tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Gentle Intruder

The Gentle Intruder


The weather had turned colder, and the wind was whipping the silver clouds all around the December sky. Delilah looked out the den window and shivered at how cold it looked. She was dressed in her old pale blue sweats and sneakers. The sweatshirt was worn and stretched out around the neck, but she loved the way the fleece inside felt against her bare breasts as her nipples rubbed back and forth with her movements.

It was early afternoon, and Delilah decided she would climb into the attic, retrieve her Christmas decorations, and do some decorating before getting ready for her night out to her office Christmas party. She went upstairs and pulled down the attic door and ladder and climbed up. It was pretty chilly in the attic, even with the heat from the house seeping through the weathered boards. She waded through the clutter and boxes she had been promising herself to straighten up since last New Years. Finally, she found the boxes of tinsel, lights and decorations and began rummaging through them to see which items she wanted to take down with her.

As Delilah sat among the boxes, she stopped to listen when she thought she heard sounds like someone moving about downstairs. She waited for a moment and then returned to her chore, laughing at herself for being a little spooked. However, it was a little eerie up there with the dim light and the shadows playing along the walls.

She didn’t hear him though, as he moved up the attic stairs and squatted behind the boxes to watch her. He sat there for a few minutes letting his eyes adjust to the half dark environment. Her scent wafted across the room and up his nostrils. With a deep silent breath, he breathed her in and felt his temperature rise along with the bulge in his jeans. He clinched the long silk scarf in his gloved left hand and plotted his path to her. He moved swiftly up behind her, and in one graceful movement brought her up to stand with his left arm around her and his right hand firmly over her mouth. He pulled her back against him hard.

She gasped as he grabbed her, but before she could scream, he had covered her mouth. Her heart pounded wildly against her chest, and her mind was screaming, “No! No! Let me go!” She struggled in vain to free herself from his hold. Her muffled words were merely unintelligible noises. Delilah stopped struggling and fear gripped her. She froze.

Once she was still, he leaned his head down and whispered into her hair, “Sshhh.” Outside she was still, but inside her blood raced to her pounding heart, her nerve endings tingled and her mind screamed. He moved his left hand down to her abdomen while his right remained tightly over her mouth, he then moved the left up under her sweatshirt and to her breasts. She felt the cold leather of the glove move up her skin and over her nipples. The silk scarf trailed along behind it. He kneaded her right breast and then the left.

“mmfff..” The sound escaped from her covered mouth as he pinched her right nipple. Her body betrayed her as her nipple responded to the intruder’s attention. It rose hard and erect.

He removed his hand from under her shirt and brought it up to her face. He brushed her cheek with the scarf. “Sshhhh.” He said again, and taking the scarf in his right hand as well, he pulled her chin down gently opening her mouth enough to slide the scarf through. He wrapped the long scarf around the back of her head and brought it back around making another pass to cover her eyes with it and then tied it behind her. He removed his gloves. She knew it was pointless to try to scream with the scarf in her mouth, and that his powerful form would prevent her from escaping. She resigned herself to her fate. All she could do was let it happen and pray he would let her live afterwards.

He sensed her surrender and in a low gentle whispering voice, he began speaking Spanish to her. There was a vague familiarity about his voice, but she couldn’t recognize it fully. Again bracing her against his chest with his arm, he guided her to the wall and pushed her gently against it and held her in place with his body. Her arms were at her sides and her face, turned to the left, lay flat against the cold rough wall. She felt him brush her hair away from her face and move his lips to her ear. He suckled her earlobe and tongued her ear. Again he whispered words in his language. But they were beautiful words, and he said them in a low gentle voice. His hands moved over her shoulders and down her arms until his hands met hers and he laced his fingers through her fingers. Again, he spoke beautiful words to her, and she became aware of his bulge pushing against her buttocks. She was still frightened, but her fear for her life was gone, and some of the tension in her body had eased.

