tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hard Body Shop Clerk Ch. 05

The Hard Body Shop Clerk Ch. 05



After lunch, Cori set about doing some of the paperwork that seemed to pile up so quickly while she was involved in her many sexual escapades. Both she and Ben fully understood that her sexual duties were top priority, so there was seldom any stress over the paperwork. Still, Cori considered herself a very responsible professional and took pride in keeping up with the bills, inventory and payroll as best she could.

Other than the mail and FedEx guys coming in to drop off packages and get their daily tit-squeeze, Cori was relatively uninterrupted for the next couple of hours and by 3 had put a significant dent in her stack of paperwork. The guys were all busy in the back of the shop. John and Chad had already had their Cori fix for the day, Ty was gearing up for a big Saturday night with her and Ben's balls were aching as he thought about all the things he was going to do to her tonight. He tended to be a bit wilder and more adventurous on Friday nights than any of his other date nights and had some unique ideas for tonight.

But now it was tanning and workout time for Cori and Ben came out to relieve her at the front desk. There was no set schedule, but in general the guys tried to allow Cori time to workout and tan four times per week. She was usually able to do this on Saturday afternoons and at sometime on Sunday, leaving only a couple other times during the week. Cori had reminded Ben that she hadn't worked out in a couple days and he had agreed to free up some time Friday afternoon.

With Ben at the desk and no patrons in the shop yet, Cori went to the tanning room first. There, she stripped down completely nude and lay on the tanning bed for 15 minutes, just enough to maintain her already perfectly dark, golden tan.

Then, she put her clothes back on — she had workout clothes at work, but often times the guys preferred her to work out in the outfit of the day, and that was the case today — and went into the gym. By now, Ty, John and Ben were sitting around on the benches, ready to watch her. Chad was watching the front desk, expecting the arrival of Chester, Gordon and the rest of the Irregulars. They would be happy to see that Cori was working out — that was always a very popular show.

For Ty, John and Ben, it was easy to see why. With loud, fast music blaring through the gym, Cori began her workout with some stretching. This, of course, involved a lot of bending over, arching her back and generally contorting her body in ways men fantasized about. The guys sat on the bench, enjoying the show they had seen hundreds of times but never tired of.

Still wearing her heels, choker, cutoffs and tank top, Cori the Sex Toy then began doing a bit of light weight work. She did a few exercises meant to tone her arms, then moved on to some of the leg machines. Ben stopped her and told her to take off her thong and then put her shorts back on. She complied, handing him her thong for safe keeping.

She sat down at a machine designed to work her outer thighs and hips. With her legs together, she had to force them apart in order to lift the weights. She did three sets of 25 on this machine, the guys carefully positioning themselves for a good view each time her golden thighs pushed apart. The tiny cutoffs rode up high in her crotch and low on her belly and squeezed tightly against her pussy. The narrow band of denim wasn't wide enough to cover her twat, so at least a portion of one pussy lip or the other was always on display.

She moved to another machine upon which she had to lay down on her stomach, then do curls with her legs. In this position, her ass was poised high in the air, her shorts hugging her hips and failing to cover large portions of her ass and pussy. The guys all gathered around, watching closely and helping her count out the reps.

By the time the Irregulars started filtering in, Cori had completed her weight work and was on the treadmill. For this, Ben allowed her to put her tennis shoes on, not wanting to risk a broken ankle. She was still wearing her cutoffs, tank top and choker and her body glistened all over with a fine sheen of sweat. The moisture was quickly soaking the ribbons of cloth that formed her tank top, making it even more transparent and her dark, erect nipples even more visible.

When most of the Irregulars were there and gathered around, Cori picked up the pace, breaking into a jog. The resulting bouncing of her breasts was mesmerizing. They were so firm, there was no flopping around, just consistent, solid bouncing and jiggling. More than once, her shirt shifted enough that one or both of her nipples poked through the tears. And with each stride, her tiny shirt flipped up enough to provide brief glimpses of her naked tits.

The view from behind was also quite intriguing, the rhythmic swinging of her hips and shake of her ass a welcome sight to everyone in attendance. The guys watched and talked and sipped their beers while Cori bounded along, seemingly in time to the rocking music.

