tagGay MaleThe Good Sub - Day 3

The Good Sub - Day 3


The third day starts like all the others. I walk in the front door, find my Dom naked, strip, drop to my knees, and suck his cock.

"Bitch, today is going to be stretching and humiliation day," he explains, with what I can only imagine is a sinister smirk on his face.

He then pulls his cock out of my mouth and hands me a condom. I tear it open and move my hands towards his cock to put it on, but he slaps them away.

"If you insist on using condoms, you'll always put them on me with your mouth from now on. Do you understand?" he asks.

"Yes, Sir," I quickly reply.

I move my hands with the unrolled condom to the tip of his cock, then use my mouth to roll it into place. The seemingly simple task is harder than one might imagine, but I fumble my way through it, knowing I'll get better with practice.

When I finish my task, I look up at him for further instructions.

"Head down, ass up," he commands.

I comply and immediately feel lube being spread on my ass. I jump slightly as his fingers start to penetrate me. Then I smile as a hand goes to my hip and I feel the head of his cock trying to find its way into my ass. Once the head is in, the other hand finds my hip and the fucking begins. It's slow for a few strokes, then is followed by a short burst of fast and hard fucking. Slow then fast, the pacing alternates as he fucks me. I grunt passively as I take what he has to give.

When I think he's about to cum, he pulls out and catches his breath. I remain head down, ass up, hoping that my gaping ass will be irresistible to him and he'll start fucking it again.

Then he says, "Mouth. Slowly."

I turn and slowly suck his cock, tasting myself on him. I feel the degradation of sucking a cock that was just in my ass, but at the same time feel the joy of sucking such a beautiful cock. After a few minutes of sucking, he pulls out of my mouth and retrieves the bag he told me to bring. I see him as he inspects the contents of the bag while moving to sit on the couch.

"Get over here and lay across my lap with your ass up and your cock between my legs," he orders.

I move to his lap, and when I'm in position, he massages my ass cheeks for a bit.

Then the spanking beings. Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!

The spanks burn my right ass check. Then the left ass cheek receives five spanks. More rounds of massaging and spanking follow, with the spanks getting harder with each successive round. I can feel my ass cheeks getting hot, but can only imagine how red they are. I can also tell that my face is blushing. I haven't been spanked since I was young, and now I am willingly submitting to a spanking from a man I just met a few . . .

My thoughts are interrupted as I feel him pull my ass cheeks apart. His fingers roughly and rather urgently probe my ass as he applies more lube to my hole. Then he reaches into the bag and retrieves one of the cucumbers he had instructed me to bring. I feel pressure as he pushes it into my ass. I secretly hope he started with the smallest one. As he slowly pushes it into my ass I can feel the stretch. It is fatter than his cock, and it feels sooooo good going in. When it is finally all the way in he starts fucking me with it. In and out. In and out he slides it. I groan with the pleasure of the stretching with each reinsertion.

The he pulls it out and order, "Get on the floor on all fours."

I quickly comply with his orders as he stands up and moves behind me. Then he pushes his cock into me starts fucking me again. Although it is smaller than the cucumber, it still feels wonderful. There is nothing quite like a real cock in the ass.

"You feel looser now slut," he verbalizes while fucking me.

"Now get back on my lap Bitch," he commands after a few minutes of fucking.

I move back to his lap and endure more rounds of spanking and fingering. He finds the next biggest cucumber in the bag and starts working it into my ass. It takes more work to get this one in, but eventually my ass yields to the girth of this cucumber and he slides it all the way in. He fucks me with it, and every once in a while, when it is pushed almost all the way in, instructs me to squeeze my asshole as tight as I can around it. I do as I'm told, knowing that the squeezing will help to loosen it up.

"All fours," he commands when he pulls out.

I reposition myself as he moves behind me and starts fucking me again. As his breathing becomes harder I expect him to pull out again. But this time he doesn't stop, and he cums hard while fucking me. We both collapse onto the floor and I roll onto my back.

My Dom sees my hard cock and moves over to suck it. He then rolls a condom onto my cock with his hands (I guess only subs have to use their mouth), lubes it up, and climbs on. I continue lying back on the ground, shutting my eyes so I can concentrate on the great feeling of his ass riding my cock.

