tagErotic CouplingsThe Game Ch. 01

The Game Ch. 01

bySara and Ron©

The Game--Chapter 1 Beginnings

My name is Sara, and I have decided to write a story about a game my boyfriend and I love to play. It’s a long story that is still a work in progress, and it is without a doubt the most intense sexual experience of my life. This is the story of how it all began.

It started when I was 29. The Game, or at least that is what my boyfriend, Ron, and I came to call it. The Game started out innocently and rapidly grew to the center of our sexual life. I can feel the arousal building in me as I contemplate writing this story. Mmmm “The Game.” Just thinking the words are enough to make my nipples tingle.

As I said, it started when I was 29 and working in Chicago at an advertising agency. Chicago is a great city; I had many friends; and I was on top of the world. I was a single, 29 year old, attractive young woman living in one of the most exciting cities in the world.

For those of you interested in my physical characteristics, I am blond with shoulder length hair, and measure 34b-23-34. I have been told I have an athletic build. I have baby blue eyes and look young for my age.

The Game started shortly after I met Ron. We invented The Game as part of our sexual relationship. Ron is an amazing person and really amazing in the bedroom. He has blond hair also, stands 6’ tall and weighs about 200 pounds. We met at a party and both were having just an OK time until we started talking at the bar and hit it off. We ended up going to breakfast at 4AM in some dive in Lincoln Park area and he finally walked me home around 6AM. When I awoke around 1 the next afternoon, he had already left me a voicemail and we ended up going to dinner and dating ever since.

We had sex for the first time a few days later. It was very hot in the “I am still trying to get to know you” way but also very sensual. Over time we found the things we liked to do to please each other, but Ron was somewhat shy about talking about sex. I suspected that he was very intense and had some pent up fantasies beneath the surface, but he was a little hung up about talking about them. I often tried different approaches with him in bed and I began to fantasize about extracting his fantasies from him and making them come true.

Almost without fail he would moan more deeply if I touched him in a way he liked, but he would never verbalize his feelings. I talked to him about this a few times, but he always told me that he loved our sex life and everything I did was great. While this is flattering and I believe he did enjoy my body, everyone fantasizes about things that they have not yet done. I even told him one of my fantasies was to be tied up and blindfolded while he fucked me. He was very turned on by this and made that fantasy come true for me the next Friday night.

I remember how after work that Friday he took me to the bathroom and told me to shower and be squeaky clean because he had a surprise for me. I smiled thinking I was about to have a romantic dinner and headed to the bath. Thirty minutes later I emerged to a candle filled bedroom. Ron was on the bed naked and hard. His cock was absolutely throbbing to its full length of about 8 inches.

I smiled at him and he came to me. He kissed me gently on the mouth and then on the cheeks. I breathed deeply and felt the days stress melt away knowing I was about to be worshiped like a Goddess. He moved behind me and kissed the back of my neck. His hands moved over my hips and across my stomach. My nipples hardened at the feel of his soft lips and strong hands on my body. He touched my nipples and I swear I almost came right there.

I leaned back against him. I could feel his hardness against me. I reached back to stroke him. I needed to feel his thick hard cock in my hand. I wanted to rub it, taste it, fuck it. His hands rose further and I noticed that he had a piece of material in his hands. Slowly I recognized it as he brought it over my eyes. A blindfold.

Bells and Whistles were ringing in my head as he deprived me of my sense of sight. My nipples ached with hardness as my pussy dripped in anticipation. He whispered in my ear: “Not a word my love, just enjoy.”

He guided me toward the bed slowly, never stopping kissing my neck. His hands caressed me as we moved.

He lay me slowly on my back in the center of the bed. I feel him take my left hand and kiss it on the palm as he pulls it away from my body and above my head. I feel more material wrap around my wrists and realize the full extent to which my fantasy is happening. I tingle in anticipation and maybe even a shiver of fear that is quickly melted together in sexual tension and excitement.

He then bound my left ankle, ever so slowly restraining me to my bed. Then came my right arm and leg. He kissed me on the mouth and then stood to admire his work. I imagined what he must be seeing. Me on the bed, naked, tied and spread for him. I shivered at my own loss of control knowing that he could do anything he desired and trusting him to do only what I desired.

