tagGroup SexThe Halloween Costume Party

The Halloween Costume Party


I guess first you should know that I consider the "Sensuous Woman", a book written some time ago, a Bible of sorts for sensual women like myself. I found the book in a dime store a while ago. After having read it and lived it I feel so self-assured about my sexuality that I can look at a man and know he sees in my eyes exactly what he wants. One chapter that has always made me moist is the chapter about party sex, just reading the chapter is enough to make me reach for my dildo!

That chapter of the book details one of my greatest fantasies. My vibrator starts buzzing around my clit at the part when it states "be prepared for the fact that you'll be expected to walk around nude." Then, I'm shoving my dildo in and out of my cunt at full strength when it gets to the part that reads "and also expect that anyone and everyone at the party could walk in on you at anytime. Yes, as you guessed I couldn't sit through "Eyes Wide Shut" without running to the restroom halfway through the movie to masturbate. I was the first to the shelf when it hit the video stores and I've spent many pleasurable fantasy hours with the movie since. Not just because the leading actor was Tom Cruise although, that alone could be enough to cause a screaming orgasm. No, it's just thinking about being in the middle of everyone, men and women, just a mass of people lost in pleasure. That fantasy is enough to set me on edge with my clit burning. Of course, I have always been much to shy to imagine actually living out this fantasy by interacting in that environment but, it has been a fantasy I have used often to pleasure myself since I was very young.

I was wrong. I surprised myself recently by actually living out this fantasy and it was an incredible experience. I hope that you don't mind if I share the details with you. . .

A few of weeks ago, I got a call from an ex-lover that I had always enjoyed sex with; yet, I knew our relationship held no real future for us. He asked me if I had plans for Halloween? I told him "No, nothing concrete after the kids are in bed." He laughed. Then he told me "not to make any plans" and that he "would be over to tell me why after he got off work." I hung up the phone wondering what this mad man had in mind but I was sure it would be sexual in content.

He came over that evening and we went out to eat. Over dinner I asked him what the mystery was about? He asked me if I would be interested in going to a Halloween party. He smiled broadly, and I knew that there had to be a little more to it than that. So, I asked him to tell me more. Through, shy grins and leers he informed me that it was to be a custom party/orgy. My heart jumped in my chest but I pretended to be nonchalant as I listened intently. He filled me in on the details and by the end of the evening I was a bit worked up to say the least. I could feel the moisture between my thighs and my abdomen was very tight. I knew that my lips and clit must be swollen and pouting. I also, knew that I didn't want to give into him or my own desires that evening.

When it came time for the goodnight kiss it was apparent that he was caught up thinking about the orgy also! The evidence was very apparent in the stiffness of his hard prick pushing against my pussy. God! He felt good but I wasn't going to give into him that night. Besides, I liked the teasing and suspense. Halloween was a few nights away and I knew he would be home stroking himself and wishing it was my wet pussy that was wrapped around his prick instead of a dry hand. I did let him raise my skirt a little with his knee and finger my bare clit with his hand. just enough to make him groan and press his prick against me harder. Then I backed away and smiled a polite goodnight; deftly avoiding his groping hands.

When Tuesday night arrived, I was out early with the kids taking them around to neighbor's houses and letting them ooohhh and ahhh at the cute costumes and decorations. My mind was on the babes and their safety but, my body was reacting to inner thoughts and as a result I was probably more friendly and flirtatious than usual. After about an hour the children tired of running from house to house and settled for going to a local event with their Grandpa. I explained to him that I had plans and he agreed to see to take them home with him after the party. I rushed back home to change for the party. Excitement was a river in my veins and my heart was racing. I knew that I could not go through with our plans without a few drinks. So, I hurried to the bathroom with a bottle of wine to soak a few moments and calm down.

