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There are women who enjoy playing the coquette with men without realising how dangerous their little teasing game can be. This is especially the case with women in their middle years that, growing doubtful of their feminine charms, and wondering if they can still attract males, dangle themselves like bait on a hook before a hungry fish.

It is especially hazardous if all that the woman expects is some simple recognition of her attractions by the male turning round to take a second look, or his endeavouring to extend a conversation so as to keep her company just a little longer. If she succeeds in this, then she feels she had triumphed.

This game becomes especially risky when she plays it with red blooded young males, and even more so when in fact her needs extend beyond a desire for simple recognition, and includes her own frustrated sexual desires. It is then she may well push the game beyond the safe zone and into the red for danger.

Another thing many women do not seem to understand is that almost any woman can get a male to copulate with her if she makes herself obviously available. If she thinks that getting a man to have sex with her means she is beautiful or particularly desirable, she might consider that a man is ready to copulate with even quite a plain woman if she lets it be known she is ready for him.

I point this out in order to let it be known that I am middle aged, do not consider myself beautiful and was extremely needy where sex was concerned. I was and am a single mother – had been for about four years - when the incident I shall relate took place. This led me to push the teasing game too far.

I had been involved in a couple of relationships with men who were married, both of which ended when I started to want more than a once a week meeting on the sly. The men had been about my own age, and I started to get a yen for something younger and more potent. The possibility of this “something” young was frequently right there in my own back garden in the shape of my son’s friends.

I was in the fortunate position – or unfortunate depending on how you interpret it – of having a large back yard that contained a swimming pool and room for games of badminton to be played. These amenities drew my son’s friends to our house, all young men at their most potent.

So it was that I frequently found myself looking out of the French windows at lithe and potent young men who in hot weather lounged around the pool or played badminton in the briefest of brief swim wear. I could see their beautiful spears outlined against the cloth, and often partially erect, and it was at such times that I wondered if I were still capable of gaining the interest of young males.

The thought was parent to the deed. I began to seriously consider how I could test what I thought of as my fading attractions with these young men. I told myself I wanted no more than their interest; an acknowledgement of my existence as a desirable female.

It had not been my habit to mingle with them, being no more than the supplier of food and drink for their ever raging appetites, but as I have said, the thought became action and I started to talk more freely with them; teasing a trifle pruriently; swimming in the pool with them, even playing badminton.

They seemed to take my presence surprisingly well considering I was after all the mother of their friend, and therefore an adult to be at best tolerated and at worst avoided.

Seeing that I was not completely left out of their company I went a stage further. My swim wear was a very respectable, one might almost say matronly, one piece. I had seen what the girls were wearing, so I bought myself a somewhat daring two piece. This was perhaps another dangerous mistake in the game and it had a more dramatic effect than I expected.

Stepping from the house into the garden in my new purchase I suddenly found my self the focus of attention. I have never been able to recall exactly how many boys were there that day, but around seven or eight. So seven or eight pairs of eyes seemed to be fastened on me in a manner complained of by many women; I felt as if those eyes were stripping me.

My first inclination was to flee back into the house, but having got that far I decided to brazen it out. I dived into the pool and quickly found that a number of the boys had dived in after me and they found every excuse to touch and tangle with me.

When I got out of the pool the situation became even more heated when I discovered that the material of which my two-piece was made tended to become translucent when wet. Thus my breasts, nipples and pubic hair might just as well have been totally exposed.

This unexpected quality in my garb made me quite nervous, especially as those eyes were fixed on me even more relentlessly, and I would have had to be blind not to see that erections were in evidence.

I had conducted my experiments and discovered that I could indeed interest young men, perhaps a little more ardently than I’d intended. I told myself that I was quivering because I was cold from the swim, but even as I told myself I knew it was otherwise. I was shaken by the effect I had achieved.

As calmly as I could I went back into the house and tried to recover; shortly after my son came bursting in.

“Mum, what the hell are you trying to do?”

All innocence and virtue I replied, “What do you mean, darling?”

“You know exactly what I mean. If you wanted to get the guys horny, then you’ve succeeded.”

“Don’t be so silly, David, how could a woman my age arouse young men half my age?”

“By wearing that two-piece thing you’ve got on, that’s how; it’s enough to make a monk renounce his vow of chastity.”

“I think you’re wrong, David,” I said, hoping that he wasn’t wrong, “but if they find your mother attractive, then you should be pleased.”

