tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hard Body Shop Clerk Ch. 04

The Hard Body Shop Clerk Ch. 04



Cori woke up first, looking at the clock and seeing that it was about 7 a.m. She had two hours before she had to be at work and John had three. She noticed that John, like most men, had a healthy morning hard-on and decided to give him a friendly wake-up. Carefully pulling back the covers, she gently opened the fly to his boxers, letting his hard-on stand free. Then, she slowly lowered her mouth onto his cock, gently licking and sucking the head, all the while looking at his face to see how long it would take to wake him up.

It didn't take long, and John certainly woke up with a smile on his face. How many men his age — or any age for that matter — got to wake up to a gorgeous 22-year-old blonde, nude, sucking on his cock? John put his hands on the back of her head, signaling for her to deep throat him, which she did without further coaxing.

Still groggy, John laid his head back and let Cori bring him around with a long, slow blowjob. They had plenty of time, and neither of them were in a rush. Cori had learned long ago not to use her hands when giving a blowjob – they only got in the way of the lips and tongue – and instead used her fingers to tickle his balls while her mouth performed its magic. Her tongue danced around his cock while she applied maximum suction, her cheeks hollowing as if she was trying to suck the head right off his cock.

She moved her mouth very slowly up and down his shaft, never breaking contact between her tongue and his cock. She was working much more slowly than in cases like at the restaurant last night, where John had face-fucked her very fast and hard. This was a slow, sensual blowjob, deep and thorough, providing maximum pleasure. Cori's cock-sucking skills were being used to their fullest extent, and John was reaping the benefits.

By now, John was wide awake, fully aroused and ready for what he really wanted and had not had yet during this overnight date — Cori's tight, juicy pussy. He told Cori this and, with one last loud pop, she pulled her lips off his cock and straddled him. Naturally, the cock-sucking had excited her more than enough to get her pussy wet and she was well-lubed and ready for his cock.

Looking him in seductively right in the eye, she slowly lowered her hips, brushing her pussy against his rigid cock, teasing it with her tender, moist pussy lips and soft strip of blonde pussy hair. She felt his cock head part her lips, then quickly raised her hips, smiling at him as if to say, "not so fast, big boy."

She continued this tease three or four more times, each time dipping a little bit further down, taking more of his cock in her pussy. Finally, John feigned being tired of the tease and grabbed her hips and pushed her all the way down on his cock.

"What's the matter," Cori grinned. "Couldn't wait for it?"

"Nope," John grinned back. "It's been hours since I fucked you and days since I fucked that pussy. How could I possibly be expected to hold out any longer? I have been pussy-deprived for far too long."

"Oh, you poor thing," Cori puffed out her lower lip. "How can I ever make it up to you?"

"You're doing a good job so far," John grunted, forcing his cock all the way into her. "Just ride it long, slow and hard. Don't rush it, baby."

"You got it, babe," Cori said, and began writhing atop him, grinding her hips slowly in small circles, occasionally bouncing up and down, constantly squeezing his cock with her well-conditioned pussy walls.

For the most part, she took it slow and easy, keeping his cock stuffed up her pussy, grinding it and slowing rising up and down. Every few minutes, she'd pick up the pace and bounce frantically atop him, making her tits bounce and her thighs slap against his. Then, she'd slow down again, her twat resuming its gentle massage of his cock.

John alternated between fondling her breasts and her ass, taking full advantage of the opportunity to do both. He liked lightly slapping at the outsides of both her breasts, making them smack together, jiggling and bobbing. This certainly didn' hurt her, but it sure was fun to watch and feel.

All the tit play and slow grinding eventually drove Cori to another piercing, body-rattling orgasm. She slowed momentarily, sitting straight up above John as her body spasmed and her pussy creamed. Her nostrils flared and her lips parted as she gasped and panted. Her nipples were hard and sweat dripped lightly between her heaving tits. John took in every second of this beautiful sight silently, trying to avoid disrupting one of the most incredible moments — Cori cumming.

Regaining her composure, Cori resumed the slow, determined pace for nearly 20 more minutes before John finally reached the boiling point. Sensing this, Cori picked up her pace accordingly. She leaned forward, pressing her chest against his, and began humping back and forth on his throbbing shaft. He grabbed her ass and pulled her back and forth, slapping gently at her firm ass cheeks, encouraging her to ride him on home.

