tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hard Body Shop Clerk Ch. 15

The Hard Body Shop Clerk Ch. 15



After Cori's violent abduction and rescue, Ben gave her the weekend off -- no work, no dates. He and Ty and John checked on her frequently, calling to make sure she was OK, sending food and flowers to her. Every action re-affirmed their affection for Cori and their desire to let her know that they weren't like Chad -- and certainly not like Jarvis. Ben even told Cori that the deal with Holman was off. They didn't trust him and his sister and weren't about to put Cori in danger again. Cori felt so fortunate to have not one, but three men who cared about her so much.

She wanted to thank them, so she took it upon herself to call Holman. She explained to him a little bit of what happened and why Ben had pulled the deal. It seemed to take some of the anger out of Holman, as he began to understand and respect Ben's decision.

"I know I can't do the rest of the campaign," Cori said, "but I really would like to help the shop get that contract with the city. Do you think we can work something out without Ben knowing?"

"I think so," Holman said. "How about you come over here for dinner tonight? Tell Ben you're visiting a friend or something so he won't worry. You spend the night here and I think I can find it in my heart to forgive old Ben."

"Really?" Cori said. "OK. I'll be over around 7. I have to be at work in the morning at 8. Is that OK?"

"That's fine," Holman said. "Just don't expect any sleep."

Cori dreaded going to see Holman, but she was doing this for the guys who really cared about her, so that made it OK. She knew she wouldn't always be this attractive to men, that she wouldn't always be able to help them as much as she wanted. This was her chance to do something big.

Cori showed up at Holman's right on time, wearing high heels, a black wrap-around mini-skirt, a black thong, black thigh-high stockings and a florescent orange mesh top like strippers wore these days. She had a bag with her Monday morning outfit in the car, just in case she didn't get a chance to go home before she went to work.

"Very nice, Cori," Holman nodded in approval as he let her in, staring first at her tits, then her ass as she passed by him into his mansion of a house.

"Thank you, Mr. Holman," Cori said. She was surprised to see him wearing slacks, a button down shirt and a tie. Didn't these business guys ever relax? "I really appreciate this."

"The pleasure will be all mine," Holman said, licking his lips.

"This is a beautiful house," Cori said, looking up at the huge entryway. This house was worth millions, she knew.

"Thank you. You'll see the house later if there's time. Right now, I'd like to show you the back yard." Holman put his arm around her slender waist and led her through the great entryway, down a long hallway and out a sliding glass door that led to a double-layered deck overlooking a in-ground pool. On one corner of the deck was a huge hot tub.

"Beautiful," Cori said admiringly.

"Yes, you are," Holman said, lifting her skirt and squeezing her ass. "Now, strip and get in." He nodded toward the hot tub. Cori quickly peeled off her clothes and Holman did likewise. She noted his cock was long and thick, much like his body. She stepped gingerly into the hot water, her tits jiggling as she stepped down into the foamy water and took a seat. Holman followed her, his cock half-erect, his eyes focused squarely on her tits. He sat next to her and pulled her on top of him. He began squeezing and sucking her tits, filling his mouth with as much tit-meat as he could.

She felt him harden against her thigh and he lifted her up, lowering her onto his erect shaft. "Ride me," he whispered into her ear. "Fuck yourself with that big cock."

With her knees on the bench on both sides of him, Cori began rocking and grinding on what she had to admit was a very nice, meaty cock. She put her arms around his neck and raised herself up and down while he resumed playing with her tits. The warm water sloshed around as Cori's amazing hips rocked and rolled and grinded, seemingly going three different directions at the same time. Her pussy was responding to the big cock, too, gotting hotter and adding some of its own viscous lubricant to the hot, frothy water.

She expected him to cum right away the first time, but he showed good staying power and she kept riding, harder and faster. Her ass cheeks were slamming into his thighs now and she was arching her back, filling her snatch with his cock while giving him a face full of tits at the same time. He grabbed her ass and started helping her ride up and down, forcing her to pick up the pace even more. Her pussy was on fire now and yearned for release. She ground her hips again and let out a squeal of delight.

