tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hard Body Shop Clerk Ch. 08

The Hard Body Shop Clerk Ch. 08



Ben drove Cori home and she immediately went to bed and fell sound asleep. Ben also went home and slept soundly the rest of the morning while Gina and Tammy headed to the shop to cover for Cori.

Even though they didn't have to, the girls decided to give the guys a little taste of what they were missing. Gina wore a tight halter top that showed off her nice rack and Tammy wore a mini-skirt, showing off her long legs. Neither girl was a match for Cori and neither was dressed near as skimpy as Cori would have been, but they were still better-than-average-looking girls in smaller-than-average outfits. John and Ty very much appreciated the effort and were happy to see the polite, friendly girls.

They exchanged hugs and greetings, then discussed what must have transpired to lead to this.

"They must have had quite a time last night," John said.

"We saw them at the bar," Tammy said. "Ben said he had only fucked her once at that point, so they must have gotten really busy after that. He acted like he was really horny and told her to show off and stuff."

"Yeah, when Ben gets revved up, he can get pretty wild," Ty said. "He said he wanted an all-nighter and I guess he got one. I might do that myself tonight."

"What are you going to do with Cori tonight?" Gina asked.

"I'm taking her to the University of Georgia football game. They play at 7 tonight. I'm going to pick her up after work and drive down. We should get there around 5 and tailgate for a couple hours before the game with some of my friends. Then, we'll probably get a hotel in Atlanta and stay there tonight. I'll have her a little past my allotted time in the morning, but she and Ben both said it was OK with them."

"Sounds like fun," Tammy said. "Got a special outfit picked out for her?"

"Of course," Ty said, his eyes twinkling as he smiled. "She's going to look great and be in the spirit of the game. Wanna see?"

They all did, of course, so Ty went out to his car and came back with a duffel bag in which he had clothes for himself to change into and Cori's game-day attire. First, he showed them a bright red mesh football jersey that had been cut short with "Georgia" written in white letters across the front. On the back, where the player's name normally would go, it said "Hot 'N Wet". As he held it up, Gina noticed something wrong.

"It's cute," she said. "But it's kind of small, isn't it?"

"Not for 10-to-12-year-old boys," Ty chuckled. "It's a youth size. We've bought these sizes for her before and they usually fit just right — just barely over her tits, you know."

"Is that mesh see-through?" Tammy asked.

"Mostly," Ty said. "It's made to be worn over pads or a t-shirt, so the holes in the mesh are very large. I might widen a couple of them so her nipples can stick through, too."

"Definitely," John said, approving. "Have some scissors along so you can cut the bottom off shorter or the neckline deeper if you need to." He was talking analytically, like a doctor instructing a patient on their medications.

"What else does she get to wear?" Gina wanted to know.

"Not much," Ty smiled. He held up a pair of tiny white cotton athletic shorts that would undoubtedly fit her ass tightly and show lots of thigh, ass and cameltoe. They had a simple drawstring and elastic waistband and the stretchy fabric was clearly made to hug the body tightly. On the back of the shorts, in red letters silk-screened across the ass, were the words "tight end" — a clear double meaning regarding her perfect ass and the fact that she would be dressed in football-themed attire. On the front left leg, made to look like a label, were the words "Property of Ty Athletics."

"Nice," John said, feeling the soft, thin fabric and imagining how it would adhere to her body, wrapping around those ass cheeks and puffy pussy lips. "Anything underneath?"

"Yeah," Ty said almost reluctantly, holding up a bright red thong. "I think I'm going to let her wear this for at least part of the day. I figure I can have her wear either just the shorts or just the thong if I want. Plus, it will show up really well through the shorts."

"Yeah, I'd play around with it and see what looks best," John agreed. "Might look even hotter with that on that without it."

"That's all she gets to wear?" Tammy asked. She had seen Cori's skimpy outfits before, of course, but it was still hard to imagine her friend somehow squeezing her curvy, athletic body into these tiny garments.

"Of course not," Ty said. "She gets to wear these." He held up a pair of bright red pumps that matched the color of her thong and jersey. They had spaghetti thin bands that wrapped around the ankles, too. "And this," he said, holding up a red choker that would look great wrapped around her slender neck. "And this," he said, showing them a small red hair band that he would use to have her tie her pretty hair into an athletic-friendly pony tail, which not only looked cute, but also made a nice handle during a blowjob or doggy style fucking.

