The Grudge Fuck

byJust Plain Bob©

I stood up and told them I'd see them at work the next day and I left Phil's house.


The next morning Dave came into my office and said, "After you left we told Phil that he was no longer welcome. The game is at my place next week and we expect to see you there. Okay?"

"Okay. And Dave"



He smiled gave me a small wave of the hand and left my office. Phil never talked to me Thursday or Friday and he didn't come pick up the Geo on Saturday. Sunday morning I loaded the car on my trailer, drove over to Phil's house, backed into his driveway and pushed the car off the trailer. When it rolled down the ramps it ended up rolling into his front yard. I put the paperwork under the windshield wipers and went on home.

I left the trailer hooked and read the Sunday classifieds and by nine that night I had a 1993 Mustang convertible for my next project. I started tearing down the pony on Monday after work. I removed the crushed left fender and the damaged hood and started on the front clip. I found out that the front clip also included the headlights and headlight fairings for both the left and right front fenders so I called it a night.

I had just started on the car Tuesday evening when a car pulled into the drive and through the window I saw Sherri Reed get out of the car. I hit the garage door opener and she walked up the driveway and into the garage. She looked at the Mustang and then at me and said:

"I came over to thank you for my new yard ornament. I can't say that I care much for the color though. Can a girl get a drink here?"

"As long as it's beer."

"That'll work."

I closed the garage door and led Sherri into the house and into the living room. I told her to have a seat and asked her if she would like to have a glass for her beer and she said just the bottle would be fine.

I went to the kitchen and got two PBRs and went back to the living room, handed her one and then sat down in the chair across from her. She took a pull on her bottle and then she said:

"Have you ever heard the saying that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?"

"A time or two."

"Well it is also true that hell hath no fury like a woman who is totally pissed off."

I raised my eyebrows at that and she said, "I was in the kitchen and I heard Phil make that final bet with you. I want you to know that had you won I would not have honored that bet. I have no idea where Phil got the idea to pull such a bone-headed maneuver or even why he thought he could get away with it. When I braced him on it he laughed and said it didn't matter because he knew he had you beat. I reminded him that he was sure he had you beat when he laid down his three queens and you waxed his ass."

"Phil has always been stupid when it comes to me."

"Why do you say that?"

I told her the story of my past with her husband.

"What would you have done had you won?"

"Nothing. Phil is the asshole; not me."

She looked at me for several seconds and then she asked, "Are you the kind of man who could help a girl do something that she wants to do?"

"I guess it would depend."

I caught Phil cheating on me two years ago and I filed for divorce. He begged me to give him another chance and I got weak minded and took him back. I have no proof, but I'm sure that he is doing it again with a waitress from the Red Lobster. No matter because it was over for us when I heard him make that bet. It is clear to me that he doesn't value me at all. We are done, but he doesn't know it yet. I want to break it off in his ass. Would you like to help me?"

"What do you have in mind?"

"I've just heard you tell me that he was always trying to take your girls from you. How would you like to take me away from him?"

"Again, what do you have in mind?"

She stood up and started taking off her blouse as she said, "I'm sure that you will figure it out."

Phil had to be a brain dead moron to have to have done anything to risk his marriage to Sherri.

She was fantastic!

She was an insatiable sex maniac. I don't know if Phil was cheating on her or not, but if he was he was a fool. I led her to my bedroom and she walked right to the bed and got on it. She spread her legs and then just looked at me as if to say:

"Why the hell aren't you over here by now?"

I got on the bed with her and reached out to caress her right breast and she said:

"No. Just fuck me. Don't go slow and don't tease. Just ram it into me."

I did as she asked and pushed my cock straight in as hard as I could. She cried out and I thought that I'd hurt her and I began to pull back and she moaned:

"Don't you dare! Fuck me, fuck me hard; please God fuck me hard."

I did what she wanted and I fucked her hard and at the pace I was going I came in about five minutes. Sherri hadn't even come close to hitting her stride so she was crying:

"No, no, no, not yet, please not yet."

But when the cock dies it dies and there isn't jack you can do about it. Sherri scrambled to change position and her mouth swallowed my cock and she went to work on it.

Oh yes indeed; her husband was a fool.

While Sherri was sucking my cock she was moving around and I suddenly found myself looking at her dripping pussy. It was obvious what she wanted and while I was no stranger to eating pussy I had never eaten a pussy with cum seeping out of it. Once Sherrie was in position she pushed her pussy down toward my face and it was decision time. I could scramble out from under or stay. If I stayed I would have a gooey pussy shoved into my face, but I would be getting a world class blow job. If I got out from under Sherrie I could avoid the messy pussy, but the odds were pretty good that the blow job would stop.

