tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Gap in the Curtains Ch. 04

The Gap in the Curtains Ch. 04


(Reader Note -- This is the final chapter of the 'Gap in the Curtains' saga and it moves away from the exhibitionism/voyeur theme a little bit. Apologies if this is your thing, but it was necessary to wrap up the plot. Thank you for reading the story, I hope you enjoyed it. All feedback for this and other chapters is gratefully received.)


I opened my notepad and picked up a pen. I wasn't sure this was a great idea, but I didn't really have any better ones right now. And it's not like it could do any harm as such. I drew a rough vertical line down the middle of the page. Then in large capital letters at the top of the left-hand column I wrote "Liz", while at the top of the right-hand column, in equally large letters, I wrote "Anne". I stared at the piece of paper for a while and rhythmically tapped my pen on the table. I was all alone in the office; everyone else had gone home long ago. I should have left too, but right at this moment I felt more comfortable here. Obviously I would have to go home eventually, but I could put it off a little while longer. Maybe once I had finished making these lists...

I decided I would start with Liz. It made sense for a number of reasons. She was on the left-hand side of the page, I met her before Anne and also she was my fiancée, which meant I was supposed to put her first. I sighed to myself. If only I had actually done that from the start then I probably wouldn't be in this situation. I started to think about Liz's good qualities, of which I had to admit there were plenty. After all, I had moved half way across the country and agreed to live with her parents; it would take a pretty special girl to make most men agree to that.

I added 'Nice' as the first item on the list. It was a bit non-specific, but Liz was basically a nice person, and that wasn't something I could necessarily say about Anne. I also added 'Honest', which was something I always appreciated in Liz, maybe because I wasn't. The adjectives were starting to flow more freely now and I added 'Loyal', 'Dependable', 'Grounded' and 'Loving' to the list. I looked at the list of six adjectives critically. They were all true, but they made Liz sound extremely boring and she wasn't really like that. I tried to get away from the Dr Phil stuff and do an honest evaluation of what really made her special.

For some reason my mind went back to that night a few weeks before in Dillon's. I guess that one night encapsulated a lot of what I loved about Liz...


Dillon's was a sports bar in town. On the Sunday in question Liz and I went there to watch the NFL playoffs and catch up with some of Liz's friends. In fact, I guess by this point you could say they were my friends as well. We originally intended it to be a fairly quiet afternoon, but we were drinking through both games and the Falcons won with a last minute field goal, so by the time the football was over, everybody was quite drunk and in very high spirits. Of course, it doesn't take a genius to work out what happened from there. Even though we all had work the next day, we were eight young drunk people in a bar and it became a proper night out!

I can't really remember how it started, but we ended up playing drinking games, including one called 'I Have Never'. It's a fairly simple game that I had played before in various forms, and the rules we were playing on this particular night went something like this. The players took it in turns to be the Confessor. The Confessor would stand up and say "I have never..." followed by something they had never done. Anybody who had done that thing then had to drink. The Confessor could then nominate someone who drunk to tell the story about the time they did it. Then the next person would become Confessor and it would start all over again. There was no predefined 'aim' of the game, the idea was basically that everybody would get drunker and as they did so would bring more and more risqué topics into the game, exposing their friends' most embarrassing secrets.

Of course, we were all pretty drunk to start with, so it didn't take long at all for the risqué topics to start creeping in. Catherine had started the game innocently enough with the unexciting revelation that she had never been to Europe, but it quickly descended into revelations about sex, drinking, petty criminal activity, sex, drugs, relationships and sex. I winced when Liz became the Confessor again. On the previous round she had intentionally stitched me up with "I have never been caught masturbating by my parents". She knew it had happened to me once when I was younger so, of course, I had to drink and then tell the story to the group. I plotted to get her back later on, forcing her to make some revelations of her own!

"I have never..." said Liz, standing up. She paused, mulling it over for a few seconds. "I... have... never... given oral sex in a restroom." Everybody sat there looking it each other, but nobody drank.

"Gross," said Catherine

"Only hookers do that," said Malcolm. "Swing and a miss Delaney, Jonah you're next-"

"Wait!" said Liz. "I know someone here is lying." Everybody looked at me.

