The Halloween Wager


Sherry had dropped the still camera and snatched the strap-on up, she detached the dildo and looked at it, looked at Ken's bottom.

Golden white fire filled Kathy's vision, filled her brain, her pleasure center was overloaded, her pussy clenched down on the cock and squeezed, it shot, it shot and shot and shot, filling her with white hot cum.

He collapsed onto her.

It was quiet, a few street noises made it up to the room. Ken had untied Kathy and tucked her into bed, she was breathing deep and slowly in her sleep. He cleaned up and dressed, trying not to look at the form on the floor.

The room 'phone rang a few minutes later. It was Sherry's husband. Ken asked him to come down.

Sherry sat on the floor, leaning back against the foot of the bed, legs spread and the giant dildo shoved all the way into her pussy, she drooled and panted. The quiet monotone she panted out was hard to understand, but they finally understood it.

"Gotta cum, she cums I don't, I gotta cum she cums I don't, I gotta cum she cums I don't, I gotta cum.

Her husband looked at Ken sadly.

"Don't worry, she does this sometimes. She finally told me once that the only time she ever came was once when she was with Kathy, she seemed to hate Kathy and I don't know why.

"She usually ends up wearing me out and then forcing that monster into herself, but she never cums. I tried to get her to see someone but she refuses."

"I'm sorry. I couldn't understand this bet, but I just got sucked into it."

"The last thing she said to me was that she was going to cum again and rub Kathy's face in it."

"Are you sure she's OK?"

"Yes, look, I think she said something to Kathy's husband, probably told him some lie, I know they split up afterwords, you might tell her that."

After they were gone with the bag and all the gear. Ken locked the door. He checked one more time and made sure he had the flash memories from both the still camera and the movie camera. He smiled, he had finally fucked his Mom and she seemed to like it. They might never do it again, but it was something he would always cherish.

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They all


There were no Winners

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