The blow job won.

Sherri's pussy pressed into my face and I began licking her slit. She pressed down harder and my tongue found the hard little nub that was her clit. I licked it and she moaned. I started sucking on it and she squealed. As I licked and sucked away she was squealing, moaning and her body was twisting around and smearing her pussy all over my face. At the same time her head was bobbing up and down on the cock that she had gotten hard. She took her mouth off my cock and I was on the verge of screaming "Don't stop damn it; don't stop" when she lifted her pussy off my face, changed position and slammed -- and I do mean slammed -- her pussy down on my cock.

"Oh God" she cried, "So good, so fucking good" and she started to ride me. Her hands pushed down on my shoulders as she raised herself up and then drove her pussy down at me. Her moans were interspersed with groans as she fucked me. That's right; she fucked me. I pretty much lay there as she did all of the work. Having already cum once and hardly doing any of the work I was lasting a long time and I probably would have lasted a lot longer if I could have just lain there, but I had reached the point where I had to get off.

I put my arms around Sherri and rolled her over putting her on her back and then I started driving into her. She screamed and her hands clawed at my back as she pushed up at me. I pounded her harder and faster and she hollered out "Oh Fuck Yes!" as she had an orgasm and seconds later I had mine. I fell to the bed next to her and she rolled onto her side and snuggled in next to me.

"That was awesome lover" and she reached for my cock and started fondling it. I wondered if I could stay up with her. It took her almost ten minutes, but she did get me up and I moved over her and we made it for a third time before I got us both off. She cuddled up to me, tucked her head into my shoulder and in less that a minute she was asleep. I was still contemplating on what had just happened when I nodded off.

I woke up in the morning with a hard on and Sherri already had it in her hands. As my eyes opened she said:

"Wakey, wakey sleepy head. We need to start the day out right" and she bent her head down and swallowed the head of my cock. This is the way God meant for a man to be woken up I thought as Sherri worked her magic on me. After a minute or two she pulled me on top of her and we made slow easy love until we both got off and then we showered. Separately or we never would have gotten out of the house.

As she dressed I asked, "Now what will you do?"

"Depends on how far you are willing to go with me."

"How far do you want me to go?"

"Would you like a house guest for a while?"

"I hate to keep asking the same question over and over, but what do you have in mind?"

"When I get home he will demand to know where I've been all night and I'll tell him I spent the night with my lover. Then I'll tell him I'm leaving him for my lover. I won't name you, but I'll remind him of the first time I caught him and then I'll mention the waitress at the Red Lobster and tell him that I decided that if he could cheat so could I and it was just plain bad luck for him that the guy I cheated on him with was so much better in bed that I decided to move in with him. And you know what? It is the truth."

For an answer I got up and went over to the dresser and got the house key off my key ring and gave it to her. She smiled and said:

"I'll be here when you get home tonight."

"I'll be late. Its poker night and the game is at Dave's."

"I'm not worth you skipping a poker game?"

"Of course you are, but by the time the guys go to work tomorrow they will know of my good fortune and I'm sure that they will enjoy finding some way to let Phil know what I let them know. Are you good with that?"

"Oh yes. It is exactly what I want."

"You need to know that the guys are a fun loving bunch and the next time the game is here there will be a lot of joking and clowning about me betting you on a hand. It will just be joking, but can you handle it?"

"You will be surprised at what I can handle."


That night I told the guys what happened and they all laughed and the consensus was that Phil deserved it. I asked them if somehow over Thursday and Friday they could find a way to let Phil know that his wife had moved in with me and they told me that they would find some way to 'accidently' let it drop.

I don't know how they did it, but Friday at eleven Phil came storming into my office and called me a rotten son of a bitch.

"What the hell is wrong with you Phil?"

"You know damned well what is wrong. You and my wife; that is what is wrong."

"Hey Phil, don't use that tone of voice with me" I said repeating the exact words he'd said to me after the deal with Pauline, "It isn't my fault that you can't hang on to your woman."

He made as if to come across the desk at me and I stood up and said, "Do it Phil; please do it, please please do it."

He stopped, backed up and walked out of my office.


That happened three years ago. Sherri divorced Phil and Phil couldn't handle knowing that everyone he worked with knew that his wife had left him to come and live with me so he quit and moved out of state.

And Sherri? She is still living with me only now she is living there as my wife and I'm pleased to say that she is seven months pregnant with twins.

The guys do kid her when we play at my place. Just last night Sam asked her if was okay for me to bet her on a hand and she said:

"It is okay with me," and then she paused briefly before saying, "As long as he is holding a Royal Flush."

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