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The Graduate


Josh was now eighteen and still in high school. He didn't graduate last semester and the way his grades looked, he would be held back again this year. His mother began to worry that Josh might never get out of school or get a job, or even worse, he might never leave home. She knew Josh was smart enough to pass, it was just, he lacked focus, and as he let his mind drift, he missed things. He often failed to turn in assignments because he forgot about them. When she talked to Rachel Weiss about her son's problems, she mentioned her own son was the same way until she hired Ellen as a tutor for him. Rachel swore by Ellen, saying she had turned her son into a dedicated student who might even end up in college. Desperate, Mrs. Turnbridge called Ellen and sat up a meeting with her.

When they met, Mrs. Turnbridge was surprised at how young Ellen looked. Even though she was a junior in college, she didn't appear to be any older than her Josh. Yet her references were impeccable and so she hired her to help Josh as soon as possible. Her son was not happy with this arrangement but in the end, there was nothing he could do but agree. The only open time slot Ellen had was when Mrs. Turnbridge was at work but she didn't see that as being a problem and the first date was set for Monday.

When Ellen showed up Monday, Josh could not believe it was the same girl that had talked with his mother. When she had met with his mother she was wearing a pantsuit with no makeup and her hair done up on her head. Today Ellen was wearing Daisy Dukes with a halter-top and her hair was in a ponytail that swung when she walked. She wore not only lipstick but eyeliner as well and she looked hot from head to toe. She started right in, "Now Josh I want you to do well, but I don't want to waste my time teaching you. I tutor by the reward system, you study and pay attention and the better grade you get the bigger reward I give you." Josh wasn't sure he understood her so she went on to explain. If he failed a test of course, he got nothing. However if he passed he was rewarded on a sliding scale. A D got him a peek down her top, a C and she took her top off for him, a B got him a peek at her panties and An A got him a peek at her beaver.

To Josh this was more than just a reward it was heaven. He always felt awkward around girls and he had yet to reach even second base. Ellen had changed his life in one easy lesson and he immediately began to study in earnest. The first week he received two C's and a B on his tests and true to her word he was rewarded with a peek at Ellen's boobs twice and a look at her panties. As for Mrs. Turnbridge she was thrilled by Josh's progress and she hopped he could keep it up. The following week he not only got at least a B on all his tests, he got an A on his math exam. Ellen was so proud of him she allowed him a little extra time to view what she had under her panties.

When it came time for finals Josh was worried about how he would do. Ellen promised him extra reward for final test grades and then for added incentive gave him the sliding scale for his report card. For his final test scores he would be rewarded extra viewing time in line with his grades. The real reward for his hard work would come at report card time. For every D received he would not only be allowed to see her chest he would also get to take her top off for the viewing. For every C he would get a chance to, actually feel her boobs. A B would get him the chance not only to peek at her panties but also to undress her first. Ah, but any A's would bring the real reward, Ellen informed Josh that he would be allowed to fuck her for every A he got.

The last two weeks of school Josh did nothing but study and go to classes. He talked with his teachers about any makeup work he could do in the hopes of raising his grades. He got with the smart kids in his classes asking for their notes to study. He was working so hard as all he could think about was the rewards he hopped to achieve. In the end all of Josh's hard work paid off big time as he got three B's and two A's on his report card. Mrs. Turnbridge was beside herself with happiness and she immediately began to turn Josh's room into a sewing room in her mind. For Josh it meant not only was he finally was getting out of high school he was actually going to lose his cherry. Even Ellen was ecstatic as she now had another successful tutoring job to add to her resume. When she learned that Josh was still a virgin, she felt doubly lucky as she could now teach Josh yet another lesson.

For Josh losing his virginity to Ellen raised his confidence enough to ask Jamie Lynn out on a date. Sure Jamie had a reputation but now that Josh knew what he was doing, he had no problems after getting Jamie Lynn into her bedroom. Overall it was a win win for everybody concerned and all agreed that Ellen's tutoring of Josh was the best thing to ever happen to him.

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