tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hard Body Clerk's New Beginning Ch. 01

The Hard Body Clerk's New Beginning Ch. 01



Cori Banks looked out the window of the jet, watching her past life in little Darien, Georgia, and her job at the Hard Body Shop slip away. She hoped to get back someday soon. She loved her co-workers, Ben, John and Ty, with whom she had developed a unique working relationship. She had worn sexy clothes for them and fucked them all on a regular basis. Other than the sex, they treated her like a family member -- always caring for her, protecting her, making her feel special. They were like family and she missed them already.

But her real family -- her step-dad -- needed her now. He was living just outside San Diego, a far cry from Georgia. He was sick and needed someone to care for him. Cori's mother had left him long ago and Cori had never forgiven her. Even though Cori was 15 before he met and married her mother, she always got along well with Norm. They were never particularly close -- she was so busy with cheerleading and gymnastics and he was busy with his restaurant -- that they never spent lots of time together, but he was always nice and Cori had developed an affection for him. He was certainly more of a father than her real dad. Still Cori, now 22, hadn't seen him for three years, since he moved to San Diego after the divorce.

She knew he ran a truck stop with a partner somewhere around San Diego, but that was about it. She hadn't heard from him in over a year, then out of the blue, she got a call from Chuck, his business partner. Her 62-year-old step-dad had suffered a moderate stroke. He was going to be all right, but he had lost some movement in his right side and struggled to get around. Cori knew he was alone with no family other than her and her cheating mother. He had no one to help him run errands, do chores, change clothes or bathe. And his truck stop was hurting and he had neither the ability or the means to help. Even though he wasn't flesh and blood, Cori's heart went out to him. She felt for him and knew it was up to her to help. It was a tough decision to make to leave Georgia, but she had no choice. She couldn't live with herself if she didn't go.

In some ways, Cori was looking forward to it. The last two years of her life had been mostly about sex. Cori liked it and was good at it and, well, she was made for it. She was 5-6, 120 pounds with an all-natural 36C-22-34 body. She had natural blonde hair just past her shoulders, blue eyes, a pert nose, full lips and a pretty white smile. She was what the guys liked to call a hard body -- firm and fit all over. Those big breasts sat up high on her chest and seemed to defy gravity with or without a bra. She had long, rubbery nipples that were quite sensitive and usually at least semi-erect. Her firm ass was perfectly round and tight and her pussy was a moist slice of perfection, with puffy pink lips and a carefully trimmed blonde tuft of hair. She had magnificent legs that were toned from hours of exercise. She had a deep, healthy looking all-over tan. She had a pierced navel and a tiny red heart tattooed on her left ass cheek.

This fantastic body had been put to the test many times, as she often was fucked anywhere from 3 to 10 times a day. Her fitness, flexibility and stamina were essential to keeping up with the high demand on her body. So, in a way, she was looking forward to a break from some of that. She wouldn't have to have sex all the time or even look sexy. What a change of pace that would be.

Even dressed in normal clothes, Cori could turn heads. But, of course, her attire at the Hard Body Shop had been anything but normal. Thongs, bikinis, hot pants, lingerie and the like comprised her wardrobe. She seldom wore anything else. She hadn't realized how comfortable she had become in those clothes until she went to pack for San Diego and realized she had almost no "normal" attire left.

Not knowing how long she'd be gone or what she might need, she had decided to take most of it. The only panties she had were thongs or bikini panties and she had just one pair of tennis shoes -- everything else was high heels. She had no bras whatsoever (the guys had burned them all during a cookout one night). She had no long pants -- seldom needed them in Georgia and probably wouldn't in San Diego either. All of her shorts were extremely short and extremely tight -- the guys always bought clothes for her that were at least one or two sizes too small. She had no standard blouses or sweaters. She had an ample assortment of tube tops, crop tops, halter tops, low cut blouses and half-sweaters. All of her dresses were minis, often backless or with huge slits up the sides. Her skirts were also minis. She had plenty of thigh-high stockings and a wardrobe full of lingerie and catsuits. She had some fantasy outfits, like French maid, schoolgirl and cheerleader costumes. She had tons of bikinis and skimpy workout clothes.