“My God, you wanted to turn them on, didn’t you mum?”

“No, of course not.”

So far David’s tone had been rather exasperated, but now it changed. He laughed and said, “Well, whether you intended to turn them on or not, you did, so what next?”

“Nothing is next, darling. I’m sure if I really did arouse them they’ll soon forget it, and next time they see me in my two piece it will be old news and of little interest.”

He gave me a strange look and said, “I wouldn’t bet on it,” and left.

That seemed to end the matter because nothing further was said for the next few days. As for me, once I got used to the idea that I could indeed get those young men “turned on,” I hugged it to myself like something precious. At night I preened myself naked in front of the mirror, telling my self I didn’t look so bad after all, and satisfied with the effect I’d had.

I think it was about five days after my first appearance as David’s teasing mother that I stepped out for a swim. Again the stares were there, but when I dived into the pool no one dived in after me. Disappointed that the prophesy my two-piece would be “old news and of little interest” when making a further appearance had been fulfilled, I got out of the pool and trying not to show my disappointment went back into the house.

Feeling frustrated by this lack of response I looked out of the French windows at my faithless admirers and noticed that David was not there and the boys seemed to be in a huddle and talking animatedly.

I lay back on the divan and closed my eyes, contemplating this lack of response to my second two-piece appearance. Everything was still and silent and I must have dozed off because I was suddenly aroused by the noise of the French windows being opened.

I looked up and saw the boys crowding into the room. One of them came close to me and said, “We have something you want, Lucy.”

They had moved to stand or sit around me. I felt the clip of my top being undone and removed to leave my breasts naked. Hands fondled them and pressed my nipples. The bottoms of my bathers were pulled off and my legs parted by strong hands. I could see that the boys had removed their bathers, and penises stood up long a firm, their crowns shining with pre-cum.

It all happened so quickly I hadn't had time to protest, and by the time I did protest one of the boys was kneeling in front of me, his tongue pushing into my vagina. My nipples were being sucked and hands seemed to be everywhere exploring my body.

My little protest died; what they were doing to me was beautiful. A mouth closed over mine and a tongue began to explore.

My legs were wide open and someone else now had their tongue in my vagina. I felt something warm touch my lips and knew what it was and what was expected. I took the head of the penis into my mouth. Both my nipples were being sucked and fingers were exploring my vagina and anus.

Warm young bodies were pressed against me; hands were stroking and pressing me everywhere and sperm erupted into my mouth. No sooner were the ejections finished and another penis was pressed up against my mouth. My own hands were engaged in masturbating penises and it was hard to tell who was doing what to me.

A boy lay beside me on the divan and I was lifted up on top of him and his penis was guided into me. As he entered I felt another penis thrusting into my anus and soon they were both working up and down in me. There was another explosion of sperm into my mouth, hands were still fondling my breasts, every sexually available part of me was being exploited and I felt the first of several orgasms sweep over me. I wanted to scream but the penis in my mouth prevented this, and I made a burbling sort of noise.

I don’t know how many of them there were, but as soon as one finished he was replaced by another. Sperm erupted into my back passage followed quickly by ejaculations into my vagina. I was over on my back again and one of them came astride me and folding my breasts over his shaft moved until he shot his load, much of it splashing on my face.

I was ecstatic; every part of me seemed to be a vibrant sex organ and I was crying out for more. I think most of them ejaculated into me more than once, but in the end I wore them out. They lay or sat exhausted as I cried out, “Do it to me again…do it again…”

Slowly they revived but this time I took them one at a time, most of them opting for vaginal penetration. I had orgasm after orgasm and was now able to give full vocal expression to the delicious agony.

When they had finally had enough and even I was sated, they left one by one. Sperm was oozing out of every orifice including a flood of lubricant mingled with the sperm in my vagina.

I lay there, dazed but more gratified than at any other time in my life. David walked in and stood looking at me.

“Did you get what you wanted, mother?”

I knew he had set me up for it, so I said, “Yes thank you, darling. In fact, I’m sorry it’s over.”

“He grinned and said, “Don’t worry they’ll be back.”

I woke with a start, my vagina and thighs were soaked with my juice, “Oh God, it had only been a dream.” I looked towards the French windows and saw the boys crowding into the room. One of them came close to me and said, “We have something you want, Lucy…”

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