"Come on, Cori," he grunted, humping his cock into her as hard and fast as he could, feeling he balls slap against her soft flesh. "Ride it, bitch!"

"Yeah, call me names and fuck me hard," Cori groaned, feeling another orgasm approaching quickly. "Make me your little slut."

"Oh, you're my slut all right," he grunted. "My horny fucking, hot bitch of a cum slut."

John was spewing out dirty talk and Cori was cumming again, her body limp as John rutted vigorously into her, lifting her body into the air repeatedly and letting her tits slam back against his chest. For the fourth time in the past twelve hours his cock erupted, sending a flood of creamy cum into her sucking, spasming pussy. They came at the same time, then lay together, their bodies sweaty and limp.

Eventually, Cori slid down his body and finished her job, sucking and licking his cock clean and swallowing another mouthful of pussy and cock juice. She rested in the bed while John showered and dressed for the day. Then, he gave her the white thong swimsuit and she put it and her high-heels back on in preparation for John to take her home. She still had ample time to shower, get dressed and get to work.

They both walked out to the car, smiling, happy, well-rested and well-fucked. Tom happened to be heading to his car at the same time and waved and thanked them again for one of the best nights of his life and suggested they do it again soon — providing his wife didn't know about it, of course. Even though it wasn't adultery, she probably wouldn't approve of him jacking off on a 22-year-old babe while she was being fucked by another man. Cori and John laughed and agreed it might be better to keep it quiet, but to do it again soon.

John drove Cori home, sad that his one date night for the week was over but very happy and content with how it went. Plus, he'd be seeing her again in a few hours and would have the opportunity to fuck her again in just a few days, with Monday being his next date night. As he looked over and saw her perfect body straining against her suit, he already couldn't wait.

He walked her to her door, looked around the house to make sure everything was clear and there were no signs of Jarvis, then gave her a kiss, thanked her and told her he'd see her in a little while.

Cori watched him leave, then headed upstairs to take a shower and prepare for her day. She slipped out of the tiny swimsuit and hung it up next to her dozens of other suits in her giant walk-in closet. After showering, she sat down and rubbed her skin thoroughly with lotion. Even though it had absorbed plenty of moisture yesterday with the baby oil, she was always very conscious of keeping her skin looking and feeling smooth and soft. She knew that was very important in her overall appearance, even though her tits, ass and legs got most of the attention. Her perfect, evenly-tanned skin was a big part of her overall attractiveness.

She then applied her makeup, which was always minimal other than her lipstick. The guys liked it when she wore bright red lipstick; many times she had been requested to give them kisses with wet lipstick, so as to leave a lip signature.

After fixing her hair, she went to the closet to select today's outfit. It was Friday, which meant Daisy Duke day — short, tight denim cutoffs and some sort of skimpy top. Cori was too young to have seen Dukes of Hazzard in its prime, but had seen re-runs and understood Daisy Duke's presence as an American-male fantasy. Every Friday, it was Cori's job to try to bring that fantasy to life in the form of a blonde, somewhat bustier Daisy Duke.

She had an assortment of tight cutoffs and skimpy tops to choose from. First, she slid into a cute, school-bus-yellow thong that was a bit wider in the crotch than yesterday's swimsuit, but still showed ample amounts of skin and cameltoe. When she wore skirts or dresses, the guys often requested she wear no panties. But with the shorts, the thong allowed the guys to order her to remove her shorts if they so chose.

After the thong, she slid on a pair of cutoff jeans that really had originally been a pair of her jeans. The guys had done the cutting themselves. While she was wearing the skin-tight jeans, they had drawn a pattern around her thighs and ass outlining exactly where they wanted to cut to reveal as much as possible.

The resulting, custom-fit shorts were tailored specifically to Cori's body. The top of the shorts rested on her hips, a few inches below her navel , low enough that the top two or three inches of the bright yellow thong were easily visible. On her ass, the cutoffs were form-fitting, of course, and had been cut so as to reveal the bottom third of her tan ass cheeks. In the front, the legs were cut very short, roughly even with her crotch. On the sides, they were cut high on her hips and had triangular notches cut out of each side, revealing even more of her tan thighs. Overall, the small band of denim was only a few inches wide and cut to fit and look like a pair of hot pants.