"All that?" John said in a mock voice. "Might as well put her in a parka!"

Everyone laughed, agreeing that Ty had picked out a very skimpy, sexy outfit.

John wished he would get to see Cori in it and Tammy and Gina were intrigued to see what their friend would be wearing and thankful they didn't have to wear it themselves. Especially not out in public to a sporting event that would draw more than 70,000 people.

Ty, clearly excited about his upcoming date with Cori, proceeded through his day happily, joking with John and the girls, who themselves playfully teased and flirted with the customers, not nearly to the level Cori would, but to the satisfaction of the customers nonetheless. Meanwhile, Cori was sleeping soundly, getting much-needed rest.

She was still asleep when Ty came to pick her up at about 2:30 in the afternoon. So exhausted when she got home, Cori had simply stripped off her clothes and climbed into bed naked. This was certainly not a disappointment to Ty, who woke her by gently saying her name and tapping her shoulder. When she sat up, the covers slid down, revealing her perky naked breasts.

"Hey Ty," she said sleepily, but with a smile. "I'm sorry if I overslept. Is it time for our date?"

"You're fine," Ty said. "We've got plenty of time. Why don't you hop in the shower. I've got your clothes here." He indicated a bag sitting on the floor next to him. "How do you feel?"

"Fine," Cori assured him, climbing out of bed, happy to that her legs felt strong and completely re-energized as she stood up. "I just needed some sleep. Ben kept me up almost all night."

"So I hear," Ty chuckled. "You had the boss all worked up, didn't you?"

"Something did," Cori said. "How did Tammy and Gina work out?"

"Just fine," Ty said. "They're really nice. They even dressed kind of sexy in your honor. They also liked the outfit I picked out for you for today. Although I don't think either one of them would be willing to wear it."

"Well, I'm glad it went well," Cori said. "I'll jump in the shower and then you can show me this great outfit you've got for me. Do you think we can grab something to eat on the way to the game? I'm starving!"

"Of course," Ty said. "We'll grab a sandwich on the way."

Cori showered and Ty packed an overnight bag for her, grabbing a few items out of her closet for after the game at the hotel. He got done just in time to watch her dry off, which was always an interesting site.

"So, want to help me get dressed?" Cori asked. Ty pulled out the thong first, kneeling down in front of her. Daintily, she stepped into the leg openings and he pulled it up her long, smooth legs, over her thighs and finally, over her hips. Turning her around, he adjusted the butt-cheek strap, making sure it was centered and deeply embedded in her tight crack. Then, he turned her around to face him and carefully adjusted the tiny pocket in front to cover her mound and fit tightly against her pussy lips. When he was satisfied that it looked right, he picked the white shorts out of the bag and showed her the back, where it said "Tight End."

"Cute," she laughed. "But I have a feeling you're going to turn me into a wide receiver before the day's over."

Again, she stepped into them and he pulled them up, quite pleased to see that they were very tight, indeed. They clung to her like saran wrap, riding high on her tan thighs and ass cheeks and low on her hips. The beautifully designed shorts left ample amounts of skin and thong showing and the words "Tight End" never looked better or more true, spread across her oh-so-tight ass.

While he was still kneeling, Ty took out the red pumps and placed them on her feet, fastening the straps around her ankles. Slowly, he let his eyes trail from her feet all the way up her legs to her thighs, waist and naked breasts. It was a good day to be alive, Ty decided.

"Bend over a second and let me take a look," he said. Cori assumed her familiar position, turning her back to him and bending over at the waist, touching her hands to her ankles. It was a welcome and familiar site for Ty, who ran his hands up the backs of her thighs and over the bare skin of her lower ass cheeks. He stuffed his hands inside her shorts, feeling her ass and happy to feel how tight the fabric was squeezing against his hands. He noticed that the crotch band of the shorts was little wider than the thong and afforded a nice view of some of her pink pussy flesh peeking out the sides.

"Yes, I think that will do just fine," Ty said, motioning for Cori to stand back up. "Let's see if the top works as well." He pulled the youth-sized red jersey out of the bag and showed her the back with "Hot 'N Wet" written on it.

"You're making promises I'm not sure my body can keep," Cori smiled. "Tight end? Hot 'N Wet? If you say so."

