tagErotic HorrorThe Halloween Frat Party

The Halloween Frat Party


Justin gazed at the crowd; the mesh of bodies moving together with the beat of the music and the flashing lights was exciting. He took in the various women and their costumes. Many were dressed in provocative and revealing costumes. Justin took note of the many "police officers," "nurses," "witches," and "sailors." There were a few other costumes, that were way more revealing.

"Boy look at this!" Will Canasta said over Justin's shoulder. Will was member of Pi Phi Pi Fraternity just like Justin. He was also a member of the university's men's' basketball team.

"You're right," Justin laughed. "There are some real stunners in here."

"Yeah," Will laughed. He patted Justin on the shoulder. "I need to get up on one so I can end the night right!"

Justin was slightly shorter than Will. His 5'9 olive-skinned frame was well-toned; evident of the time Justin spent in the gym. Justin's curly hair and light brown eyes, spoke to a mixed heritage.

"Have you seen that chick Marisol and her friend Aleshia?" Will asked.

"No, not yet," Justin replied. He looked at Will inquisitively.

Will was dressed in a fake NASCAR driver's costume, which was adorned with several real logos. A small checkered flag hung from his back pocket.

"Dude!" Will smiled. "Those two are looking- GOOD! You got to see them."

"Let me go look for them then," Justin laughed. "I need to see if I can finally really get in her pants."

Will laughed, watching the recent fraternity inductee head off to look for the two women.

Justin headed off, leaving his fraternity brother behind. He wanted to see the tanned, Puerto Rican beauty Marisol and her friend Aleshia for himself. Justin knew the two from two classes, that he had with them last semester.

Marisol had a body, that made many other women envious- big breasts, which Justin figured had to be a DD cup, a tiny waist and a nice, round firm ass. She had a pretty face to boot. Marisol's New York/New Jersey accent made her even sexier.

On the other hand, Aleshia had a lithe and svelte body. Her caramel skin and green eyes made Aleshia just as attractive as Marisol. While Aleshia could not match her friend's body dimension, she had curves that were just as sexy.

Justin found the two friends dancing together near the middle of the dancefloor. They both smiled at the appearance of the handsome, olive-skinned fraternity brother. Justin stood back and admired the costumes of the two- Marisol as a fairy and Aleshia as a Star Trek ensign.

"Hey Justin," Marisol cooed. She blew Justin a kiss.

"What's up friend?" Aleshia smiled. She reached out and caressed Justin's chin.

"Nuthin much ladies," Justin said. He felt his dick stir in his pants at the sight of the two woman and Aleshia's caress. "Can I join you?"

"Sure," the two women said in unison. They parted, allowing Justin to squeeze in-between them.

Justin smiled. His heart began to beat faster, as he felt the bodies of the both women rubbing up against him. Justin moved adroitly to the music, feeling up the two girls as he danced.

"You two are too much," he whispered in Aleshia's ear.

"Maybe we can make the night much more special," Aleshia leaned in a whispered in Justin's ear. She lightly nibbled on Justin's ear.

"Hold up," Marisol said, as she wrapped around Justin's waist. "I need to get a little piece of him too."

The trio continued to dance. Their dancing was sexy enough to attract the attention of the other party-goers who cleared a small space to allow them room to dance. The trio smiled as the party-goers cheered them on.

Justin allowed the two women to lead him from the dancefloor, when the DJ changed the music. They moved from the dancefloor, through the kitchen to that back of the house, where there were more rooms. The music and crowd noise dimmed, as the trio retreated further. Justin felt his dick straining at his zipper, as his eyes followed Marisol's ass.

"Can't we stop in one of these rooms?" Justin questioned. He placed his hand on one door as he passed by.

The door creaked open and Justin was greeted by two costumes party-goers fucking. One was a tall black male, who Justin recognized as a member of the university's basketball team. The other was a buxom, platinum blonde, who was bent over getting fucked furiously from behind. The basketball player was long stroking her- bringing his dick all the way out and then slamming it back into the girl's pussy. The girl was moaning intently. The two barely registered the intrusion.

"Excuse me," Justin said stammered. He pulled the door close.

Marisol and Aleshia giggled at Justin's gaffe.

"We've got a room back here," Marisol whispered.

"K," Justin smiled. He looked around for a moment, noticing that the lighting here in this part of the house was dim.

Aleshia pushed open a door to a room. She guided Justin in, gently tugging on his wrist. Marisol guided from behind, squeezing Justin's ass and lightly kissing on his neck. Aleshia drew his attention to the bed that was in the room.

"Ready for a night of pleasure?" Aleshia whispered, as she began to wiggle out her costume. Chocolate colored nipples topped her B-cup breasts. Aleshia ran her hands over her naked body, then draped her arms around Justin's neck.

"Yeah girl," Justin whispered, excited. He felt Marisol's hand rubbing on his dick through his pants. He looked around the room, noticing several cheap, knock-off brand scented candles providing the little bit of illumination there was in the room. Justin figured that they were also providing the faint sweet smell, which greeted him.

"Me too papi," came Marisol's voice.

Marisol guided Justin's head and attention to her. She had removed her costume as well, allowing Justin to see her shimmer-covered body. Her pussy was bald and bare. Marisol lightly kissed Justin's lips.

"Do you like papi?" Marisol giggled. She stuck a finger in her pussy, took it out and rubbed it across Justin's lips.

"Sie," Justin replied, trying to fax a New York accent. He was so taken in by her beautiful body, that he barely registered Marisol tying his wrist together with the belt from her costume or Aleshia removing his shirt and kissing her way down his back to his ass. Justin finally felt Aleshia when she freed his dick.