For the top, Cori had many more options. She could go with anything skimpy. Usually, she opted for some sort of crop top,, halter top or tube top, but occasionally she would select a half sweater or bikini top. All were acceptable and variety and creativity were generally encouraged by the guys. There had been no specific requests for today's top, so she was at liberty to choose her own.

She thought about a tube top — the guys always enjoyed slipping it under or over her tits — but then decided to go with an oldie but a goody. It was a very thin, tiny white tank top that originally was only big enough to come to her belly button. But again, the guys had opted to modify this particular garment and had cropped it less than inch below where her rigid nipples tented the thin fabric. This, of course, left nearly the entire bottom half of her breasts exposed. They had also exaggerated the low scoop neck so that the top quarter of her breasts stuck out the top of the tank top. The scoop on the sides of the tank top was wide enough the sides of her breasts were completely exposed. Overall, nearly two-thirds of her breasts were exposed, with only the nipples and surrounding area covered.

The cotton tank top was very thin, her dark skin and darker nipples only thinly veiled. It was also very tight, clearly struggling to stretch far enough to extend past her nipples, and holding on so snugly that the nipples almost acted like anchor points, keeping the shirt from snapping up around her neck.

If the shirt had done so, it would have joined the bright yellow choker which she put around her neck, fitting snugly and amplifying the slenderness of her neck. As she so often did, Cori completed the look with a pair of high heels. To match her thong and choker, she selected a pair of bright yellow pumps that made her calves look fantastic.

With a glance at the clock, she realized she had time to eat a quick breakfast and quickly consumed a granola bar, a banana and a glass of orange juice. One final check in the mirror, a quick-fix of the lipstick and she was off to work.

Ben and Chad were both already there. Ben was in the back working on a car and Chad was up front, covering the desk this time. He also, as it turned out, was waiting for her. He had one fuck left this week (the other two had been used on his Wednesday night date) and he intended to use it first thing this morning.

"Good morning, Cori," he smiled as she walked in. "Great outfit."

"Thanks, Chad," she smiled. "How are you today?"

"Horny as hell," he grinned. "I woke up with a raging hard-on just thinking about you, all oiled up in that piece of floss yesterday. Ben said we could use his office. Come on."

Cori quickly set her purse on her desk, then took Chad's hand and followed him into the familiar office/fuck parlor. This wasn't at all unusual for Chad, who was by far the most impulsive, horniest and most aggressive of the group. When he wanted to fuck, pretty much nothing got in the way and nothing but his own pleasure mattered. He was the gruffest, crudest and dirtiest-minded of the bunch.

Sometimes, Cori was turned off by him, but she had to admit that other times his rough, dirty style turned her on, especially when he talked dirty to her. He always liked to be in control and she willingly played the submissive role to his liking. He had a girlfriend currently attending college in Florida (she didn't know that Chad got to fuck Cori) and Cori often wonderedif he was as dominant with her. She suspected he wasn't and that this was his way of unleashing that side of his personality. He had never hurt her or abused her in any way, and as long as things stayed that way, she'd gladly please him just like the other guys. When he wasn't horny, Chad could be very sweet and kind, though quieter and generally less friendly than the others. Right now, he clearly wasn't in a mood to chat about movies or the weather.

Cori turned to close the door behind them, and by the time she turned around, Chad had his work pants halfway down his legs and his cock was already fully stiff, poking through his briefs. When he was this ready, Cori knew to expect a very hard, very fast fuck. The only question now was how he wanted her. She knew he would tell her.

"Lose the shorts, slut," he barked. "Leave everything else on."

Cori quickly unsnapped and unzipped her shorts and wriggled out of them. By now, Chad's pants and briefs were wadded up on the floor next to his shoes. He stood there in his socks and work shirt, stroking his hard-on while he stared at her.

