The Gift


Norfolk, VA June 5, 1978 2pm

"Pete, Pete!" I yelled as the bus came to a stop. My handsome, soldier-husband jumped down from the top step of the bus grabbed me around the waist swinging me in a huge circle. Together we laughed and cried as dazed and dizzy, we kissed clinging to each other.

"I've missed you," he said speaking into my hair as we fumbled at buttons and zippers. Finally, in the privacy of our tiny, base apartment, we allowed the hunger from separation to drive our lust.

"I have to have you, now," he said as he finished undressing me by ripping the sheer, summer dress and lacy bra from my shoulders. Grabbing both breasts in his hands he kneaded the soft, full flesh then dropped to his knees and fed first from one large, taut nipple then the other.

"Oh God, I've missed these nipples. A tour is too long...14 months is too damned long. I couldn't remember how the wrinkled flesh around the base of your nipples felt on my lips. I never want to forget that, Jamie, never!" He said as he continued sucking and licking.

I ran my fingers through his short cropped hair holding his head tightly against me gasping as his sucking intensified. I felt moistness between my legs, "Oh yes. Please. You make me so wet. I want you," I said pushing him back and down onto the floor.

"No baby I want you in our nest. Did you make our nest up like I showed you?" he asked as he ran his hand up between my legs and slid his fingers along my folds groaning as my slick juices coated his hand. He grabbed me around the knees easily lifting me over his shoulder. My bare ass at his ear, I massaged his broad back down to his ass as he quickly walked down the hall and into our bedroom. As he lowered me to our bed, he ran his hands along my sides over the thick, top quilt then buried his head between my thighs. Sucking my large, sensitive clit into his mouth he groaned and gently bit me.

"Aaahh," I cried out. "Don't tease me now, please. Please I need you. I've needed this for so long." I was using my feet to push his open pants down his thighs. As his cock sprang free, I pulled him up by his ears. "Please just push inside me now. Please, now, Now, NOW!"

His cock easily threaded my moist opening. Frantic and crazed for each other we humped, pumped and throbbed against each other. Feeling his balls hitting the skin just below my slit with each thunderous plunge, I felt his cock swell. Screaming as my internal muscles began their rhythmic spasm, he released his seed deep inside me. Later, after exhausting each other, we lay...still entwined, the room smelled of sex and musky sweat. My long, red hair was damp; the sheets beneath us wet. Our breathing finally calm, the intensity of separation at last quieted, we talked.

"The nest is perfect. You remembered. How many layers of quilts and comforters did you use?" he asked.

"Three quilts and four comforters and you're right it is easier to store extra blankets on the bed. Why did I ever think a simple mattress pad was enough with a single layer of sheet?" I asked, breathing into his chest his arms tightly enfolding me.

"It's ok baby, You're young," he laughed and dodged the punch he knew was coming. "My grandma taught me about making beds so you want to sleep in them. When you work hard all day and your body finally needs rest...and sex," he said as he playfully nibbled on my ear, "You gotta have a nest, a deep bed to just fall into and enjoy 'cause it'll be soon enough and you're up and out working hard again."

Boston, MA December 24, 20126pm

Jamie was the kind of woman who was fiercely independent and often off-putting to the men she attempted to date. Although she wanted to be in a relationship and had spent hours filling out every kind of relationship questionnaire on several different online dating sites, she just couldn't seem to get past two dates. They would discover she had a PhD; they would discover she was a widow -- twice, no less and they would discover that the vast majority of her life she had been on her own and was financially secure through sheer hard work, extreme tenacity and will of spirit. She had read all of the advice given to women regarding why they were failures at making a man fall head-over-heels in love with them and had finally come to the conclusion that she no longer knew how to allow a man to take care of her, how to make him feel powerful and in control.

Stepping out of the revolving door of the hotel, she was pleasantly surprised to see the light cover of snow on the sidewalk and the huge heavy flakes swirling around the headlights of what looked like a thousand taxis. It was Christmas Eve and dark although it was only 3pm. There was a heavy cloud cover....snow clouds. Well, Santa would be pleased -- snowing on Christmas Eve. How long had it been since she had seen a white Christmas? She had to get a gift for her personal secretary. This was the one chore she had to do herself. How could she ask Glenda to buy herself a Christmas gift? They were to have Christmas Brunch tomorrow and she knew Glenda would have something for her. She hailed a taxi and arrived quickly at a large shopping mall.