"Me? No, I've never done that, honestly." Everyone carried on looking at me. "I haven't!" I repeated indignantly, looking questioningly at Liz.

"I wasn't talking about you sweetie," she reassured me. She looked over at her old school friend Melissa. "Tell them Mel."

" I've never done it either."

"Liar! Don't you remember at school? Cam Maitland?"

Even in the low light of the bar we could all see Melissa turn a crimson shade. The rest of the table suddenly got interested as it became obvious that this accusation had teeth.

"How did you know about that? She eventually said.

The repeated chant of "Story! Story! Story!" suddenly started up around the table.

"Okay fine. We were sort-of-dating at the time and I got him to do my history assignment with the promise that I would blow him if he got me an 'A'. And somehow he did! I have no idea how, the guy was as dumb as a bag of rocks, he never got an A-grade before in his life!"

"I guess he just needed more motivation," said Malcolm laughing. "Well, it's a good story, but we all know there's a stiff penalty for telling lies in I Have Never."

The penalty was a double shot of Jägermeister, which Malcolm went to the bar to get for the hapless Melissa. While he was gone, Melissa tried to justify the behavior of her adolescent self to her boyfriend Jonah, who apparently didn't know the story either. Melissa and Jonah had only been dating about six weeks, and he was probably wondering how much else she hadn't told him yet.

"I didn't even know Liz knew about it!" Melissa pleaded.

"Everybody at school knew about it!" said Liz, still laughing. "James and Brad went into the restroom and they saw your shoes sticking out underneath the door!"

Everybody burst out laughing at this further detail. Moments later, Malcolm returned with the shots, which Melissa dutifully drank. Everybody was suddenly very interested in the game, wondering what secrets they could prise out of their friends and partners and scared of what they might be forced to admit themselves.

"Okay, I believe it was... Jonah's turn," said Malcolm.

Jonah stood up and thought for a moment before announcing his confession.

"Okay, I'm new to this group, so let's find out what kind of sluts you all are." He paused for effect and a couple of people gave encouraging cheers. "I have never... done anal."

Everybody immediately looked around at each other. Jonah had worded the confession in such a way that it applied to both the guys and the girls in the group. Nobody looked like making any admissions, but eventually Malcolm glanced over at his girlfriend Sarah, who gave him a resigned shrug and they both drank. A universal cheer went up around the table. Jonah offered up a high five to Malcolm, who sheepishly returned it.

"I suppose it doesn't matter who I ask for the story, since I'm guessing it's the same story," said Jonah. "But I want to hear it from... Sarah's point of view".

"Not much to tell really," said Sarah, taking her turn to blush. "Malcolm really wanted to and eventually I gave in and we... did it."

"What was it like?" said Catherine, a little bit too enthusiastically.

"Painful," said Sarah, "really fucking painful." Everyone looked at her, hoping for more detail. "But I admit it was kind of nice once we got past the initial pain."

"So nobody else has got their brown wings?" said Malcolm, trying to rescue his girlfriend from the spotlight.

"What about you Liz?" said Melissa, seeking revenge from the previous turn.

"No, if I had then I would have drunk, as per the rules of the game," Liz replied, taunting her friend about her previous indiscretion.

"Why not?" continued Melissa. "Too scared? Are you waiting for your wedding night? Or has Craig just not bought you a nice enough piece of jewelry yet?"

"I don't have to answer that, it's not part of the game," said Liz, still smiling.

"Don't worry Craig, she'll cave in eventually," said Malcolm. "Curiosity is bound to get the better of her."

"If you must know, I've never been asked," said Liz, staring straight back at Malcolm with a smirk.

It was true, I hadn't ever asked Liz. I had asked a girl once when I was younger, but she squealed in pain and made me stop before I even got the tip in. I started to think about what it would be like to do it with Liz. She had a really cute little butt and she was only a small girl so her asshole would probably be pretty tight... I was drawn away from my inner thoughts by the realization that I was now the focus of attention for the table.

"You never asked her?" said Malcolm

"No," I admitted, "it never came up." There was a burst of laughter from the table and I realized what I had said. "I mean it never came up in conversation not.... screw it, you all know what I meant!"

"So Liz, would you let Craig stick it up there if he asked you nicely?" said Melissa.

