tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hard Body Shop Clerk Ch. 12

The Hard Body Shop Clerk Ch. 12



But first, John had a big date night planned with Cori. "What are we doing tonight," Cori asked as they left the shop for the evening. John had instructed her to keep her spaghetti-strap suit on and had given her a fresh layer of oil before they left.

"We're having a cookout at my place," John said. "A neighborhood cookout, that is."

"Neighborhood? Are you going to show me off, big John?"

"You know it. Everybody is coming over around 7. That give us about an hour to start getting everything ready — and maybe play around a little bit."

"Sounds good. How many people are coming?"

"About a dozen neighbors," John said. "Just some buddies coming over for some steaks and beer and a little eye candy."

"Sounds like fun," Cori said. "So do you want your eye candy to be sweet and wholesome or hot and spicy?"

"I want you to be a sweet, naïve tease. You'll be dressed like you are now, of course, and I'm going to give you a face full of cum to wear for a while too. But I want you to act like you don't even realize it's there or understand why everyone is looking at you. In fact, I want you to act like you don't even realize that they are staring at you. But, of course, you'll be bending and arching your back — the usual things to show off."

"I think I get it," Cori said. "So you're going to give me a face full of cum first?"

"That's right. As soon as we get home and get everything set up. I think I've got a pretty big load saved up for you. Should look really good on that cute face of yours."

As soon as they got to John's house, they arranged furniture on the deck, set out steaks, chicken, hot dogs and hamburgers for the grill, filled a cooler with beer, water and pop and put out chips, cheese and veggies. John looked at his watch and figured they had about 20 minutes before the first guests would arrive. That should be perfect. He wanted the cum to be fresh, thick and white on her face when his guests first saw her.

"Let's step inside for a minute," John said. He led her into the kitchen, bent her over the backs of one of the chairs and drove his thick cock deep into her wet snatch. After a few minutes of hard cunt-pounding, he knew he was close to cumming and pulled out of her. He waited a few seconds for his orgasm to subside, then instructed her to sit in the chair and suck his cock. John figured he had another 10 minutes before anyone would show up, so he let Cori slowly lick and suck him, gradually bringing him back to the verge of orgasm. He was just ramming his cock down her throat when he heard a knock at the door.

"Just a minute!" he yelled, then pulled his cock out of her mouth and sprayed every inch of her face with his thick spunk. The creamy white fluid was matted to her forehead, clung to her eyelashes, dripped from her nose, clung to her cheeks and made a home on her lips and chin. She looked like someone had smashed a cream pie in her face.

Cori knew not to wipe it away as John tucked his cock back into his pants and hurriedly went to open the door. The Troyer brothers, Bud, Jack and Tucker, came in. They were all in their 50s and lived close to one another in the neighborhood.

"What took you so long?" Bud asked. "And why are you sweating?"

"You boys remember Cori, don't you?" John said, shaking their hands and leading them through the living room to the kitchen where Cori was sitting at the table, waiting for them.

"How could we forget?" Jack said. "Hottest girl in the state. Is she here?"

Just then, they stepped into the kitchen and the men were greeted by the site of Cori rising to meet them. They all noticed her suit, of course, and her oiled, tanned, well-displayed body, but to a man they were drawn to the telltale emissions covering her face.

"You dirty dog!" Bud said, jabbing John in the ribs.

"Nice work, my friend," Tucker said. "That's a full facial there!"

"Damn, you look good, Cori," Jack said.

"Thanks," Cori said. "Good to see you guys. You haven't been by the shop in a while."

"We'll have to change that," Jack said. He was surprised that Cori was making no effort to clean her face or even acknowledge that globs of cum were plastered to her face.

"Come on fellas, let's head out back to the deck. The rest of the gang should be coming soon," John said. Sure enough eight more men showed up in the next 10 minutes. All had seen Cori before, but only Tom Richards, the next-door neighbor, had ever had the privilege of seeing her like this.

While John cooked on the grill, Cori served as hostess, bending over to pick up drinks out of the cooler and walking back and forth across the deck, serving them to the guys. When everyone had been served and had the opportunity to see her up close, John said, "Hey, Cori, what's that on your face? Did you forget to eat my cum again?"