So far, this was an ordinary workout. Cori was doing her normal routine and the guys were watching and reacting as they normally did. But as had been the case all day, things started turning a little wilder than usual. Maybe it was because it was Friday. Maybe it was the gorgeous, sunny weather. Maybe it was because she was wearing clothes that said "SEX TOY" and they were taking that to heart and playing with her. Whatever it was, every guy she had encountered today seemed a little extra excited, like someone had jolted them with a bit of electricity, heightening their senses and removing their inhibitions.

It all started when she finished her 20-minute run and went to one of the benches to start doing her ab work — sit-ups, crunches, etc. With her knees up and feet together on the bench, she started doing sit-ups. Ben sat down at the end of the bench to hold her feet and keep them from flying up. Each time she sat up, her face came within inches of his.

"Come on, Cori," Ben encouraged her, counting her reps. "Come all the way up. You're stopping short. Go all the way. Don't stop until your lips touch mine." He rested his chin on her knees and puckered his lips. Each time she sat up, she gave him a kiss before going back down.

"Damn, Ben, I'd have her kissing more than my lips," Gary, a 44-year-old factory supervisor, said, drawing a lusty laugh from the crowd. Everyone agreed, of course, but they were shocked when Ben actually went ahead and dropped his trousers. Kneeling on the bench, he put his cock between her knees.

"All right, all the way up," Ben said. "Don't stop until it's all the way in." Cori did a double-take, as if to say "Are you serious? We've never done this in front of everyone like this before." But she saw from the look in his face and the hardness of his cock that he was very serious. So, of course, she did what he wanted. She sat up, opened her luscious lips and kept leaning forward until her lips reached the base of his cock. Then, slowly, she retreated until her back was flat on the bench.

The guys erupted in cheers and whoops and demanded she do some more.

"How many have you done so far?" Ben asked.


"And you usually do 200, right?"

"Yep," Cori smiled, proud of her flat stomach that she worked so hard to maintain.

"Well, I guess that leaves 173 to go, doesn't it?"

"Sure does," Cori said, and the guys cheered again.

The men gleefully counted off each rep as Cori kept up a steady pace. By number 50, Ben's cock glistened with pre-cum and by 75 he was on the verge of grabbing her and face-fucking her right then and there. Knowing his only "Cori conquests" left for the week would be used up with his date tonight, he stepped aside and motioned for Ty to take his place. Ty, John and Chad had all already used up their conquests for the week as well, with the exception for Ty's date night on Saturday, so none of them could go all the way here. But there was no rule saying they couldn't still have a bit of fun and get their dicks wet without cumming.

There was a time when Cori had been unable to deep-throat Ty's 10-incher, but lots of intense practice had paid off and Cori could now do it with little more effort than with any of the others. Still it was an impressive site to see that much thick, dark cock disappear into such a captivating mouth, then slowly re-emerge, slick with spit, inch by inch.

Ty lasted up to 150 sit-ups, but then felt his balls begin to tighten and churn and knew he better step away. John took over, stuffing his thick shaft into Cori's mouth 50 times until she had finally completed 200 sit-ups. She sat still for a moment while the guys gave her a round of applause and some whistles, then moved on to her next exercise.

After their erections subsided, John, Ben and Ty all put their pants back on and watch intently as Cori began her deep knee bends. She did these while holding a bar over her shoulders for weight and balance. Again, someone from the crowd had a suggestion.

"You know," Bart, a heavy-set man in his mid-fifties said through his full beard. "It's a shame to waste all that effort and not give her something to squat on."

"What do you suggest?" Ben asked.

"Well, my cock, of course," Bart replied.

"Sorry, bud, can't let you do that," Ben said. "But would you settle for a finger or two?"

"Fuck yeah," Bart said. "I'd love to dip my fingers in that juicy twat."

"And I think we'd all like to see that," Ben said, getting the instant approval of the crowd. "Go ahead, Bart, dip your fingers in there and tell everyone how good that feels."

Cori waited until Bart got into position, holding his hand between her thighs, his middle finger extended. When he was ready, she pulled the crotch of her jeans to one side and squatted down. Her pussy, which was moist from all the cock-sucking and heated exercise, easily split open to take his thick, hairy finger.

