tagGay MaleThe Good Sub - Second Meeting

The Good Sub - Second Meeting


Day 2 -

I arrive at his place the next day as instructed. I knock and smile as I see that he is already naked.

He greets me with a look and walks towards the couch. Even without words I know what he wants, so I strip and follow him. He's sitting on the couch and has already become hard. I smirk, knowing I caused that.

"Suck," is all he says.

I obediently drop to my knees and crawl between his spread legs and start sucking. I start bobbing on his cock and every once in a while he grabs the back of my head and pulls it all the way down so his cock pushes into my throat. I'm not counting the minutes as I blissfully enjoy his cock, but I know it wasn't too long before I felt his cock getting harder, and then he grunts and cums in my mouth. I greedily swallow it all and keep sucking his cock gently as he softens.

"Get on the floor on your back," he orders.

I comply, then he kneels over my face and drop his balls into my mouth. This is one of my favorite positions because it just feels so submissive. I happily suck his balls until he pulls them out of my mouth.

I know what is coming when he moves forward. As expected, he spreads his cheeks and lowers his ass onto my mouth. This isn't something I want to do, I don't want my face in another mans ass. But he is the Dom, and it is what he wants. I am the sub, and my job is to do as I'm told and to give him pleasure.

As I rim him, he says, "Start masturbating."

I start stroking my cock, and quickly realize that although I've never been turned on by the thought of licking a mans ass, the pure submissiveness of doing so has made my cock extremely hard. I luv the feeling of being such a sub bitch.

"Bitch, you're going to keep rimming me until you cum," he says as he grinds his ass into my face.

Although this excites me, I don't hurry, and I loosen my grip a bit because I luv the position I am in. However, as he gets hard again he reaches down and starts playing with my erect nipples. That's too much for me and I cum, and cum, and cum.

When I finally stop cumming, my Dom leans forward and lifts his ass from my face as he rubs my cum all over my stomach and chest. When he is through he brings his hand to my mouth and I suck my cum from each of his fingers.

"Turn over and get on all fours," he instructs as he puts on a condom.

I reposition myself and then I feel him rubbing lube into my ass. First one, then two, and finally three of his fingers stretch and lubricate my ass. As soon as his fingers pull out, he plunges his cock balls deep into my ass on the first thrust. The girth of his cock is wider than his fingers, and it hurts, but I'm thrilled. My Dom is finally fucking me.

He starts fucking me hard enough that there is a loud slapping noise with each thrust. It feels wonderful until he pulls out, then it feels too empty.

"Suck my cock," he instructs.

I quickly turn around and suck the cock that was just in my ass. He laughs at how compliant of a sub I am and fucks my face.

"Ass," he barks.

I stop sucking his cock and turn around so my ass is facing him and he gets right to work fucking me hard again.

"Mouth," he says, as he pulls out of me again.

I turn and suck him again. This pattern repeats many times, until he pulls out and stands up.

"Follow me."

We move to the kitchen.

"Suck," is the command he gives and the command I follow.

"Ass," and I position myself face down, ass up on the kitchen floor so he can fuck me.

Each time I think he is going to cum he pulls out and moves to another room. We move from room to room at his place and he fucks me and makes me suck his cock in each room.

Finally, we end up in his bedroom.

"Bitch, lay on your back with your hands under your ass and your legs in the air," he commands.

When I comply he quickly enters me in that position and fucks me hard. Being fucked in the missionary position with my legs pushed back makes me feel like I'm a woman. And looking him in the eyes as he fucks me is even more humiliating than being fucked from behind. It's just another confirmation that the straight guy I've always thought I was is gone, and I've become a fag who will do anything for cock.

After a few minutes of fucking me he reaches down and starts stroking my cock. It feels great, and despite having already cum once, I know I'm not going to last long. He keeps stroking as we look into each others eyes and he fucks me with long deep strokes. Then I start quivering as I cum all over myself again.

That obviously turns him on because he quickens his pace and starts fucking like a jack hammer. Moments later he starts cumming. When he is done he reaches down and takes the condom off and pushes his cock into my mouth so I can clean the cum off it.

As I finish cleaning the cum off his cock he gets off me and leaves the room. I surmise that we are done and walk to the front door to get dressed. He comes to the door as I'm about to leave, and remembering his instructions from the prior day, I get down on my knees to kiss his cock goodbye. As I finish my kiss and am about to get up he surprises me and tilts my head back so I am looking up at him. Then he raises the condom I can see he is holding in his hand, the condom he just took off, and he drains it into my mouth. I swallow his cum with a smile on my face. What a nice gift for me as I leave.

As I'm walking away he shouts out the front door.

"Bitch, I want you back here tomorrow at noon so you can experience some real humiliation."

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That was hot I hope there will be more too it at some point!!!

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