Quickly picking up on his message, Cori ran her finger across her cheek, scooping up a wad of cum. She held it up in front of her face, acting surprised to see it there. "Oh silly me, I guess I missed some," she said, sticking her finger in her mouth and slowly sucking it clean, pumping her finger back and forth in her mouth for effect. She pretended not to notice the groans and cheers and whistles from her admiring crowd as she proceeded to wipe her face clean, licking every drop off her fingers and, of course, swallowing.

"Damn, I need to jack off," Buster, a particularly crude 30-year-old said loudly before letting out a loud belch.

"I haven't been laid in a month," another man said. "I'm about to cream my pants right now."

"Hey fellas," John said, struck by an idea. "If some of you are serious about jacking off, I bet Cori would like to eat your cum. Why don't you jack off in this bowl and then she can have a little treat with her dinner?"

"You mean she'd eat all of our cum?"

"Sure, she loves it," John said. "Can't you tell?"

"Well, hell, I'm not going to deprive that pretty little filly of anything," Chet, who was in his late 50s, said. "If she wants some cum, by golly I'll give her a belly full."

"That's the spirit," John said. "Cori, why don't you take Chet into the bedroom and provide a little encouragement while he prepares his little treat for you."

Cori took Chet by the wrist and pulled him into the house and into the master bedroom, which was on the first floor. Cori lay down on the bed, setting the bowl on the dresser. Chet unzipped his pants and pulled out his already erect cock and began gently stroking it as he stood over Cori. She went into full sex kitten mode, rolling around on the bed, squeezing her tits, arching her back, spreading her thighs, rolling onto her stomach and sticking her ass in the air, licking her lips, etc. It was like an x-rated version of Billy Idol's "Rock the Cradle of Love" video. Chet's eyes never left her nubile body and his hand never left his cock, which was oozing pre-cum.

"Did you know my daughter used to babysit you?" Chet asked.

"Yeah," Cori said. "I remember her."

"Bet you never thought you'd be drinking her old man's cum when you grew up, did you? Well, that's exactly what you're going to do, you little bitch.

"Now play with the thong. Rub it across your pussy and your clit. Hump it, you nasty little slut. Jam your fingers in there. You wish ol' John would let me fuck you, don't you, slut? You wish we could all fuck you, gang bang you like the cum-slut whore you are."

"Oh yes," Cori said, now finger-banging her pussy with two fingers. "I wish you could fuck me. I want your cock and your cum so bad. I'm such a naughty slut!"

"Well, then here you go," Chet said, aiming his cock at the bowl and splattering it with several shots of thick, yellowish cum that had clearly been percolating in his seldom-used balls for quite some time. "That's been aging for a while. It's like fine wine. It should taste better with age. Enjoy it, slut."

Chet zipped up and walked out, only to be replaced by two more guys holding their cocks. They also ordered Cori to perform for them and put her through a variety of gyrations. By the time they were spraying their spunk into the bowl, Cori was on her knees, her head on a pillow with three fingers stuffed in her pussy and two in her ass.

Those two guys left and two more came in. And so it went until all 12 men had made their contributions to the bowl. Even John added his spunk, coming in and drilling Cori in the cunt for a few minutes before dropping his second load of the night into the waiting bowl. A few guys came back for second go-rounds, and by the time they were all done, 18 loads of cum were mixing in the bowl, millions of sperm swimming around together, just waiting to be put inside some attractive young woman's body.

Cori re-adjusted her suit, washed her pussy- and ass-tainted hands and took the bowl back outside to her admiring crowd.

"Looks like steak sauce to me," John said, looking at the bowl of thick white cream. "Why don't you sit down, eat your steak and dip each bite into the bowl?"

"Sounds good," Cori said, taking a seat at the patio table. All eyes were on her and everyone grew quiet as Cori sliced her first bite of steak and dipped into the bowl of cum.

"That steak's pretty dry," one of the guys said. "Better get lots of sauce on it."

Cori took his advice and dunked the meat all the way in. It came out looking like a glazed donut. Like a piece of mozzarella cheese on a pizza, a long strand of cum extended from her fork to the bowl as she put the first bite to her lips. Cori sunk her teeth into the meat, letting the cum squish around her teeth and gums. She took her time chewing the meat, pretending to be savoring the flavor before finally swallowing it and preparing for her next bite. Everyone thought this was about the best show they had ever seen.

