tagLesbian SexThe Good Deed

The Good Deed


All Megan can do is force a thankful smile as she stomps out of the board meeting as soon as the doors swing open. She dressed in her best wool grey blazer over a black Adrianna Papell dress, with a brown leather brown belt to tie everything together and black pumps that were digging into her feet. She wore formal looped earrings and a gold necklace to look more professional.

And to still be told by the dean that she's being given the same joke of a budget as last year and still be expected to pull off the two plays and three trips she planned was an insult for a ivory college program, but to be told that she's being given a favor by the budget not decreasing was a shock to her system. And the only thing she could do during the meeting was smile thankfully.

Megan guesses that her hatred is showing, as students get out of her way in the hallway. A nice gesture but nothing they would understand, most of them still lives with their parent's in their mansions in West Riverside. Not that she's judges them. If she was eighteen again, living at home with their money, she'd make all the same mistakes of her youth but she'll enjoy them more.

"Get out of my fucking face!"

Without seeing her, Megan knows Courtney's voice since getting into three public arguments during her freshmen year. Megan knows Courtney's type, because they both grew up on East Riverside. But she knows Courtney is a good student, she volunteered for bake sales and already scheduled herself to tutor incoming freshmen.

As Megan makes her way through the growing crowd of students, she sees Courtney first. Despite approaching the pending drama, Megan can't help eyeing Courtney's dirty blonde hair in an unkempt ponytail with her amazing slim body. Courtney's sultry look is enhanced by black eye shadow to compliment her brown eyes, dark earrings, and black nail polish, but she'd be gorgeous if she smiled with her sleek lips.

Megan always thought Courtney has a cute face, a hot body, and charm to spare but looking skimpy in her uniform doesn't hurt either.

As Megan breaks through the crowd, she sees that Courtney is cornering a junior. Not just any junior, a blonde little tart named Katherine Clark, whose family paid for the business wing of the college to keep her in school to counter her bad grades. If Katherine makes one mention to her parents in her freak voice that is a horrible mix of Farrah Fawcett and Kermit the Frog, Courtney's done.

Megan grabs Courtney's arm as she pulls her back and barks, "We had enough of your shit young lady!"

Megan's heart sinks when Courtney says with a miffed voice that echoed her disbelief, "Ms. Poland, I didn't do anything. Why are you doing this?"

"God you were always trouble! Go to my office after school, no excuses!" Megan looks around at the student's surprised looks; it's expected, she rarely yells and is this harsh with. She walks Courtney past the crowd and down the hallway, looking away as Courtney has tears in her eyes.

"This isn't fair."

Megan whispers, "I'll explain later." Courtney looks at her with a confused look on her face. "I don't want to hear it! Now go to class!" She pushes Courtney forward. "Now go!"

Courtney gives her a look with enough contempt to make a baby cry before she turns around and walks away, wiping her eyes.

As the students look at Courtney walking down the hallway, she prays that Courtney figures out her guile. Everyone else slowly disperses, not that they were suddenly afraid of her but because the show was over.


Megan forces her office's metal door open inwards, a feat that can only be done by her, the janitor, and Jesus Christ. She picks up and lugs her workbag full of textbooks and purse full of a teacher's true necessities, gum and skittles.

Megan walks into her office that's located in the college's downstairs basement, the one place that's still in the original section of the college that's from the 1950's. She's grown use to the daily reminder of the cost of telling the dean to go to hell after dismissing his advances; a publicly known punishment for a semi-private crime, thanks to his connections.

She drops her workbag and purse on her metal desk with a deep sigh. She forces the light switch to the on position with her thumb, as the ceiling light eventually turns on she looks at thumb and fears callus will form in a month.

Megan looks back at her desk and sighs. She forgot to put away her Fifty Shades of Grey book, again. The faint smell of pine from the thin carpet means the janitor already vacuumed and will look at her with a smile next time he sees her in the hallways.

"It's going to be alright Megan," she calmly tells herself.

She lost her own access to the supply closet and she's considered a leaper at the teacher's lounge, she can survive being known for stretching her mental muscles and so forth. Megan closes the door after putting her shoulder into. She then moves around her one guest wooden chair, pushing it against the wall.

