tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Games People Play Ch 5 & 6

The Games People Play Ch 5 & 6


~Disclamer- WWF and all related wrestlers do not belong to me. Reina Thurston/Mistress Blue Rose and Serj are wrestlers from my imagination. This work is a product of my overactive imagination, and solely for entertainment purposes~

~Abrupt Goodbyes~

Hunter stood in the middle of the room staring at the young man in front of him, not really hearing him anymore. Serj was dumping him. Serj was quitting the game. Was he allowed to do that? Was that even possible? Did Hunter even care?

"I am sorry, Hunter. I do care for you, but--" A snort from Hunter cut him off short.

"But what?" the older man's eyes burned a hole through the younger's chest. "But I care for your whore of a wife more?" Hunter snickered to himself. What a moron. Even he knew better than think Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley cared for anyone but herself.

He let out a content sigh, hoping the defeat in his voice wasn't evident to Serj. "Fine, you go be happy with Steph. You keep telling yourself that she thinks you're special, that she will change for you. But I hope you have a backup plan, pal. I hope you have someone to pick up the pieces after she shatters your spirit, because if you come to me, I swear I will kill you to put you out of your misery" With that he walked out the door. He didn't know where he was going, and truthfully he didn't care.

As he walked around the hotel, he passed many of his peers- if they could be called that anymore. He hardly knew anyone anymore, noting how many of them were new, younger than he was. Younger, brighter, happier, and more colorful. Colorful... The word stuck in his mind and gnawed at his insides. Blue... he had to go see Reina. He needed to feel her soft fingers wipe the tears from his hardened face. He needed her to make the pain go away.

But what about their agreement?

As he turned the corner he realized that his insides knew that before his mind did- he was already in front of the door to her hotel room. Cursing himself, he lightly knocked on the slightly opened door. He could hear her... crying? "Can I come in?" No answer. What the hell had Kevin done to her? He pushed the door open and saw her sitting on the edge of the bed, reading what looked like a letter.

A letter... it hit him then. He was not the only one who had been thrown away that night...

Reina barely noticed when Hunter closed the door and crossed the room to sit beside her; all she could see was the bullshit note that Kevin had left her:

**My Dearest Reina, I am sorry it had to be this way, Baby. I know how much you looked forward to seeing me after your match tonight, but I was afraid I wouldn’t go if I saw you. Truth is, Baby, I don’t know when I will be back, or if I will even be the same when I come back. Just please know that this past year has been wonderful to me, and that I love you…I know that this is a cowardly way to tell you all of this, but I am not very fucking good at deep conversations, and I didn’t want my stupidity to get in the way of what I am trying to say. Please tell Hunter that I am sorry I didn’t say bye to him, and that I love him too. I don’t know what else to say, Love. I am really sorry about this…I will call you as soon as I get settled in with Scott...**

Tears began to roll off of Reina's chin and onto the paper. A fucking 'Dear John' letter. What a coward. "I don’t know when I will be back, or if I will even be the same when I come back." What the fuck did he mean by that? Were they getting married? "…as soon as I get settled in with Scott..."

It hit her then, like a fucking train: he wasn’t going to visit Scott. He was going to live with Scott… be with Scott…He was leaving her for that double-crossing sleeze…

"What is it, Blue?" Hunter’s voice was thick with concern, and Reina wondered how long he had been there... Why *was* he there? Didn't they agree not to see each other outside the ring? And hadn’t she asked him NOT to call her Blue... She didn't care anymore, didn't know what to say to him. Too tired to play tonight... She handed him the letter and walked in the bathroom to run a bath without saying a word.

**I know that what I am doing is my fault, but seeing you do the things you have been doing is too difficult for me to bear... I just know I can never be what you need me to be... for you or Hunter... I can't be him and I can't be you- all I can do is be me... and I am in love with Scott, and I want to make up to him all the things I have done wrong... I love you both, if you can believe me... Kevin**

“That son of a BITCH!” Hunter's cry echoed off of the thin hotel walls- followed by a series of glasses crashing, chairs hitting the wall, and his fist, too, Reina imagined as she calmly soaked in the scalding hot water.

For a bout 15 minutes he raged before he fell onto the floor sobbing. Serj had just left him for his cunt wife. Kevin had left him for good, and for that no good asshole Hall. Not that it was a surprise to Hunter- he had seen Kevin do this many times, been the one that watched him go. 'You moron... Scott doesn't even love you...'