She knew she probably wouldn't wear most of this stuff in San Diego, but since it was all she had and none of it took up much room, she packed a wide assortment in two bags with plans to normalize her wardrobe once she reached San Diego. Ben was going to send out some of her bulkier items -- like her immense assortment of heels -- separately. But Cori hoped she wouldn't need most of it. It would be fun to shop for some new clothes.

Cori had settled on some red heels, daisy duke shorts and a white tank top for her trip but was thinking about her shopping spree when the pilot came over the intercom. "May I have your attention please. We are experiencing some mechanical problems and are going to have to land in Houston. There is no reason for alarm. But we wanted to make you aware of this unscheduled stop and apologize for the inconvenience."

Cori didn't really mind that much. She was comfortable and relaxed. The plane was only half full and she had a row to herself. It was quiet and peaceful. Again, a nice change.

They landed in Houston about 20 minutes later and about 30 minutes after that the pilot instructed everyone that they would have to get off the plane. "Sorry," the captain said, "but it turns out some repairs are needed. We will re-route you on another flight as soon as possible."

Cori got off and went to the ticket counter. The next flight to San Diego was already full and there wouldn't be another one until tomorrow. "But," the man at the counter said, dropping his eyes to her slender waist, "I'll be happy to set you up with a place to stay tonight. Free, if you don't mind a little company." Cori was so disgusted she walked away. To hell with the airlines. She'd rent a car instead.

She knew she sent off a sexy, slutty vibe with her body and the way she dressed, so she understood why men were often aggressive in their advances toward her. That wasn't generally the case inside the little town of Darien where everyone knew everyone and Cori's position at the shop was understood -- if not always approved of. But she wasn't in Darien anymore and Cori's hard body and sexy little outfit had men stopping just to watch her walk. Frustrated at the delays and leering eyes, she moved quickly through the airport, her bags slung over her shoulders, her tits jiggling, her ass swaying oh-so-invitingly back and forth as her long legs and high heels strode out confidently. She was talking the talk in her head, but her body was certainly walking a different walk. If it looks like a slut and walks like a slut...Cori thought in her head. Well, she knew otherwise, even if they didn't.

Regardless of what anyone thought, sex figured to be the last thing she was involved in from now on. She'd dress normal, take care of her step-dad and get a normal job. It wouldn't be easy, but Cori thought the change would be good for her nonetheless.

Trying to save money, she rented the smallest, cheapest compact car they had and toted her bags out to the lot. It was about 6 o'clock and Cori figured she could drive for another two or three hours before stopping for the night and finishing her drive tomorrow. That was the plan. An hour later, the plan changed again.

The car sputtered, lurched and the engine went dead. Cori steered it safely to the side of the road, coasting to a stop. Steam started to roll out from under the hood and Cori knew she was in trouble. The last sign had said 34 miles to the next town. The last exit had been at least five miles back. Walking anywhere wasn't an option.

It was desolate stretch of highway. There was nothing but flat, open land all around. Very few cars were on the road so Cori did the only thing she could think to do. She stood in front of the car and held out her thumb, not that it mattered. Her tits, ass and legs were already sticking out, more than enough of a signal to any male passerby.

One car with what appeared to be a family passed her, but the next did not. It was an old pickup truck. There were two guys inside.

"Holy shit," the passenger exclaimed as they got close enough to see Cori alongside the road. "Look at that!"

"It's our lucky day!" the driver said, slamming on the breaks and pulling over.

"Hey babe, need a ride?" the passenger called out his window.

"Um, yeah, I guess so," Cori said, standing back away from the truck. "Do you know how to fix my car?"

"Afraid not, honey, but we can give you a lift."

Cori was very reluctant. She had a very bad experience with a couple guys back in Georgia just before she left. They had abducted her and were somewhat violent toward her before she managed to get away. She had been lucky then. She didn't want to go through it again. But what choice did she have? Refuse the ride and be stuck out here all night? What if the next guy was worse? She debated, then opened the trunk and pulled out her bags. The guy in passenger side jumped out and took them, throwing them in the back of the truck.

He motioned for Cori to get in first, watching her ass closely as she stepped into the high truck and slid across the bench-style seat next to the driver.

"I'm Jake," the driver said, extending his hand. Cori judged him to be in his early 40s with an average build, light brown hair and a weathered look that suggested he worked outside a lot. "He's Roy." Roy, the passenger, was probably about the same age and very stocky with a beer belly and stringy brown hair.