"Mmmm, scrumptious!" Cori said, licking her lips and dunking the next piece of meat in the cum-sauce. "You guys should bottle this stuff."

"We'll bottle it and you'll be our official taste-tester," one guy said.

"Taste-tester, hell," another said. "She'll do all the milking, if you know what I mean. She can milk my balls dry any time."

"Well, I thought mine were dry, but I do believe they're filling back up again."

"Feel free to add more to her bowl," John said. "She has a big appetite. She never seems to get quite enough cum. I guarantee she won't let a drop go to waste."

No one made a move, however, until Cori had finished off every bite of her steak. By that point, some of the guys couldn't wait any longer. There was still a little pool of cum in the bottom of the bowl, but after Cori entertained them through 10 more jerk-offs — the volume of each noticeably smaller this time around — there was more than enough cum for the guys to have some fun with. This time, they gave her a bowl of fresh strawberries and watched, delighted, as Cori dipped the strawberries into the cum and bit into them.

When the cum was almost all gone, one of the guys told her to lick the bowl. Never one to disappoint, Cori put her face in the bowl and licked it totally clean. She now had more than 20 loads of cum in her belly containing of thousands of swimming sperm.

"Whew, that was great!" Chet said. "You put every other cum slut I've ever seen to shame. Stop by next week and I'll have a bunch more of that stuff bottled up for you."

"Yeah," another guy said. "How about we all jack off into bowls or jars or whatever all week, then dump it all together and see how much we got next week. I bet we can have 10 times as much if we try. What do you say, John?"

"Fine by me," John said. "I don't want any more guys here next week, but if you know anyone else who might want to contribute anyway, go ahead. We'll send them a picture or invite them to the next one or something. The more cum the merrier."

With the cum fiesta over, the guys decided to work off some of their dinner by playing a little two-hand touch football. Of course, Cori was still a major part of the fun. While the guys split into teams of 6, Cori was dubbed "all-time offense." This meant she played for whichever team had the ball. For both teams, her primary responsibility was to hike the ball, then go out to try to catch a pass.

No one cared how she played, of course, they just wanted to create the best ways to look at and feel up this amazing young woman. Everyone took turns playing quarterback, who had the best view on the field play after play. In order to hike the ball, Cori bent over it at the waist, keeping her legs straight and spread at about shoulder width, allowing room to snap the ball between her legs to the quarterback. As each guy took his turn at quarterback, he first stood back and admired the view of her ass and pussy, absurdly split by the thong. Then, he would step forward and enjoy a few glorious seconds of groping, squeezing and pinching her ass, rubbing her pussy and dipping his fingers into her snatch before finally hiking the ball.

As soon as the ball was hiked, Cori, who was naturally a very fine athlete, would then run as well as she could in heels and try to get open for a pass. She was open every time because the defenders wanted her to catch the ball. As soon as she caught it, they would all swarm around her, placing both hands on her to make the tackle. Naturally, most of the hands seemed to find their way to her breasts or her ass or even between her legs. Cori was the star of the game in every conceivable way.

When the game was over, they all sat back down and enjoyed a couple more beers. Cori sat in John's lap and the older man openly played with and fondled his playmate in front of his envious guests. As he rubbed her pussy and squeezed her tits, the thought suddenly occurred to him that he would love to make her cum in front of all them, right here on his deck. He and Tom Richards had successfully gotten her off last week. Just the idea of making her get off in front of all these men made his cock stir yet again.

Usually, Cori was pretty easy to get heated up. But in front of this many people, John wasn't sure how quickly she would come around. It was going to be fun, either way. He never let Cori know that he was intending to do more than play with her, but he began by putting his knees inside hers, then spreading both their legs as wide as he could. Everyone had a great view of Cori's pussy as he pulled the thong aside and began rubbing her hard, rubbery clit. Cori enjoyed the feeling but wasn't really getting aroused yet. She was just sitting there, sipping her beer, looking pretty while the guys talked about guy stuff and, occasionally, her. John continued talking to his friends, not revealing his true intentions for Cori's body.

As usual, Cori's pussy was already wet, so John wasted no time driving two fingers into her snatch. Now, he was finger-fucking her and playing with her clit. He was going slowly, deliberately. To all the guys watching, it appeared to be nonchalant diddling, but as the heat and sensitivity grew, to Cori it felt very intense indeed.

