tagAnalThe Girl with the Perfect Arse

The Girl with the Perfect Arse


I saw her as I was driving to work on Monday morning. She was striding purposefully along the side of the road, as I was driving in slow moving traffic. I'd get stuck at the lights, and she'd walk past my car again. I tried not to stare, but it was a hot summer morning, she was wearing very tight, very short shorts, and she had an incredible arse.

She was only about 5 foot four, medium long brown hair tied back in a ponytail, looked about 25 years old. She was wearing a white singlet, with a bag slung over her left shoulder, sandals, and a pair of blue cotton shorts that only just covered her most valuable asset. She had full thighs, size D breasts, and what could only be described as the perfect "bubble butt". Her arse rose high from her well-rounded thighs, curving out and arching up to meet her waist. Two perfect globes, which struggled for position inside her thin cotton shorts, pulsing, pounding and changing shape with each step she took. She had just a hint of sluttiness about her, which made her all the more attractive.

I was transfixed, and found myself keeping pace with her, desperate not to let her out of my sight. I think she must have noticed, because she started walking in a more self-conscious way, gently tugging at the sides of her shorts in a futile show of modesty. Ok then, I thought, I've been busted, time to continue my drive to work like a normal person and stop the kerb-crawling.

But my day was cursed. A few streets further on I saw her again. The traffic must have been so slow, and her walking pace so determined, that she caught up with me. I watched her crossing the road in front of me, I turned right and watched her meet up with a young man. He was probably her boyfriend, as I saw them go into a Real Estate office together, obviously flat-hunting. I stole one last hungry glance at her magnificent behind, before driving off, with the intention of forgetting all about her.

I spent a miserable day at work, suffering the after effects of a weekend of over-indulgence, which was itself fuelled by a miserable week at work. I drove home, showered and changed, and went for a walk to the video shop. Two streets away, my heart started pounded in my chest for no apparent reason. Then, a second later I saw the cause of this excitement, the girl with the arse was walking inside her home. She shut the door behind her and I heard voices. Now I don't know if it was the heat of summer, or my own twisted nature, but I found myself walking around the side of the building to peek inside the window.

It was a block of eight flats, and hers was on the ground floor. There was a narrow laneway at the side, where I could stand and not be seen from the street. The floor of the flat inside was higher than the ground level outside by about 3 feet, so I found myself just peering over the lower edge of the window. She was there inside, striding around the bedroom, throwing her bag down, and peeling off her singlet. I watched her bend over and take out a fresh hair tie from a drawer, the fabric of her shorts stretching tight over her rounded bum cheeks. She stood up straight, re-tying her hair, her boobs nestled in a white bra, her arms glossy with the sweat of the day.

I heard footsteps and ducked a few inches lower, as her boyfriend walked into the bedroom, dressed only in a pair of boxer shorts. He was about 5 foot 10, with shoulder length black hair, and very fit. He grabbed her by the waist and they embraced, his hands on her arse. Then my hear nearly stopped as she glanced towards the window and tensed up.

"That's the guy! That's the guy that was staring at my arse this morning!" she yelled.

I was frozen to the spot, and had no time to run before they the boyfriend was outside, in my face, with the girl not far behind.

"What do you think you're playing at? You some sort of pervert?" the boyfriend shouted at me.

He grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and dragged me inside their flat, slamming the door. The girl was still shouting at me in outrage. Once inside, he threw me to the kitchen floor and bent over me in a threatening manner, snarling at me "Staring at my girlfriend's arse were you?"

He grabbed her by the waistband of her shorts and dragged her over, so they were both now standing above me. He patted her on her ample behind, almost a spank. She yelped with shock.

"Fancy yourself a bit of prime rump do you?" the guy said, "Think you're worthy of this?"

I lay on the floor and said nothing.

"Got a bit of a fetish for arses have you?" he continued, "Want to get up close and personal with this one?"

I noticed that the girl's outrage had subsided, and she was now resting one foot on my chest, her chin held up defiantly. Her hips wriggled from side to side. The boyfriend's sadistic tone continued, "Got a thing for fine arses have you? Well answer me!"