My pussy was soaked, my body tingling from top to bottom. He licked my nipples. God how I love that feeling. My pussy was on fire but yet he did not touch me there. I could feel his heat as well as my own and knew that his cock must be straining to fuck me. Then his mouth touched my clit.

Oh God I think I am cumming already. He licks me there again, deeper, invading my hot wet pussy with his soft wet tongue. I grind my hips into his face as best as my restraints allow and moan deeply with desire.

He is kneeling between my legs with his mouth on my sex; fucking me with this tongue. In and out. Up and Down my clit. I feel the familiar signs of orgasm approaching but Jesus they are so intense that I feel like I will explode. I am riding the wave higher and higher as he licks me. Until. Until. Almost. But then nothing. He stops leaving me at the crest. I moan in frustration wanting him to push me over the top. Grinding my hips against nothing; not caring how wanton I must appear.

He slides forward until the tip of his cock touches my clit. He lay his cock lengthwise against my slit so that his tip is teasing my clit as I grind. I feel myself lubricating him. That hard cock. I want it in me so bad I am begging him to fuck me before I realize I am even speaking.

I hear myself, “Fuck me baby. God fuck my pussy.” I have never talked in bed like this before and I find it intensely arousing to be so out of control with desire that I am willing to beg to be fucked like a slut. And in this moment I am truly a slut. I would do ANYTHING to cum right in this moment.

And then he shifts and his cock is inside me. Deeply filling me. I scream with pleasure and cum against him. My pussy squeezing his cock so deep inside me. I strain at my restraints as he slams himself inside me. I only want more. I cum again as I feel him grunting and exploding inside me. I can feel his spasms as his semen is being pumped deep in my pussy. I love that feeling and try to hang onto it as I ride the wave of my orgasm.


I lay still holding Ron inside of me, desperately clinging to that incredible post orgasmic feeling that ebbed through my body. I was hot, sweaty and filled with cum. I continued to slowly grind my hot pussy against his body feeling him slowly melting inside of me. What a fuck. Jesus I had never cum that hard before. I drifted to sleep holding onto that feeling.

When I awoke a few hours later, I smiled at myself recalling the incredible feeling of being totally fucked to fulfillment. I recalled my fantasy and surprisingly was feeling aroused again. Ron was asleep next to me and I was beginning to feel like a shower to wash away the cum that coated my thighs matted my pussy hair.

I slipped from the bed and went to the bathroom. I closed the door quietly and turned on the light. I was a mess from my night. My nipples were a bit raw from the licking and biting they received and from the waist down I looked like a human glazed donut. I smiled at the wickedness of that thought and ran my hands across my sex feeling the wet sex still running out of me. On a whim I licked my hand and tasted the sweet tangy mixture of myself and Ron. “God I am a slut,” I thought and then giggled to myself.

I could not believe how hard I came and how wonderful it was. As I stepped into the steamy shower I vowed to find out what Ron’s fantasies were and to make them all come true.


The next day was Saturday and I spent most of the day at Ron’s. I told him I would make him dinner for being such a good fuck the night before. He had to work half the day so I spent the late morning and early afternoon alone at his house. It was a lazy day with nothing on TV so I spent a lot of time wondering what his fantasies were and how to get him to share them with me. I was actually getting aroused by the challenge of extracting his secrets from him. I smiled wickedly to myself and decided to look for clues.

I found myself in his bedroom looking at various things on his dresser wondering where clues to his secrets might be. I felt like a voyeur and knew what I was doing was somewhat wrong albeit well intentioned. The feeling made me feel sexy. To add to the excitement of doing something I shouldn’t I stripped naked in his bedroom wondering what he would think if he walked in right now.

“Where do boys keep their secrets,” I wondered to myself and began snooping by opening the first dresser drawer. I found nothing but socks and underwear and felt a pang of disappointment. I moved quickly through the rest of the drawers not finding anything interesting and being extremely careful not to disturb the myriad of sweaters and slacks that I found.