"Oh, I definitely say so," Ty grinned. "I thought about putting "Hottest Babe on the Planet" on there, but it wouldn't fit. But I did add a special label. You like?"

He showed her the "Property of Ty" label and she laughed, "That's right, stud, and if anyone asks, that's what I'll tell them. I belong to you." Music to Ty's ears.

He put the jersey over her head and arms. He would have let it fall from there, but it was far too tight for that. At first, he was worried it wouldn't fit over her breasts at all, but with some tugging and pulling, he finally managed to stuff just enough of her tits inside the red mesh to more or less cover her nipples. Everything below her nipples was open to the public.

Seeing how tight it was, he realized the only way to ensure it stayed down was to anchor it somehow. Naturally, he stretched two holes in the mesh just wide enough to force her erect nipples through. The nipples, which stuck out nearly half-an-inch, served as solid anchor points, holding the straining top in place.

From a distance or at a glance, the dark pink nipples wouldn't stand out against the red jersey, but anyone close by who bothered to look for more than a second — and fleeting glances were rare around Cori — would certainly see the rubbery tips poking through.

"Does that hurt?" Ty asked, genuinely concerned, noticing how tightly the mesh squeezed around her nipples. He loved the way it looked, but he didn't want to hurt her.

"Not a bit," Cori assured him, touched that he had asked.

"Good, because that looks smokin' hot!" Ty said. "But if starts hurting, let me know. In the car, you can probably tuck them inside and not worry if your top flies up. But you'll need to keep it down at the game."

"No problem," Cori said.

Ty put the red choker around her neck and gave her the red tie to put in her hair once it was dry. Now fully — so to speak — dressed, Cori finished drying her hair and applying her makeup, which consisted primarily of bright red lipstick, and then put her hair in a ponytail as requested. It was a very sexy look, Cori had to admit, and she was certain she would as usual be the center of attention — this time in a very large crowd. She wasn't a bit nervous. She was used to it.

Actually, she was looking forward to this. She always enjoyed her dates with Ty and fully expected another fun day. Sure, he'd fuck her a lot — he only got her one night a week, so she could hardly blame him for making the most of his time. Chad was the same way. Plus, Ty's huge cock generally serviced her quite well and was a pleasure to suck, ride or whatever.

When she was ready, she finished packing a few essentials in her overnight bag and they were on their way. Ty drove a large SUV, which provided plenty of comfort for a 2-hour drive. They stopped on the way out of town at a fast-food drive-thru and picked up a couple of burgers. Even greasy fast food tasted good to Cori, who had worked up quite an appetite.

She sat back in the passenger seat, relaxing and eating. As predicted, her top wasn't up to the challenge of containing her breasts without help from her nipples poking through the mesh holes. With the jersey sitting atop her breasts, Cori's nipples were completely exposed and the seat belt strap went right between her breasts, sitting on top of the right and plunging below the left.

The windows on the SUV were tinted, so no one could see her, unless of course Ty told her to roll down her window, which he had done in similar situations before. For now he was content to sit back and enjoy the ride and his own private view. He was biding his time until they had both finished eating, but was eager to have her give him a blowjob while they drove. He watched her sucking the straw and nibbling the fries and his cock lurched at the promise that it would soon be enjoying the inside of her mouth as well.

Ty asked Cori about her night with Ben and, as usual, she gladly gave him all the juicy details, including the father-son tag-team that resulted in cum shooting out of her nose and the baseball game blowjob. Ty took great interest in all of this, of course, being particularly interested in the images of cum running out of her nose and of her being bound while Ben fucked her. Ty had a gone several days without an orgasm now and was getting very horny. He felt his cock grow stiff inside his gym shorts, creating a huge bulge which Cori quickly noticed.

"As soon as you finish eating..." Ty started to say.

"I'm done," Cori said, interrupting him as she swallowed her last bite of food. She quickly undid her seat belt, took a last sip of her pop and dropped down onto the carpeted floor of the SUV. Settling in between the seats, she sat up on her knees and reached for Ty's shorts. "This is what you wanted me to take care of, right?" she grinned mischievously and squeezed his cock through his shorts.

"Oh yeah," he groaned, excited just by her touch. "It's been too long."

"Well, let me have a look. I bet I can make things all better." She unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts, pulling them down far enough to make sure the zipper didn't threaten his cock or balls. She took a quick glance out the windshield and asked, "Smooth sailing?"