"Such as great dick," Aleshia murmured between kisses to the head of Justin's dick. She gripped his hard dick and licked the underside of it.

Marisol kissed Justin fully on the lips, parting them with her tongue. She drew him closer. Marisol broke the kiss and looked in Justin's eyes, a smile spreading across her face.

Suddenly another woman slithered from under the sheets on the bed. Her alabaster skin shone even in the darkness. She smiled intently at him. The woman was nearly naked. Only a deep red bra, that barely contained her two breasts prevented her from being in her birthday suit.

"Excellent ladies," the newcomer spoke seductively. Her voice sounded like it was meant for seduction.

Justin looked intently at the alabaster-skinned woman. Her voice seemed to draw him in. She had a body that seemed to be the exact carbon-copy of Marisol's.

"Who are you?" Justin asked. He tried to turn his body fully to walk toward the woman, but his way was blocked by Marisol and Aleshia. Aleshia was still sucking his dick, as if it was a lollipop.

"I told you he was perfect," Marisol said, turning toward the woman.

"Yes my dear," the woman whispered seductively. She reached out and caressed Marisol's face. Then the woman drew Marisol into a sensuous embrace and kiss.

"Wow," Justin stammered. He took in the scene.

Aleshia rose from her position to join the two. She was received, just as Marisol had- with a sensuous, tongue-twirling kiss.

"I'm cool with a three- er foursome," Justin quipped.

The alabaster-skinned woman looked at Justin and smiled.

"Dear boy, your thoughts of sexual conquest are misplaced," the woman whispered seductively. She strolled toward Justin. "What will happen tonight may seem and feel like pleasure, but you most certainly will not like the end."

"Hhhmmm," Justin laughed. He shook his head, trying to clear the slight haze that had descended upon him. "Try me."

For the first time, Justin studied the woman. Her eyes glowed with an orange hue and a small set of wings reflexively spread out from behind her. Justin then noticed her blood-red painted fingernails, which looked to very sharp.

"My name if Lovita," the woman whispered in Justin's ear. Her voice continued to befuddle his mind. She ran her fingernails across his chest and stomach. "I come to claim seven males every year at this time and you are number five."

"What do you mean claim seven males?" Justin asked. He wanted to back away, but his legs wouldn't respond. Suddenly Justin began to realize that something was wrong. "What are you doing to me?"

"There is no escape Justin," Aleshia giggled. She sat back on the bed, falling into the waiting arms of Marisol. "My mistress promised that if I brought back one more strong and virile young man, that I would be released. It has already been done to you!"

"Released?" Justin questioned. He tried to move again. He felt Lovita behind him. "I can give you a release."

Lovita began kissing on his neck, her teeth grazing his skin. She raked her fingernails across his chest, hard enough to draw blood.

"Yes," Lovita began. "She will be released from my service and returned to her natural form if she so desires."

Lovita nipped Justin's shoulder drawing blood. She licked the small trickle of blood. Lovita then ran a fingernail under Justin's chin.

"Damn," Justin growled. He could feel the pain of the bite and her scratches, but he could not make his limbs respond and move. Lovita's seem like it was a drug that he had to have and listen to. Then Justin felt one of Lovita's finger's probing his ass.

"Ah, nice and tight," Lovita giggled. She kissed along Justin's back. "You will do fine."

Justin's eyes went wide with fear, as he felt Lovita's finger penetrate his ass. Tears welled up in the corners of his eyes. Justin knew he could do nothing to stop her.

"I'm not gay or nothing like that," Justin quipped.

"Be quiet papi," Marisol said. She was lying down on the bed with Aleshia face in between her thighs. She played with her nipples. "Just enjoy it. It'll be okay soon. Then you'll know what it feels like to be a bitch before you die."

"No please," Justin winced. He watched Aleshia continue to lick and suck on Marisol's pussy.

Lovita bite him again.

"Shut the fuck up," Lovita whispered. She smacked his face. "You better not cum."

Lovita continued to pump her finger in Justin's ass.

"I don't want to die," Justin whispered. "I'll do anything."

"Anything," Lovita questioned. She rested her head on Justin's shoulder. "You could replace Aleshia as one of my bitches."

"What," Justin asked.

"Shut up," Lovita said. She added another finger to his ass. "You could replace Aleshia. You 'll do my bidding."

"WHAT?" Justin said.

"Take my place or die," Aleshia growled. She jumped from the bed and rushed Justin. Her hand shot up toward his throat. "I have been her loyal servant for one hundred years. You can take my place or die. I have been her loyal servant for one hundred years."

"You're choice Justin," Lovita whispered. She continued to pump her fingers in Justin's ass. "I need to feed, but I will also require another bitch."

"Bitch," Justin whispered. He felt his dick jerk and cum spray all over Aleshia's midsection. A wave of pleasure washed over him, as he collapsed into the arms of Lovita.

Aleshia looked at the cum on her stomach. She kicked the prone body of Justin.

"You must learn who is in control," Lovita whispered in his ear. She smiled, a mouth full of sharp teeth showing.

Jelisha looked around, at the crowd. She scanned the intermingling bodies of young men and women, grooving to the music. At Jelisha's side stood Marissa. Jelisha's olive complexion, complemented Marisol's ginger complexion. There was a difference in their build- Jelisha spotted a toned makeup. Jelisha's eye-catching 36C cup breasts, small waist and toned body was in stark contrast to Marissa's buxom body.

"We need at least two boo," Marissa whispered in Jelisha's ear. She kissed her on the side of the neck, on top of a small tattoo.

"Just too?" Jelisha asked with a smile.

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