"Don't answer that!" I said, trying to reign in the conversation.

"I have no intention of answering it. Well, not in front of everybody else anyway," she said, and winked at me. "Now, who's the next confessor?"

Reluctantly the others finished interrogating Liz and continued with the game. We managed a few more circuits of the table, but no more major revelations were forthcoming and interest in the game slowly waned and we moved onto a different game. I tried to forget about it, but I kept thinking about the anal sex conversation. Was Liz interested in trying it or was she just looking for a face-saving way out of the conversation? It was weird, since my previous failure I had never really been too bothered about trying anal again, but for some reason I couldn't shake the mental image of Liz on all fours with her pert little butt in the air presenting her tight brown hole. It was probably the alcohol, I always got horny when I was drunk.

I saw Liz on her own at the bar, so I decided to go and talk to her about it. The alcohol inside me dampened the inhibitions I might usually have had about broaching such a sensitive subject. She looked up and smiled as she saw me approach.

"Hi babe," she said. "Don't worry I've ordered the drinks. You can give me a hand back with them if you like."

"Sure," I said, kissing her on the lips. We stood there for a while, waiting for the barman to process the large drinks order.

"So, I've been thinking about that conversation earlier," I said, eventually, after working up the courage.

"Which one?" said Liz.

"You know, while we were playing I Have Never. You said you had never tried it and... I don't know, it seemed like maybe you might be interested."

"Which one? Giving head in a restroom? Taking cocaine? Having a threesome?" asked Liz, recalling some of the things she had claimed never to have done during the game.

"No... the other one," I attempted to clarify.

At that point our conversation was prematurely terminated by the barman, who had finished serving our drinks and was now collecting payment from Liz. Before I could continue my enquiry, Liz left the bar, carrying several of the drinks back to our table. I followed with the remainder and I was about to sit down again when Liz grabbed my arm and pulled me to one side.

"I've been thinking about it too," she confessed. "Do you think you'd like to try it?"

"Yes I think I would. Ever since we were all talking about it, I've been thinking about doing it with you and it has got me really turned on."

"Me too! I know Sarah says it hurts, but I'd really like to try it, just once, to see what it was like."

"Great! Wait... just to make sure we're on the same page here, I'm talking about..."

"Taking me up the ass?" finished Liz, bluntly. "Yes I'm talking about that too. If you like, we could go home now and... you know, do some experimenting?"

I could barely finish my drink fast enough. Liz sounded like she was into the idea, but I knew that women change their mind on a whim so I tried not to build my hopes up too much. We said goodbye to the others, telling them we had to get some sleep so we could get up for work in the morning. I hailed a cab as soon as we were outside. We cuddled up, and started making out in the back of the cab like a couple of schoolchildren.

"Can you stop here for a second?" Liz suddenly shouted out to the driver.

I was about to ask Liz why she had stopped the cab, as we were only about half way home, but before I could she jumped out and ran across the road. I shared an uncomfortable silence with the driver for a few minutes while we waited for Liz to come back. She eventually returned carrying a paper bag and the cab resumed its journey. I gave Liz an enquiring look.

"Twenty-four-hour pharmacy," she replied to the unspoken question.

Being drunk and a little bit slow on the uptake I didn't show any signs of comprehension, so she opened the paper bag and showed me a tube of KY Jelly. Suddenly it all seemed quite real. Until then it had been a sort of drunken idea that I wasn't sure Liz would actually go through with, but now it looked like she was taking it seriously. Were we were actually going to do this? I could feel my dick stirring in my pants already in anticipation.

The cab eventually arrived back at the house. I quickly paid the driver and we half walked, half ran inside, drunkenly whispering and giggling to each other. It was late and everything was quiet inside, the rest of the family were all in bed. We wasted no time in heading straight for our bedroom. Once inside, Liz threw her arms around my neck and pulled me close to her, tongue-kissing me deeply. I put my arms around her waist, feeling her slender curves as we kissed. Then I moved one hand down onto her ass; an area that I hoped to know much more intimately in the near future.