His fingers still laced with hers, he moved her arms upward, and bending them 90 degrees at the elbow, he placed her palms against the cold drywall. She knew to leave them there. He then moved his hands to the bottom of her sweatshirt and worked the shirt up until it was under her armpits and her bare breasts were pressed flat upon the wall. He moved his lips down from her ear to her neck and kissed the hollow on the side and nipped it lightly. Then he moved his mouth to her back and began a path down to the waistband of her sweatpants. Hot, wet, open mouth kisses covered her back as his hands stayed planted firmly on her hips.

Delilah’s fear was lessening more and more. She didn’t feel threatened anymore. Strangely, she felt wanted. She didn’t feel like this was intended to be a rape. It felt more like she was in the presence of a lover. His movements and words were sensual and romantic, not lewd and demanding. He was seducing her with his words and his actions, not raping her.

She felt him hook his thumbs in her waistband and pull her sweats down to her ankles; carefully lifting each foot, he removed them. He then stood and removed her shirt. Delilah stood clad only in her blue thong and sneakers. She shivered as the cold air in the attic enveloped her nakedness. He turned her around to face him. He didn’t touch her, but he was so near she could feel the heat radiating from his body. He kissed her cheek and took her hand, leading her to an old recliner. He sat her down and she heard him as he knelt in front of her.

There was silence for a moment, and she wondered what was going to happen next. She didn’t know he was looking at her body. He was admiring her full round breasts and how they lay with the nipples hard and crimson rising from the areola. His gaze followed the slope of her abdomen to the patch of material covering her womanhood, and down the long slender curves of her thighs and calves. She heard him laugh quietly and then, he removed her sneakers.

She jumped slightly as she felt his hot breath wash across her breast and his wet tongue sweep across her rigid nipple. He closed his mouth over it and tugged lightly with his teeth. She gasped. She knew she shouldn’t respond, but her body wanted her to. He was seducing her body. She arched her back involuntarily as he sucked the nipple deeper into his mouth and his right hand massaged her other breast.. His mouth continued to work over both her tits with a loving hunger. There was nothing rough or brash about his assault. He took his time and made every effort to stimulate her more.

Delilah’s mind was reeling; first the fear, then the sensual sensations. She was torn between her mind’s rejection of the situation and her body’s need for his touch to continue.

He began to move his mouth lower. Down over her abdomen and stopping just above her panties, his tongue swept hot wet circles on her skin. His hands pulled her hips forward until she was sitting on the edge of the chair.

“Oh God, no!” She cried out in her mind.But was it really a yes? She moved with him as his hands pulled her panties down under her buttocks and slid them off. He picked up her feet and placed them over his shoulders. Parting her legs with his hands, he bent to kiss the tender insides of her thighs. Cold chills ran up her legs followed by his warm lips. He stopped just before touching her love flower, and she heard him breathe in deeply. She sensed he was taking in her aroma. Again, he spoke sensually. She did not understand the words, but she understood his intention was not one of harm.

His fingers began to trace the outline of her vaginal lips. He started at the top and moved slowly down one side and then up the other. Delilah shaved the lower half of her pussy and so the sensation of his finger on her was like electricity. Once more, he traced her. She felt him use two fingers to gently part her lips and his hot breath blew across her clitoris. Delilah shivered, but it wasn’t from the cold. She was still tense and a little frightened, but strangely enough, all of her emotions were being slowly replaced by a sensual desire for this intruder to continue his ministrations.

Hot hands slid under her bottom and as she was lifted upward, Delilah felt his tongue cover her pussy and lick up and over her clit. “Unnhh.” Came her muffled sound, and she lifted herself to meet his tongue.

“Si…si.” He responded to her movement, and began enthusiastically lavishing attention on her entire female sex. His tongue flicked several times over her clit and slid back down to the opening of her moist cunt. She knew her body wanted this, she could feel her juices being lapped up, and now her mind was switching sides. As his tongue slid inside her hot box, she lifted her hips to receive it fully. The intruder moved his wet tongue in and out of her with slow thrusts. He moved a finger to her anus and massaged the tight ringlet with slow light pressure. Delilah moaned as she felt his finger push through the ring and begin a pumping movement.