"Yeah, baby," Holman encouraged her. "Keep it up. Ride that big cock. Make yourself cum. Cum for me, Cori."

"Oh, yes," Cori squealed. "Mr. Holman, you're going to make me cum. Oh, Mr. Holman!" Cori buried her face in his chest and rocked her hips as fast as she could while the orgasm coursed through her body.

Feeling her perfect hard body tremble as she came again and again, Holman was unable to hold back any longer. His cock fired bullets of thick cum wads into her slurping cunt, their juices mixing in a molten pool of lust deep inside Cori's velvety vagina.

When they were done, Cori basically fell off him, laying back in the hot water, her tits sticking out like two big pointy bouys.

"Now that's the way to get things started!" Holman celebrated. "This is gonna be one helluva night, girl. You tell that pussy to get ready, because it's got a whole lot more cumming to do before daylight."

Holman got out of the hot tub and began drying himself with a towel. He helped Cori out of the tub and handed her a towel as well. Holman put his slacks, shirt and tie back on while Cori donned her skirt, thigh-highs, mesh top, thong and heels.

"Do you mind if I ask why you are so dressed up?" Cori asked. "I mean, you look nice, but ..."

"I've got a meeting," Holman said with a shrug of his shoulders.

"Now?" Cori asked. She hoped so. That might mean an hour or two when she wouldn't be at his service.

"Yeah," Holman said. "Now."

"Oh, well, what do you want me to do?"

"Entertain," Holman smiled. "You're going to entertain, my dear."

"Oh, do I need to wear something else?"

"No, you're fine just like that," Holman said. "You look like a stripper and that's just what you're going to do. I have my advisory team for my campaign coming over. They should already be waiting for us, in fact. Anyway, there are six of them in all, four men and two women. You're going to start by doing a strip tease -- I just happen to have a stripper pole -- and then you're going to give them each a lap dance. Got it?"

"Yes sir," Cori said.

"They won't fuck you," Holman said, "but they can touch all they want. Understood?"

"Yes sir," Cori nodded.

Holman led her back into the house, veering down a large corridor that led to a pair of large oak double doors. He opened them simultaneously and went in first, "Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the one and only Ms. Cori Banks."

Cori followed him into the room and saw that it was a combination office and den. It had an huge oak desk and board table on one side of the room and two leather sofas, two leather chairs, a leather love seat, a fireplace and, yes, a stripper pole on a wood platform on the other side of the room. Cori saw the six people Holman mentioned seated around the table, all staring at her. She recognized his associate, Mr. Tanner, and his sister, Verna the tailor. Two of the other men -- Harold and Stan -- appeared to be in their 50s, both in good shape with graying hair. The other, named Victor, was younger, probably in his early 30s with broad shoulders and huge biceps. The other woman -- Sandy -- was in her mid 30s and very attractive in a classy, businesswoman sort of way. She had short hair, an athletic build and perfect teeth. Everyone was dressed for business despite it being 8 p.m. on a Sunday.

"Cori is going to provide our entertainment after the meeting," Holman explained. "In the meantime, she'll be loosening up over there." Holman sent Cori toward the stripper pole with a pat on the ass, whispering in her ear, "Make it look good, slut. We'll be watching."

Cori spent the next 20 minutes going through an r-rated stretching routine, including bending over at the waist and grabbing her ankles, putting her legs behind her head and laying flat on her stomach and arching her back as far as she could. She heard occasional comments from the other side of the room, but never looked over. She knew they were watching her every move. It was actually kind of funny to hear one of the guys saying something like, "we have to go door to door and hand out these flyers. Then we... good God! ... uh, what was I saying?"

She had just started repeating some of the same stretches when she heard Holman say, "All right, good work people. Meeting adjourned. Now, to thank you all for all your hard work, I'd like to invite you to stay for the next half hour or so while Cori entertains us as only she can. Please, join me over there for the show."

They all walked toward Cori and took seats in the various couches and chairs provided, all turned to face the stripper platform. Holman turned down the lights, turned on a spotlight on the small stage and cranked up a driving rock song. Cori knew she was on. She climbed on the stage and began a slow, sensual dance, twisting her hips to the beat, running her hands up and down her body, pulling at her clothes, rubbing her private areas. She let her skirt drop to the floor and kicked it to Sandy.