Shamefully, I answered "Yes."

"What would you like to do with this one I wonder?"

The girl whispered something in his ear. I thought I heard the words "that thing we talked about".

He murmured his agreement, and pulled me up by my collar, dragging me into the bedroom. He sat me down on the floor, my back against the side of the bed.

"This arse is one of the finest in the country," he boasted, "You need to lick it clean."

Before I could respond, he drew his girlfriend back towards me, her arse level with my face.

"Take them off, honey," he ordered.

She unbuttoned her shorts and lowered them to her ankles, bending over in front of me, showing me her beautiful bum cheeks close up and uncovered for the first time. Only a little G-string covered her crack. Her thighs and arse were sweaty from the hot day. She stood up straight, which had the wonderful effect of pushing her buttocks out, emphasizing their roundness. The man held the back of my head, and pushed it towards her glorious curves. He slid a finger inside her G-string and pulled it down, out of the way.

"Lick it," he said.

He roughly pushed my face against her left bum cheek, and rubbed my face in his girlfriend's arse, up and down her thighs, forcing me to kiss and lick her beautiful flesh.

"You're going to lick my cum out of her arse" he said, without any option for me to refuse. And why would I? I was scared alright, but as long as this scenario continued in this way, I had no complaints. My heart rate was through the roof with the thrill of being caught, and with the sexual thrill of being able to see, feel, smell and taste this gorgeous morsel of female flesh.

He took off his shorts and took his sizeable erection in hand. His left hand continued to press my face against his girlfriend's nether regions. His hand gripped my neck and forced my mouth to explore the crevice between her buttocks, which was damp and musty. I could feel the hairs around her anus as the brushed against my lips. He came remarkably quickly, splattering cream from his cock all over her ample buttocks.

"Lick it," he urged, and wiped my face across her arse cheeks as though I was a rag.

Now I've always considered myself 100% straight. I've had the occasional fantasy of being with a male/female couple, but I like girls, that's all there is to it. But this situation was so highly erotically charged that I forgot myself, and got carried away in the moment. There was no doubt about the fact that this guy was hot, he had not an ounce of fat on him, and he had that slight hint of white trash arrogance that seems to suit some guys. So I willingly tasted the juice from his cock, lapping it from his girlfriend's hot arse. The taste was not unpleasant, salty, with a bitter aftertaste that reminded me of oysters. Some of his cum had dribbled down between her bum cheeks, so I delved in her crevice with my tongue, probing closer and closer to her anus, tasting the arse sweat that had built up there all day. I could smell and taste the sweet flavour of her pussy, mixed with the slightly sour flavour of a girl's arse at the end of a hot day. I breathlessly scooped as much cum as I could from her crack, swallowing it all with eagerness.

The guy left the room to have a piss. She backed into me a bit, wiggling her butt from side to side, feeding me her arse, groping her tits before removing her bra and flinging it across the room.

"Take your clothes off!" she hissed at me. I stripped off in record time and stood before her as her boyfriend returned from the bathroom. For the first time all three of us were naked, it almost felt as though we were equal.

"Don't get any ideas," the guy said, as though reading my mind, "you're just our sex toy. Now lie down on the bed."

I did as I was told, lying on my back on the large bed. Then he most glorious thing happened. The girl lowered herself onto my face in a 69 position. I will remember that golden moment as long as I live. The arse that I had been craving was slowly brought closer and closer to my face, blocking out all light and all air. I had the perfect view, even though only for a split second, of the object of my fantasies, slightly plump thighs well rounded buttocks, hairy bush, pouting wet pussy lips, and damp sweaty anus. I was in heaven. She ground her hips on my face, jiggling for the best position, her lips pressed against mine, my nose nudging into her butt hole. I tried my best to tongue her in all the right places, but she just used me, wriggling in position to pleasure herself.

I felt the bed move, and I realised that he was now standing on the bed, feeding her his once again erect cock. She ground back onto my face, lowering herself slightly so that my tongue now had no choice but to slip into her anus.

