The Gang


I stepped into the dark, hot room feeling more than a little nervous. I had never done anything like this before. My body was excited and terrified at the same time. Inside the room I could sense the close bodies of several people filling the darkness. Flashlights flicked on and glared in my eyes. There came a voice.

"Only men in here. Are you a man?"

I nodded, my own tension growing as the reality of the situation built.

"Take off your clothes and prove it."

I stripped. I knew this was part of the bargain. I had a momentary vision of it all being a joke. I would be stripped and photographed or left naked in this cabin in the woods. Ha ha ha, the joke would be on me for answering the ad in the first place. The vision quickly passed. This was not a joke. My mind was making up things to explain the bizarreness of the situation and to prepare for what was about to happen. In fact it was very, very serious. The voice went on as I stripped.

"You are dropping your civilized self. You are giving up restraint and becoming an animal. Take off all your clothes and reveal your manhood. If it's not hard and pulsing now, it will be soon."

My dick hadn't been hard when I started to undress. I was too nervous and the whole thing felt too unreal. But under the flashlights and the sound of that heavy voice, my sex began to stiffen. The lights fell upon it, half-hard, as I stripped off my underwear. Soon I stood was standing, vulnerable among strangers, completely naked. My dick was attention, sticking out straight into the darkness as if it could feel the eyes of the other men upon it.

"He's the last one except for Paul." This was a second male voice. The first voice grunted in agreement and then someone turned on the light.

It was a single-room cabin lit by a bare bulb. Inside were seven or eight men seated in an open circle, most of them on benches, a few in armchairs. All were naked, sitting comfortably, some stroking or holding themselves. They were looking at me.

"Have a seat," the first voice said. "My name is John." He was sitting in the most comfortable chair. After gesturing me to an empty spot on a bench, he leaned forward and let his big hand leave his thick sex for long enough to shake my hand. I was nervous. It felt strange to be in the company of naked men like this. The atmosphere was completely different from that of a locker room. Here sexuality was a prize rather than a shame. My dick was still erect and some of the men were looking at it, not furtively or shyly but very simply because they wanted to.

I shook John's hand and watched it go away from me, coming to rest between his legs, cupping his balls, playing with them. There was a pause of anticipation. Now that the light was on, it was time to begin. I couldn't guess how many of these men had been here before. Probably some of them had done this many times. Was I the only one who was new to the gang? The men were of different ages and colors, but all them seemed relatively fit. Their penises likewise were of different shapes and sizes. Most of them were erect.

John took out a blown-up photograph from somewhere and placed it on the small table at the center of our circle. It was directly under the bulb that lit the cabin, and I could see in it the figure of a young woman. She was walking somewhere, in the city, perhaps on her way to work. She seemed unaware of the camera. She was wearing a jacket and a medium-length skirt. We took turns bending over the table to get a closer look, but no one touched the photograph. Each man was touching himself now, thinking about the woman in the photograph. Getting himself read to be an animal.

"This is our prey tonight," John said. "Soon she will arrive in these woods. She won't know where she is or what is going on until she sees us standing around. Then the chase begins. Rub your dicks, men. Rub your cocks. Feel your hard penises. This woman, we are going to take her body. Do you ache to fuck a woman? Tonight you will be animals."

The last reserves of normality had gone from my head. I felt myself letting go of my identity and of the details of my life. The men around me were rubbing their dicks slow or quick, moving their fingers against the bottom of their cocks, and I was becoming part of the gang. My shame and nervousness left me as the sexual energy grew. My hand slipped down to my penis and took hold. Looking around I understand that our penises united us. We were becoming a gang of animals, joined by our male sex. My scrotum tightened. Someone groaned.

"Do not cum," John said in a commanding voice. He took his hand away from his dick and slid the photograph out of sight. "Take your hands away from your penises. You will not cum until you fuck womanflesh." The men obeyed, some moving slowly as if it pained them to stop. We looked around at the circle of erect penises, each one pointing upwards like a weapon. Our penises were waiting. We were waiting for the hunt.