She briefly looks over the stacks of syllabi she's going to pass out to her classes tomorrow neatly piled on top of her only cabinet; she wonders how quickly she'll find them discarded on the school grounds at the end of the week

Megan wiggles between around the corner, being careful not to tip over her warped, four foot, plastic aquarium green plant that she calls the Audrey II; her only décor item she can afford with her pay.

She sits downs on her stiff, wooden chair and opens her purse. She takes off her necklace and earrings and plops them inside. She takes her cell phone out and places on the desk before she snaps her purse closed, she plans on not using those pieces of jewelry until the next crisis. She opens her bottom drawer and slides her workbag off her desk and into the drawer with a groan.

"Christ, I hate being thirty five."

She kicks the bottom drawer closed and opens the top drawer, smiling when she finds a day old cup of coffee from Dunkin Donuts. She exchanges the purse for the cup and closes the drawer. She takes a sniff and it smells decent enough to clear sinuses but not to drink. She looks for a garage bin and then remembers that she doesn't have one. She laughs at herself as she hides it back in the top drawer.

Megan plays an easy listening reggae song saved on her cell phone, takes off her black pumps, wiggles her toes, and feels a sense of calm with the universe as she leans back, her chair creaks as she does.

She closes her eyes, which is a better alternative to looking up at the vent above her that doesn't work. Her mind takes her to the normal fantasy: She's on a sandy beach, wearing a two piece bikini that actually flatters her body, feeling the warm sun and a cool breeze on her tanned skin, and drinking an island drink with a small pink umbrella. All the women wink at her as they pass her by. No one is working as servers expect for the dean and the teaching staff.

Her fantasy makes a wonderful addition by making Courtney walk out from the clear, blue water in a red micro mini bikini. Courtney's completely slicked back hair opens up her face when she smiles happily. Her breasts bounce with perfect symmetry and her long, smooth legs ooze with sex appeal as water flows down them.

A hard knock on her door snaps her out of her fantasy and from sitting position.

"Ms. Poland, are you inside? I can't open the door," Courtney says.

Megan quickly turns off the music, she doesn't know why but she's suddenly nervous and anxious. "Sorry, one second!"

After she puts her pumps back on, Megan makes her way around her desk and opens the door, laughing at Courtney's surprised reaction at the door being opened with a loud scrape against the carpet. "Sorry, old door."

Megan continues to smile as Courtney walks in with her book bag and gym bag, taking note of Courtney's change of clothes into a loose pink v-neck top that clearly showed her black bra, tight black jeans shaping her toned waist and backside, and a basic pair of black sneakers. Megan imagines that Courtney is planning to hang out with her friends or whatever nineteen year olds do after school instead of going home.

As soon as Megan closes the door, she turns to Courtney and watches with an understanding smirk as Courtney eyes her small office, dropping her bags next to the one and only guest chair.

"It's not much, but it's home away from home. Hey... I'm so very sorry about earlier, I didn't mean to make you cry. You're not in trouble, please...please believe me, I was just trying to help you." Megan presses her chest for added believable when Courtney turns to her with a friendly grin. "And please tell me I didn't bruise your arm."

"No...it's cool. I mean, I was pissed at you for awhile but after I told my girlfriends, they were like...nah, not Ms. Poland she's from the streets like us...she's too cool. Then when I told them who I was cursing at, they called me stupid for twenty minutes."

As they share a laugh, Megan is taken back how Courtney's face lightens up. Megan extends her arms. "Can we hug it out?" Megan is happy to know that Courtney's parents won't be getting involved and she knows she's being greedy by asking for a hug. But as Courtney hugs her, she smells Courtney's rose petal scented perfume on her neck and enjoys how soft Courtney's body feels; her greed is justified.

As they pull away, Megan notices how Courtney is smiling widely, lighting up her face more.

"What? Is there something on my face?"

Megan didn't realize she was staring and still holding unto Courtney. She immediately gives her another hug. "I'm...just so happy that you're fine and that you've forgiven me." As her drama teacher once said, improvising is your best friend.

"I'm ok Ms. Poland." Courtney gives her a few friendly pats on the back.

As they pull away, completely this time, Megan says, "Well...I still need to know what that argument was all about. Sit down please."

Megan watches as Courtney nicely smiles as she playfully rolls her eyes. Megan is entertained to see Courtney taken back as she pulls the chair in front of her desk and sits down with the sudden realization of how uncomfortable it is. "Wow, this chair is...um..."

