The Greek Dilemma Ch. 11-12

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The Presidents clash, and Katherine has another match.
5.5k words

Part 6 of the 6 part series

Updated 08/24/2023
Created 07/26/2023
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It was the last round before starting again at the top of their lists, the clash between the two presidents. The Kappas felt demotivated, but still cheering for their leader to pull out at least one more win. The Gammas were confident. They knew the work that Kayla had put in the last few weeks, and knew she had other skills that would help her win.

"Steve and Kayla, come on up." Quinn called out.

Kayla stood tall and proud, her impressive 5'9" frame amplified by her toned, athletic physique. Her fiery red hair cascaded down her back, setting the perfect backdrop for her emerald green eyes. She exuded confidence and grace, her charisma and wit equally matched by her intimidating disposition. As the president of her sorority, Kayla was used to taking control. She was confident she could outfight Steve, and Cassandra's training had given her more confidence in her sexual abilities, and the ability to dominate the mind of an opponent.

Kayla wore a white lacy top that exposed her flat stomach and showed plenty of her full breasts, with a see-through white skirt and thong underwear for the bottom. The skirt came down to mid-thigh, showing off her long, toned legs.

As she readied herself for the match, she couldn't help but feel proud of her sisters and how well they'd fought. She and seven other sisters remained, against only Steve and Brian for the Kappas. Even if she lost, they still had Lisa, Cassandra, Katherine, and more to fall back on. But, she wanted to win this match. Steve had started this whole mess months ago and then belittled them when they took up the challenge. She was going to take him down.

Steve was a tall, lanky man standing at 6'1", weighing in at 180 lbs. He had a wild head of curly hair, and a mischievous glint in his eye. His friends knew him as the resident prankster who loved to make people laugh and have a good time. He was always up for a challenge, and he was never one to back down from a fight.

Steve wore a pair of simple black shorts, preferring to fight bare-chested. He entered the ring and stood in the corner, deep in thought. His team had already had quite a day, and he was going to fight his hardest, but there was something he needed to do first.

Steve stood in the center of the "Kayla, before we start, can I have a word?"

Kayla looked at Cassandra, who was ringside with her. Cassandra shrugged, and Kayla joined him in the center of the arena. "What is it?"

"After what happened with Dylan, I've been thinking about how this all started, with a Kappa spiking your drink. I think everyone here knows that I love a good prank, but the more I think about it, the more I realize it wasn't funny. It was actually pretty fucked up.

"I don't regret that we had this event..." Steve looked at John, Brian, Dave, Christina, Stephanie, Natalie. "I think our houses are going to be tied more closely together because of today, and you lead a house of truly remarkable women. I'm excited to see what happens next. But I do regret that it started because we took away your agency. Separate of any other apology we make if we lose, I want to apologize, personally, to you for what happened. I will see that the other people involved also write you apologies, and I will take steps to stop this from happening in the future.

"I'd like to clear the air between us so our houses can work together better, but I understand if this is too little too late. Let me know if there's anything I can do to make things better.

"That's all I wanted to say. Thank you for listening."

Steve turned around to go back to his corner, when Kayla said, "Hey."

Steve turned back around, curious. "Thank you," Kayla started. "That's what I wanted from the start."

She took a step closer to him and smiled. "But... I hope you understand, I've got a few months worth of frustration to work out on your hide. So here's the 'anything' you can do. Put up your best fight here. Afterward, regardless of who wins or loses, the air between us will be clear. Agreed?"

Steve put out his hand. "Agreed. Thank you."

Kayla looked at his hand, then stepped forward and gave him a hug. She leaned up to whisper in his ear "I'm gonna kick your ass, though, Mister President."

Steve took a step back and smirked. "You're welcome to try, Madame President."

Kayla and Steve both walked back to their corners.

Cassandra leaned over. "You two are going to be such a great couple. That's what, three tonight?"

Kayla laughed. "Unlikely, you incorrigible matchmaker. Still, something strange is in the air here. I never thought I'd see Steve apologize until we beat it out of him. And he is right... I think we are going to be seeing a lot more of each other." Kayla leaned over to whisper in his ear, "Maybe if he can fuck..."

Cassandra put her hand to her mouth and giggled. "Speaking of beating it out of him... uh, not like... anyway, he doesn't have any martial arts experience that we could find. You know what to do."