John continued, implacable. "Her name is Sara Johnson. She works at a law firm and is sexually unadventurous. She is five feet and six inches tall. Her breasts are firm and of good size, and her nipples are sensitive. She is not a virgin. She is not menstruating. Her pubic hair is grown to natural length. Tonight we will own her body with our penises. Tonight we will enter and possess this woman's vagina."

The silence in the cabin was insane and electric. Every cock was rock-hard in the imagining of what was to come. Then John raised his handed and pointed at me. "You," he said firmly. I stared back, shocked. "Take hold of your penis." I could not disobey him. The other men looked at me, their penises aching to cum. I understood that I was accepting an honor, and let my hand rest underneath my dick. "You have no name," John said to me. "You are an animal. Your desire is male. Feel the need in your penis to rub and to fuck." I nodded. My hand began to move along the shaft of my dick. "This is your first hunt, therefore you will have the position of honor. When the woman is captured, the others will assist you in holding her, but you will undress her. You will remove her clothes and her bra and underwear. You will strip her naked and violate her first. After that you will be part of the gang. Now stop." I took my hand away. My penis ached to cum.

There came the sound of a large car driving up outside. I started, but the others did not seem surprised. "Paul is here," said John. "With the girl. She will be frightened. We will enjoy forcing her body. Before it starts, there is a pact of trust to be made among those present." The car stopped outside the cabin. I thought I could hear the sound of a young woman's voice protesting already, but my mind was racing and probably imagining things.

"Take hold of the man to your right," John said from his chair. At first I did not understand what was happening. Then I felt a strong hand moving between my legs. I almost pulled away but then saw that everyone was doing it. The man to my left had reached out with one hand, and now took hold of my scrotum. It did not hurt but it did not feel gentle, either. Slowly, I put out a hand and grasped the balls of the man to my right. We sat in a circle, holding each other by the balls, united in the experience of being men. John spoke the pact out loud.

"We are men." A light squeeze went around the circle. Each man understood his vulnerability, his powerlessness against the circle of men. "We have balls and penises." Another squeeze, this one harder, with a slight twinge of pain. "Our bodies make us men. We know the bodies of women and we want them." Another squeeze, another twinge. "We are men. Tonight we fuck as the male animal." My balls were gripped and held, pulled slightly. I opened my mouth to make a noise. By reflex I had pulled on my neighbor's scrotum too. Finally I was released, and then all hands opened and our balls were our own again. I looked around the circle one last time.

"Let's go," said John. He stood up and turned off the light.

Outside it was almost but not quite a full moon. At first it was pitch dark but we stood around for a few minutes until our eyes adjusted. Then I saw that there were eight of us standing in a line facing a white van parked among the trees. Most of the dicks had gone soft, although it wasn't cold. Mine was soft until again I thought I heard a female voice crying out from inside the back of the van. Then it began inevitably to rise again.

A man who must have been Paul got out of the front of the van. In the moonlight, he stripped and joined us. The door to the cabin had been closed and locked. The keys to the truck were hidden. There was nowhere to go except for into the woods. When the moment was right, Paul stepped forward and opened the door of the van.

A woman came out of it. She saw that Paul was naked and that it was dark everywhere and she tried to pull away from him. Then she saw the rest of us standing there, some of us stroking hard cocks that had come erect at the sight of her vulnerable female form. She opened her mouth as if to scream, but no sound came out. Slowly, she began backing away from us and the van.

No words were necessary. Besides which we were all animals from that point on, even her. She was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt as if she were still civilized, but her mind was somewhere else now and soon her clothes would be too. As long as she was backing up slowly, we stood without moving, just observing her. Each man was imagining her naked body and the pleasure that would come in forcing it to reveal itself. My eyes were drawn to her hips and to thoughts of the cunt that I would soon own and control. Finally something shifted in her and she turned to run. After a moment, we followed suit.

We ran around her and behind her, sometimes even in front, playing cat and mouse with her between us. I had the feeling of us moving as a single group, united by the desire in our ranging cocks, all pointed towards one little helpless female. As I ran through the woods, a light breeze moved around my dangling balls. I thought of all our naked scrotums hanging from our male bodies, moving through the night, tracking a woman in the darkness, hunting her different body. Was she already imagining our genitals, and how it would feel to have them enter her by force? Or was she simply running, running without thinking and without hope?