Reina stepped out of the bathroom, carefully navigating around the debris that lined her floor, wearing nothing but a towel hooked between her full, beautiful breasts. The tiny towel barely covered her small frame, and Hunter felt a yearning grow from deep within him. He no longer had to share her with anyone.

{Remember the agreement!}

"Are you done with your tantrum now, Hunter?" she inquired, running her hand down the length of the golden locks that adorned his head. There was a calm edge to both her voice and touch that sent chills down Hunter's spine. How can she be so damn calm?

"I think so" he smirked, surveying the damage around him. That grin again, Reina mused. The cocky grin that made her flesh melt. The grin that she could lose herself in again...


"Did he have anything else interesting to say?" she questioned him as she walked across the room to stand over him. "That he is an ass, maybe. Or that he knew the whole fucking time that he was with me that he was using me... using you. That a worthless piece of shit who goes my the name of Scott Hall has him trained like one of Pavlov's dogs... " A fire smoldered behind her eyes and for a brief second Hunter could see the pain that was hiding behind the calm. He wished the pain would stay- the calm was scaring the shit out of him.

"I should have told you this was going to happen, Blue... I should have known he couldn't stay away from Scott for very long--"

"It's been a god damned fucking year, Hunt!" She whimpered like a child, but the calm remained on her face, in her dark blue eyes as Hunter pulled her to him on the floor.

Dark blue? Had Hunter ever seen her eyes dark blue? Once, in a match with Stephanie. Reina had almost killed his wife just for being in the arena that night. The time he had interfered in her first match with Jericho. Every time she looked at Serj...

Dark blue- the color of calm hatred.

With a sigh Reina retrieved the letter off of the floor and finished reading it. Uncontrollable sobs wracked her chest, and Hunter didn't know how to make them stop. He had been through this enough times that he could control how long he grieved, but Reina... Reina had no idea of the games that these people played... the games that he started when he became THE GAME...

"I love him, Hunter" she lied into his shirt."I still love him. I don't know why I love him... I knew this was going to happen. In my heart, I knew he was using me to keep his bed warm while memories of Scott kept his heart warm. I could see it when I first saw the two of them look at each other."

Reina hoped that he was convinced. Maybe if she convinced him, she could keep lying to herself about it, keep telling herself that she did still love a man that never loved her in return. That she didn't love someone else...

She shook her head and sobbed against his chest, not because she had lost Kevin, but because she was losing the battle within herself. "I don't know what I am going to do, Hunter..." Her words trailed off when she looked up to gaze into the hazel abyss of Hunter's eyes. So soft... so deep...so...

Hunter captured her lips with his, feeling a fire burn deep within his soul. Damnit, how could she do this to him? No one had affected him like this. No one. Not Kevin. Not Shawn. Not Billy. Not Duane. Not Serj.

Serj. The new kid. The submissive. The liar. At least the young man had the decency to break it off in person. Hunter had felt for him like had felt for no man, an intense raw passion that a weaker person might mistake for love...


Was that what he felt for Reina? Was the Game actually in love with this woman with soft blue eyes and pale pink/white flesh that begged to be touched, to be caressed, to be... A deep growl echoed in Reina’s mouth when she softly pressed against the rough blue jeans covering Hunter's hardening cock. So easy to get to a man, to use a man...

Why was she using him? Was she using him? She really had no idea. Nibbling at the tanned flesh of his neck caused him to arc against her. That damn tingle again. The tingle that started in her abdomen and stretched through her muscles, dulling her senses.

Fuck, they agreed...

Reina didn't stop him when he reached up to undo the towel, and she shivered when his velvety fingers grazed the sensitive flesh above the rough cotton. A moan escaped her when he leaned down and brushed a small nipple with his lips, the flesh hardening immediately to the touch.

Damn him! It shouldn't be this easy for him to do, yet every part of her body that his lips touched responded, and she found herself unbuttoning his jeans with a frenzy. She wanted nothing more than to feel his hardness inside of her aching cunt, nothing more than for him to make love to her...

Was that what she wanted- for him to make love to her instead of fucking? The thought scared her and her mind raced. That couldn't be what she wanted, she told herself. He was nothing but a stepping stone, a way to the top, a game... a game... The Game...

The thought froze in her mind and she pulled away from his tender touch, confused. "Stop.. this isn't right..." she fumbled with the words. "You have to leave" She opened the door. Bewilderment was present all over his handsome face as he left. What the hell wasn't right? They had fucked and she hadn't a problem with it before. Or was the problem that this didn't feel like fucking? Had she felt the difference as he had?