"Shit...I know. Excuse me, I need to wiggle by." Courtney moves the chair forward once as Megan makes her way by. "Thanks."

Megan is not too proud of herself, but she sneaks a peak at Courtney's cleavage; her soft breast are seemingly inviting for tasting. In the mist of her shame, she notices that Courtney is leaning forward to help her in her transition.

Megan says, "I'm not that chubby young lady." Megan turns the corner and sits on her chair when she sees looks up at Courtney, sitting up straight with a large grin. "What?"

"No...um...it's nothing."

"What is it Courtney?" Megan is waiting for a fat joke to come out, so it excuses her to throw something at her.

"Um...it wasn't...exactly...your stomach that was rubbing against my head."

"Oh god..." Megan covers her mouth with a sudden embarrassment of her large breasts. "Sorry! I'm so sorry!"

After a light hearted giggle, Courtney replies, "No, it's all good."

Megan uncovers her mouth to reveal a humbled smile. "My day is just getting better and better." Megan looks around her desk for something to use as a funny change of topic. "Hey...I got a plant, its plastic."

Courtney smile as she says, "Oh, you got that plastic type. I hear that's the latest thing to have."

Megan smirks. "Ok, smart ass, what happened this morning?"

Courtney leans back in her chair. "Ok...so I'm Science partners with Katherine's sister, Connie. So, Connie said Science was her major and that she'll do the math and experiments if I bought the items that we needed and typed up the report because I'm an English major...because I could translate our experiments and logs into summaries and results."


Courtney says loudly, waving her hands in the air, "Then Katherine gets in-my-face saying that Connie is doing all the work and that wasn't fair! After I told her what the arrangement was, she says...oh, well, you need to make new arrangements."

"I see." Megan is trying not to laugh at Courtney's imitations, pressing against her lips for a moment. "Continue."

"Then that bitch gets in my face with her finger calling me East Riverside trash! Then I told that whore to back off! And that's when you came in."

Megan gives Courtney a minute to put her hands down and calm down. "There's a joke I can say right now, but it's not appropriate for me to say to you...um...." Megan looks on with a smile as Courtney laughs briefly. "I'm ready to talk to you professor when needed. But come to me if Katherine or Connie makes things difficult for you. Other than that, how are things at home, ok?"

"My mother is dating an asshole, but he doesn't hit on me like her previous choices. So...upgrade!" She smiles, playfully raising her thumbs up briefly.

Megan shakes her head in disbelief, but still smiles. "What ever happened to teddy bears, worrying about leaving dresses on the floor, and posters of Jewel?"

"That stuff got replaced by pink wide-eyed toy monsters, shirts with drawings of skulls with pink bowties on it, and posters of Taylor Swift."

"Wow...that's hot. People still say that right?"

Courtney grins as she moves her legs slowly back and forth. "Sure Ms. Poland."

Megan wants to pay attention to Courtney's face, but the idea of putting her face in between Courtney's legs creeps in and is making her moist.

"Do you mind I ask you a personal question?"

Megan swallows hard as she briefly rubs her neck as the tiny hairs start to tingle. "No, that's fair. Go ahead."

"Is it true that you kicked the dean in the balls for grabbing your ass?"

Megan laughs lightly, reliving the moment briefly. "Well, yeah." They share a laugh, but she can't stop taking the occasional look as Courtney continues to moves her legs.

"Cool...cool. Um..."

"You should go," Megan says quickly but happily, as she resisted the forbidden fruit that was before her.

As they stand up and Courtney moves the chair back against the wall, Courtney says nicely, "I'll need help with the door, please.

"Yeah, sure, I got it."

After Megan makes her away around the desk, Courtney quickly says, "Actually, I heard some music that sounded pretty cool before I knocked on the door. Do you mind if I hear it right now? I have a thing for good songs."

"Yeah...sure...." Megan sits on her desk and grabs her phone. "It's already on pause on that track, but its' part of island playlist if you're interested."

Before Megan can cross her legs, Courtney leans in close, making it hard to subtly cross her legs without kicking Courtney; Megan doesn't have it in her to ask Courtney to stand back. As their hands touch as Courtney takes her cell phone, Megan's reason diminishes another level. Courtney looks down, plays the song, and listens with a smile as she bobs her head to the music. Megan is tempted to touch Courtney's sides as they are being swayed back and forth around her legs. The soft brushes against her knees are making her tingle more and more.