We got her in a clearing and surrounded her. The hunt had not been long but it had been long enough. Long enough for every dick to get hard again. Long enough for her to understand what was happening. Long enough for our dangling balls to draw tight against our cocks. We stood in a circle, our penises pointing in to her at the center. She began to speak and cry to us but we no longer understood spoken language. The circle closed on her.

As had been promised, men took hold of her in order to allow me access. I knelt behind her and let my aching penis rest hard against the butt of her jeans. My hands encircled her waist. Naked men held her hands apart above her head. She looked forward into a line of cocks pointed at her face. Together, we brought her to kneeling, and I began to let my hands move over the front of her body.

She twisted and struggled and I enjoyed it. I could have cum right there against her denim backside but that would have been a waste. Instead I restrained the movement of my dick and focused on my fingers instead, drawing her sweatshirt up over her head. The men around me helped pull it off and then spread her arms again. I spent some time moving my hands firmly over her stomach, shoulders, and bra. She had been moving her head around frantically but she stopped as my fingers cupped her breasts. It was the first moment in which she felt the beginning of a truly sexual violation. I jiggled her breasts up and down. Then with one motion I broke the snap on her bra. Mens' arms were there to remove the undergarment and suddenly her breasts were free and naked in the night. I grabbed them.

Glancing to the side I saw that the men who were holding her had begin to us her hands to pleasure themselves. They were positioning her palms and fingers on their own shafts, rubbing themselves with her skin. This turned my on and I started to play with her nipples and breasts, pushing and pinching them lightly. I wondered if any of this could succeed in turning her on despite the context of fear. Then I noticed that I had begun again to rub my dick against her, and I knew that it was time to strip her completely naked.

We stood her up. Since I had played with her breasts they were now fair game, and two men stepped forward to suck on her nipples as I turned my attention to her pants. She began struggling again when I touched the zipper on her jeans, but our limbs completely overpowered her limbs. Everything she did made us more excited and stronger. Her hands were rubbed against scrotum sacks and penises. Mouths sucked on her breasts and nipples. Hands massaged her face againt her will and fingers probed her mouth. I unzipped her pants and slipped them off. For a moment I let my hands run over her panties, feeling their edges at the top and bottom, probing that border between her legs where the fabric's margin allowed access to her most private space.

Finally it was time. I pressed my wrist against her panties under her cunt and then in one quick motion pulled them off with both hands. It was the final stripping and she made some noise. Hands and penises played with her skin all over, rubbing and touching against her. Mouths sucked her nipples until they got tired and then new mouths took a turn. The tips of penises invaded her ears to the drum. In all of this craziness she could not help but still be aware of the most intimate violation which, like the others, was graciously reserved for me. I put my hand under her warm cunt and found that it was indeed wet. Not very wet, but wet enough. I do not know if this state could be called arousal. They say that the vagina can also lubricate for safety's sake when it knows that rape is coming. In any case, I felt her bush of pubic hair rough against my palm. My fingers toyed with her pussy lips and she moaned, struggling, as naked men violated every other inch of her skin. Finally I pressed my middle finger long against her pussy and then inside. I toyed with her clit for a moment and then my finger entered her vaginal opening and probed her vaginal canal.

Now I held her in the most beautiful and powerful way. My right hand firmly gripped her entire cunt and its middle finger penetrated her helplessly open vagina. I wiggled my finger inside her pussy. My left hand wound around the front of her and took hold of her right breast, pulling it slightly down and to the side and pinching the nipple between two fingers. In this way I forced her again to kneel, and sat behind her with my legs on her legs, immobilizing her. With infinite and insane pleasure I rubbed my naked dick against the soft skin of her buttocks, pressing into the crease, and I moved my hand in and out and around her helpless wet pussy, thinking about how soon I would like to enter her vagina with my cock. She continued to take pauses from struggling but would start up again whenever I fingered her clit or tugged hard on her nipples or sent my fingers roughly up her panicked wet vagina.