"I'm Cori," she said, giving them both her friendliest smile. "Thank you so much for picking me up. I've had the worst luck today." She quickly told them about the flight and now her car.

"Well, I'm glad we could help," Jake said, glancing down at Cori's tan thighs.

Cori asked them to take her to the next town and drop her off at a motel. She'd get some dinner, some rest and figure out the travel situation tomorrow.

"Sure," Jake said. "Glad to do it."

"You know," Roy said, "you're lucky we came along. There are a lot of bad people out there, just looking to take advantage of someone like you. A traveler. No one knows you're here. Take your money. Do bad things to you. Yep, mighty lucky indeed."

"I know," Cori said. "I'm so thankful."

"Really," Roy said, leering at her. "Are you really thankful, Cori? Because you're not really showing it so far."

"What do you mean?" Cori was suddenly nervous, feeling this going badly already.

"I mean, if you were really grateful, you'd show us those big tits and give me a blowjob."

"What, wait," Cori sputtered. "I just asked for a simple ride. No money, nothing. I don't owe you anything."

"Oh, I think you do," Jake said, putting his hand on her thigh.

"Let me out, please," Cori said.

"Now, what kind of gentlemen would we be if we let a poor, helpless girl like you stranded on the side of the road? I don't how they do things in Georgia, but around here, we're have a sense of honor. In fact, I think we should take her all the way to San Diego, don't you, Roy?"

"Definitely, all the way," Roy said, putting his hand on her other thigh.

"You'd really take me the whole way there?" Cori said.

"Sure," Jake said. "Now, if we do that, don't you think you could show us some appreciation?"

"Well, I wish I could repay you some other way."

"Nope, don't want money or anything else. Just some friendly entertainment and companionship. Seems like a good deal to me," Roy said. "We'll pay for motels and food and gas. You just be real friendly and we'll call it even."

"Real friendly," Jake said, squeezing her thigh. "You know all about being real friendly to guys, don't you sweet thing?"

"I don't know," Cori said. "I ... uh, guess so. Is that really the only way we can do this? Can't you just drop me off at the next town? I'll take off my top for you."

"But you'd still be stranded tomorrow," Jake said. "No, this is the only way to make sure you get there safely. It's our duty to help you. All we ask is for a little show of appreciation in return."

Cori's mind spun, trying to think of a way out. On one hand, if she tried to run or get away, they'd probably just rape her and leave her stranded or kill her. On the other hand, if she went along with it and gave them what they wanted, Cori believed they probably would take her all the way to San Diego. What might happen then, she didn't know, but it sounded better than the alternative.

"OK," Cori said. "I'll do it. Just, please, nothing too rough, OK? Don't hurt me and I'll be a good girl for you."

"Now that sounds like the deal of the day," Roy chuckled. Wasting no time, he reached for Cori, feeling her breasts in his chubby hands. "Damn! These are nice! I can see why you don't need a bra. They're real too, aren't they?"

"Yes," Cori said.

"You gotta feel these, man," Roy said, cupping them and holding them up toward Jake. Roy took the wheel while Jake turned and grabbed a quick handful of Cori's bountiful boobs.

"Get that fucking shirt off her," Jake said, taking the wheel back.

Roy quickly tugged the tank top over Cori's head and both men anxiously watched her breasts bobble into view. Her nipples were partially erect and Roy immediately began fondling them, pinching them to feel their rubbery texture, tweaking them to make them even harder.

"Holy shit," he kept saying. "Great tits, man. Fuckin' great tits."

"Shake 'em for us, bitch," Jake said. Roy stopped playing with them for a second and Cori started twisting her torso back and forth, making her breasts shake and wobble, bouncing into each other with loud smacks. "Bounce up and down," Jake instructed. Cori kept twisting but added the bouncing component Jake wanted, raising herself up off the seat, making her jiggling tits bounce up and down and side to side all at once. Roy looked like a sucker trying to keep up with the ball in a shell game as his eyes and head bounced in unison with Cori's tits. Cori could tell that Jake was the brains of this duo.

