tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Girl Who Wasn't There Ch. 05

The Girl Who Wasn't There Ch. 05


Welcome to Part 5 of 'The Girl Who Wasn't There'. This is the final installment of the story of Ginny, a girl with an unusual psychic ability, and her even more amazing girlfriend, Freja. This part immediately follows on from Part 4 and so, to follow it properly, you really should read Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 first - Part 1 can be found at:


Feedback is always welcomed and any comments and constructive criticism are helpful, informative and encouraging. Feedback on the series as a whole would also be greatly appreciated.

This chapter is a little different to the previous chapters but I hope you enjoy it and find it a fitting conclusion to the story.


And now I come to the final and hardest part of our tale. The three weeks since Tanya found out about the relationship between Freja and I had been almost idyllic. We were together and could openly be a couple, able to spend lots of time with each other during the day and, of course, all night! If only it could have lasted...


CHAPTER 5 - "You've got to get out, quickly!"

I sit across the room from Wanda, willing myself not to be there. The phrase 'I'm not here' echoes repeatedly through my head. I try thinking 'You can't see me', then 'Don't think about me' but Wanda just sits there looking at me as I have failed - yet again - to disappear. In the end the only thought in my head is 'I want to go to the pub... for a drink... with Freja." This doesn't seem to happen either.

"Fuck! I can't do it Wanda!"

"Maybe you need to relax more?" Wanda suggests.

"Wanda, the first time Freja knows that she disappeared, she was an eight year old who thought she was being attacked by a car monster. The next time, she thought she was going to be beaten up by a gang of kids. Somehow, I don't think relaxing comes into it, do you?" Wanda sits in silence at my sarcasm. "I'm sorry, Wanda, it's my frustration speaking."

"Oh, don't worry, girl. I know you feel under pressure from Doctor Tanya to succeed at this. However, if fear is the key, how do I make you scared?"

I laugh. "Sorry Wand but you are simply not scary!" She tries to look stern but gives up and smiles.

"Okay, I'm not. So what do we do? Steal your clothes and leave you in the middle of the campus? That would give you an incentive not to be seen; lots of fear too!"

"Butt naked in the middle of November? I think not: I'd get frostbite!"

She laughs. "Actually it's been very mild for the time of year, so you'd just get a bit chilly; and running would keep you warm! I'm sure Freja would like to see you..."

"I'm sure she would. She'd probably find it bloody hilarious, but no!"

"What about hide and seek?" Wanda suggests.

"Hmm, maybe. At least I'd have a reason to not want to be seen. Not very scary though."

"I've got it: Paintballing!" she exclaims. "You know: that game in the woods where they use those guns that fire little pellets of paint. My husband Jackson went to an event thing a couple of months ago as part of a stag weekend; he said it felt very real at times, like you were in real danger. Can hurt like hell when you get hit, though: he had quite a few bruises afterwards."

I nod, smiling. "I love it: paintballing as part of paranormal research! Will you suggest it to Tanya or shall I?"

We wind up the session, agreeing that Wanda will speak to Tanya, and I head back to my - or rather our - dorm room, hoping that Freja will be there already. I look down the corridor and there ahead is one of the few people on campus that I detest: one Marcus Miller PhD, lecturer in History, born again Christian and self-appointed head of the anti-moral corruption brigade that consists of him and a dozen or so like-minded halfwits. I have encountered him a couple of times when he barracked Gay Soc and LGBT events and he's been known to reduce the targets of his tirades to tears. He's seen Freja and me a couple of times hand in hand and the look on his face the last time suggests that he thinks I am seducing a poor, innocent first year student into lesbian depravity.

He and a couple of his cronies are headed towards me, in animated conversation. I move to the side of the corridor, pressing myself against the wall and desperately hoping they won't notice me. His eyes slide across me but there's no recognition; perhaps the discussion he's having puts me beyond notice. I heave a sigh of relief as he continues past me, wishing that I had cracked Freja ability.

I move off down the corridor and bump into Aidan. "Hi," he says, "have you just had a run-in with Mad Marcus?"

"No, he didn't notice me, thankfully: too busy talking to his cronies."

"Really? I overheard him just now talking about how he'd seen 'that pervert woman in Parapsychology preying on young students' when he walked past me. I sort of assumed he meant you - sorry, no offence."