She felt the stirring in her loins and wondered if John was doing this on purpose. She glanced back at him, but he seemed to be paying no attention to her whatsoever, just absently stroking and poking her pussy. But he was maintaining a very slow, purposeful rhythm that, intentional or not, was stoking her fire.

"Well, all I'll say is Holman better do something about the roads around here," Tom Richards was saying. Cori realized they were talking about the shop's new partner, the mayoral hopeful, and tried to focus on what they were saying. It could be important when it came time for her to help the mayor campaign. But John's fingers were driving her crazy. She was trying not to let anyone notice, but with all eyes on her most of the time, it was going to be difficult.

"He seems like a decent enough guy," John said, referring to Holman. "I think he's smart and fair, at least for a politician. I think if we give him a chance, he'll do all right."

"I hear he really likes the ladies," one of the guys said. "He's a bachelor, you know. I hear he likes to go to Atlanta and hit the strip clubs and escort services."

"I'm sure he can afford it," John said. "The man's got some money."

"Speaking of money, have you guys seen that rich bitch Paris Hilton?" Chet asked. "Damn, that slut has some great legs."

"Oh yeah," Jack said. "And she wears those fuck-me heels all the time, too. If you didn't know better, you'd think she made her money as a hooker or porn star."

"Well, I wouldn't mind being that dude in that internet movie with her," Tucker added. "I haven't seen it, but I hear she's quite a cocksucker."

While all this was going on, John noticed Cori's pussy growing hotter and wetter. Her nipples were hard, her clit was at attention and she seemed to be breathing a bit harder. She wasn't letting on that he was getting to her, but he knew her body well, and it was not lying to him. She was very turned on and quickly losing control.

"Well, she's a hottie all right," John said, referring to Paris Hilton, "but I don't think she holds a candle to Cori. The only place she's even close is with those legs. But they're a little too skinny. She has no ass and no tits, and I think we'll all agree Cori is very well-proportioned in those areas. And as far as cock-sucking, well, I've never had the pleasure of a Paris Hilton blowjob, but given the choice between one blowjob from Cori and 10 from Paris Hilton, I'd take the one every time."

"What do you think of Paris Hilton, Cori?"

Cori was caught off guard. She had barely been able to focus on the guys' conversation. Something about Paris Hilton having nice legs. She tried to speak, but all that came out was a gasp, then a soft whimper as a tremor ran through her over-stimulated body.

"By golly, I believe she's going to cum!" Jack laughed. "Look at that, fellas!"

Cori looked at Jack, but was unable to respond. She knew she had been discovered and couldn't hide it anymore. She gave in to uncontrollable desires and began humping John's fingers and grinding her clit against his hand. Her breath began coming in raspy gasp and her eyes glazed over. Her nipples were pointed out straight and hard and she was arching her back, leaning back against John's chest.

With both of John's hands working away at her pussy, she put her own hands to her breasts to touch and tease her nipples.

"Hey Jack, Tucker, how about giving the lady a hand with her tits," John said. "I'd do it myself, but my hands are full of pussy right now."

The brothers hopped out of their chairs, eagerly approaching John and the girl writhing on top of him. "Happy to help," Jack said. "What do you need us to do?"

"Just squeeze and play with her tits," John said. "Pinch her nipples a little, but not too hard. Hell, give them a lick if you don't mind a little baby oil on your tongue." Cori's body still glistened with oil, but most of the excess had come off while she rolled around on the bed and then played football. Now she was just soft, shiny and a little slick.

Everyone was gathered around now as John jabbed three fingers into her with increasing force and pace, never taking his other hand off her clit. The brothers had a field day with her tits, licking and sucking the erect nipples, pinching them, squeezing her full breasts and even lightly slapping them, making them bounce and jiggle.

"Look at that bitch go," Chet said. "Fucking little slut is on fire. She's going to pass out if she doesn't cum soon."

"John, does she always put on this much of a show when she cums?"

"Well, usually there aren't this many people watching, " John said, "but, yeah, otherwise, this is about normal. Sometimes I'd rather watch her cum than cum myself."

"I can see why," Jack said, slapping her breast and watching it bounce in response.

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