys again. My bare tits were about even with four hungry looking faces, all staring at my nipples. I had to remind them, "Hey guys, I'm modeling underwear, remember?"

We went through the process again, hands on my butt, hands on miss kitty. I took my time turning around. After about five minutes of this I walked back to the bathroom to change again. Regular briefs this time. They actually felt comfortable, but were a little loose in front, probably because of that pouch. Anyway, I walked back out and the guys all had this very serious look on their faces, I almost burst out laughing. I was swaying my hips and boobies, and the boys were just staring at my melons again.

We did the turn and feel routine again, only this time Rob said, "Please Cat, I'll give you anything, my house, my car, my kids, even my golf clubs, if you'll just let me feel your breasts. Just once, please?" His golf clubs? Wow, he was really desperate. Being the kind caring person I am, I agreed. So with hands on my butt and crotch, I now had a set of hands massaging my breasts, pinching my nipples, and it did feel good!

When I turned to Tony, he leaned forward and kissed one nipple, then sucked it into his mouth and put a really nice power lock on it. Not to be outdone, Joe put a lip lock on the other nipple while the other two continued to massage me front and back. Of course I turned back to Rob, who had the balls to ask in the first place, and allowed him to suckle like a hungry newborn. It wasn't easy, but after a few more minutes, I reminded the guys we had two more pairs of underwear to go. As I walked away, there were sounds of moaning and groaning, so I turned and blew them a kiss.

When I came out again, I was wearing the boxer briefs, and I really liked these, very comfortable. This time Joe asked if I minded if he took off his underwear, he was very uncomfortable. I agreed, and all four whipped off their underwear and four cocks sprang straight up at attention. Rob even started rubbing his, and the other three soon followed.

When I got to the middle of this circle jerk, the boys started right away fighting for nipple time. As I slowly turned around, several hard penises brushed my thighs, and I reached down and grabbed one in each hand, just to help support myself of course. It wasn't going to be easy to walk away this time to try on the last pair. My nipples were sticking out an inch from all the suction they were getting, and my pussy was wet, almost dripping fluid.

Just as I was about to turn and walk away, Rob made a grunting noise, and with his penis still in my hand, shot a wad of cum all over my arm and hand. These young guys, sheesh! Well all hell broke loose now, and needless to say, I didn't get to try on the last pair of underwear.

While I was still holding on to Rob's pulsating tube, Tony grabbed my hips and sat me down on his lap, impaling me on his pole. I had Joe's penis in my other hand and I was jerking him like mad. I then lowered my head and, while still bouncing up and down on Tony's lap, applied my own version of a lip lock to the head of Joe's cock, sucking him down my throat as far as I could. Steve was trying to get Rob to back away so he could take his place. Goddamn that felt good!

I'm sucking on Joe, Tony is bouncing me up and down on his cock, and meanwhile Steve had managed to get Rob away from me, and had placed his cock in my other hand. Somehow I still had the boxer briefs on; Tony had just pushed them to one side and shoved his fat cock in. I was trying to alternate sucking Joe ad Steve, bobbing my mouth up and down on first one, then the other.

Releasing Steve from my lips, I was about to say lets re-position, when all of a sudden Joe yelled, "oh god I'm cuming!!". I turned to look at him and I got a blast of cum all over my face. I managed to get his dick back in my mouth but not before he shot another load on my chin and neck, and it was just running down everywhere. I cleaned up Joe as best as I could, eating cum like it was whipped cream.

I asked Tony to stop a minute, I was getting a little sore from the pounding he was giving me, and I was sitting at a bad angle. Steve was still standing in front of me jerking himself off, and not wanting him to waste it, I suggested we move back to the bed. When I disengaged myself from Tony I saw why I was getting sore. I knew he had a pretty large cock, not super long, maybe 8 inches, but when he's hard it's big around, I mean wine bottle wide!

I pulled my boxers off and the guys began admiring my bald pussy. I had just shaved it bare that morning, and it looked rather pretty, even if I do say so myself. Tony said he wanted a taste, so I readily agreed, needing a break from his fat boy anyway. I laid down on the bed on my back, with my legs dangling over the edge. Tony knelt on the floor between my legs and proceeded to eat me raw. I was in heaven!!! I love being eaten by a pro. I finally had my first orgasm of the night, and it only took 30 seconds. I gushed so much pussy juice on Tony's face I almost drowned him. But I told him to keep going and he did.

In the mean time, Steve propped a pillow under my neck and shoulders so that my head was tilted back a little, he knelt above me and proceeded to face fuck me. His balls were slapping me in the forehead and eyes, but I was enjoying it. Joe and Rob were recuperating, attempting to reload I guess, but they kept busy sucking hard on my nipples. Tony was biting my clit and pussy lips, and I had another gushing orgasm. I almost bit down on Steve's cock! He was just pounding away at my throat, fortunately he was about average size, and I was able to take him all the way in.

Rob sat up and put his cock in my hand, and he was getting hard again. I was able to stroke him and he just began mauling my tit with both hands, squeezing and kneading it hard. Joe was biting my other nipple, sucking it into his mouth as far as it would go. All of a sudden Steve exploded in my mouth, letting loose a major load of jism down my throat. I could barely swallow it all, and I guess I didn't, because cum was running out both corners of my mouth. I licked him dry, sucking both balls into my mouth to make sure they were clean too.

Tony hadn't cum yet, and both Joe and Rob were ready again. I told Rob to lie on his back, and I straddled his cock lowering my pussy down until he was in deep. I told Joe to kneel behind me, and to lube himself up real good, then stick his penis in my ass. He asked what he should use for lube, so I told him to bring it over to my mouth first. Rob was squirming underneath me, trying to get started, but I told him to wait and just suck on my tits if he needed something to do, which he did. Joe stood on the bed in front of me and stuck his cock in my mouth and I coated him with a mixture of saliva and cum. Then I told him to get back behind me and stick it in before it dried up.

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