As he felt her soft, velvety flesh surround his digit, Bart let out a long, loud hoot and proclaimed it the tightest, hottest pussy he'd ever felt — and he had felt plenty, he assured them. They didn't believe the latter but they sure believed the former and looked on excitedly as she continued her squats. Encouraged by the crowd, Bart added a second finger, then a third, to her exercise, proudly reporting that she was getting hotter and wetter with each repetition. Sure enough, by the time she had finished 50 squats, Cori's pussy was burning up, her juices flowing and her clit throbbing. Her erect nipples ached for attention and she had an urge to lay down in the middle of the floor and tell someone — anyone — to ravish her hungry body.

Instead, she thanked Bart for his assistance with her exercise and kissed him on the cheek. Then, she went over to exercise bike. This was one of those sleek, thin bikes made for spinning classes and vigorous workouts. Cori liked to ride it for about 15 minutes as kind of a way to get her heart rate back up after the treadmill walking/jogging.

She got on, but by now everyone had the same idea. Gary, who had suggested the cock-sucking sit-ups, was given the honor of having Cori sit on his hand while she rode the bike. When she lowered her crotch to the seat, he pushed the denim crotch band aside and instantly thrust two fingers inside her and began rubbing her clit with his thumb.

"Bart's right," he told everyone, "hottest fucking pussy I've ever felt. Damn, this bitch is on fire!"

Never had any of her workouts included this sort of thing, but Cori was beginning to think they should. Her pussy really was on fire and she loved the feel of his fingers in and around her pussy. She was pumping her legs and leaning forward, riding the bike at her standard speed. In this position, her heavy breasts, aided by gravity, tugged against the overmatched, overstuffed tank top, her cleavage all but spilling out the top.

As was her routine on the bike, at the three-minute mark she stood up on the pedals for a one-minute sprint. When she did this, Gary took advantage of the increased mobility for his hand and started driving his fingers — four of them now — in and out of her in a vigorous fucking motion. It was all Cori could do to focus on pedaling. There was so much distraction from the guys and especially from Gary and her pussy. What she really wanted to do was stop pedaling and let him finger-bang her, but she kept going, sitting back down after the minute sprint was over, again riding Gary's fingers.

So it went, every three minutes Cori would stand, Gary would finger-bang her as hard and fast as he could, then they would both slow back down, working steadily toward the end of the exercise. Cori's pussy was sopping wet now and the bicycle seat was stained dark from her thick fluid. If someone had grabbed her tits right then, Cori knew she would have cum. Instead, she kept riding, ever on the verge of a massive orgasm, until finally the 15 minutes were over.

When she got off the bike, her skin sparkled with sweat, glistening almost as it had yesterday when coated in the baby oil. Her nipples were rock hard and everyone knew her pussy was hot and wet. She was a vision of pure sex and every man in the room ached to fuck her, but no one — because of their strict rules — could.

Normally, Cori finished her workout with some light, calm stretching as she cooled down while the guys just watched. Today, she had plenty of helping hands, the stretching was intense and it resulted in anything but a cool-down.

The Irregulars, who normally were very respectful of all the rules and deferred to Ben and the staff before doing anything with Cori, were all but demanding an equal opportunity to touch her and feel her hot pussy. After consulting briefly with John, Ty and Chad, who had now abandoned the front desk and come back to join the party, told everyone to line up. They would each get a turn to help Cori with her stretching exercises.

There were now an even dozen Irregulars there, and they lined up by age, youngest to oldest. As she went through each stretching exercise, Cori would tell one or two of the guys what to do. For instance, to stretch her arms and back, she stood with her back straight and had one guy pull back on her arms. While he did this, the next guy in line played with her protruding breasts, focusing his attention on those aching nipples. Then, they switched places. Each guy then finger-banged her red-hot pussy for a few seconds before stepping aside to let the next guys take their turn.

The guys had truly turned Cori into their sex toy for the afternoon, fondling her and finger-fucking her as they pleased. But in all the commotion and taking turns, none of the attention on Cori's pussy was ever long enough or sustained enough until the final stretch, which was administered by the elder statesmen, Gordon and Chester.

Gently they eased themselves down on to the on either side of Cori, who was laying flat on her back in the middle of the mat.

"What do you need us to do, Cori?" Chester asked.