"None taken: he probably did mean me but he missed me anyway. His omniscient God must have been on a tea break."

"Perhaps it was your Harry Potter cloak of invisibility!" he laughs but the suggestion sends a shiver through me. "How's Freja getting on, riding pillion?" he asks, distracting me.

"She's actually enjoying it, provided I keep the speed reasonable. Thanks again for the helmet and jacket."

"You're welcome. Sorry, I must dash: I'm late for my lecture. See you round." He hurries away with great long strides and I head to our room.

When I enter our room I see Freja sat on the bed and she gives me her usual warm smile before glancing across the room. However, I feel her nervousness and - embarrassment? - projected to me. I follow her gaze and I'm surprised to see Tanya sitting there in the desk chair. "Oh, hi," I say, going to sit next to Freja. "Is... is everything okay?"

"Yes, everything fine," Tanya reassures me. "Freja has been kind enough the share some details of the extent to which your Extra-Sensory Manipulation operates between you."

I feel the spike in Freja's embarrassment and the tingle of her arousal tells me what she's told Tanya. Knowing how awkward Tanya is likely to be when talking about sex, I decide to deal with it directly. "You mean using ESM when we're making love to share each other's feelings, sensations and arousal?"

"Er, yes," says Tanya, a little bashfully, "How did you know? This isn't telepathy is it?" she asks suspiciously.

"No, I worked it out from the feelings Freya was ESMing me. It isn't only during sex, you know?" Freja chips in her agreement with this.

"I know," concedes Tanya, "but it seems very, er... strong at such times."

"Aye, ye have to admit that's true, Ginny!"

"Yeah, I guess it's true but Tanya, where are you going with this? What do you want, a demonstration?" I feel Freja's excitement as a tingle in my pussy. "You do want a demonstration!"

Tanya is bright pink. "I... it's just... well I..." she stammers.

"'Twas my suggestion, Ginny," admits Freja, "not to watch us but I thought she could, you know, look away or be next door and we'd just include her in the ESM, so she could feel what it's like."

I can feel Freja's excitement and I wonder how much of this idea is hers. I have to admit though, there is part of me that that is thinking 'This could be fun!' and Tanya does have a very sexy side, so finding out how much this affects her could be interesting. I find myself smiling. "Okay, let's see if it works!"

We start with some simple experiments. Tanya sits with her back to us rather than next door as I know seeing the person helps with projecting ESM. We take it in turns to touch each other, with the one being touched projecting the sensations and emotions to the other two. The first few caresses of arms and legs don't seem to register on Tanya. My tongue running up Freja's neck and her earlobe being sucked brings an intake of breath from both her and Tanya. Freja's squeezing of my nipples brings a bigger gasp from Tanya than from me!

Freja and I are now both very turned on; the feeling of her wetness mirrors my own as Freja pushes me down onto the bed. She straddles my leg and our thighs press against each other's pussies. All three of us moan or gasp as we all feel the seam of Freja's jeans press exquisitely against the hard nub of her clit.

Freja's hands are busy opening my blouse as I unbutton first my jeans and then hers. Her hands slip into the cups of my bra, squeezing and caressing my tits. I reach up and slide the bra straps from my shoulders. She leans forward as she pulls the cup down and her mouth latches over my nipple, sucking, licking and gently nibbling. Three sets of moans can be heard as I project out the feelings. Freja breaks off for a moment and we are tugging at each other's jeans and panties.

Within a minute we are both naked and fall back together onto the bed, kissing and caressing. Freja is in a dominant mood and rolls me onto my back, kneeling to one side. She resumes kissing and sucking my nipples while my hand reaches round to caress her arse as I squirm in pleasure.

She begins to move down my body, kissing, licking and biting. I feel my excitement building rapidly and with one hand I softly rake my nails across her bum cheek while my other pushes her head downward as I share what I want to feel: her mouth over my pussy, her tongue probing my vagina. She hesitates: she is in control, but then relents. Freja's head moves down and I feel her breath on my swollen, wet and gaping labia moments before her tongue laps my pussy from end to end. My hips buck in response and I hear a long, low moan from Tanya.