Inside of this pleasure of domination I somehow realized that the circle had opened up. I was still holding this tender female in my grip of utter sexual control, and my penis had slipped down to between her legs so that I could feel the warmth of her pussy and imagine slipping up inside her as I held her against her will. But now the only two men touching her were the ones holding her arms away from me, and I saw that they weren't playing with her arms anymore. They had stopped rubbing her limbs against their own penises and were simply holding them, like guards with a prisoner. The other men had stepped away from her. I was confused and did not like to be interrupted so close to violent orgasm.

Then I saw that there was more light than there had been. More light than could be from the moon. I wanted to step away from my victim and look around, but I was afraid that if I did so she would get away. Somehow I began to feel afraid, or at least careful, and suddenly I was not sure that if she did get away we would be able to capture her again. Something was wrong with the gang. It was not functioning.

Dead silence hung in the clearing. Then I saw that there were more people standing around me than before. Close to me were the eight naked men I had been hunting with, but beyond that circle was another circle. They had flashlights too and for a while I could not see. Finally they pointed their flashlights to the ground and gave our eyes a chance to adjust.

They were women. I could not see all of them and I could not count them, but one glance was enough to tell me that there were more of them than there were of us. I craned my head around, still holding onto the girl, and saw that they were behind me as well. Suddenly my hand felt awkwardly sticky between my captive's legs, and I was no longer sure what to do with the soft vulnerable breast in my left hand. The other two who were holding her must have felt the same way because one of them leaned forward to me and, twisting her hand around behind her back, gave it to me to keep. The other quickly did the same and I was left alone in control of our victim, my left hand tightly gripping her crossed wrists behind her and my right still awkwardly pressed against her pussy. Now I certainly could not let her go safely, so I held on, not knowing what to do.

The woman who surrounded us were naked from the waist up and wore only shorts or bikini-type thongs. They stood proudly looking at us, less angry than amused. Even at this terrible moment, I could not help but stare at their chests and almost-naked bodies. So many different kinds of breasts. Some were large, some small. Like an animal my eyes darted from woman to woman, taking in their sexy bodies, at once imagining the pleasure of fucking them and knowing that, if anybody was fucked in this situation, it was us. But I saw also that the other men were doing the same. Many of them had lost their erections but not all. One even dared to take hold of his penis, perhaps unconsciously, and begin to stroke it as he stared at the crotch of one of the surrounding women. She looked back at him with contempt, but he did not seem to notice.

We were silent, noting that they had the numbers, wondering what their game was and if we could escape or defeat them. Suddenly I felt awkward being part of this gang of men. Suddenly it felt strange to have a penis and to be included in this group of penises. My own dick shrank to a small size and hid between my body and the body of the woman I had been raping. I looked around like a scared animal. Some of the men had braver faces on. Some even looked as if they were up for the challenge, as if they really thought they could force-fuck every last one of these girls. Some were just gazing at the breasts in front of them. Finally one of the women spoke.

"I see that you are animals. You are still looking at our bodies even as we are about to make things very unpleasant for you. You imagine taking us and fucking us all. Wouldn't that be nice for you. Luckily for us, penises no longer reign here. As you can see, we have our own gang. Now, who would like to be first?"

Then from behind her back she took a strange instrument which I had never seen before. The handle was about three feet long and made of thin metal, stiff but lighter than a cane. Out of that sprang a loop of thin white rope, about the length of a shoelace. Was it some kind of whip?

The men had arranged themselves in a circle facing out, with me in the middle. I wasn't sure why but I knew that I shouldn't let go of the girl. I suppose it would have meant admitting defeat, surrendering our prisoner, letting her go over to her own side and acknowledging that our power had ended. While I held her it was still possible to think that we might win. After all, they were women. I didn't know who my company consisted of but I wouldn't have been surprised if some of them had studied boxing or martial arts. If nothing else, we could outrun them probably, and some of us would get away. But for now I kept holding the woman we had called our prey. She was about my age, in her mid-twenties, and I suddenly wondered what was going on in her head. I held her hands tightly twisted behind her back, but she no longer seemed to be struggling. My hand on her pussy felt absurd but I refused to admit defeat by removing it. I even left my middle finger up inside her, although I took care not to wiggle it.

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