I had decided to go as a flapper. I had a shiny black outfit that draped low in the front. Shiny black heals and a swinging shag skirt that came down to mid-thigh. I debated on whether I should wear hose or a garter belt with stockings. I'd laid my clothes on the bed in preparation for dressing before I settled into the bath. I had a drink or two to relax, but that wasn't quite enough with all the thoughts swimming in my head. I began to finger my clit and it was swollen and throbbing. I turned on the detachable showerhead and directed the vibrating jet stream at my clit. I lay back with my head resting on the back of the tub and massaged my body with my hands while the shower stream vibrated me to climax. Ahhahh, yeah! That always works.

After my soapy sensual self-play, I dried myself off and wandered into the bedroom. I'd decided to wear a sequined thong that was heart shaped in the front and barely covered the lips of my smoothly shaved mound. I sat on the side of the bed and pulled out the mirror to smooth away any lingering stubble with my hair removal cream. Then pulling on the thong; I adorned my mound with the sequins so that the bottom of the heart seemed to point straight down to highlight my shaved lips. (my lips are a bit on the big side and it tends to bother me at times, but being that it was a costume party and I was playing up the sexual side it seemed to be perfect.) I put on the outfit and smiled to myself, my heart showed straight through the sheerness of the flapper costume exactly as I had planned.

When Ron showed up to take me to the party he didn't want to leave, he wanted me right then and there, but I wouldn't give in. I knew that if I did he would end up falling asleep and he wouldn't get me to the orgy. There was NO WAY I was going to miss this. I had dreamed about it way too long. I had polished the bottle of Merlot and my courage was at a peak. I threw on my overcoat, and we made our way to the elevator. I reached for the garage button but he hit the ground floor button. I gave him a startled puzzled look, but he said nothing. When we walked out of the high rise there was a Limo there waiting to take us to our destination.

Once we were in the Limo, Ron leaned forward and kissed me. He asked me if I trusted him? I thought to myself that it was a strange question. I mean, we were on the way to an orgy together. I asked him if he was planning abduction? He laughed at the thought and told me that he would need to blindfold me for the ride to the estate. It was a condition of the party if we were to attend.

I laughed. Oh, this was getting better all of the time! I was starting to feel like I would probably meet up with Tom Cruise somewhere along the way.. Then I started to become nervous at the thought of people I might know being there.

Ron brought out the black silk cloth and wrapped it around my eyes, blinding me. Suddenly, I felt very uncomfortable. I asked him why? He replied that there were going to be some fairly well known people there, and that the party organizers had agreed upon this condition.

Thoughts began to fill my head about who would be there...and what I would be seeing during the course of the evening. The ride to the party was the longest I have been on in my life! I vacillated between wanting to run and wanting to be there. My heart was pounding, my pulse racing and the wine made me feel flush and hot. I could imagine all sorts of things happening before the evening was over. Ron was not making things any easier. After we were both blindfolded he proceeded to tease me uncontrollably with kisses and sensuous words. I could feel his hard prick through the cloth of his costume and his touches became more intimate as he wet his fingers in my pussy then pressed them to my lips. I obediently tasted my juices but admonished him not to mess up my costume. He apologized and agreed to wait until we arrived at the party.

I could see nothing. The only sounds I heard were those of Ron making small talk and the sounds of the erotic soundtrack that had been placed in the Limos sound system. It was nothing vulgar just the sounds of licking and sucking...and moans of pleasure...murmurs of pleasure and small cries of more...my senses were alive with the sounds. The recording was having the desired effect on me...leaving the images to my imagination yet hearing the pleasure was making me extremely wet. I wished now that I had not been insistent that Ron not spoil the sensuous surprises awaiting us. I wanted to reach down between my moist thighs to relieve a little of the tension that was building but I didn't want to mess up the work I had put into my costume...

Finally, we arrived at our destination. Ron helped me out of the Limo and up the stairs to the estate, I could sense doors opening. A man and a woman greeted us. I stuck my hand out to greet them back and instead received a sensual kiss.

The female voice asked Ron if he intended to remove my blindfold or if he intended to escort me around the estate all night long. There was laughter and Ron helped me off with the blindfold and my overcoat.