My hand slips between Freja's legs, my fingers sliding up her inner thigh until they insinuate themselves effortlessly into her hot wetness. My thumb rubs the tight bud of her anus, feeling the electric thrill this brings her. Tanya's squeal of "Oh, God yes!" tells me she experienced it too. I feel Freja sucking and licking my labia as her fingers plunge into me. Our pumping fingers mirror each other and, as her tongue swirls around my clit, my orgasm hits harder than I expect. I manage to pump my fingers into her twice more before her vaginal walls clamp tightly around them. I feel her pleasure rebounding off my own, kicking off a second orgasmic wave. I hear shouts of ecstasy as Freja and I shudder against each other and her wetness runs over my hand and across my wrist.

I pull my fingers out with a soft squelch and place them in my mouth, savouring the delicious juices coating them. The taste brings the shiver of a mini orgasm, like the aftershock of an earthquake. I am filled with the wonderful, post-orgasmic mellowness and I can feel Freja's deep contentment.

I look across to Tanya. She is sprawled in the chair and I can see her trousers and panties are round her ankles. "Tanya," I call, "are you okay?"

She spins the chair slowly to face me. Her jacket and blouse are open, her legs spread wide. Her bald pussy is puffy, red and wet; the edge of the seat below also glistens, as do her fingers. Her face is heavily flushed and can picture her fingers driving in and out of her pussy as she experienced our lovemaking. "Ginny," she gasps, "how the, the... how the fuck do you two ever get out of bed? That was... unbelievable!"

Freja giggles, as much at the state of the very-proper Doctor Tanya as what she's just said. "Aye, did I nay make that clear?"

I scoot round to cuddle Freja. "Ah yes, but Tanya always needs scientific proof!" I tease.

"If my legs worked, I'd come over and smack you, Ms Anderson!" she retorts, smiling, and this sets Freja off giggling once again. "I'm really looking forward to seeing Marie tonight: I've got some ideas I want to try on her after this!" sighs Tanya.

Freja looks at me, surprised. "Is she..?" she whispers.

"Yes, Mouse, Tanya is a lesbian too. Though she only discovered that a few months ago," I whisper back.

"Better late than never," Freja chuckles quietly as I pull her closer. "I'm glad we met now, though. I want tae spend years and years with ye, Ginny darling."

- - - - - - - - - - -

The ringing of my mobile phone drags me from a deep sleep. I roll and glance blearily at the glowing figures of the clock - 23:21 - I can't have been asleep for much more than three quarters of an hour. My hand fumbles for the phone and the display reads 'Doc T'; what on earth does Tanya want at this time of night?

Pulling the phone to my ear, I thumb the Answer button. "'Ello Tanya. Wassup?" I mumble sleepily.

"Ginny! Thank God! Listen!" Tanya voice is a tight, urgent whisper that kicks my brain into alertness. "You and Freja have to go, now! Get out of the University!"

"What? Why? Because of what we did this morning? You wanted us to try it..."

"No! It's nothing to do with that... It's, oh God, I've been such an idiot. It's Marie: she's not an inspector of universities. I've been such a blind fool; it was never me she was interested in, it was our research. She just pretended to love me... the bitch!" Tanya gives a sob and takes a deep breath. "Listen, Ginny, I'm in the bathroom so Marie can't hear me: she's some sort of military or secret service agent!"

"Tanya, are you alright? I mean, you haven't been drinking or anything?"

"No! Okay, yes I have, but I'm not drunk! Listen, will you, this is serious!" There is real fear in Tanya's voice and a cold feeling settles in the pit of my stomach. "I overheard Marie on the phone; she was in a corner but there was a peculiar echo and when I stood in one spot I could hear her. I was being nosy: I thought she might be reporting something about the University so I listened. She mentioned 'Project Theta' and that it was 'green on two targets at Wessex University, both female' and gave both your names. She said that 'Mause would be difficult unless taken by surprise.' She also said, 'Anderson should be taken too as she may have similar potentials'. I, I think I told her about how you might learn to disappear. I'm sorry."

"What's all this about?" I gasp, now genuinely afraid. "Who's taking us and where to? And when?"

"I don't know! Marie isn't exactly carrying an ID badge and showing me an itinerary, for God's sake! The only other thing I heard was 'a minimum of three men' and that it will be tonight. Ginny, you need to get out quickly..." Through the phone I hear a banging on a door and someone calling Tanya's name. "I'll be out in a minute, Marie," Tanya calls back "Ginny, just go. Leave your phone - they can be tracked - call me from a phone box tomorrow and..." There is more banging, louder this time, and a female voice saying, "You're not doing anything silly in there are you, Tanya, my dear?" There is a crashing sound just before the connection is cut.