Feeling the challenge now I took a deep breath and wondered how disappointed I would be if I didn’t find anything. As I stood surveying the rest of the room I noticed that my nipples were rock hard and my imagination was running wild. Was Ron really the guy he said he was? Did he have no dark sexual fantasies or was he just too shy to share them with me? I was excited by the not knowing and imagining that I would find some fantasy that was only mine to know. Or perhaps I would find that he was really just not into anything kinky.

I moved to the closet. There was a window there and I could see the street below with two guys working without T-shirts. I wondered if they could see me if they happened to look up at the window. I moved closer to the glass, mentally wanting them to see me in all my naked glory. I would probably masturbate right there if they looked.

God what am I thinking. I am so fucking horny. How did this happen?

I stepped back from the window losing my nerve but not my arousal. How could I even think seriously about masturbating for strangers on the street. Jesus. I looked around the walk in closet. Nothing but hanging clothes and a few shoe boxes. I opened the first shoe box and found dress shoes. I laughed at how ridiculous I was being expecting to find sexual secrets in a shoe box. I slid the box back on the shelf where it came from, but it would not go all the way back to the wall. I stood on my tiptoes to find the obstruction and saw another shoe box. This one was different and looked worn with a piece of tape holding it shut.

My pulse quickened as I lowered it from the shelf. I bit my bottom lip in anticipation as I carefully peeled back the tape to open the lid. I breathed in sharply as the contents of the box were revealed. There were several blank DVD’s inside and bells and whistles were going off in my head. My pussy was instantly drenched.

I thought, “This is ridiculous; its probably home movies of his nephew or something,” but deep down I knew noone kept home videos hidden in a closet. I took out the first one and raced to the computer set up in his den. I settled into his chair and inserted the DVD. I was still naked and hot as the title screen came up.

The name of the movie was, “Cum Coated Sluts.” I quickly clicked play and was treated to images of well built women being fucked silly by a group of guys. I watched in awe as a blond woman took on 8 guys. They fucked her every way imaginable and in every orifice of her body. Her pussy was swollen and her ass spread wide. She was screaming in orgasm. At the end of the scene all eight guys came on the woman’s face as she masturbated.

I quickly inserted the second DVD and found more of the same. These were mostly gang bang scenes although there were some girl-girl scenes as there always is in porno. Without fail on every DVD was a theme of a woman getting cum all over her face.

I was surprised to say the least. Ron had never ever tried anything like that with me before. I have given him head of course, but mostly as foreplay and the few times he did cum, it was always deep in my mouth. I smiled to myself at the new found knowledge and the feeling of sexual power it gave me.

I immediately began to formulate a plan to surprise and please him. It was going to be a hell of a night.


Ron came home right on schedule and my dinner was almost done. I had showered and dressed again and safely returned his porn stash to its rightful place. He kissed me as he moved through the kitchen, and he must have sensed something because he asked, “Why are you smiling so big?”.

I replied, “Just happy to see you. I have special night planned so I hope you are ready to relax with me.” My eyes twinkled with anticipation and he kissed me again and headed to take a shower.

I finished dinner and we enjoyed each other’s company over veal and pasta and a few glasses of wine. I made sure his were filled a little more than mine to relax him further and lower his inhibitions while allowing me to keep my senses sharp. I was so high on sexual energy that I didn’t want any moment of the evening to come to be hazy with alcohol.

After dinner I took him to the couch and snuggled next to him. He put an arm around me and said, “So is tonight a blockbuster night.”

“Well I was hoping for something racier than what blockbuster rents,” I purred back to him.

He grinned at me and said, “Well I am game. What did you have in mind?”.

“Well you treated me so well last night, I thought I would return the favor. Tell me what you want.” I said fishing to see if he would tell me about his fantasy.

“Hmm well why don’t we get naked and see what happens,” he said grinning. I stood up and slowly peeled off my clothes letting him watch but not touch me as I stripped. My nipples were immediately hard and my thong underwear were already soaked.

As I finished I had him stand up and I began to undress him. I kissed his cheeks and neck as I pulled off his t-shirt, and then teased his nipples with my tongue. He obviously enjoyed this from the sudden intake of breath as I licked his chest. I slid my hand down into his shorts that he was wearing. “Hmm no underwear,” I thought as my hand found his cock already straining for release. I had him naked a minute later and held his hard 8 inch cock in my hand gently stroking it. He reached for my wet pussy and it took all my willpower to push him away. I smiled coyly and said, “Tonight is only for you babe. Tell me what you want.”