Apparently my custom met the approval of our host and hostess as their eyes brushed over me and I must say I could not take my eyes off them! He was dressed as a king. She as a lady in waiting with her breast exposed as the outfits of that time period were fashioned.

I was served a drink and made a small trip around the estate to familiarize myself with the place and search out a restroom where I could ensure that my costume and makeup were not mussed from the limo ride. I finished off that drink and was quickly served a second. Meanwhile, I selected a place to watch for a while hoping to find something that caught my fancy.

While wondering around I caught sight of a woman dressed as a slave girl. Her arms and legs shackled to two columns. When I wondered back around, I stopped to watch as three men and two women were now avidly attending the slave girl. One male was between her legs licking at her sex. I had thought my labia were long, but I watched thrilled at the sight as he took her LONG lips into his mouth and sucked and nibbled them. He was really enjoying eating her and sucking at the juices dripping from her source. Her lips made mine look small in comparison and I felt a little less self-conscience. There was a female behind her lavishing kisses and licks upon her on the back and ask I watch she trailed her lips down to apply her tongue to the sweet slave's ass. Causing her to twitch and roll her head with pleasure as both male and female accosted her ass and pussy.

The second female was beside the slave girl standing slightly to the left. She was lavishly applying oil to the girl's upper body and caressing her breasts. A second man watched the interactions and began rubbing his erection along the pretty woman's body and through the oil that had been applied to her. She seemed to be enjoying the hardness of his shaft and attempted to reach for him but failed due to the ropes that held her arms. The third male seemed to be a boyfriend or other close acquaintance of the woman. Another gentleman was rubbing his erection along the pretty woman's body and through the oil that had been applied to her, she seemed to be enjoying the hardness of his shaft because she made numerous attempts to reach for him. Of course, it was to no avail due to the ropes that held her arms.

The third male seemed to be a boyfriend or other close acquaintance of the woman. He kept whispering suggestions to those that were attending to the woman's pleasure. Giving them pointers and suggestions to add to the ladies pleasure but from the sounds and moans they were all doing a fine job pleasuring each other without the suggestions.

I watched with drink in hand and a smile on my lips. My abdomen tight and the heat was building in my thighs. I kept licking the salt from the rim of my glass long after the salt was gone. I crossed and uncrossed my legs several times while taking this all in applying subtle pleasure to my heated crotch. Ron came by and stood watching with me for a while. He said that someone had suggested we make it on out to the pool where a very interesting and exciting game was taking place.

They were playing bobbing for .!... But it wasn't apples that they were bobbing for and the game had a very interesting twist! The Bobbies sat blindfolded on the side of the pool with their legs dangling in the pool while the bobbers were in the water bobbing for sex. Most of the players in the game were couples and the object was to see if you could detect your lover's oral talents from the other bobbers. The game went sort of like an oral sex version of musical chairs. Each of the bobbies were allowed about five minutes of oral stimulation and pleasure from a particular bobber then a buzzer sounded and the bobbers moved on to the next in line. There were people that didn't seem to have "Lovers" sitting around the pool and masturbated while watching the oral action in the pool.

One site that caught my attention was a Cowboy dressed in all black. He wore a bandana covering half of his face leaving only his eyes for me to see but the thing that caught my attention was his swollen hard cock. It must have been at least 10 inches of dick meat he on his tall frame and it was as hard as stone! He was one of the loners setting alongside the pool watching the action. He fondled his balls with his left hand and with his right, he was pumping his shaft and the strokes were long and hard. I know my mouth opened, and I hungered for the taste of him.