My heart is beating fast. Is this real? Tanya believed it and seemed genuinely scared, terrified even. I reach over and shake Freja, who looks so beautiful asleep but my instinct tells me that we need to do as Tanya advises. She looks at me and reaches for a hug.

"Is it morning already, darling?" she asks, blinking the sleep from her eyes. I shake my head and rapidly explain what has just happened. Her eyes widen in fear as she listens.

"Can you stay and pack?" I ask as I start dressing. "There's your old rucksack and the new one that we bought; pack all your clothes and some stuff for me but leave a little space."

"Where are ye going?" she asks fearfully.

"I need to go to the office and grab my laptop and our files: there's too much information about us in them just to leave them." Reluctantly she nods and begins to dress quickly.

I head to the office, feeling the strangeness of being in this part of the University out of hours. Outside, there are still students milling about, heading back to the Student Halls or off to night clubs now that the bars on campus are closing. I reach the office without incident and begin to wonder if Tanya is just being hysterical. Nevertheless, I rifle through the filing cabinet and grab our two files, mine considerably thicker than Freja's since most of the information on her is still just on my laptop, which I pick up last. I am about to leave when I remember the petty cash in the desk draw. I quickly open the draw and find the cashbox tucked at the back. I grab the bundle of notes inside, stuffing them into my pocket, before replacing the box and closing the drawer.

Now I turn out the light and leave the room. As I pull the door closed, did I just hear voices? I turn the key in the lock and start back, listening intently and trying to keep my footsteps quiet as I hurry. Yes: two voices behind me. I dart into an alcove that holds a vending machine and water fountain before peeping back along the corridor. Two large men have appeared, dressed in dark clothing that is redundant in the well-lit corridor. They are by the office I have just left, trying the door. I cannot make out what they say but one turns and heads towards me while the other stays by the door. I duck back, pressing myself into the corner, desperate not to be seen. I see the man's profile as he hurries past: very short, dark hair, a large nose and a heavy jaw covered in dark stubble. Then he's gone, with not a glance in my direction.

I realize that he must be heading to our room and I desperately want to follow him to protect Freja but what about the other man? I look out again; he is still at the door, poking at the lock with something. I dare not step out with him there: I'd be spotted immediately. I wait, stealing glances every few moments, hoping that he'll open the door. If he's picking the lock, he's not very good at it.

Finally, a glance reveals his dark shape disappearing into the office. In an instant I'm off and jogging quietly to our room carrying the laptop and files, alert for the man I'm following.

Our door is open and my chest constricts in fear. I tiptoe to the door and can see the man's shadow against the wall: he is facing away from me. I peep in and see him outside the slightly open bathroom door but no sign of Freja. She must have run into the bathroom and I think that maybe she can escape through the other bedroom until I notice that room's key laying on the desk; the other room's door is deadlocked so she is trapped and my fear and worry for her threaten to overwhelm me. The man is not attempting to enter, content to keep her trapped in the bathroom for the time being. I stand frozen to the spot: I don't know what to do. I cannot tackle this man; he is too big, too terrifying; I cannot protect the woman I love.

Suddenly I feel anger: how dare he threaten my beautiful, perfect Freja Mouse! Fear! He is going to know the fear he is causing. I take several silent steps into the room as I recall the fear of the last half hour, all the terror and panic I have ever known, focussed, distilled and projected with all the force I can muster.

"You! Stop!" A man's voice shouts behind me and, startled, I duck instinctively, crouching as the world seems to slow down. My ESM lashes the man in front of me with the primal terror that I am feeling and I see him turn, eyes wild and staring, as his arm swings up and around. I notice for the first time that he has something in his hand, it's black - it's a gun! Unerringly the gun continues on its arc until the room becomes a maelstrom of noise as three rapid shots ring out and, through the corner of my eye, I see the man in the doorway drop.

I am petrified, almost incoherent with fear, but my experience with Freja over the last weeks means that this terror flows straight into the man before me. The gun drops from his nerveless hand; I see a dark patch welling at his crotch and smell the acrid scent of his piss as he turns to flee towards the bathroom.

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