"Smooth sailing," Ty assured her. "It's all nice straight, smooth interstate for a while. Suck away, baby. Deep, with lots of sucking and licking, please."

"Coming right up, sir," Cori chirped and bent down to do what she did best. His cock was 90 percent erect when she started, and 100 percent after its first trip past her tonsils. Ty knew there weren't many girls who would or could deep throat a 10-inch monster like his, and he felt fortunate to have such a willing and talented companion in Cori.

And oh, how talented she was. She had the amazing ability to ingest his entire cock, all the while sucking with remarkable force and licking with perfect touch and precision. She was giving Ty this full treatment now, while he steamed down the highway at more than 70 miles per hour. He was driving with his left hand and had his right hand on the back of Cori's head, his hand cupping her ponytail. He wasn't really pushing her down — she was doing fine on her own — but it was nice to have control in hand.

More than any of the other guys, Ty loved to have his balls licked and sucked. Knowing this, Cori pulled off his cock and paid attention to his balls for a while, sucking the meaty orbs into her mouth. Their dense weight told her what she already suspected — they were full and ready to be unloaded.

She took his cock back in her mouth and performed a nice little trick she had perfected, deep-throating him and licking his balls at the same time. Ty groaned and started humping up off the seat, stroking his cock with her tongue and throat. He held her head firmly in place now and she knew he wouldn't let up until he was done. She kept giving him her unique full service until she felt his first blast of cum splatter against the back of throat and slide into her stomach. He pulled back and filled her mouth with the rest of his gigantic load. Cori knew he wouldn't want her to swallow any more until he could watch.

It was a massive load, but didn't threaten to repeat the nose incident. She held it all in her mouth, tasting his salty, bitter spunk as it coated her tongue and oozed between her teeth and gums. She was just about to pull off his cock and show him her mouthful of cum when she felt a jerk of the wheel and heard Ty say, "Shit! Police. Hurry up, babe. I have to pull over."

He pulled the car over quickly, pulling his shorts back up but not having time to zip them. Cori got up and climbed back in her seat, quickly fastening her seat belt. Just then, the SUV lurched to a stop, causing Cori to gasp as the seat belt bit into her tender breast. A glob of cum spilled out of her mouth, dribbling down her chin and onto her red jersey. She quickly swallowed what was left in her mouth and pulled her top down to cover her breasts. She had neither the time nor the desire to poke her nipples through to hold it down, so she held the bottom of the shirt down with one hand.

She started to reach up and wipe the cum off her chin, but the officer was already at the window. Cori looked at Ty, who seemed pretty normal except for the fact that his shorts were unzipped. He had managed to fasten them at least, so it wasn't terribly noticeable.

"Hello, officer," Ty said. "Sorry I was swerving a bit back there."

"Just need to see your license and registration," Officer Reed said. He was a large man who looked to be in his late 40s or early 50s. He was well over 6 feet tall and had to weigh about 300 pounds. He had a big barrel chest and silver gray hair. He was wearing mirrored sunglasses that hid his eyes, so Cori couldn't tell if he had noticed her, was looking at her or had noticed Ty's pants.

"Headin' to the football game?" he asked Ty.

"Yes sir," Ty said, handing him the requested documents. "I know it's not a good idea, but we were in a hurry so we ate lunch in the car. I went to set my drink down and swerved a couple times. I guess that's why you pulled me over."

"Yes sir," Reed said. "A lot of people like to drink on game days. You haven't been drinking, have you?"

"No sir."

"How about your friend there? Miss, have you been drinking?"

Just pop and cum, officer, she thought, but said, "No sir." She couldn't tell for sure, but she felt like he was ogling her as he spoke to her.

"What's that on your chin?" he asked.

"Oh, I'm just a sloppy eater," Cori said, wiping the cum off with her finger and licking it clean.

"Yeah, I have that problem too," the officer said. "Looks like you got some on your shirt, too." Cori thanked him for pointing it out and wiped her shirt clean with a napkin.

"Sir, not to be impolite," Reed said to Ty, "but your pants are unzipped."

"Oh gosh," Ty acted surprised, "I didn't realize that. That's embarrassing." He zipped them up, laughing.

"So, are you sticking with your story that you were distracted while eating?" Reed asked.

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