The shake show came to an end when Roy, unable to contain himself any longer, lunged forward and grabbed her around the waist and buried his face in her tits. He was even kissing them. Just slobbering and licking and rubbing the nipples across his forehead. Soon, his hands made the inevitable trip from her breasts to her hips to her thighs. He jammed his hands between her thighs as she accommodated by spreading her legs. He cupped her pussy through her shorts, then slid a finger under the crotch band and inside her thong, feeling that juicy warmth for the first time.

"Oh, you gotta feel this," Roy said, drawing in a deep breath as he finally pulled away from her boobs. He gripped Cori's shorts and roughly dragged them over her hips and off her long legs. He lifted her right leg onto his lap, sticking her foot out the window. Now, her pussy was exposed with only a thin red thong left to try to provide some modesty. Roy quickly flipped it to the side of her pussy lips and held her pussy open with both hands, giving Jake a free shot. Keeping on hand on the wheel, Jake dug two fingers into Cori's snatch, rubbing roughly over her exposed clit and squeezing her pussy as if trying to squeeze the juice out of an orange.

"This is going to be the best trip we ever had," Jake said to Roy. "You spotted her first, why don't you go ahead and take the first turn. Then, we'll pull over and switch."

Roy didn't need to be asked twice. He quickly removed the thong and hung it over the rearview mirror. He pulled Cori's leg back inside the truck and lifted her onto his lap. He kept one hand between her thighs, diddling her pussy, while the other tugged at his zipper. He raised his hips and pushed his pants down to his knees and dropped Cori back on his lap, his erect 6-inch cock sticking up between her slender thighs. Her skin was so soft, he almost came just from that contact, but he took a couple deep breaths to calm himself down, then lifted her back up. "Stick it in, bitch," he said. Cori put her hands between her legs and grabbed his thick shaft. It wasn't a huge cock in terms of length, but the girth was impressive. It was thick, meaty and solid. In spite of the circumstances, Cori felt her pussy -- as if it had a mind of it's own -- welcome his cock, ready to be filled.

Roy lowered her slowly until she had it lined up properly and he felt his head pop into her oh-so-wet pussy. Then, he dropped her the rest of the way, letting her fall onto his cock, her own weight driving his 6 inches into her. "Oh shit!" Roy yelled. He put his hands on her hips and pressed her down on him, lifting his thighs off the seat as he tried to get as much of himself inside of her as possible.

"Fuck that cunt!" Jake yelled, hitting the horn repeatedly as they sped down the open road. "Drill it deep, man, drill it deep!"

Roy lifted Cori off his cock, holding her sweet pussy a tantalizing couple off inches from his now very erect, very interested cock. He slowly lowered her back on to him, pulling down on her hips once more to make sure he got full penetration.

"This bitch must be some kind of prude," Roy grunted. "Or else she's got a boyfriend with a tiny dick, because this is one tight pussy!" Cori's mind was racing at the sudden turn of events -- from leaving Georgia to plane problems to car problems to this -- but she had to smile as Roy's grossly inaccurate statement. She had been fucked several times daily, often by cocks considerably larger than Roy's. The only truth to his statement was that she did, indeed, still have a remarkably tight pussy. She didn't know why, but she knew every guy commented on it, so it had to be true. Perhaps it was because she kept herself in such good shape. Maybe it was because she exercised her pussy muscles. And maybe she was just a freak of nature, genetically engineered to be the perfect fuck machine. Regardless, Cori was very proud of her tight, hard body and appreciated compliments, even from creepy guys like Roy.

"She's not a virgin, is she?" Jake said hopefully.

"No," Roy said, "But she sure hasn't had much of this. Guess this trip is going to be a real pussy, I mean, eye-opener, for you, huh bitch?"

"Yeah," Cori panted, putting her hands on the dash board to brace herself as Roy continued to slide her up and down on his shaft. "Teach me everything you know, just don't be too rough."

"For a bitch who doesn't know much about fucking, you sure dress like a slut," Jake said. "At first I thought you were a hooker. Come on, Roy, fuck that little whore!"

Roy was picking up the pace now, reaching around to grab Cori's tits as he drove his cock into the depths of her pussy time and time again. He was surprised he was lasting this long, but he wasn't complaining. Every second was pure pleasure. He didn't want it to end, but when it did, he pulled out and shot his wad straight up in the air, most of it landing on the underside of Cori's tits and on her belly.

"Didn't want you to have to have sloppy seconds," Roy said to Jake, "and I couldn't hold back long enough to make her suck it."

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