tagBDSMThe Girl Next Door + 1 Ch. 02

The Girl Next Door + 1 Ch. 02


Home for the summer from UW Madison, Alicia and Jen were on a mission. Armed with a bottle of Tequila and Margarita mix, Alicia decided at the last second to make a right into her neighbors driveway instead of her own.

"Alicia?" Jen asked. "Rick's house? Really? Guess I know what's on your mind."

"No, It's not like that. I want you to meet him."

Living in the country, Rick noticed the car driving up the driveway and met the girls at the door. "Alicia?" Rick asked as he hugged her tight. "Damn, you are looking great! Who's this?"

"This is Jen, by best friend."

"Hi Jen, come on in."

"We have Tequila. Lots and lots of Tequila." Alicia giggled.

"Sounds as though you two had some already/" He laughed. "Make yourselves at home, Salt or no salt on the rim?"

"Salt!" both girls exclaimed.

As the blender turned on, Jen turned to Alicia and whispered, "Oh my God, you want him, don't you?"

Alicia blushed, "Rick was my first. I don't know. There is just something about him. The way he touched me, and those erotic stories that he writes. Oh my God!"

"But isn't he like Forty years old?" Jen asked.

"Thirty-five!" Alicia snapped back loudly as Rick shut off the blender.

Jen just laughed, "Need some help Rick?"

"Got em." Rick said as he walked around the corner into the living room. "Whoa!" Rick exclaimed as a bolt of lightning struck close by and the thunder rattled the walls.

"I love storms, they are so cool." Alicia said as she walked to the window to look out.

"The radar was showing some strong storms coming our way. Alicia, do you want to put your car in the garage in case of hail?"

"Maybe I should. Do you have room in your garage? Or, I can just run it home."

"I'll open the garage door, there is plenty of room. Where's your folks at?"

"They are down in Milwaukee for the weekend at my sisters," Alicia said as she grabbed her car keys and hurried out the door before the rain got any worse.

As the door shut, Jen turned to Rick, "Seriously, that girl has got to get laid. It must be a year since her and Michael broke up. You know that she has the hots for you. She talks about you sometimes and showed me some of the e-mails that you sent her. I know that she loves the stories that you write. You're really not into that bondage stuff, are you?"

Rick just smiled, "What story did she like?"

"All of them, but I do remember this one, something about this girl, bound and teased to orgasm again and again. That one made me wet." She said laughing.

Just then the door slammed and Alicia came into the house soak n wet.

"Raining out?," Rick asked laughing as she stood there dripping. "Grab a towel out of the bathroom and I'll grab you a T-shirt from upstairs."

Rick grabbed a large T-shirt and returned. "Sorry, this is the closet thing I have to fitting you."

"That will be fine. Just my top got wet, my shorts are still dry."

As Alicia changed in the bathroom, Rick sat down next to Jen and smiled. "So, how's your sex life?"

"What's that?" she asked with a grin on her face.

Alicia came out of the bathroom pulling on the Harley shirt, "Now I really look flat chested."

"Personally, I think they are perfect! You have an awesome body." Rick said and Jen also agreed. "I still have those pictures from three years ago on the Harley. Want to see them Jen?"

"You wouldn't dare," Alicia said. "You don't still have those, do you?"

Rick grabbed the mouse next to his recliner, clicked on the icon and slid it to the forty-six inch TV. Rick's computer (one of three) sat in the living room so that he could play on the computer and watch TV.

There were several vanilla pictures and slowly they became racier. The next picture was Alicia sitting on the Harley topless. "See, there are nothing wrong with those sexy titties." The next picture was her standing behind the bike with just her panties.

"Nice white panties," Jen said as she giggled.

"That's it," Rick said smiling. "We had planned on taking more, but after the panties came off Alicia just took advantage of me."

"Hmm, that's not quite how I remember it." Alicia said laughing.

"That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Anyone need a refill?" Rick asked.

"Sure, why not," Jen laughed. "Let me give you a hand."

As the blender turned on, Jen inquired, "You never did tell me about that bondage stuff. Do you really have handcuffs, rope and all that stuff?"

"Sure do," Rick replied.

"I want to see."

Rick just laughed. "My brief case is upstairs. I'll get it in a little bit."

Suddenly, the lights went out and there was total darkness, and complete silence. The storm had taken out the power.

Rick reached in the drawer and pulled out a flashlight. "No problem, one thing I have is plenty of candles. Thirty seconds earlier and we would have had awfully lumpy margaritas." Slowly, he lit all the candles in the living room, the three in the kitchen/dining room and the two in the bathroom.

"Now what are we going to do?" Alicia inquired.

"Hmmm, strip poker?" Rick chuckled.

"Fuck that," Jen said. "I suck at poker."

Rick reached in the hutch in the corner of the living room and grabbed a dice box. "Can you shake dice? Ever play Twenty-one? We only count aces. As long as you keep shaking aces, it will still be your turn. No aces, next persons turn. The one that shakes twenty-one or over, removes an article of clothing. Who's game?" Rick asked with a grin on his face.

"I think that I am a little underdressed for anything strip." Alicia said tugging on her t-shirt.

"C'mon Alicia," Jen begged.

"Fuck you, Jen." Alicia said jokingly. "Take off your bra then."

Without hesitation, Jen pulled her arms in her sleeves, unhooked her bra and pulled it out her sleeve. "There, happy?" she asked sarcastically.

"I am," Rick said laughing out loud.

Rick sat on the floor with the girls in the center of the living room with the candles flickering all around. "Okay, no jewelry allowed. Ladies first." Rick said as he passed the dice box to Alicia.

"Oh, what the hell." Alicia said as she grabbed the dice box The five dice rolled onto the carpet with two aces.

"Two, shake again." Rick said.

Alicia shook twice more leaving the total at six before passing the dice box to Jen. Time after time Jen shook and added to the total of fifteen. Rick grabbed the dice box and shook. "Sixteen." He shook again, "Eighteen, Nineteen." The next shake, no aces.

"Whew! Next?" Rick asked as he slid the dice box slowly towards Alicia.

Alicia looked at Jen. "I hate you."

"C'mon twenty-one!" Jen said laughing at Alicia.

"Twenty!" As the dice settled on the carpet. Alicia slowly picked up the dice and put them back in the box.

"Time out!" Rick yelled. "Do we get to pick what comes off?"

"NO!" Alicia said sternly.

Alicia shook and shook the dice, then blew on the dice and let them roll. "Woo Hoo! Nothing, ha, ha!"

"Fuck! Jen said, as she grabbed up the dice.

"Twenty-one Jen, twenty-one!" Alicia said laughing at Jen. Jen shook hesitantly. "Twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three! Take it all off!" Rick said as he motioned with his hand.

"NO, I'm not going to take it all off!!" Jen replied.

"Take it off. Take it off. Take it off." Alicia chanted.

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