Kayla nodded. "Thanks again, Cassandra... for all your help today"

Cassandra smiled. "Go get 'im, Madame President."

Quinn blew the whistle to start the round. Kayla and Steve both walked towards each other, and Steve took up a defensive crouch. "Good luck, Kayla."

"Good luck to you too, Steve."

They circled each other, with Steve looking for an opening to strike. Kayla seemed to have no intention of attacking, instead keeping her distance and waiting.

Finally, Steve lunged forward with a powerful punch aimed at her chest. Kayla turned around to the side, the punch missing her by inches, as she smoothly wrapped her hand around his wrist, and with a subtle, circular movement, threw him to the floor while holding on to his wrist.

Steve gasped in pain while she held him pinned on the floor with her wristlock. "Of course you know Aikido..."

"A woman has to be able to defend herself from brutes like you," she said. "But, here's where it gets more interesting..."

In a smooth, practiced move, she straddled Steve's back, then rolling to the side, she wrapped her long legs around his midsection, letting go of the locked arm but grabbing his other arm and whipping her hips to the side. In the end, she had him immobilized in a tight body scissor with one arm trapped under her, lying on her side, his body tight in her lap, her ankles crossed on the other side.

"Ow... jeez," Steve groaned.

Kayla knew she could get a submission quickly from this position, but she wanted to get inside his mind and dominate him further.

She spoke in a sultry voice, "You know, Cassandra has really corrupted me with these submission holds; I never thought they could be so... arousing." Her grip tightened as she ran her hand down his hard chest, then stroked her own thigh.

"Can you feel it?" she asked, her voice soft and low. "Feel my thighs wrapped around you like a python, slowly constricting, breaking down your abs, crushing you. Feel my pussy against your side, knowing that you're powerless? You can't break free." The words were dripping with arousal as she tightened her leggy grip.

Steve was red-faced, trying to squirm out, but she only squeezed harder, her thighs constricting around him.

Kayla leaned in close, her breath hot on his ear. "You can pretend like you're fighting me, but it only turns me on more... my thighs are like prison walls" Her grip tightened and she could feel his pulse quickening beneath her as he gasped. He grabbed her thigh with his free hand and tried to push it off; not only did her leg not move, she grabbed his wrist, twisting it slightly, controlling it in front of his body as she continued to pressure him in her scissors.

"Do you want to feel what it's like to be completely at my mercy? To feel the power of a real woman? To know the thrill of surrender?" she murmured into his ear. "As much as you struggle against me," she continued in a husky whisper, "you won't be able to resist for long. But it turns me on to feel you try." she moaned into his ear.

Kayla could feel Steve's muscled body weakening under her body scissors, his breathing becoming laboured and his resistance fading. "I can do whatever I want with you," she purred. "Wouldn't you like that? To just let go and succumb to me? I bet you'd like that, wouldn't you?"

"Fuck..." he grunted, his eyes shut tight.

"Oh that's an idea..." she let go of his wrist, and reached over to slide down his black shorts. She slid them down his legs and over his feet, and then pushed his shorts down, and off, to the ground. His cock was now fully exposed, standing straight up.

Kayla held her breath as she studied it, finding it to be a perfect mix of long and thick. She felt like she was going to explode with desire; her domination of Steve, the accumulation of the intensity of the atmosphere, the action from the previous rounds, the heat from their bodies -- these were all catching up to her. She wanted to fuck, now.

She thrust her hips against his side, feeling his hard muscles as she built up a frenzied rhythm. Pleasure surged through her body, engulfing her in a wave of ecstasy that threatened to overwhelm her. She whimpered and dug her nails into his shoulder, desperate to keep herself from screaming out loud at the intensity of sensation washing over her. Her voice was low and husky as she growled, "I need you inside me now."

She quickly climbed on top of him, reached under her skirt, and violently ripped her thong off. She looked into his eyes and slowly took him in, sliding all the way down to the base. They both moaned loudly in pleasure.

Kayla built a steady rhythm on top of him, sliding up his cock, then snapping her hips back down, moaning deeply on every stroke. His hands were firmly on her hips, guiding her movements as she lost herself in pleasure. She felt the waves of pleasure rolling through her body, so powerful and consuming that it almost scared her.

