tagNonHumanThe Garden of Unearthly Delights

The Garden of Unearthly Delights


Her day off seems boring and dull. As she drives into the city, she sees an advertisement for the Botanical Gardens: "Newly discovered plant species from the deepest Amazon!" the banner shouts; she has the time, why not?

Tickets in hand, she joins the last tour of the day; the tour guide is an awful little Man; self-important and prissy. Along with at least a dozen other people, she dutifully follows him as he points out exotic flowers and plants of every shape and color. He stops at a small grove of pitcher plants; one of the few carnivorous species that feed by trapping insects, and the occasional small bird, and then dissolves them in its little cup of death soup.

As the group wanders behind him, her eye catches a glimpse of a small side-door; almost completely covered in greenery; slipping away, she proceeds towards it.

A small sign in red reads "WARNING!!! Do not enter: plants reproducing."

Testing the door handle, she swings the wooden door open and slips past.

Once through, she finds herself under a huge glass dome; hot and humid, the glass is fogged up, filtering the light coming in and preventing her from seeing what is outside.

Looking around her, there are amazing growths; huge trees with thorns adorning their thick trunks, vines that creep up towards the light using anything they can to gain a foothold as they reach for the sun, giant blossoms in every color of the rainbow; some as wide as dinner plates.

She follows the small concrete pathway, stopping every so often to marvel at the amazing variety of life hidden away here; vibrant pink petals that radiate from a bright red center, cobalt blue leaves on a thorny twisted vine; so many smells; exotic and fragrant; if they could be captured she could make a fortune in the perfume business.

One smell in particular beckons to her; a heady, dizzying aroma. Letting her nose lead the way, she pushes her way through some denser vegetation until she is in a small clearing; at the center, a towering trunk covered in vines that wind their way around its girth; from each vine, thorns sprout. From between the main trunk's roots, an amazing flower stands.

She slowly approaches the plant; the smell is definitely coming from the flower. It hangs from a thick green and red stalk about as round as her arm. About 3 feet in diameter and adorned with purple petals; in its center a large pink spadix about 2 feet long, and a couple of inches around. The smell entices her to come closer until she is standing with her face a few inches from the flower. Studying it, she notices the spadix is secreting a clear sticky fluid; bending over it, she sniffs at it and confirms that it is, in fact, the source of the enticing perfume.

Strolling around the large trunk, she sees that it has half a dozen or more of these same blossoms, some of them 7 or 8 feet long and as round and thick as a barrel, some red, some pink, but these are buds; still closed shut, not open like the first flower.

Back where she started, she studies the flower more carefully; the purple petals look so soft; she reaches out a finger and touches one; It feels like silk; soft, smooth and a little moist. Caressing each petal with her fingertips, she makes sure to touch each one; finally, she comes to the spadix in the middle.

Timidly, she reaches out with her right index finger and prods it; warm to the touch the clear fluid sticks to her finger. She puts it up to her nose and sniffs it; it makes her dizzy with desire, nothing in her life has ever smelled this good. She smiles as her senses reel; a slight flush comes over her; she wonders what the fluid tastes like and slowly sticks out her pink, little tongue; it's sweet, almost like honey, but with something more subtle mixed in; an almost musky, earthy taste, maybe a bit like wild mushrooms.

A rush of blood flows through her, and her skin starts to tingle; her body flushes with a sudden rush of blood and hormones; the tiny hairs on her skin stand up; the slight breeze that flows past her electrifies her, sending amplified impulses through her nervous system.

Flushed and trembling, she reaches out and smears more of the fluid on her finger; what looks like a teaspoon's worth, and greedily sucks it from her finger; then another and another.

Standing there with the alluring smell in her nose and the sweet taste in her mouth, she realizes she is quite sleepy; her body seems sluggish and her limbs heavy. Beneath her feet a luscious carpet of green grass awaits and she lies down just for a moment; after all, it is nearly closing time, and she is in the last tour group.

A slight tickling sensation wakes her; it is quite dark. Only the moonlight shining on the massive glass dome provides any light. Still slightly woozy from her extended nap, she looks at her watch; 11:34 p.m. It's so late, she should find a way out; the Gardens MUST be closed by now.

