The Glamour Shoot


"I'm a virgin," she said, as if that were explanation enough.

"You're a virgin? What does that mean? Do you want me to stop? Are you afraid your mother will find out?" he asked. Her hand still gripped his boner fiercely at the entrance to her love tunnel. She didn't answer, but her eyes shifted to the right suddenly and the panic in her eyes seemed to grow to sheer terror.

"I'm afraid her mother has already found out." The voice came from the doorway. Jerry turned his head and saw Letty standing there, her arms folded under her breasts. She looked royally pissed. How had she gotten in? Shit! The door hadn't closed all the way! Jerry jumped up off the bed and looked for something to hide his hard-on. Despite being caught in flagrante delicto, his boner wasn't going away.

"Mommy!" Kokita jumped up and gave her mother a big hug. Letty stroked her daughter's hair, no longer angry, it seemed, with her. Jerry watched with amazement as the mother's hand then traveled slowly down the daughter's back and over the curve of her ass, coming to rest with her fingers seeking out her daughter's butt crack! Kokita wriggled with appreciation as her mother fingered her.

"Oh, Mommy, what took you so long? I got him all ready for you," she purred, then planted her lips on her mother's mouth in a kiss that was far from daughterly.

"I've been here for some time, watching," Letty said after a moment. "You just didn't notice me. Have you been having a nice birthday party?"

"Yes, Mommy, he's got a really big cock, I sucked it for a long time, and he really knows how to make my boobies feel all tingly. You should try it!"

"I think I will, sweetheart," Letty replied, releasing her grip on Kokita's ass. "Will you help me out of these things?"

Without another word, Kokita undressed her mother. Jerry had been watching and listening to all this with amazement, but now his jaw nearly fell to the floor. If anything, Letty was sexier than her daughter, with larger breasts and a rounder butt. The three of them were now stark naked, and Jerry couldn't believe his luck. He boldly approached the two women and stood between them, held them close. Letty reached for his cock and gave it a squeeze.

"Mija," Letty said to her daughter, "I think tonight is the night for you to become a woman."

Kokita jumped up and down, clapping her hands with delight, making her boobs bounce and jiggle. Jerry feasted his eyes on the motion. "Really, Mommy? Are you sure?"

Letty pushed Jerry down on the bed and prepared to mount him. "Yes, Mija, I'm sure." She impaled herself on his harder-than-ever bone and began rocking back and forth. "But--mommy—-wants-—to-—try—-him—-out--fiiiiiirst!"

Kokita came around the side of the bed and fed one of her nipples to Jerry again. Jerry sucked greedily, dividing his concentration between the daughter's boob in his mouth and the mother's pussy wrapped around his cock. It was every bit as tight as he'd expected Kokita's to be, and Letty's breasts felt like silk-upholstered down pillows in his hands.

Letty moved with skill and vigor, now resting her tiny hands on his hips and lifting her firm ass up and down. Jerry looked through the gap between their bodies and watched his cock disappear and reappear, over and over. The older woman was moaning in Spanish as she rode him, her voice husky with lust, her strokes becoming more rapid as her orgasm approached.

"Madre de Dios!" she yelled, her pulsing cunt bathing Jerry's prick with juice. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK!" Letty dug her fingers into his hips and held herself down hard against him, her vaginal muscles squeezing him hard as she climaxed. She collapsed against his chest, her firm jugs pressing against his belly, and laughed throatily.

"OK, Mija, it is time," the mother said, authority now back in her voice. Letty dismounted and took hold of Jerry's thick cock in one small fist, then washed it clean with her tongue. "Get up," she said to him, "let my daughter lie down on the bed." Both the photographer and the daughter quickly complied.

Jerry looked down at Kokita, lying there waiting for him, her shapely legs spread wide, her virgin pussy glistening with excitement, her firm young melons standing so proudly on her chest. Needing no further instruction from the mother, he placed his knees on the bed between the youngster's legs and began kissing his way up her limbs, pausing a moment to savor her tight little cookie once more, then her flat belly, then her deep cleavage. His turgid bone was in position at the entrance to her unclaimed cunt, and he eased the swollen purple head into it. It took some doing, but after a few gentle minutes he was giving her full strokes and loving the young tightness of it.

Kokita was loving it, too, moaning and thrashing her head as Jerry pounded her for all he was worth. "Mommy, Mommy, he's so big!" she called to Letty, "I love how big he is! It feels so good!" She pulled his face down to hers and rammed her tongue into his mouth. Jerry lost his balance for a second and fell against her flesh pillows. Kokita's nipples were hard and he could feel them poking into his chest. Still, he kept up his stroking action, feeling his come rise and knowing he was going to lose it any second.

Letty, who had been watching him fuck her daughter this whole time, calling encouragement to Kokita while fingering her own well-lubed pussy, must have seen the change come over Jerry's face, for she suddenly came around behind him and caught his cock firmly on an upstroke, pulling him out of her daughter's slick pussy. She gripped it tightly at the base and used it as a lever, pushing Jerry onto his back on the bed. Kokita quickly scrambled out of the way.

"What the fuck?" was all he could say, but all was soon explained. Mother and daughter were taking turns deep-throating him now, sucking his swollen balls, licking the long fleshy shaft. Letty still held his cock in a death-grip, alternating between feeding it into Kokita's mouth and her own. "Jesus Kee-riiiiisssst!" he yelled, as the jizz started spurting out of him. Letty pumped his pole with both hands, guiding the jets of hot come into her daughter's mouth and onto her tits, then between her own eager lips. Both women shrieked excitedly as they watched his spunk spray over each other.

"Oh, Mommy, this is the best birthday ever!" Kokita laughed, rubbing the white sauce into her mother's titflesh. Letty responded by taking her daughter into her arms.

As he watched these two hot Latinas now turn to each other and mingle their mouthfuls of his come with a deep soul kiss, Jerry felt like he could start bawling for joy.

I'll be damned, he thought, this job does have benefits.

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