Had the rules of the game changed just then, without warning?


Hunter couldn't believe his eyes. Reina was drunk. No, not drunk. She was fucking smashed, and pissed off at everyone. He had no idea how much Kevin leaving had effected her until then. At least he told himself it was Kevin.

She had been in the process of telling Vince where to shove the women's title when Stephanie had walked in. A fire shot from Reina's eyes, and suddenly she was composed instead of swaggering under the effects of the alcohol. Suddenly she was calm instead of angry. Suddenly she didn't care anymore.

Fuck. She was too fast for him to stop her. In what seemed like an instant she appeared to fly across the room toward Steph. With one fluid motion Reina grabbed the woman she hated and put her head through the door and pulled it back out again. Stephanie passed out from the pain.

Hunter and Vince tried to stop her, but her hatred had given her amazing strength. She pulled a dazed Steph across the room by the back of her neck and slammed her head into the solid oak desk. The men heard her collar bone shatter against the pointed edge of the corner.

Relentlessly she pounded Steph's limp body into things, even after Hunter was finally able to grab hold of her. Reina refused to let Steph go, saying she wouldn't stop until she was dead. Fuck. She was going to kill her. She was going to kill herself. Then without warning Reina passed out, her increased energy gone, the alcohol had taken effect.

Vince was livid. He had no idea what to do with her. But that would have to wait until after he made sure Stephanie was taken care of. "Get her the fuck out of here Hunter" He screamed. "Take her to your hotel room and don't tell anyone what happened. I am gonna take Steph to the hospital."

"But how the fuck are you gonna keep--"

"I will think of something god damnit. Just get Reina the fuck out of here!" And with that Vince picked up Stephanie and left.

Hunter was in a daze. Not knowing what else to do, he carefully picked up Reina and carried her to his car. Jesus, he hoped no one saw any of them leave. He hoped Reina was ok.

When he got her into his hotel room, she woke up briefly, swung blindly at him, mumbled some curses at him and passed back out.

{Take her... you know you want her...}

Hunter let out a long sigh as he carefully undressed her. Even drunk and passed out she was beautiful. He laid her down on the bed and covered her with the maroon quilt. Kissing her on the forehead, he got up off of the bed and sat in the chair next to her.


This was going to be a long night...


Reina woke up with a pounding head. Where the fuck was she? She started to sit up, but fell back down on the mattress with a groan. How the fuck did she get here?

God, what happened?!

Then it flooded her. Kevin leaving. Hunter coming to her room. The match she lost to Stephanie. The bar. The two bottles of Jack. Oh god...

Stephanie. Had she killed the whore? What was Vince going to do to her? Why wasn't she in jail?

She heard a soft whimper next to her and slowly turned toward the sound.

Hunter. Hunter had brought her to his room and nursed her wounds. He was in the chair next to her. Why hadn't he slept in the bed? It was unlike him to NOT take advantage of someone like this.

What was she going to do?

After clearing her head a bit, Reina eased off of the opposite side of the bed and slipped on her jeans. She had to get away from him, away from everything... From him... She grabbed one of his shirts and put it on before she jotted down a song on the hotel stationary. When she was done, she lightly kissed him on the forehead. So soft. So perfect. So...

She walked out the door and didn't look back.

~The Consequences~

Tears stung Reina's eyes when she pulled into the drive and stared at her house and realized that for the first time in over a year she was going to be alone. Kevin was gone. Had he taken all of his belongings with him, or had he left them there as a painful reminder of his betrayal?

Of her betrayal...

With sad eyes and a heavy heart, Reina grabbed her travel bag out of the trunk and made her way to the door. After fumbling with the keys for a few minutes, she unlocked it and grudgingly stepped inside. Why had she come home?

The smell hit her as soon as she walked in. The smell of spice and sweat. The smell of roses. The smell of warmth and love.

The smell of a liar.

Damn him.

Sighing, she walked over to the phone to call Vince. She was sure he had called the police to report her assault on Stephanie, and she wouldn't blame him if he had. She had almost killed her. She wanted to kill her still, and she wasn't even really sure why.

It wasn't because she was a bitch. It wasn't because she was a whore.

Jealousy, maybe?

What the fuck did she have to be jealous of that whore for? She wasn't as pretty as Reina. She didn't have a winning personality. She had more money, but who the fuck cares about money? She had influence- big fucking deal.