Steve's heart raced as Kayla intertwined her body with his. Kayla was by far the most powerful, attractive woman he had ever been this close to, and here she was writhing in pleasure on top of him. He had completely forgotten about the match. His only thought was to leave an impression as he summoned all his strength and rolled over her, pushing them closer together with each passionate thrust. He leant down and kissed her deeply, their tongues exploring each other. She wrapped her legs around him, not as a wrestling hold, but only to draw him closer, to feel more of his body against hers.

As their kiss grew more passionate, the pressure inside built to a fever pitch. She looked into his eyes, barely able to whisper, "I'm gonna cum."

"Cum for me, Kayla. Cum for me!"

Kayla screamed out as she came, her orgasm so intense and overwhelming that she thought she would lose consciousness. Her thighs locked around Steve's body, crushing him to her, while waves of pleasure erupted through her nervous system. She was barely aware of his gentle kisses on her neck as she rode out the intensity of her climax.

When she finished, he rolled off of her, somehow having not cum. Quinn looked down at them and blew the whistle, shocking them both out of their reverie. Kayla looked around in shock, and after a moment, stood up, head in her hands, and ran back to her corner. Steve, in shock himself, stumbled back to his corner as well.

In Kayla's corner, Cassandra climbed onto the ring apron. Kayla was shaking in a combination of rage and humiliation. "How could I have forgotten that I was in a match how could I be so careless I'm a disgrace! I can't believe this is happening everyone must think I'm an idiot..." she cried, her words stumbling out of her mouth, her confidence completely shattered.

Cassandra took Kayla's chin in her hands and forced their eyes to meet. "Kayla. Kayla!" she commanded, her voice steely and firm. "Look at me."

Kayla looked up, tears in her eyes, her chest still heaving.

Cassandra put her hands on Kayla's cheeks and looked deeply into her eyes. "I only have 45 seconds, so just listen and have faith. Have I led you astray yet?"

Kayla shook her head. Cassandra continued.

"That happens All. The. Time. You're a sensual, sexual, powerful woman. You're in the ring, you have chemistry with your opponent, and your body takes over. It is completely normal. Katherine and I have both lost matches that way. Trust me. Let me show you how to win this one. Ok?"

Kayla took a shuddering breath and nodded.

"The next fall, treat it like a martial arts tournament. Your only job is to get a point. Don't try to dominate him, don't worry about sex, just get a submission. Ok?"

Kayla nodded.

"You can do this. Focus only on the next point. I will handle the rest." Quinn blew his whistle. "Go. Just one point." Cassandra released Kayla's cheeks and hopped off the ring apron.

Kayla turned around to face Steve with steely focus. "Just one point. Just get a submission. Just one point." she repeated to herself.

Steve was still bewildered. She had been totally in control of the match, and then suddenly seemed to get lost in the moment, climaxing for him. But he was still worked-up from the most sensual, sexual experience he'd ever had. He didn't quite know what to do next. He walked out of his corner with no real purpose.

Steve's hand shot out to grab her before his brain could process what he was doing. Kayla seized the opportunity and grabbed his wrist, twisting it down in front of him. She then redirected him to the floor with force, planting him face-down with a thud. She held tight onto the wristlock, bending his arm bend backwards at an unnatural angle. With her sitting firmly on his back, she whispered a cold command: "Submit, Steve".

Steve's brain was still trying to process what had just happened on multiple levels. One moment he was reaching for her, the next he was on his stomach, being completely controlled by this powerful woman. Just a minute ago she had been heatedly grinding on top of him in the most erotic experience of his life, now she had become an incomparable goddess who seemed to have total dominion over his body. He delayed just a moment, not even struggling, just trying to process what had just happened to him.

Kayla had no patience for his internal dialogue, however. She shifted his arm up a fraction of an inch, and repeated her command, her voice cold and controlled. "Steve, submit, or I'm going to break your arm."

He had no doubt she could and would do it. "I submit" he called out instantly.

Kayla immediately let go of his arm, and returned to her corner, all business. Steve pulled himself up and stumbled over to his corner, desperately trying to bring his mind back to the present moment.

Kayla stood in the corner, still breathing heavily to calm herself, to try to bring back her confidence. Cassandra climbed up next to her. "Ok Kayla, great job. Well done. There are a few ways to do the next part, but we're going to use a game that Katherine and I play sometimes. What's something I have, some physical possession, that you want?"