"Bring that hot little ass over her," he said gruffly. She thought he might want anal sex, as he often did, and she hoped not. If he didn't take time to lube her up, it could be painful. And he didn't seem patient enough right now to take the time to properly lube her. When she got to him, he pulled her into him and kissed her hard on the mouth, running his hands up under he tank top and squeezing her oversized melons. She felt his cock poking against her stomach and felt the sticky pre-cum oozing out of the head onto her belly.

"Get on the table and spread your legs, bitch," he growled, breaking their kiss and pushing her toward the small, rectangular, four-person conference table that sat in the corner of the room. Realizing he meant business, Cori quickly walked to the table and sat on the edge. Then she scooted herself back until the backs of her knees were at the edge of the table, laid back and spread her legs wide, displaying her red-thong-covered pussy for him. She was very happy he wanted her pussy instead of her ass.

He approached her, cock in hand, with a wicked, lusty gleam in his eye. "I need some pussy," he said, grabbing her legs and sliding her toward him until her ass was on the edge of the table. She wrapped her legs around him and he grabbed the thong between her legs and pushed it to the side of her pussy. He quickly dipped two fingers inside her, apparently making sure she was wet enough. Though she wasn't fully lubricated, Cori's pussy was warming up fast and Chad clearly decided she was ready enough.

He quickly pulled out his fingers and replaced them with his cock in one long, hard thrust that didn't stop until all six inches were comfortably inside her warm twat.

"Oh yeah, good hot pussy," Chad groaned. "That's what I need. I need to fuck your hot little cunt, you slutty bitch."

"Yeah, fuck me good and hard with that big cock," Cori responded, knowing how he liked that dirty talk. All the guys did, but Chad even more so than the others. "Bang my pussy until I can't even walk."

"Yeah, you're going to have to crawl out of her, bitch," Chad was really hammering away , his hands on her hips, pulling him hard against him with each violent thrust. "You'll be crawling around on your hands and knees, showing off your ass like the whore you are."

Not surprisingly, Chad didn't last very long at all until his orgasm hit. "I'm going to flood your cunt, you slut," he grunted as he released a torrential-sized load into her waiting pussy. He kept slamming in and out of her for several seconds after his orgasm before pulling his semi-flaccid cock out.

"Clean it, slut," he said, holding it out for her. Cori quickly dropped off the table and onto her knees, taking his sloppy cock in her mouth, licking and sucking it clean. Much to her surprise, instead of going completely limp, his cock began to harden again already. Before she could react, he put his hands on the back of her head and stuffed his rigid cock down her throat.

This was all very unusual for many reasons. First, of course, was the fact that his recovery time was unheard of. Chad always had the ability to recover the fastest and fuck the most of all the guys, but never had he done anything like this. Second was the fact that he was now on his way to his second fuck of the morning, which would put him over his week's limit. This was something the guys simply didn't do. It was a clear understanding among each of them and Cori that they would never take advantage of her or their privileges due to the fact that it would be unfair to her and to each other.

Cori was thinking all of this as Chad's cock filled her throat, but she was also thinking that this was not the time to try to stop him. He was determined and nothing was going to prevent him from fucking her again. So, she did what she always did and gave him the best blowjob she could. When he felt her tongue and lips go into action, including full licking and suction services, Chad groaned and began ramming his cock into her faster and faster.

"That's it cum-slut," he said through gritted teeth. "Didn't get enough the first time did you? No, you need more cum, don't you, bitch? Yeah, nasty little cum slut. I'm just going to skull fuck you. Make you gag on my cock then swallow my cum. How's that sound?"

Cori mumbled something that she meant to sound like "yummy" and kept sucking, focusing on her breathing and keeping her tongue moving. She didn't have to worry about gagging — she had learned to control that reflex without evening thinking about it shortly after she began working at the shop and giving daily blowjobs. She did have to focus on breathing, though, because Chad's cock was pistoning in and out so deeply that it was blocking her airway. She breathed deeply when he pulled his cock out and slapped it against her face several times before shoving it back down her throat.

He lasted much longer this time than the first time, but his frantic pace still brought about a quick climax. After about 10 minutes of intense skull-fucking, his cock unleashed a second load of cum, dumping it down her throat and filling her mouth. She swallowed it all and once again, upon his command, licked and sucked him clean. This time, his cock didn't respond and they brought the session to an end.

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