So what was it about Stephanie McMahon Helmsley that incited such a hatred within her?


"Mr. McMahon's office, can I help you?" the voice on the phone snapped her back to the present.

"This is Reina Thurston. Is Vince in his office, Dorine?" she inquired, half hoping the answer was no.

"Oh, hi, Reina. Yes, he has been expecting your call. Please hold." Great. She tried to kill his daughter three days ago and she was on hold for fuck's sake. Nice.

"Where the fuck are you, young lady?" his half angry, half concerned voice bellowed in her ear. Jesus, he sounded like her dad. She opened her mouth to speak, but the words froze in her throat. What the fuck WAS she going to say to him?... 'Uh, sorry Vince, for trying to kill Steph, but she deserves it for throwing away the most wonderful man in the world'... Somehow, she just didn't see that to be a good enough reason, so she kept her mouth shut.

"We have been worried sick about you! It's been almost two fucking weeks, Reina. Jesus, we thought you were dead!" Shouldn't he be cussing her out for what she did? Shouldn't he be firing her? Shouldn't he be telling her the police were looking for her?

Wait, wait... TWO WEEKS?! It had been two weeks? Jesus, where the fuck HAD she been?

That's right. She was in the bottom of a bottle of Jack... "I have been on the road, Vince" Her voice was shaky and weak. Damn, she had wanted to sound like a strong woman, not a like a scared little girl. "I came home." If it could still be called a home.

Vince let out an exasperated sigh of relief. "Well, you will be happy to know that Stephanie has a broken collar bone, thanks to your lack of self control." His tone had taken a slightly harder edge, and Reina knew he was about to hand her the consequences of her actions. "I just told everyone a psycho fan of yours attacked her in the parking lot. Don't ask me why I saved your ass, Reina. I should fire you. Hell, I shoulda had you locked up and tried for attempted manslaughter. As it stands, I didn't... BUT you will pay all of the hospital and doctor bills from this. And you are suspended until I decide otherwise. I told everyone you had a skiing accident."

Reina tried to stop the trickle of laughter from escaping her lips. Skiing? She didn't even know how to ski, but she was more than happy with his conditions. "Thank you, Vince. Send me a copy of all the bills and I will send you a check. I don't know how the fuck to thank you for this." Shock was still upon her. What in the hell had possessed him to do this?

"You keep in touch, Reina. I will send your heartfelt apology to Stephanie" His voice was thick with sarcasm, and she realized that she hadn't once said she was sorry. Of course, she wasn't sorry, but she could at least have pretended to be.

He hung up before she could answer him. What a bastard.

'Well, that wasn't so bad' she thought to herself as she walked around the house. The media was gonna have a field day with the story though, and she knew it wouldn't be long they came pounding on her door wanting to know how she felt about it.

Oh well. At least she didn't have to answer their questions from jail...

****Reina's Diary****

{Kevin still hasn't called me...Cocksucking bastard Kevin and his no good fucking drunk Scott...It's been 5 weeks since Kevin left me and I can still smell him...5 weeks since I almost killed Stephanie in a drunken rage and got suspended. 5 weeks since I ran away...Vince told me that I could come back after a month, that he would 'work me into the script'...What the blue fuck does that mean? I know the fans want me back, I have read all the email and watched all the shows. He needs me to come back, needs the money. But I guess since he didn't have me arrested, I can't really bitch about it at all...What the hell is there to go back to anyway? Serj is doing fine, though he isn't exactly on his own like he was promised. Vince is such a bastard. He has the poor guy still on a leash. Steve's in the hospital again, thanks to Duane. Hunter won a shot at the title... Hunter... The hazel eyed, tanned skin beauty that haunts my every breath... He calls me everyday and asks me when I am coming back. What the fuck does he care anyway? Does he have any idea what he is doing to me?... It's been almost a year since I first felt those lips on mine... Only 5 weeks since I got lost in the abyss of his eyes. Smelled his hair as it draped across my face... It's felt like an eternity... I think I am obsessed with him. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat. I see him in every face, smell him everywhere I go...I can taste him... Earlier tonight I swore I could smell him here in the house, as if his essence were hovering over me. I felt his eyes burning through my flesh... Why the hell had I allowed myself to get into this web of lust and lies in the first place? I have no fucking clue... All I know is that I am trapped. I came home hoping to escape the fire inside me, but it seems to grow at the absence of his touch. Fuck. I want him... I hate him... Maybe I even love him... I feel like I am losing my mind.}

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