tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Halloween Party

The Halloween Party


Halloween was just a week away, and Marc was at the Halloween store with his girlfriend, Kristen, and their friend, Miguel. They were looking at costumes for the party on Saturday.

"Oh, look at this one," Kristen said, holding up a package. The picture showed a girl in a black mini-dress, fishnet stockings, and matching heels.

"That's hot," Miguel said.

"He's right," Marc said. "You would look great in that."

"It's not for me. It's for him." Kristen pointed at Miguel.

She wasn't kidding. Miguel was really going to dress like a girl on Halloween. Marc wasn't surprised though, since Miguel already had effeminate features such as the long hair, black eyeliner, smooth brown skin, and full, pouty lips.

"Oh," Marc said.

"Do you want to see me wear it now?"

"Uh, well." Marc was a little uncomfortable. He looked at Kristen for her approval.

"Yeah, let's see it," Kristen said.

Marc and Kristen waited by the dressing room while Miguel changed. When he came out several minutes later, they were stunned. Miguel looked like a completely different person. The black dress fit his petite frame perfectly, exposing his shoulders and slender arms. His thin legs looked sexy in those fishnets.

Marc was seeing Miguel in a whole new way. He'd never been attracted to men, but Miguel was different. He exuded a feminine quality that Marc couldn't resist. Marc felt movement in his briefs.

"Wow," Kristen said. "You don't look like Miguel anymore."

"More like Mia," Marc said.

Miguel diverted his eyes to his feet and smiled shyly.


The Halloween party was at Miguel's house, which he shared with two roommates. Over thirty people had shown up in their scary and sexy costumes. Marc was a vampire dressed in black slacks and a black shirt. His black hair was slicked back; his face, milky white with dark lips and fangs protruding slightly. Kristen was a gothic queen in a black and red Victorian dress. Her small breasts were constricted beneath the bodice, which made them appear larger, and created a deep crevice in the center. Her red curls flowed freely around her shoulders, contrasting beautifully with her fair complexion.

Dance music was playing on small speakers attached to each corner of the room. Some people were dancing and others, trying to have a conversation over the loud music. Marc and Kristen spotted Miguel across the room with a group of friends.

"Hey, guys," Miguel said to them. Then to his friends, "This is Marc and Kristen. We've all been friends since high school."

Miguel was wearing his new outfit. He had dark lip-stick and a touch of glitter on

his face. A red rose rested in his long, black hair.

"You look hotter than before," Kristen said.

Marc agreed silently.

"You guys look great, too," Miguel said. Then, pointing at the dining room, he said, "The food and drinks are in there, so help yourselves. I'll be right back. I have to go say 'hi' to someone." Miguel patted Kristen on the shoulder and strutted over to the front door where he greeted a young, blonde woman.

Marc and Kristen went to the dining room, ate a little bit, then joined the dancing crowd. They danced to sexually provocative songs. Marc had his hands on Kristen's waist, grinding his crotch against her. Often, he would play his role as vampire and nibble on her neck with his artificial fangs. The full dress she was wearing made her perspire. A bead of sweat began rolling down her chest, but before it went down her cleavage, Marc licked it away.

"Let's go upstairs," Kristen said.

Marc followed her up the stairs and down the hallway. She opened a door to someone's bedroom.

"This is Miguel's room," she said. "He won't mind."

The room was decorated with posters of musical artists and actors. Pink and purple flowers were painted on the cream-colored walls. This looked like a girl's room.

"Oh, wait here," Kristen said.

"Where are you going?"

"To get some drinks."

Then she was out the door.

Marc sat at the end of the bed, his hard-on now diminishing. He could've done without the drinks. Now he had to wait in Miguel's room. What if he came in and caught him in here? Should Marc tell him the truth? That he and Kristen were going to fuck on his bed? She did say that Miguel wouldn't mind.

He got up and walked around. What kind of things does Miguel have in here? Marc thought. He saw a lot of colored pencils and art paper on the computer desk. Miguel was a good artist. On top of the dresser were little photos of himself, Kristen, and Miguel. The Three Amigos. That put a smile on Marc's face.

When he went back to sit down, he noticed that one of the drawers in the pink night stand was open. He stopped, looked at the door, then back at the night stand. Marc wanted to see what was in there, but Kristen was coming back any minute.

"Oh, fuck it," Marc said out loud.

He pulled the drawer out some more and saw a box of Trojan condoms, a large bottle of lube, and a dildo.

Someone banged on the door several times. Marc slammed the drawer shut and went to open the door. Kristen had a drink in each hand.

"Here you go," she said, giving him a red, plastic cup. "It's Jack and Coke."

After taking a sip, Marc put the cup on the dresser, then took hers before she could get a taste.

"Hey," she protested.

"Let's do this now."

"Do you have any condoms?"

Marc took his wallet out.

"Shit," he said after looking through it. "I don't have any."

Then he remembered what he found in the night stand.

"But there are some in there," he said, pointing at the bottom drawer.

"Were you snooping through Miguel's things?" Kristen said.

"No. I mean...it was already open."

"Don't worry. I won't tell."