“Si…si.” He remarked, as he pulled his tongue from her and watched her move up and down on his impaled finger. “Muy Caliente.”

Caliente. She knew caliente meant hot. Yes, she was. Other words she had recognized had been “beautiful” and “adore”. Her body had discharged her fear and her tension, and she was now focused on desire. Delilah could not control her need to have him touch her. Her hands reached forward into the empty air searching for him. She felt fingers enter her pussy and begin pumping her in rhythm to the one pumping her ass. His mouth returned to her clit where he sucked it into his mouth and pulled it lightly with his teeth.

“Ungh” She groaned into the scarf and her hands captured his head. Wrapping her fingers into the thickness of his hair she plied him to her craving cunt and bucked up against him. He continued sucking her bud and moving his fingers in and out of her until he knew she was close to cumming. When he felt her body tense under him, he replaced his fingers in her pussy with his tongue, and moved a thumb to massage her clit. As his tongue entered her, she came. Delilah came harder than she had in months. He felt her pussy clamp down on his tongue and its honey run down his chin. He drank his feast until she stopped wriggling beneath him.

Delilah felt him move up her body, and she heard a click. She felt cold steel against her cheek and her fright returned briefly until she heard his comforting, “Ssshhh.” He cut through the scarf in her mouth, but did not remove it from her eyes. As he tied the cut ends behind her head, his mouth met hers and his tongue carried her taste into her mouth and placed it upon her own tongue. She sucked his tongue and licked her honey from inside his mouth. Her arms closed around him and her mind gave way to the passion he was feeding into her mouth.

Delilah let her hands slip under his sweater and felt the broadness of his muscular back. He groaned into her mouth as her hands touched his bare skin. It stirred her. Her attention was drawn to the pulsation she felt through his pants as his cock pushed against her wet cunt. She lifted his sweater up, and he broke their kiss just long enough to let it slide over his head. She let her hands slide down through the thick hair on his chest to the soft down just above his waistband. She unbuttoned his jeans and pulled the waist apart forcing the zipper down.

He pulled back to his kneeling position and watched her hands make their way to his sex. As her fingers traced their path to his rod, his breathing became slow and deep. His breath caught as she touched his naked manhood and he groaned.

Delilah’s senses were heightened by her inability to see what she was doing. Her fingers felt hot against his flesh. She unfolded his cock from its confines and wrapped her hands around it. It filled both hands and beyond, and it was thicker than any she had had before. She moved her closed hand up and down the long rigid shaft. The intruder moaned and began bathing her in his sensual words again.

She loved the way he felt in her hands. She was no longer a victim; she was a partner. She wanted to touch him. She wanted to hear him speak his endearments. She wanted to experience him inside her. Slowly she stroked him, intent on making him feel wanted as he had done for her. She sat forward on the chair and dropped one hand down to cup his balls and massaged them as she moved up and down his long shaft. She spoke to him.

“I’m no longer afraid of you. I know you are not here to hurt me, only to love me. It’s OK now. I’m not afraid.” Her tone was sensual and her voice a whisper.

“Si…yes, not afraid.” He whispered back as he leaned in and kissed her.

His voice was familiar. Her mind wanted to connect it to someone, but her body was in control now. She didn’t need to know, just to feel. The warmth of his mouth on hers removed her thoughts. Her mouth sought his now, eagerly. Her tongue leaped in search of his, and upon meeting they danced together in enticement.

Delilah released his cock and placing her arms around him, she pulled him back with her as she sank into the chair. She felt the thick head of his cock poised at her wet opening and it made her grow hot with the need to have him in her.

“Mmmm…I want you inside me.” Delilah whispered into his mouth and returned to her hungry kissing.

She felt him take his prick in his hand and push it against her wetness and then slide it up to fence with her clitoris. She was already sensitive with desire, and she moaned loudly making them both shudder. He pushed against her wet honey hole and as the head entered her, she knew he was bigger than she had guessed. She felt her sex stretch to accommodate his entry. He moved slowly so as not to hurt her.

