tagErotic HorrorThe Gemini's Ch. 01

The Gemini's Ch. 01


This story is dedicated to my Fiancé and is to the memory of my wife and kids (personally) and to all those who died or suffer from the September 11 terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center.

WARNING: VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED! This is based on true events set in an emotional story of how one survived a tragedy that shaped the world.

Any political, religious, or personal offense taken by my story is unintentional.

Based upon my experience when sharing about my past, I would appreciate it if your comments or complaints do not go into the rights or wrongs of religions, politics, or people for I am not the only one affected by the tragedy.


Natalie's dreams were shattered by the desperate cries of her husband. She turned to soothe his mind that ran rampant and untamed in his festered sleep. She began to cry, watching his body's frantic movements as sweat coated his body and his moans pierced the calm midnight air.

"Jason," she whispered caressingly into his ear, "Jason wake up... please." She rocked her husband's body in attempts to stir him from his nightmares.

Finally Jason woke up, his breathing slowly returning to a normal draw. He sat up, drenched in sweat and looked out into the peaceful atmosphere of the massive garden in his backyard. The cool wind blew softly across his heated face as he closed his teary eyes in silence.

He felt a warm hand slide along his back tracing the rugged scar the nearly cost him his life. "Please baby, it's okay... " He listened to the harmonious voice of his better half cooing him backwards until his back fell softly against her firm warm breasts, "God if there was any way I could disposed those memories of your past which cause you so much grief I would."

"But you can't," Jason sighed with misery, "I hope I didn't wake the kids." He turned and looked at the loving face of his wife. Fear and hope; love and hate; life and death flashed through his mind as he stared into the sweet bluish-green eyes that held so much hope with understanding his past.

It had been fourteen years since Natalie had promised Jason that someone would love him and take care of him. She looked into the swirling blue eyes that held such wisdom and pain that only the very few could handle.

"Would you like to talk to me about it?" she asked, searching his eyes fir an answer to her question. Jason sighed and patted her hands before getting up. "Come with me, I want to show you something."

Natalie got up and walked beside the man she had vowed to take care of. She walked with him outside to the crystal clear lake that shimmered in the light of a full pale moon.

"Those dreams I was having were not exactly a nightmare. They were more a horrid realization of errors and mistakes on my behalf from many years back," Jason sighed, swallowing in the mesmerizing scenery.

"What do you mean?"

Jason scratched his head lightly; "I haven't had those dreams since I was fifteen. You do remember how I told you I could have prevented my family's death, right?"

Natalie smiled, "Yeah, you said that in your sleep, just like when I asked if you were busy choking your chicken you said 'I don't live on a farm I can't choke my chicken.'"

Jason gave a quick grin before sighing, "Yeah, well I wasn't lying or joking."

Natalie stopped smiling and looked at her cute husband with worry as he leaned back against a tree, "What do you mean?"

"I had a series of dreams, repeating ones, twenty-two years ago. It always started out where I would be standing before two tall towers, the first few were with Julie and the kids, then the kids disappeared, then she disappeared, and in the final dream I am standing alone gazing up at the towers and towards the top there was a big white spot as if someone forgot to color in that section of the towers."

"Sexy that was three years before September 11th. There was absolutely no way you could have possibly understood that they would die in that tragedy."

"It's not that, it's the horrid realization that I now understand what I once thought to be just another dream is actually the truth now.

"Come with me sexy," Natalie said, leading her husband back into their room. She beckoned him to the bed. "Close your eyes," she cooed.

Jason complied knowing it was safe too. He kept them closed as he sensed her delicate fingers trace his scar.

"My God," he whispered in a sob, "I had watched my own family die in the hands of eleven fucked up pussies. I listened as our fucked up country tried to sugar coat the images seen on the news. I witnessed the abandonment of our airline security plans that states the authority to shoot down any aircraft that threatens to invade populated areas, INCLUDING OUR OWN!"

Natalie sat back and watched and watched in fear as Jason slammed his fists repetitively into the mattress. She cried at silently at the sound of his uncontrollable sobbing. The grief he had tore at her heart.

Jason felt her warm lips press gently against his. He felt her kisses become more eager as her tongue slipped into his mouth. He willingly tasted the sweetness of her mouth as she began to rub his back once again.

She backed off and looked into his eyes with a hunger like no other. She hungered to heal him of the devastations he suffered. She knew she would never take Julie's place but she was content for taking care of the man Julie had been blessed to live with.

Natalie continued to look at Jason and smiled as she felt his idle hands run up her back and under her bra strap.

"You know a lot of my friends are jealous of you."

Why is that?"

"Oh come on you 'tard. Look at you, your lean, mean and cute," Natalie grinned.

"Lean, mean, and cute," Jason repeated slowly, "Okay so..."

"Oh come on you're a rare classic... that cruel shell with a soft heart? Corey one time said that you must give the maddest sex because of how you stand up for people."

"Well do I?" Jason smiled as he unhooked and removed Natalie's bra.

"No, you just make people mad when you fuck them," Natalie whispered teasingly in to his ear.

"Oh wow," Jason laughed.

"Really though, she thought you give rough sex because when I asked her if she meant that she said yes."

"And what did you say?" Jason asked as he lightly drew upon Natalie's pink nipples.

"Mmm, I told her that I believed I would have forgotten already if you had, yet I remember every time I've been with you so no she's wrong."

Natalie listened to the sucking sound Jason made as he nurtured on her nipples. The sensations sent an electric jolt through out her body.

Suddenly it intensified as she felt his fingers slip into her, causing her vaginal muscles to flex in attempts to swallow his fingers in deeper.

"Oh God... " she moaned in pleasure as his thumb began to rub her swollen clit, "Oh God... ah fuck.... Honey" she begged, her body pleading for him.

"Go ahead and cum."

"Nuh-uh," Natalie replied shaking her head, "Fuck me Jason... fuck my pussy," she begged as her hand freed his cock.

Natalie cried out as a jolt of intense pleasure shot through her body. She continued to moan as she felt his thick, long shaft enter her heated core.

Jason moaned softly as he felt her juices coat his cock while her muscles continued to contract profusely.

"Now... you're... chocking... my chicken," Jason managed to say between deep full strokes.

"OH God!" Natalie cried out as she felt his seed pound against her cervix. Lightening shot through her body as she came, cumming down his shaft. All of a sudden she began to cry.

"What's wrong sexy?"

"I know I'll never understand what you saw, but I'll try my hardest to understand you and share your pains." Natalie sobbed.

Jason held her close and listened to her sobbing. Soon they fell asleep as their sweat, juices and heat mixed.

Just before Jason succumbed to a restful sleep he heard Natalie murmur.

"I would die for your freedom..."

Jason closed his eyes allowing tears to roll down his cheek, "And I would die for you..." he whispered before falling asleep.

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