Eventually Liz broke off the kiss. She ran her hands down my body, stopping at my belt, which she unbuckled quickly. Dropping to her knees in front of me, she unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, before reaching inside my boxers and pulling out my cock. My seven inch member was already hard in anticipation of what was to come. Liz grabbed it by the base, slowly stroking it back and forth while she planted gentle kisses on the tip. With her other hand she cupped my balls and squeezed them very gently while rolling them around in her hand.

I could see and feel my cock getting even harder, responding to the attention of Liz's hands and mouth. Slowly she took the tip into her mouth, sucking gently and flicking her tongue repeatedly over my cockhead, which felt delightful. I put my hands on the back of her head, running my fingers through her long brown hair, which encouraged her to take more of my member into her mouth. Three inches and then four, slowly bobbing her head backwards and forwards as she continued to caress my balls. After a couple of minutes of exquisite cock sucking, she finally allowed my glistening cock head to fall from her mouth. She grabbed my shaft again with her hand and stroked it fully along the length several times.

"Shall we do this then?" Liz said, softly, looking up at me with dark brown eyes.

"Yes, let's do it!" I replied, stroking her hair.

"Okay," said Liz, getting to her feet. She gave me a kiss on the lips. "Make yourself comfortable, I won't be long."

Liz stepped out of the bedroom and a few seconds later I heard her close the bathroom door behind her. After a while I heard the shower turn on briefly. I didn't give too much thought to what she might be doing in there; I just took off the remainder of my clothes and lay on the bed, waiting for her to return. For the first time I started to think about the actual mechanics of anal sex. I didn't really know much about it beyond what I had seen in porn films, which I figured probably weren't realistic. Eventually Liz returned from the bathroom interrupting my thoughts. She was wearing only a large towel wrapped around her body and carried her clothes in a bundle. She smiled when she saw me lying on the bed, my erection pointing at the sky.

"Good to see you're all ready," she said, throwing her clothes onto the floor.

I simply nodded and Liz dropped the towel revealing her naked body to me. I had seen it plenty of times, of course, but she had a great little compact body and I never grew tired of it. She crawled onto the bed on all fours.

"Okay, I'm ready too," she said, slightly nervously.

I manoeuvred my way behind her. As I did so, Liz dropped her chest towards the bed, pushing her ass further in the air. I reached out and touched her butt cheek. Her ass was pert and firm, but the skin itself was soft. I gently caressed it with my entire hand as I psyched myself up for my first anal experience. I could see Liz's virgin brown hole pointing at me, ready to receive its first intruder. It wasn't a part of her anatomy I had ever given much attention before; I had always been far more interested in the apartment next door, so to speak. I reached down and tentatively touched the puckered entrance with my finger and I felt Liz flinch, but then relax.

"Sorry, I'm just a little nervous," she said, apologetically.

I shuffled into position behind my fiancée. Her pussy lips hung partly open and her lady parts offered a tempting target, but tonight my cock had a different destination in mind. I aimed my member at her brown hole, resting it on the entrance.

"Wait!" said Liz, as I was about to push forward and attempt to penetrate her. "Remember the lube."

"Damn, sorry!"

I jumped from the bed to retrieve the KY Jelly from the bag that Liz had left on her desk. As I walked back towards the bed I fumbled to unscrew the top, eventually managing to get it open and squeeze some of the gel onto my hand. I rubbed it liberally over my cock, enjoying the cool sensation and the unique feel of my lubricated hand running over my truncheon. I now understood why some guys used this stuff to jerk off.

"Everything okay back there?" said Liz, looking back over her shoulder.

"Yes, nearly done," I said, enjoying a few more lubricated strokes before getting back into position.

I returned my member to the entrance of Liz's ass. I pushed forward gently, anticipating my cock sliding into her tight asshole. But her sphincter didn't give way, instead my cock slipped away from her ass crack. I repositioned it at her brown starfish and pushed a little harder this time, but again I couldn't penetrate her. Liz was too slight of build and her body offered no leverage. Pushing harder just seemed to push her ass away from me. She giggled at our beginner woes and I laughed along with her, trying to ease the tension. I grabbed hold of her hips with both hands, holding her firmly in place. Then I pushed forward again, this time simultaneously pulling her ass back onto my cock. This time I felt my cock penetrate her entrance, but as soon as it did Liz gave out a loud yelp and pulled away.

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