"Umm... I don't know..." she said, confused at the sudden change of topic. "Oh! That gorgeous red satin dress you had on at our party last year. That dress looked so hot on you."

"Ok, ok... I love that black nightie you wore for our last pajama party. So. I bet you my dress against your nightie that you can't finish him in three minutes."


"Three minutes from the time Quinn blows his whistle until you make Steve cum. I bet you can't do it. Chicken?"

Kayla bristled. Her face hardened with a fierce determination as she looked Cassandra in the eye. Without hesitation, she uttered the word "Bet," as she stripped off her white top and skirt, exposing every inch of her body. She turned to face Steve, and as Quinn blew the whistle, Kayla bolted across the ring at Steve. Cassandra jumped off the ring apron and started the timer on her phone.

As Cassandra sat down, Katherine leaned over and whispered, "you did the bet thing to get her riled up, didn't you?" Cassandra nodded her head slowly.

"What're you about to lose?"

"My red satin dress..." Cassandra replied sadly.

"Oh. That was your favorite dress," Katherine sympathized.

"Yeah... it was," Cassandra agreed with a sigh.


Steve felt ready for the final round. He looked across at Kayla and Cassandra talking. He held onto a glimmer of hope. The way the rules were set up, in this final round, she had to make him cum with primarily sexual attacks, and he had to make her submit with primarily physical attacks. She would not be able to make full use of her Aikido skills, whereas he could do almost anything. He expected her to come out cautiously and wait for him to overexpose himself, so his plan was to be cautious as well.

So it shocked him when Kayla stripped off all her clothes and, at Quinn's whistle, launched herself at full speed at her.

Steve took a step forward and tried to sidestep her, but Kayla expected his movement. She reached out an arm and flung it around his shoulders, then in a display of pure athleticism, twirled around him, swinging her legs up around his torso, the momentum of her spin propelling his body to the mat. In the blink of an eye, she was behind him, her chest pressed against his back while her arms weaved through his to snare him in a full nelson, and her toned legs coiled around his torso like a python. He was helplessly trapped in Kayla's firm grip

Once she had him immobilized, she tugged down Steve's shorts with her feet until his arousal was visible. She then pressed her calves around his hardening cock and whispered in his ear as he squirmed in pleasure.

"Mmm, you like it when I stroke your hard cock with my sexy calves, don't you? You feel so hard..."

She continued stroking him with her calves as she spoke with slow, firm strokes, sliding her calves up and down, then flexing her muscles at the base. She pressed herself closer against him and moved her hips in circles while continuing to caress the length of his erection with her calves. She leaned in closer and nibbled his neck, sending a shiver down his spine.

He moaned in pleasure as Kayla continued her sensual assault, the combination of her calf caresses and her warm body pressing against him pushing him to the brink.

"You're so close... I can feel your body trembling against me. Just one more stroke and it'll be all over."

Kayla paused for one excruciating moment, then with a firm stroke, slid her calves from the top to the bottom of his cock and pulsed her muscles. With a shuddering cry, Steve exploded in an intense wave of pleasure that left him quivering in her grasp.

Kayla held him tight for one more moment, then slowly unwrapped her legs and arms from his body, taking a moment to lie spent on the mat. She slowly pulled herself to her feet, then offered a hand to Steve. "Good match."

Steve took her hand and let her help him up to his feet. "You were too much for me today." He smiled softly. "But it was a great match."

The Gamma sisters cheered wildly for their president as she left the ring. Cassandra standing at ringside, beaming with pride. The president walked over and gave her a tight hug, feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude. After holding each other for a long moment, they separated. "Two minutes and eight seconds." Cassandra whispered in her ear. "I'll have it ready for you tonight."

Kayla stared at Cassandra, astonished. "Cassandra, you saved the match. I would never have pulled through without your help. You don't owe me anything, much less that dress," she said.

Cassandra's smile dropped, and she looked gravely into Kayla's eyes. "Kayla, that's not how it works. Katherine and I are serious about our bets, and it would break my heart if you didn't accept what you earned."


"No buts, Kayla." Her face softened. "If you really feel guilty, why don't you come with Katherine and me when we go shopping for new outfits this weekend? I would really appreciate your fashion advice..." Cassandra quickly glanced at Katherine, and in a theatrical whisper, "and Katherine needs it whether she appreciates it or not."