Courtney slowly looks up at Megan. "What's this group's name?"

It takes Megan an extra second to answer; she's unable to stay focused as she looks at Courtney's soft brown eyes. "I don't know." Courtney smiles at her as Megan continues, "You'll understand when you get older and get a job."

Megan laughs nervously, but it's brief because Courtney leans in and kisses her softly. Megan looks down, embarrassed, but smiles.

Courtney laughs lightly, holding Megan's hand. "Oh my God, you're shaking."

Megan wants to say that parts of her have been shaking for the past five minutes; it has just taken this long for the rest of her body to play catch up. Megan couldn't help wanting her, she's so beautiful. "Um...that shouldn't have happened."

Courtney puts the phone down and lets it play as she holds Megan hands. She leans in close and whispers softly, "Are you sure?"

Megan looks up and watches Courtney cock her head to the side and goes in for a kiss. Megan doesn't resist, she can't resist. They close their eyes and kiss slowly. Megan tastes her lips again, drawn into the sweet taste of Courtney's dark pink gloss balm and enjoying Courtney's wanton tongue slipping into her craving mouth.

Megan feels Courtney's hands slide down her sides, past her dress, and unto her legs. She takes a few deep breathes as Courtney pushes her dress forward.

"Are you ok," Courtney asks as they continue kissing.

Megan grins. "Yeah...tell me you'll take care of me....take control...make it hot." Megan opens her eyes and Courtney does the same. Megan hopes she didn't make things weird.

"I'm going to take..." Courtney grabs unto her legs and pulls her closer.

Suddenly Courtney pants were rubbing against her exposed panties and it immediately makes her hot. "Oh shit."

"...good..." Courtney continues before she's pushed on her back. Megan doesn't mind, it was hot as hell that Courtney was being a little forceful, it was making her wet. Courtney continues after she pushes her dress up, pulls her panties off, and slams it on the desk, "...fucking care of you."

Her clit was aching to be touched by the time Courtney bent down, but when her soft tongue touched it Megan took deep breathes as concentrated pleasure is disbursed throughout her body. "Oh God...oh God..."

Her legs part for Courtney like they've been waiting for her all summer. Megan unbuttons her belt, removes her jacket, removes the shoulder straps of her dress and bra, and plays with her breasts. As Courtney continues to please her, they lock eyes with each other. Megan sees enjoyment is written all over Courtney's face as she uses her talented tongue. And that turns Megan on more.

After Courtney warm lips sucks unto her pussy lips with light smack sounds, Courtney asks in a low sexy voice, "Do you like that Ms. Poland?"

Barely able to talk, Megan answer, "You can stop calling me..." Courtney continues her onslaught of pleasure by licking her clit with a high pitched moan, slipping in a finger. Megan closes her eyes and breathing deeply, touching her nipples. "Fuck, you're good at this."

"Thank you Ms. Poland."

Megan looks back down as Courtney giggles, standing up straight to remove her top and bra to show off her perfect round breasts.

"Oh look at those."

Courtney rubs them hard. "You can suck them later, but first things first." Courtney smiles as she bends back down and insert three fingers inside her, being turned on by the sound of them smacking fast and hard against her pussy. Megan has no choice but to lay there and take it; it wasn't a hard choice.

"Oh yeah, finger fuck me...mmhmm...oh God...oh yes."

"Oh wow...you're...getting so wet...want to get something?"

"Fuck the desk...don't stop, don't fucking stop...oh yeah...oh yeah."

Courtney continues working miracles by exploring areas that hasn't been explored for the past month, as the college doesn't consider vibrator replacement as a medical expense. Besides, Megan doesn't care about the sweat stains or any other stains for that matter, because she's feeling too damn good.

Megan lies flat on her back. "Oh my god...oh my god..." She struggles to stay on the table, partially wondering if it could handle the rocking from her body, until she feels Courtney warm lips hum on her clit again. "Oh fuck..."

Megan's body is surging with electricity as she cums and pins Courtney's face in place with her hands as her hips shakes. Megan pants and moans, her head tossing back and forth. Even after her hips stop moving, Courtney's fingers stay in place and her lips are still sucking on her clit, despite her head being used like a dildo. Megan rides the feelings like rippling effects of pleasurable jolts through her system until they fade away as Courtney stops.

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