Inside the cavernous mall, she loosened her coat allowing the deep, emerald-green cowl neck sweater she wore beneath to show. Her long, bright red, naturally curly hair tumbled over her shoulders a stray lock of curls nestled in the cleft of her ample breasts. With a tight, black, knee-length skirt and black, calf-high boots she was attracting attention from men who, at the last minute, were frantically looking for a gift. Of course, she didn't notice the men noticing and that was another problem. She was always so focused on what she was doing or what she would be doing that if you'd asked her she would say, "Men never flirt with me; I must be invisible; they just don't notice me."

Rounding a corner headed to the Perfume Emporium, she ran into Santa Claus....literally! Almost knocking him down, they locked arms only to prevent the other from falling. In a deep, very, Santa-like voice, he said, "Ho, Ho, Ho little Lady! If you are hurrying to tell Santa what you want for Christmas you have only a short time left. My house is right over here."

He had his arm around her waist and was pulling, almost dragging her toward a small, red house erected in the middle of the mall under a huge, vaulted ceiling. A sign announcing "Santa's In" greeted them as did a very scantily-clad, young woman dressed as an elf. The elf woman grabbed Jamie's coat at the neck line and pulled the coat away effortlessly. Plopping down into the over-sized chair tucked inside the door of the house, Santa maneuvered Jamie onto his lap.

"So, Little Lady, tell me. What would you like for Christmas? Surely there is something you have always wanted that Santa could bring you," he said.

For the first time Jamie was able to take in this white-bearded, red-coated man on whose lap she sat. Piercing, blue eyes under full, graying eyebrows penetrated her with their gaze. His full lips and perfectly white teeth, although almost hidden by the massive, mostly-white and extremely, natural-looking beard, looked sumptuous. She felt she could have fallen into those lips. She could feel a very firm and well-muscled thigh beneath her thighs, and her bottom tucked snugly against his pelvis and abdomen. A throbbing sensation alerted her to his hardening cock nestled against her ass. Her right arm was draped around a taut, well-built shoulder. When had she slipped her arm around his shoulders? His left hand rested on her exposed left thigh; the warmth of his hand radiated out enveloping her lower body. That hand didn't belong to any old man; the skin was clear and tight, the fingers rounded and thick, he wasn't wearing a ring and his cock, now erect, felt huge and full.

"Come now Little Lady. Surely there is something Santa can bring you. Tell me, what does your heart deeply desire?" He said through those lush lips, laugh lines appearing around the corners of his deep, penetrating eyes.

As if from a dream state Jamie said, "I've been married twice...two soldiers who were strong men in body, mind and soul but they were killed. I've been alone a very long time. I've had to be strong and independent and that's what men hate about me. I'm lonely, horny and sick of the whole online-dating meet-the-next-loser game."

She sighed deeply then turned her upper body to face him her butt firmly pressed against his raging hard-on. Placing both arms around his neck, tears moistening her eyes, she said, as she rocked her hips in his lap, "I want a man; a man of my own. I want a man who will love me, understand me and not be afraid or intimidated by me. I want a man who enjoys making love and screwing and fucking. Yes, fucking because we are animals. Fucking because it feels so damned good; because man and woman body fluids mingled in sweat and exhaustion makes life worth living. I want a man who feels equal to me and will allow me to love him and care for him the way he will love and care for me. I want a home with this man; I want to grow old in this man's arms. That's all I want for Christmas, that's all I have ever wanted, Santa."

A broad smile parted the full, white beard as Santa tilted his head their foreheads touching and said softly, "Well my dear that seems a very sincere request. Go home now, get to bed you will sleep soundly. Christmas morning your gift will be under your covers."

Brushing her teeth, Jamie pondered the bizarre visit to Santa. She hadn't even remembered leaving the mall or the ride back to the hotel. Why had she poured her heart out to Santa Claus? She laughed quietly to herself as she mused, 'I asked Santa Claus for a man and he's the only man on Earth that can actually give me that gift.'

Climbing into bed she pulled the covers up over her nude body. She had married Pete at 17; he had taught her to sleep nude and relieved her of her virginity. He had died in Vietnam during his fourth tour of duty. Thinking to herself: 'Was that a dream last night? Maybe I had time had seemed so real. That craziness I had told Santa -- What if I lose what I do have - Oh God where had that come from? The dream, that's where! But they are just memories...memories that's all...' and as she fell to sleep: 'I just dreamed...of Pete...of huge, cozy nest-like beds...of mingled man and woman smells...after sweating and tumbling...after being tangled in arms, legs, and lips. It was just a dream.'