Slowly and a bit unsteady on her feet, she walks back towards the small door by which she entered the dome. Pushing and tugging on it, it stays firmly closed. Looking around, she sees no other way out, and after exploring for a while, she realizes she is stuck in here for the night.

Trying to make the best of it, she returns to the fascinating plant with its amazing flowers; at least she knows the grass beneath the plant is comfortable and maybe she can sleep there until morning.

Standing in front of the flower again, she realizes that she is hungry; she forgot to eat lunch. Maybe there's some more nectar in the flower? Peering into it, sure enough, there IS more, a LOT more.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, she remembers a nature program stating that flowers open up at night time and some pollinate by moonlight. Some are even able to produce pheromones that mimic those of female moths to attract the males, who then visit the flowers, get covered in pollen, then flit away to another flower to spread the seed. No matter; she tries to use her fingers to scoop up the nectar, but it proves difficult.

Somewhere deep inside her mind, an urge overwhelms her, a voice suggestively whispers "lick it!" "suck it!" It makes sense to her; far more efficient than using her fingers.

Lowering her head, she starts to lick at the spadix; far better! Now she can get at the nectar, and she starts to gorge herself on it. Her mind drifts off for a while, and when her attention returns, she finds herself with her mouth and lips wrapped around the thick pink stalk. Sucking on the tip, she realizes that the harder she sucks, the more sweet fluid is produced. Taking more of the stalk in her mouth, she sucks on it harder, until it releases more of its precious fluid.

Soon she is content; feeling quite full and happy, she lies down on the carpet of grass and drift off into a fitful sleep.

Her dreams are filled with wondrous things; giant trees that walk the Earth, their roots limbs; sinuous vines that slither and pulse, constricting their hosts like snakes. Huge plants with soft petals that open to reveal razor sharp teeth! Oversized pitcher plants the size of hot-tubs; naked Women swimming in them, slowly dissolving to bones before her eyes; but her plant, the one she sleeps beneath keeps her safe. Its soft petals caress her skin; the thick pink spadix feeds her the sticky sweet nectar; its vines surround her to protect her from harm.

The dream makes her so happy, and she stirs slightly as the images flit through her mind. The petals surround her with their softness; their intoxicating smell envelops her as they caress every inch of her skin. Fluttering over her body, they soothe her, and their attentions make her writhe and moan as they gently remove her clothes. What a dream, she thinks to herself as she dozes and shudders under their soft caresses.

A tickling sensation wakes her; something is lightly brushing her nose. Mouth open wide in a big yawn, she opens her eyes... The thick pink spadix is inches from her face; suddenly, it plunges into her open mouth. Shrieking, she struggles, but to no avail; it is firmly lodged in her mouth and throat. Trying to stand, she thrashes her legs around looking for traction, but the weight and strength of the plant is too much.

Panicking, she tries to bite the thick pink probe. The purple petals that surround the spadix move like lightning; curling around her whole head, they start to pull, to force her deeper; with inhuman strength, they force her face further into the flower until her lips are tightly wrapped around the very base of the fat spadix.

Suddenly, everything is still. Her heart rate slows, and she regains her composure. Using her hands, she explores the stalk that the flower sits atop; maybe she can snap it off? With all her strength, she grasps it with both hands and tries to break it. The whole plant shakes violently; the vines wrapped around the trunk of the plant rear up and slither down, wrapping themselves around her naked torso, arms, and legs.

The vines are covered in sharp thorns. Wrapped around her limbs, she can feel the thorns biting into her soft flesh. Her mouth full of the thick sweet stalk, she begins to panic again as the pinpricks of pain shock her into moving. But to no avail; she is held fast, and soon she slows her attempts at escape as she tires.

As she calms down, the thorns on the vines retract just like a Cat's claws do; the pinpricks of pain recede as the thorns withdraw.

Her head is still held in a viselike grip; the petals wrapped tightly around the back of her head. As she stays impaled on the thick stalk, she realizes that the nectar's flavor is changing; no longer so sweet, but a slightly salty taste starts to trickle down her throat.