"Open your mouth," I hear.

I open my mouth and keep my eyes closed as he lets all the cum from the condom he just took off drip into my mouth. When I swallow it, the combined pleasure and degradation are too much for me and send me over the edge. I cum hard.

As I lay on the floor, completely spent, I feel him reach down and remove the condom I'm wearing.

"Open your mouth," I hear again.

I open my mouth and gladly swallow my own cum from the condom he just removed from my cock. "Waste not, want not," I think to myself. Mmm, I luv cum.

Then he grabs the bag and lube and tells me to follow him to the bathroom.

"Get on your knees in the tub, facing me," he orders.

I do as I'm told. Then he steps forward to the edge of the tub. Without being told, I lean forward and suck his cock. I'm glad to be sucking it again without the condom on it. When he is nice and hard again he reaches into the bag and removes the last of the cucumbers I brought. I can tell the cucumber he is holding is the largest one I brought, which was also the fattest one available at the store. I seriously doubt it will fit in my ass. He lubes it up and hands it to me.

"Stay on your knees, sit back, and ride this fatty," he instructs with another sly grin on his face.

I stare at him, open mouthed and wincing, as I try to get my reluctant asshole to cooperate. Despite the prior stretching, my ass doesn't want to yield to something so big.

Then I jump as I feel warm liquid hit my face and go into my mouth. He's pissing on me! I quickly close my mouth and turn away. The stream of urine stops when I move.

"Bitch, face me and open your mouth," he orders.

I hesitate, but resolve to do as I'm told if it makes him happy. He moves closer and pisses directly into my mouth. It takes all of my discipline not to turn away or spit. It certainly doesn't taste good, but not as horrible as one might expect.

"Swallow," he orders.

I swallow a huge gulp of my Dom's piss and am then rewarded when he moves forward and allows me to suck his cock again. I am utterly humiliated that I've just been pissed on and swallowed piss, but my cock has a mind of its own and is so hard it feels as if it is going to explode. As I'm sucking his cock, my ass finally yields, and the fattest cucumber I brought slides into my ass. While I am fully impaled, he pulls out of my mouth, smiles down at me, and empties the rest of his bladder onto my face and all over my body. I've just had my first ever golden shower.

He then turns around, bends over, and presents me with his ass. I know what I am supposed to do, and just can't believe the humiliation is continuing as I lean forward and rim him. My cock starts dripping pre-cum as I start thinking that this is the perfect place for a sub slut like me. I know this makes him feel good, and deciding I can make it feel better, I reach up and start stroking his cock. Soon his hand joins mine and we stroke his cock together until he cums again. Being in the position I am, I get to feel his ass spasm as he cums.

Then he turns around and pushes his other hand into my face. Apparently, he caught his cum in the hand that wasn't on his cock. I lick his had clean and swallow the third load of cum for the day.

"Lay down in the tub," he commands.

As I lay down I realize he had closed the drain and I am laying in his piss. Then he reaches for the cucumber that is still in my ass and starts fucking me with it. It is so big, and the stretch is so wide, that I have strong feelings of pain and pleasure at the same time.

"Masturbate," he orders.

I start stroking my cock while he continues to fuck my ass with the cucumber. It doesn't take long for me to cum, and despite this being my second orgasm of the day, I shoot a huge load. When my spasms stop, I feel a finger on my mouth and taste my cum he has scooped from my belly. I happily suck every drop of cum from his finger as he scoops every drop from my stomach. My fourth load of cum for the day has been ingested.

Then the drain is pulled, and the shower is turned on. We shower together, both exhausted and enjoying the warm water running down our bodies. When we are through, I dry off and get dressed. As I open the door to leave I remember that I forgot to do something, and I turn to find him standing behind me, still naked. I drop to my knees and kiss his cock goodbye, then get up and walk out the door. As I get to my car one of his neighbors walks by and winks at me. I have one more moment of humiliation as I realize he must have seen me on my knees kissing the cock.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous07/15/18

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm fuck I'm so turned on by all that degradation and humiliation you really should do more to this story

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by Anonymous07/13/18

Cucumbers analy?

I'm surprised one of those cucs didn't break in your ass and get stuck.

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