“Oh, your cock is so big.” She moaned aloud, and he stopped. She knew he was waiting for her to adjust to the feel of him. “It will be OK. I know you won’t hurt me. Please, I want you inside me. I need you.”

“Si…no hurt you.” He answered back, and then more beautiful words followed as he eased his length into her heat.

Inch by inch, he moved into her. She had never felt this full. His hot steeled shaft stretched her inside but she greedily grasped his rod with her muscles and pulled him in deeper. “Unnhhh…dios.” He cried out as he felt her pussy grasp his cock and draw him in.

He stopped for a moment once he was completely buried in her. They both lay still and bathed in the wonderful sensations of him wedged tightly inside her. Then he began stroking her, taking the full length of his love tool to the edge of her opening before thrusting back into her hot tunnel. He placed his hands under the white globes of her ass and lifted her up to align her for deeper penetration. She felt him bump her cervix with each thrust. He had positioned her so his cock head massaged her G-spot with each stroke. Delilah wanted to cry out from the painful pleasure he was giving her with his fullness. She was so filled with his cock. She wanted to fuck him a long time. She wasn’t sure she wanted to cum, she just wanted him inside her moving and filling her. She burned all over from the desire rushing through her body. Her pussy hurt with the pleasureful fulfillment.

“Oh yes…yes. That’s it. Fuck me. I want you. Fuck me forever.” She gushed thrashing her head from side to side. She felt the tingling of an orgasm building in her center. She didn’t want to cum. She wanted to fuck this wonderful intruder forever.

Her words bit into his passion and spurred him to move faster. He had wanted her for so long, and now he had her. He had watched her for weeks back in the spring while doing work on her house, and had loved her every movement. Her graceful body had seduced him long ago, and he had been obsessed with his love for her. He knew this was wrong as he planned it, but he had to have a taste of her at least once. No, this wasn’t rape; this was love from his heart filling her.

He felt his balls swell beyond their size. He thought they would split open if he didn’t release into her now, but he didn’t want it to end. He slowed for a moment, but Delilah moved wildly upon his erect cock, and he could not hold back any longer.

“Ayiiiiee…Ungghhh…Si, Delilah, Si.” He shouted. He gave one more hard thrust into her, and his balls slapped her with a loud smacking sound. His jism exploded from the head of his cock in long hot streams straight into the back of her canal. He pulled back and slammed into her again depositing more of his load into her.

“Yes…oh Yessss! Oh, gawd YEESSSS!” Delilah screamed as he called her name and carried her over the edge to her own massive orgasm. Lights and colors exploded behind her closed eyes. Rushes of electricity surged through her veins and she clinched her nails into his shoulders and impaled herself fully on his love tool. Yes, oh it was sensational. She shuddered and shivered and goose flesh covered her entire body as she rode each crashing wave of her climax. Her pussy walls clamped tight on the object of her affection and she milked him.

He collapsed onto her as the last of his love gift was sucked from his balls by her hungry body. Despite the cold air in the attic, he was sweating. So was Delilah.

“Let me see you.” Delilah begged and raised her hands to the scarf.

He stopped her hands, and kissed them. “I cannot. For now, I am the one who is afraid.” He whispered in broken English.

She knew the voice now. She pulled his face to hers and stroked his hair. As she opened her mouth to kiss him, breathlessly she whispered. “My beautiful Raphael.”

Delilah woke with a start. The morning sunlight danced across her bedroom as the cool breeze parted her drapes. Groggily, she looked at the clock; 8:15. She heard the clang of the aluminum extension ladder hitting the side of the house. Raphael must be starting to work on the roof. She blushed recalling the vividness of her dream about him.

Delilah showered and put on her favorite blue sweats; the shirt with the stretched out neck. She made her coffee and poured an extra cup to take to Raphael. Today, she would take the extra steps needed to carry their relationship past their casual flirting. Perhaps she would ask Raphael’s help in retrieving her decorations from the attic.

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