Gulping the warm salty fluid down, she starts to feel a bit dizzy; her thoughts wander, and strange images fill her head almost as if they are being "inserted" into her mind. Her limbs start to feel incredibly heavy, she is becoming relaxed. The effect feels not entirely

dissimilar to an experience she had when she was prescribed muscle relaxants by her doctor a few years ago.

The vines around her limbs begin to move; as does the blossom that she is so tightly attached to; lifting her off the ground and high above the plant's tall trunk as if in offering to the moon that shines through the glass above her head.

The vines move sinuously, exploring her body as if searching for something; the petals release their grip, and the pink stalk retracts itself from her mouth and throat.

Dizzy from the plant's nectar, and now able to breathe, she gasps and gags.

inside her head, in a language she has never heard, a voice soothes her.

Visions start to rush through her mind like a movie going 100 times normal speed. A vast planet with 3 moons; its surface green and verdant; vegetative life seething in all directions. Some plants the size of New York skyscrapers that lumber through the surrounding growth, others smaller, yet possessed of something like human intelligence.

Faster and faster the images come at her; bulbous protuberances that snake their way towards other plants, then devour. Pink and blue and red everywhere; colors as bright as the Sun!

The voice in her head speaks; slowly, she begins to understand. Their World is dying; their water supply exhausted. Huge spaceships exploding from the surface of the planet, heading in every direction through the vast emptiness of the Universe.

One ship, in particular, finds a small blue planet, floating around a massive central sun. Earth! The ship enters the atmosphere, but something is wrong; fire rages through the structure; a pod escapes from the side of the massive ship. It survives; the only one of the crew.

The Amazon jungle; such a vast place. Alone, it grieves for its home planet; the plants here cannot speak or think. Alone for so long; nothing and no one to converse with, no exchange of ideas or culture.

Centuries pass; it senses nothing around it that could be called intelligent life. Then one day in the Earth year 1927, figures approach; Humans they call themselves. Excitement reigns among them. It tries to reach out to them with its mind, but they do not understand.

Pain... rage... the Humans with their wooden handled, steel tipped digging tools, rip it from the ground; its roots severed, its child buds torn from their stems. Captured and imprisoned in a big wooden box; no light, slowly dying.

Then after days of darkness, brightness; a curved glass structure, unlike anything it has seen on its own planet; above the glass structure a sun, brighter than it's own. It watches the Humans as they go about their daily business; these Humans are different. Kinder; they feed it rich, moist soil and water! Sparkling, clean water; it is grateful for that.

The years pass slowly; it sleeps, waiting for the day when it senses another of its kind. Every year the humans surround it with more plants; exotic species with brilliant foliage and enticing smells, but none of them are sentient. It is pushed to the back of the dome; forgotten and untended.

One day, the Sun above the dome reaches its zenith, and it is time to procreate; once every 100 years it blooms and has to spread its genetic material, but there are none of its kind to fertilize, nothing to receive its seed. Then the female human approaches. It probes her mind as it has so many other humans; this one is receptive though; open to its powers and thoughts.

Lured to it by the dizzying scent, the female human comes close; it can tell that she is ripe, fertile. Not of his own kind, but an acceptable vessel nonetheless.

She realizes it is HER! Her mind recoils; revolted by this thing that has her in its grasp, which lured her to it purposely. Trying to clear the fuzziness from her mind, she starts to struggle, but she is held secure by the vines and their now retracted thorns.

One of the vines snakes up past her head; on its end, what looks like a tightly closed bud with the same purple petals that held her head prisoner. Its stalk lined with the razor- sharp thorns; "they look like sharks teeth!" she thinks to herself!

The vine swoops down; the bud of purple petals trails over her skin. Starting at her throat, it slowly wends its way across her ribcage and over her stomach that flutters in fear. Another of the vines appears; purple tipped as well, this one is fully open, the petals peeled back to expose the big pink spadix which is dripping with nectar.

Positioning itself over her mouth, it slowly descends; she clenches her teeth and closes her mouth, but it persists. It is inside her again; her mouth and throat full of its rubbery, slippery fullness; more of the salty fluid is pumped down her throat.