She took out the condoms and the lube and placed them on top of the night stand. Then she turned her back to Marc.

"Unzip me. I can't wait to get out of this dress."

Slowly, as he pulled the zipper down, the dress opened up, exposing her freckled skin and a rose tattoo. He pushed the dress over her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. He held her close from behind, pressing his body against her, massaging her shoulders and kissing her neck. After removing her bra, he massaged her breasts and, with the tip of his index finger, gently rubbed her stiff nipples. His other hand was inside her pink, laced panties, fingering her wet pussy. Kristen was writhing and moaning in his arms. She was ready for him now.

There was a knock at the door. Marc almost couldn't hear it because it was so

light. Kristen broke away from his embrace and approached the door.

"Kristen. You're naked."

"It's okay."

She opened the door, showing herself freely to Miguel. He opened his mouth as if in shock.

"You started without me?" he said. "Just kidding."

Miguel came in and stood close to Marc.

"Do you like my bedroom?" he said.

Instead of answering, Marc looked at Kristen.

"You didn't just get drinks," he said.

With a guilty smile, Kristen shrugged her shoulders.

"Don't be mad at her, Marc," Miguel said. "I told her to come get me when you guys came up here."

Marc was on the verge of getting angry, but stopped himself. He wanted to hear what Miguel had to say.

"Ever since high school, I've had a crush on you," Miguel said. "But I knew I couldn't do anything about it because, for one thing, you were going out with Kristen, and I knew that you weren't gay. But, lately, I've notice the way you look at me."

Miguel paused for a moment.

"Do you like the way I look," he said.

It took a moment for Marc to answer. He cleared his throat, then finally said, "Y-

yes, I do."

Miguel giggled, putting a hand on Marc's cheek.

"It's okay," he said. "You don't have to be nervous. I want to know what you think because I'm going to look like this from now on. Well, not like this." He gestured to the costume. "I'm going to dress like a girl twenty...four...seven."

"You are?"

"After a year, I'll have cute little titties."

Miguel started to unbutton Marc's silk shirt.

"I'm going to use the name that you gave me the other day. Do you remember?"


"You can call me Mia."

Marc's shirt was off now. Mia caressed his arms and chest, then kissed him. Her lips were soft and gentle. Kristen was between them, on her knees. She unzipped Marc's pants and pulled out his hard cock. He and Mia continued to kiss while Kristen sucked him off. Then Mia slowly lowered herself, kissing Marc's chest and stomach on the way down, where she joined Kristen. Together, they sucked his cock.

After awhile, Mia took off her dress, leaving her fishnets and black panties on.

"Your turn," she said to Marc.

He got down on his knees, his face a couple of inches from Mia's crotch. He could see that her cock was curled up inside. Slowly, he pulled her panties down. Her cock sprang out to its full size of eight inches. Marc started with her smooth testicles,

then slowly worked his way up the shaft of her circumcised cock. When he reached the head, he began flicking it vigorously with his tongue. Mia gasped. Marc held her cock horizontally as he sucked it, moving his head forward and back.

This was the first time he'd ever done this, but it seemed to come naturally to him. He liked the way Mia's cock felt in his mouth, on his tongue. He wanted to taste her cum, but Mia stopped him by saying, "That's enough for now, honey. Let's save it for later."

Marc stood up.

"She's waiting for us," Mia said, pointing at the bed.

Kristen lay there, stretched out on her side as if posing for a nude portrait. Marc took off the rest of his clothes and joined her on the bed. Mia did the same. The three of them huddled together, touching and kissing each other. Kristen sat up with her back against the head board, her legs spread wide open. Marc and Mia, together, ate her out.

After the intense foreplay, Kristen got the box of condoms from the night stand and took out two. She gave one to each of them. They put them on their hard cocks. After spreading lube on her anus, Kristen laid on top of Marc. She gasped when his cock slid into her warm pussy. Her breasts pressed against his face as she raised her butt. Mia crouched above, entering her from behind. Kristen cried out. She held Marc tightly, her breasts still in his face, and her hands on his head, pulling his hair.

"Oh, Marc," she said, breathlessly. "It feels good."

The three of them fucked for a long time while the party went on downstairs, their movements coinciding with the dance beats coming through the walls. They

changed to different positions, using extra condoms and a lot of lube.

The final moments of this incredible threesome was dedicated to anal sex. Kristen received both cocks at the same time, and Marc and Mia fucked each other. When Marc took Mia's eight inches, Kristen stroked his cock which was slick with lube. This sent him into ecstasy. His moans were loud and emotional. Then he climaxed, his cum gushing out, running all over Kristen's hand and his stomach. She pumped his cock until there was no more cum.

Mia slowly pulled her cock out of Marc's anus and peeled off the condom. She climbed on top of him, sitting on his chest. She jacked off and came in his mouth. There was too much cum for Marc to swallow, so he gently spit it out, allowing it to run down his chin.

Marc rested with the girls at either side of him. They stroked his hair and kissed his cheeks.

"That was amazing," he said.

After showering together, they got back into their costumes and rejoined the party.

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