Fort Huachuca, AZJuly, 1995 noon

Stripping off her clothes down to panties and bra, she slipped her boots back on. She was ahead of schedule and wanted to take advantage of the waterfall and deep pool of water she had noticed as she descended the trail. The sky was a crystal-clear, deep blue. Stopping every mile or so to drop off more supplies and stowing them securely in the hidden caches then repacking Petey to make sure her load was evenly distributed wasn't hard work in itself. In fact, she enjoyed riding in the mountains. Petey was tied securely; Cay was munching on grass so Jamie slowly walked down the hillside leading to the pool of water.

The loud rushing sound of the waterfall was the only sounds she could hear. Walking out on a low-lying, flat rock she unhooked her bra and used her thumbs to slide her panties down over her hips. Stepping out of them she slid down into the water. Gasping as the cool water moved up her body she finally dropped down allowing her head to go underwater. As she resurfaced, she rolled over on her back her breasts floating above the water their hard nipples erect and sensitive. The intense, yellow light from the sun played over her body as she closed her eyes and relaxed into the water. Musing to herself she realized it would be perfect to have a man to play with the water, in the warmth of the sun.

As she runs her hands over her breasts pulling on her nipples enjoying the tight and hard sensation that registers as arousal between her legs, she turns over and swims slowly to the edge. As she pulls herself up onto a large, flat rock she wrings out her long red hair then lies back her legs slightly spread her arms raised up over her head. The sun warmed rock feels wonderful. She lowers her right arm finding the folds between her legs and the large, hard, sensitive, nub of her clitoris.

Gently, yet firmly, grasping her clit she begins a pulling/rubbing motion. Her left hand has found her breast and she's rolling her nipple between thumb and forefinger. A low groan escapes from between her lush, full lips, her hips begin to move up and back as if they have a mind of their own. In her mind, she imagines a, the man, August, the uptight, grumpy orienteering trainer who left her to find her way back to the parking lot marked on a map. She'd surprise him and get back early having delivered all of her supplies. His tight, hard body would feel so good right now and she wondered with a laugh if he was as rigid as the others had said. A hard, rigid man would be good to have beside her right now. She imagines he is watching her, wanting her. His cock hard and aching....

Deeply enmeshed in the world of bodily sensations...the warmth of the sun on her bare skin, the ever growing flood of warmth up and over her abdomen as she lingers as long as she can on the edge of orgasm...her nipples are pleasurably/painfully hard, her breathing labored and uneven and the desire, oh yes, the desire to be penetrated just before the crash of orgasm is overwhelming....she plays the movie in her mind of penetration...remembering the feel of the softly-hard, mushroom-shaped helmet of an engorged cock snuggling up into her swollen, wet labia...pushing them further apart to reveal the deep reds, pinks and purples of excitement, mixing his pre-cum with her slippery, clear fluids...teasing her ....playing in her wetness nudging in to where the first ring of strong, circular muscle requires slightly more pressure to push though into the velvety-smooth, interior canal of sensation....she feels the throbbing veins standing out on his cock as he gently yet firmly strokes her inner walls and gasps as he reaches her cervix holding firmly, wanting to stay as deeply embedded as possible his heavily distended balls resting against her outer flesh from the lowest part of her slit down, over and below her ass hole.

She isn't aware he is watching or stroking the cock she so longs to feel....if only he were so bold as to slip between her open thighs his rigid cock easily threading into her...she could wrap her muscled legs around his waist pulling him into her center.....locking her ankles at his lower back to keep him deep until the inner muscles of her cunt begin to throb in their own rhythm, milking his cock and she cums all over his cock as he erupts inside her unable to resist the spasms of her internal massage....

"I'd imagine my cock would slip easily into you about now," he said softly, his lips only inches from her face.

She jumped opening her eyes... seeing him, August, the real man kneeling beside her his erect cock...the head a purple, swollen, helmet-shaped head dripping long strings of pre-cum his balls heavy hanging sacs between his thighs. He quickly moved around situating himself between her open thighs. Reaching in with two fingers he penetrated her wet center, stroking her she groaned leaned back and spread her legs farther apart. "Please,, "she begged.

He pulled her up lifting her onto his stiff shaft as he sat back so that she was seated on his lap. His strokes at once firm and commanding; their bodies locked together. With her hips firmly grasped in his hands, he lifted her up and down his cock. As she rocked her hips back and forth holding onto his shoulders, her head dropped...she moaned her fluids flooding his cock dripping out as he continued to plunge into her. She felt his cock swell even more knowing he was near orgasm she clamped her muscles tightly allowing his rising passion and need to bring her off again.