“I want to have sex with you, of course,” he replied.

I smiled and said, “Not yet,” and pushed him back onto the couch in a sitting position.

His cock stood straight up and he looked both horny and confused until I dropped to my knees before him. He smiled and massaged my head with his hands as I took him deep into my mouth. He moaned as I took him as deep inside my mouth as I could while massaging his balls with my fingertips.

I slowly removed my mouth, still stroking him with my left hand while my right massaged his balls, “Tell me does this turn you on?”

“God yes Sara this is intense. Don’t stop,” he replied.

“What would make it better baby?” I asked.

“Nothing,” he gasped.

“We’ll see,” I said as I lowered my mouth to his balls as I continued to stroke him.

“Oh my God baby. Yes that is so hot,.” he moaned.

I licked lower until my tongue was below his balls gently rubbing his prostate from the perineum. He moaned harder as I stroked.

I licked back up the shaft and used my left hand to continue to massage his balls and taint. I could tell he was close as I stroked him a bit slower now.

“Mmm baby how is that. Is this what you want?” I asked teasingly.

“God yes, but you better stop,” he said stutteringly.

“Why baby?” I asked.

“Jesus Sara if you don’t stop its going to get messy,” he replied.

“I bet you like it messy. Don’t you?” I teased.

He was biting his bottom lip trying not to cum as I stroked him. He did not answer me not trusting himself to speak.

“Tell me baby. Say it. Say what you want. It’s ok,” I coaxed.

Then he broke. I could see it in his face before he spoke, but then a second later he blurted out in short panting syllables, “I uh want to uh cum all over your face.”

He would have been embarrassed by these words if he was not so aroused. I did not let him suffer, but stroked him harder and said in my sluttiest voice, “Do it baby! Cum all over my face. Cum on my tits. Do it. Cum all over me.”

He exploded like I have never seen or even heard of a man exploding before. The first spray hit me between the eyes, followed quickly by a second and a third that coated my mouth and nose. He came so copiously that I felt like my whole face was covered in hot cum.

I let go of his cock reflexively from the sheer surprise of the amount of cum he was spraying me with. He moaned as he grabbed his own cock and pumped it up and down. He stood above me and continued to cum. I gathered my wits and turned my face up to take everything he had to offer, not wanting to leave any of his fantasy unfulfilled. I opened my mouth and he spurted more into it. I could feel my tongue being coated with white hot cum. I had to close my eyes but spurt after spurt continued to hit me.

After what seemed an eternity and a pint of cum later the spurts slowly stopped. I opened my eyes tentatively and used my fingers to clear the cum from my sockets. I looked up and saw Ron standing there with his cock in his hand looking down at me. His cock still oozing semen onto my chin as he slowly finished stroking.

I have never seen a man look more vulnerable than he did right then. I could see the fear that he may have somehow offended me on his face. The fear that his “fetish” was out of the closet.

I smiled at him and said, “Jesus that was hot.”

Immediately the fear melted from his face, and we both broke into a fit of giggles. He helped me to my feet and hugged me to him. He walked with me to the bathroom, now both of us a bit stickly.

I looked at myself in the mirror and could not believe how much he came. My entire face was coated with his cum. I looked more covered than the woman in the video that took eight guys on her face.

“Damn you can cum baby,” was all I said and we again both broke into giggles. We stepped into the shower together and then he took me to bed. That night we made a promise to each other to share all of our deepest fantasies and to try to make them come true for each other as long as the other person was ok with it.

I confessed about my afternoon snooping session and told him how hot it made me. It was my turn to feel vulnerable wondering if he would be mad. He hugged me closely and told me he wanted to share all of his fantasies with me and wanted to make all of mine come true. It was at that moment that I knew that I loved him, and that he loved me.

I kissed him and took his cock in my hand and said, “Maybe we could make a game of it.”

“How,” he asked.

“Well, how about on the first of every month one of us gives the other an envelope with a fantasy in it and then the other person has 30 days to make it come true. You get the odd months and I get the even months. That way 12 times a year we get to fulfill a fantasy.”

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