Pictures spring forth in her mind again; forced inside her consciousness by the plant. Images of vegetation swaying, rubbing against each other in foreign rhythms; fibrous limbs thrust into luscious, dripping flowers. Petals opening and closing like hungry mouths; glistening rivers of sap and fluids, flowing, merging as the plants pollinate each other. Huge vines tipped with throbbing buds, entwine; pulsing red bulbs inserted deep into pink moist receptive petals.

It tries its best to communicate to her that it means no harm, but it senses that she is terrified. Looking deeper into her mind, it tries to find something that will soothe her; make her more receptive to bearing its seed. Probing her thoughts and memories, it finds the area of her brain that contains her fantasies. It finally understands.

One of the hanging vines springs to life; at its tip, a bright red flower, still a bud, and about 2 feet long. As she watches, the bud starts to ripple and the petals open; inside she glimpses another of the pink spadix; this one looks like a huge ear of corn; pink and covered in small bumps.

As she stares at it, a purple fluid starts to flow from its tip; the whole spadix starts to pulse, swelling as it does so.

It moves towards her, swaying sinuously like a snake; the partially open petals start to move, purple fluid now dripping from the flower. It makes contact with her skin.

The first touch is so gentle it surprises her; silken caresses as the petals stroke her naked flesh. Starting at her navel, they work their way slowly outwards; spiraling from her center. As she watches the petals, they remind her of thin silken tongues; each one leaves a small trail of the purple fluid as they move across her body.

"Relax...." "enjoy...." "submit..."

Her mind is flooded with soundless words. The spadix in her mouth moves further down her throat and swells slightly. More salty fluid trickles from it into her stomach. She feels as if she is slightly drunk, and realizes that the plant must be feeding her something that is causing her euphoria.

While her mind is occupied, she has lost track of the petals. Refocused, she is startled to find herself enjoying the attentions of the soft caresses; along her ribcage, her armpits, inner thighs. Special attention is paid to her breasts as if the petals are intrigued by them.

Relaxing, she lets her guard down a bit; nothing bad has happened so far, and she really is beginning to enjoy this; almost like a massage. A few more minutes of attention from the petals and one of them gently brushes against one of her nipples; it moves on, but she notices that her nipple is hard and erect.

A few more minutes and a petal touches her other nipple; it too hardens. The partially open flower stops briefly, then positions itself directly above her right breast. Slowly, it lowers itself; spreading its petals apart, it gently covers her entire breast and gently squeezes!

The sensations are completely unlike anything she has felt before. Kneading and massaging, the petals pull and suck at her breasts; the inner spadix pushing and stimulating her nipple; more of the purple fluid on her skin being absorbed into her system.

Arousal flushes through her body; as alien as this whole experience is, her body cannot help but be stimulated by what is happening to it. Small moans escape her lips, muffled by the thick pink spadix that continues to dribble its salty nectar down her throat. Unable to stop herself, her body starts to shake and quiver.

It is monitoring her brainwaves; it knows she is starting to become more obedient. Her mind is an open book, and it sees flashes of what she wishes for; deep fantasies, hidden from even herself; images it doesn't fully understand yet, but it will.

Three more vines with flower-tips appear and join the first. Each soft set of petals explores a different part of her body as if searching for something.

With the exquisite stimulation at her breast, she can feel herself beginning to get wet. The familiar sensations of arousal; swollen pussy lips and rapidly hardening clit. Her body still in the grip of the vines, she starts to pant and sweat; the chemicals the plant is feeding her have kicked her hormones into overdrive.

One of the petal covered buds has found its way between her legs; pausing, it slowly starts to stroke her. Like delicate little kisses, each touch of the silken petals sends a small shiver of excitement through her body; the petals act as one and start to brush up and down her very center; each stroke leaves more of the purple fluid on her.

More sure of their goal now, the petals slowly part her lips; her wet pink flesh opens to them, the petals persist; their smoothness touches her sensitive inner flesh, and she jerks in surprise! It feels good, SOOOOO good, she thinks. She wonders what the petals would feel like if they were inside her!

Her thoughts become the plant's actions; the plant knows what she needs, what she wants. The petals withdraw from their delicate stroking, and she looks down in disappointment; just when it was beginning to get good!

The petals form themselves back into a tight bud; the spadix's tip extending a good 8 inches from the middle; dribbling purple fluid from the tip, it moves back down between her legs.

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