Frantically I struggled for air, pushing out my tongue as far as I could in order to taste her musty aroma, the very essence of her. Her body rocked back and forth as she took her boyfriend's penis in her mouth and sucked on it. I could feel the tiny hairs around her anus scratching on my tongue as I licked and probed her bumcrack.

After a while I felt the bed move again, and I realised that the guy was now kneeling over me, about to insert his erect penis into his girlfriend's now sopping wet vagina. She lowered her head to my penis, which was raging hard as you can imagine, having had zero attention up til now. I could feel her lips gently closing over my cock head, and as I looked up I saw her boyfriend's cock slowly entering her cunt. I had never seen anything like this so close up before. It was wild. I licked at her clit, and cared not one bit that my tongue brushed up against his rock hard shaft. He did take me by surprise however when he withdrew his penis and with one move, slid it into my mouth. I had no real choice but to suck, I was trapped under his girlfriend after all. He took turns, feeding his cock into my mouth and into her pussy. The blend of flavours was intoxicating. I felt myself lose all control, and began to lick and suck on his hairy balls, which were dangling right in my face.

"Yeah, suck on my balls, slut!" the guy whispered breathily.

My face was a mess of saliva and juices from his cock, and from her pussy and arse.

She was not really doing much to my cock while this was happening, just gentle touches from her lips and tongue. This was fine by me, as I had no desire to blow my load before it was time, and risk angering them even more!

He started sliding his cock deeper into my mouth, touching the back of my throat and making me gag a little. Each time this happened, I produced waves of saliva which lay thick on his shaft.

"I think that's lubed up enough now." he declared, before astounding me once again by placing his cock head at the entrance to her arse, and pushing. My mouth fell open in amazement as I saw her arse hole open up and engulf his stiff cock, until he was balls deep in her arse. I licked on his balls eagerly, enthralled by this close up anal sex show in vivid detail. I licked on her clit and tried to fuck her pussy with my tongue. This is where things got really dirty. He removed his cock from her arse and rested it on my lips. I hesitated for one second, but he simply pushed his penis past my closing lips and fucked my mouth with his dirty cock. back and forth he went, arse to mouth then back to arse again. I was forced to swallow his filthy penis, straight from his girlfriend's sweaty arse hole, time and again.

I looked up and saw her butt hole gaping open, stretched open wide from the arse fucking she was getting. I could see inside her hole, it was pink and wet, and not nearly as dirty as I imagined it would be, so I started to accept his cock more willingly now. The taste from inside her was bitter and acrid, but not completely unpleasant. She worked a little bit harder on my cock, cupping my balls in her hand while sliding her mouth rhythmically up and down. It felt like we were all about to explode.

He concentrated now on purely arse fucking, sliding his shaft in and out of her arse like there was no tomorrow. I greedily sucked and licked at her swollen clit, and she quickened her motion up and down my cock. I felt her whole body tense up, and she began to moan, a low desperate moan from deep within.

"Oh baby I'm gonna cum!" she groaned, and her whole body began to shudder, the pressure from her pussy now hurting my mouth, but I kept on licking. From below, I saw the boyfriend's buttocks tense up and I was certain that he was now pumping her arse full of hot cum. There was no stopping me now, and I exploded, spurting load after load of creamy spunk into the girl's face. Quickly the boyfriend withdrew his penis, and as I looked up I saw a gaping arsehole about to spill a bucket load of cum all over my face. I opened wide, and let his cum dribble out of her anus and into my mouth. I swallowed two mouthfuls, then set to work sucking the remainder from out of her arse. She sat up and pulled her butt cheeks apart, more dollops of cum dripped out of her butt hole and straight into my mouth. I applied my lips to her hole and sucked. I needed no orders, this was primal stuff, pure instinct.

After I had thoroughly cleaned the girl's backside of cum for the second time, the guy presented his now semi-erect penis for me to clean. I licked the cum from his shaft and head, hungry for this new taste.

The girl climbed off the bed, picked up my clothes from the floor and threw them at me.

"Now get the fuck out of here," she said.

The End

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