tagBDSMThe Girl Next Door + 1 Ch. 07

The Girl Next Door + 1 Ch. 07


Rick awoke the next morning, his head hurting from the tequila and the sun shining through the dining room patio door. A smile crossed his face as he remembered the previous nights events.

As he looked around, he noticed that some time during the night, the power had been restored because almost every light in the house was on. Rick also noticed that he was not alone. Rick heard the girls voices coming from the bathroom, laughing and giggling.

As Rick tried to get up from the floor, he realized that he had another problem. His hands were cuffed and secured above his head. His legs were also in restraints and spread with the spreader bar. As he struggled with his restraints, he couldn't help notice the floor was littered with toys from the night before. One of the Ben Wa balls that laid deep within Alicia, now was on the floor next to his head. The other vibrators and plugs also were strewn about.



Rick heard the girls giggle and then the bathroom door open. They walked into the living room completely naked and stood there overlooking Rick. "I think our slave is awake" Jen said laughing.

"Look!" Alicia said, "He is becoming more awake every second." As she pointed to Rick's cock.

Rick wanted to ask the girls why, but could only stare at their smooth bodies. He could feel his cock beginning to rise as he explored Alicia and Jen in his mind. They stood in the morning sun, bodies still wet from their shower.

Jen stepped directly over Rick giving him a perfect view and retrieved the riding crop that laid near by. "Remember last night?"

Rick smiled ear from ear, "Oh yeah."

"Did you have fun?" Jen asked.

Rick just smiled.

Jen took the riding crop and gently tapped on Rick's now erect cock. "Do you like taking advantage of young girls when their drunk?"

At this point, Rick didn't know how serious she was. He was at the girls mercy, a prisoner in his home.

"What, you don't want to answer me?" She asked as she again tapped on his cock with the riding crop.


"Awwww, did that hurt? I'll bet Alicia could make it feel better. She could slowly slide down on that thick shaft of yours with her tight little pussy and just sit there. Would you like that?"

"Yes," Rick answered immediately.

Jen knelt down and grabbed Rick's cock, "Well, what you want and what you get are two different things. Alicia, I want you to do what we talked about, remember?"

Alicia smiled and stood directly over Rick's head. She slowly squatted slowly until she was inches from Rick's face. Rick watched every line of her perfect lips unfold before his eyes. Her wetness glistened and her perfume filled the air. He tried and tried to taste the perfection before him, but she stayed just out of his reach.

Jen pulled hard on his erection, "Oh, poor baby....Alicia won't let you taste? I bet she will let me taste that pretty little pussy."

Jen let go of Rick's cock and walked around behind Alicia. "On your knees babe," Jen told her guiding her to the sixty-nine position above Rick. Alicia laid her head next to Rick's throbbing meat.

"So pretty," Jen said as she played lightly with Alicia's swollen lips. Alicia moaned softly as Jen's light touches were replaced with her tongue. Rick could only watch in agony as Jen parted Alicia's labia just inches from his awaiting tongue.

Alicia cupped and played with his balls as she watched Rick's cock seemingly dance before her. Jen was now rubbing her clit as she tongue fucked her.

"Are you ready to cum for me girl?" Jen asked as she dug through the brief case for an unused toy. "This will do." grabbing a red rubber vibe with a large head.

Rick watched as this lucky toy was worked up and down Alicia's wetness until it slowly found an opening and the head of the toy disappeared.


"Look at that. Can you see this Rick?" As she pushed the vibe in another inch. Slowly, working it in and out, Jen pushed the vibe in fully until all that Rick could see was the control.

As Alicia accepted her gift, she grabbed Rick's cock as a handle as Jen began to work the toy. With the vibrator on high, Alicia was losing control. Within seconds, the toys was pushed out with her full body orgasm, then collapsed totally on top of Rick.

Rick immediately began to lick Alicia, but it was very short lived as her clit was swollen and very tender.

Alicia took one lick of Rick's pre-cum as she let go of his cock and rolled to his side. She turned around and kissed Rick softly. Her face was still flushed and seemed to radiate from her release.

"My turn," Jen said as she dug through the remaining toys in the brief case. "Mmmmmmm, I like this one. Do you want to watch me fuck my little pussy?"

Rick just stared at Jen's beautiful naked body standing above him.

"I asked you a question. Dou you want me to fuck myself with your little toy?"

"Oh, God yes," He said.

"Well, my pussy needs to be wet to take this thing." Jen squatted down on Rick's face. "Get me wet...... Lick me...... tongue fuck me!"

Jen was already wet and rubbed her labia back and forth forcibly on Rick's mouth. "Lick me!"

"I think he is gonna cum," Alicia told Jen.

Jen raised up off Rick just enough for him to catch his breath and to get a great view of how swollen Jen's pussy had gotten. "I want you to lick his cock. Just lick, don't suck it..... At least not yet."

Rick watched Jen lick her new found toy taking it deeper and deeper in her mouth until she was satisfied that it was completely wet. Without hesitation, she parted her lips slowly at first, then plunged the toy completely in. "Oooooh..."

Alicia licked the base of Rick's cock, then slowly tasting her way to his tip now covered with cum.

"You want to eat my cum, don't you" Jen asked as she violently stroked the toy in and out of her pussy just inches from his face.

"Cum for me." Rick begged.

"Oh my God...... Ohhhhh..... Ooooooooo ... I'm coming...... Yes, yes....... OOOOOoooh. Suck him now Alicia, NOW! Aaaaahhhhh..........." Alicia took as much of Rick's seven inches in her mouth and sucked him deep while stroking his base.

Jen's toy fell to the floor as Rick watched her pussy squirt, relax, and squirt again. His face was covered with her juices as Alicia felt Rick's explosion in her mouth. Alicia was overwhelmed with the amount of cum that Rick continued to release. Rick squirmed as Alicia drained him of any remaining bodily fluids.

Jen rubbed her right hand up and down her wetness, shaking with her own touch. Looking around, Rick was drenched from her massive orgasm, and Alicia's face, hair and chin, dripped of Rick's cum. Jen just laughed out loud........"Good morning."

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