"All right, Gordon, you hold my right leg down and Chester, you pull my left leg up and back. Just go slow and steady and keep my legs straight."

With Gordon holding down her right leg, Chester took her left ankle and lifted her leg straight back, keeping a hand on her knee to keep the leg straight.

"Keep going, slowly, that's it," Cori said, feeling the welcome burn in the back of her thigh. "Just a little more. OK. Hold it there."

"Gordon, you know what to do," Ben said. Sure enough, Gordon, using his legs to hold her leg down, slipped her denim shorts aside and jammed two fingers into her pussy. At the same time, Chester used his free hand to grope her tits, toying with those firm nipples. Cori moaned in pleasure as the men three times her age groped and fondled her, playing with her like a kid with a puppy. She was the ultimate toy for grown up boys.

After a few minutes, they switched legs, Gordon holding her right leg back and playing with her tits while Chester finger-banged her twat and held her left leg down. Cori, her pussy on the verge of explosion now, then told them to hold both legs back over her head, stretching her thighs and back. The position also completely exposed her cunt, which was aching for more attention and the ultimate release.

Ben now stepped in and held Cori's ankles over head.

"You guys both deserve to finish her off," he said. "You don't mind sharing, do you?"

"Not at all," Chester grinned, sliding two fingers inside her. Sitting on the other side of her, Gordon also slid two fingers into her pussy. They each them pulled back the walls of her pussy, opening it wide and getting a good look inside her velvety pink tunnel. They held it open while each of the guys came by and took a good look deep inside Cori, then let it snap back shut, impressed by her pussy's tightness and elasticity.

Her clit was throbbing now and Gordon devoted his attention to it with one and her tits with the other. Chester slipped four fingers into her pussy and began finger-banging her again. With her legs back and pussy so wet, it was easy to slide his fingers in and out of her. Encouraged by her moans and the guys' cheers, he pumped harder and harder, slamming her pussy as fast and deep as he could.

Cori was now demonstrating her classic pre-orgasm signs. Her eyes were two-thirds closed, her lips were parted and she was panting, her nostrils flaring. Her body was tense all over, her nipples and clit were so hard they ached. Her body broke out in a fresh sheen of sweat and her legs and tummy were trembling.

She had never been put in a position like this in front of such a large group of men before, but she sure didn't seem to be minding it. She had lost all sense of where she was and what she was doing. She was terrific at giving into her urges and letting her body do what it needed to do. She blocked everything else out, focused on the pleasure-giving hands and came in a violent, trembling orgasm that was obvious to everyone present.

She let out two quick, raspy, high-pitched gasps, then her body went completely limp. She was spent. Between the workout and the high-energy orgasm, she was completely wiped out. Ben put her legs back down and Gordon and Chester wiped the pussy cream off their hands and onto her sweat-soaked tank top, each giving her tits a last firm squeeze before slowly standing back up.

Cori lay on the mat, curled up, her eyes closed and a smile on her face. Ben thought she was about to fall asleep. He helped her to her feet and she thanked everyone for their help during her workout and her orgasm.

"Thank you guys so much," she said, looking disheveled but beautiful. "I really appreciate the helping ... hands. You guys are the best."

They gave her another round of applause, then she stumbled off to take a shower. Ben told the guys he had to duck out for a second and walked briskly out the door. He came back about 10 minutes later carrying a small duffel bag. He went back into the shower room where Cori was just drying off.

"Here," he said. "Didn't think you'd want to put those sweaty clothes back on. Just put on what's in the bag — nothing else. This is what you'll wear for our date tonight. Take your time getting ready."

Cori, still tired from a sex-filled day, did just that. She dried and brushed her hair, put on fresh lipstick and rubbed lotion on her skin. Just sitting and relaxing started bringing her energy back. She was in incredible shape and seldom struggled to find energy for whatever the guys asked of her. There was no danger she would be too tired to perform for Ben tonight.

She opened the duffel bag and took out the clothes, replacing them with her Daisy Duke outfit. The new outfit was also quite skimpy. It consisted of a pair of black pumps, white bobbi socks with lace around the ankles, a black mini-skirt, a black bikini top and a black choker. Cori wasn't surprised to see that there was no bra, no thong or panties in the bag.

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