Almost directly across from him was a lady dressed as Cinderella, and what a Glamorous little slut this Lady was! She was BEAUTIFUL! She had long black hair and deep blue eyes. Her legs were long and lean. The kind men just adore or as they say reached all the way to heaven! She was just removing her fingers from her throbbing sexy snatch when she caught my attention. She glanced around looking for a partner to ease her ache. A gentleman close by must have sensed her hunger because he took her by her beautiful long black hair and pulling her head back inserted his erection into her mouth. She in turn reached for the "wand" she had brought with her and began to fuck herself thrusting it deeply in and out of her wet cunt. This excited the man even more and he began banging her throat and thrusting hungrily into her mouth. Apparently, intent on literally fucking the taste out of her mouth. I watched as he grew close to climax and she fondled his balls with one hand while she fucked herself with the other. As his balls filled and tightened she sensed his climax and letting go of the wand, she took his balls into one hand and slid a single digit from her left hand up his ass. That was all it took, the reaction to her invasion of his anus caused him to withdraw his swollen cock and paint her face with his cum...

I had long sense lost myself in this vision of erotica and hadn't noticed the pair of breasts that now pressed against my back or the slight but deliberate entrance of a well-manicured hand into my line of vision until the long thin fingers entered my dripping pussy. I moaned aloud suddenly relieved that I would reach ultimate climax. I surrendered to the pleasure that was being administered to me. I rolled my head back to her shoulder and she cupped my breasts through the sheer cloth of my costume. Her hips ground against mine as she administered sure long strokes to my heated mound. Rolling her thumb and forefinger over my puckered nipple to tug and pull for my delight. She slid two long slim fingers into my wet cavern while her thumb continued to roll my clit. Flicking back and forth over the sensitive tip. Her palm applied just the right amount of pleasure to my pubic area and I was surprised that she knew exactly where to touch me. She aroused me to climax immediately but continued to pleasure me after the first wave had passed. She whispered sensuously in my ear encouraging me to cum for her again and again. Her hips rolling behind mine as she and I swayed to the beat of the music. We apparently created quite a spectacle. It was a spectacle that indeed caught the big boy cowboy's attention and he made his way over to us. I watch through half closed lids as he approached. It was a slightly silly but strangely erotic sight seeing him walk and his thick hard cock in the air out before him.

A woman dressed as wonder woman stopped him just before he reached us. She dropped to her knees and began what I can only describe as an oral attack on his on his long thick weapon. I then understood why she had dressed as a wonder woman and worn kneepads. Watching her suck his big dick made me wish I had thought of such a costume. She was wonder woman completely in control. She applied a deep throat technique that would make most women envious. My breath came in short shallow blasts as I watch her suck that beautiful cock and the woman behind me continued to slap at my pussy while pulling and tugging at my open clit. His eyes fastened on wonder woman as she tugged and pulled his cock in and out of her mouth but before he could cum, she applied a cock ring to him and brought him over to us. I was grateful because I needed release in the worst way and the devil woman that was attending to me just wasn't capable of providing the deep fucking relief I needed.

Wonder woman helped the cowboy to his back and I straddled him. I'll never forget the excitement I felt as I took him into my hands and guided him into my wet cunt. GOD he was thick and hot! All moist from the deep throat sucking that wonder woman had given him. I began to get accustomed to his size. Then I felt wonder woman start to kiss and lick my back and cup my breast. I absently wondered where my costume had gone and how I was suddenly riding the biggest cock in Texas but I was soon immersed in my need and no longer worried about such trivial things.

Wonder woman started a slow but deliberate descent to my ass where she kissed and showered her oral homage to my backside. She spread my cheeks and zeroed in on my puckered asshole! Attacking my ass with her tongue until I was moist then sliding a thin manicured finger into my ass. It was all I could take and I spasmed. Contractions spidered from my inner body to send shock waves all through my limbs. The cowboy bucked against me as I contracted tightly on his cock. He shot streams of cum, filling my cunt with his cream!

From somewhere in the depths of my pleasure I was aware that wonder woman was tasting the mixture of my pussy cum and the cowboy's seamen as our bodies rocked. She was like a woman starved and she did have such a talented tongue!

When my orgasms had calmed and the cowboy had stopped bucking with intensity. I glanced down to notice that his bandana had slipped down revealing more of his face. The cowboy was the local news anchor...I knew then and there I would never be able to watch the news again the same way...

Were you there, too?

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