Resting in each other's arms she was still impaled on his semi-hard shaft. "I have been following you and hoped you would stop at the waterfall to swim. I've wanted you since I first met you," he said.

Boston, MA December 24, 2012 11pm

Waking suddenly by the sound of her voice calling him.... "August!" she gasped...her second husband...vanished as her eyes adjusted to the dim light. He had died from prostate cancer 10 years after they were married. His tour during Desert Storm had claimed the lives of every man under his command; all had died from prostate cancer.

They had married two weeks after their waterfall affair. For years, they continued working the trails together always stopping off at the waterfall to enjoy the sensual, sexual pleasures that renewed their commitment to each other.

As she splashed water in her face in the hotel bathroom, she gazed at the woman staring back at her in the mirror. "Damn, last night I dreamed of Pete and tonight of August, "she said tears welling up in her eyes threatening to spill over. Wiping her face with a towel she went to the room's bar and opened a bottle of Vodka. Searching through the small refrigerator she found tonic water and made a drink. Walking over to the double doors of the balcony she opened the drapes and was amazed at the snowy white wonderland that met her gaze. Twinkling lights of every color reflected off the hotels, bars and shops on the street below. As she opened the doors and stepped out onto the balcony, snow continued to fall. Huge, lazy flakes drifted down on the windless night air. It was Christmas Eve. The street below was eerily quiet there were no tire tracks in the snow and no one walked down the street. "Magic," she whispered, her breath coming out in a fog in front of her face. "It's magic. Santa will bring me my man, he promised."

Shivering, she came back inside closing the double doors and drapes. The gift she had purchased for Glenda was brightly wrapped on the table. A huge, holiday-basket of fruits, nuts and wine, a gift from the man she dated sat on the table. Its colorful ribbons and festive decorations of candy canes, chocolate pine cones and a tiny Christmas tree cookie were beautiful. Until now she hadn't even looked at the basket. As she untied the huge red bow the transparent wrapper fell away and a single candy cane toppled from the basket. She removed the wrapper quickly stuffing the candy into her mouth allowing the sweet peppermint delight to melt on her tongue. She hadn't enjoyed a candy cane since she was a child. Using the candy cane to stir her drink, the mixed flavors of alcohol and peppermint were delightful; she finished that drink, made another and finished that one as well.

Slightly buzzed from the alcohol, she went back to bed falling asleep instantly.

Boston, MA Christmas Day, 2012 8 am

Jamie remains asleep under the thick, lush comforter. Her red hair is splayed out around her head on the pillow like a halo. Her head tucked down, knees drawn up, her breathing smooth and easy, her body spooned by the man behind her who also remains sound asleep. His muscled arm encircles her rib cage his fingers lightly touching her right nipple his knees drawn up tucked in behind hers' their bodies snug. Light has begun to show through the opening in the drapes -- it's sunny this Christmas morning.

A deep sigh with a stretch and yawn interrupts their slumber. As Jamie moves he kisses the back of her head. "Good morning," he says, "Merry Christmas!"

He pushes his morning erection into her buttocks. She moans adjusting her position so that his rigid shaft is caught between her thighs. As she rocks her hips, the head of his cock nudges her slit. She is wet and slippery and with a minor movement she is able to capture and conceal the head of his cock in her folds. He pushes forward entering her fully, deeply and completely in one stroke. She gasps at this first stroke; she's sore from their night-long sessions of making love, screwing and fucking. They moan in unison as the natural humping of both bodies cause them to seek a more purposeful motion. She rolls slowly onto her abdomen he follows without losing their pacing. Her legs closed, her hips arched as she pushes up and back at him seeking deep, full penetration. He easily remains buried in her. Holding himself up and off of her he rams his cock back and forth along her velvety inner walls. The angle of her hips causes each stroke of his cock to mash her g-spot between his cock and the bed. Her orgasm builds quickly, she releases herself into the spreading warmth screaming into the bed until the tension is gone and she lowers her hips her spasms now infrequent. He continues stroking into her; she isn't able to resist the urge to arch her hips once more and push back into him to make him fill her completely with each thrust. Caught up in yet another build-up to orgasm, she feels his cock swell deep inside her. He pushes hard into her pumping a huge load; the warmth spreading inside her causes her to topple over the edge and she feels her muscles milk him...draining him. He pulls her back into his body and turns they lay side by side connected.....his arms encircling her. Her head rests against his chest. Pulling the comforter up they drift together in a place between sleep and wakefulness.

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