Cori knelt down and spread her knees apart, flashing her pussy as she tugged at the thong, rubbing it across her pussy lips. She squeezed her tits and peeled off her top. She licked one nipple, then the other, hefting those giant tits toward her perfect red lips. She squeezed her tits together, then bent over at the waist and wiggled her hips, making her tits slap into each other. She dropped into a full splits and again sucked her nipples while everyone enjoyed the view of her nearly naked pussy. She raised one leg straight up in the air and slowly peeled off her stockings, following with the other leg. She kicked off her stilettos long enough to take the stockings off, then put them right back on.

She stood up and turned her back to them, giving them a good look at her ass as she resumed her playful dance, now teasing them by pulling the thong part way off, then pulling it back up between her ass and pussy. Finally, she pulled it down, bending over as she did so. She faced them as she held the thong to her nose, making a show of inhaling her own aroma. She smiled and put the thong back between her legs, first rubbing it across her pussy lips, then actually spreading her pussy and inserting the thong until only a tiny piece of fabric hung out. She danced and twirled, pulling herself up on the pole and spreading her legs wide. She wrapped her tits around the pole and she even flipped herself upside down, letting those breasts hang down, bouncing to the beat.

As the second song was about to end, Cori stood facing the crowd, opened her legs and pulled out the thong at a tantalizing pace. Finally, she again smelled it, then smiled and tossed it to Stan, who wouldn't have given it up for a million dollars.

Holman himself signaled the end of the show by turning off the music and turning on the lights. Everyone applauded. Cori began to gather her clothes, but Holman stopped her.

"Hold on," he said. "The private dances are still to come. Anyone object to Cori giving you lap dances naked?"

There were no objections and Holman quickly settled the matter of pecking order by drawing numbers. Verna was first, followed by Harold, Mr. Tanner, Stan, Sandy and Victor. Holman left himself out of the draw. He would go last, of course.

"I don't know about you all," Holman said, "but I want to keep watching the show. Any objections to doing the lap dances out here where we can all watch?"

Again, everyone agreed. Holman turned down the lights once again, turned up the music and pointed the small spotlight at Verna's chair. His sister was sitting there in a business suit, a big smile on her face as the object of her desire approached. Verna patted her lap, indicating Cori should take a seat. Cori, who had a few experimental encounters with Tammy and Gina, had never given a lap dance to a woman before, but guessed correctly that Verna wanted pretty much the same show the guys did -- only with less focus on the crotch rubbing. Cori spread her legs, cupped her breasts, rubbed her tits across Verna's face, bent over in front of her, slid up and down her body. Since this wasn't some strict strip club, Verna freely groped and grabbed at Cori, touching everywhere, pinching her ass, fingering her pussy, even sticking out her tongue to lick Cori's nipples.

Cori found herself getting aroused as she moved from Verna to Harold, who's cock was already hard. Cori ground on that rigid dick for two songs, rubbing it with her ass, pussy and tits and even sucking him through his pants. He unzipped his pants and she sucked him through his briefs, which were moist with pre-cum. She swore he was about to blow his load when it was time to move to Mr. Tanner.

Tanner immediately inserted his finger in her pussy and spent most of his time finger-banging her while she did her best to keep moving and dancing. She wanted just to grind down and let him really finger fuck and make her cum, but she was aware of the other eyes on her and tried to keep up the show. She was very wet, now, and aching for another orgasm. With four more dances still to go, she didn't think she could get through without cumming.

Stan had his pants open before she even got to him and, at his encouragement, she spent considerable time grinding her pussy against his brief-covered cock, her juices and his soaking into that cotton fabric together.

Sandy, who was bi-sexual, was clearly a tit woman. She played with Cori's big knockers the whole time Cori was dancing for her. She made her jump up and down so she could watch them bounce, and she carefully tasted and teased both nipples with a soft tongue and tantatlizingly sharp teeth. Cori's nipples ached with desire.

Victor made them ache more, roughly pulling on them and squeezing her tits. Cori didn't know if he meant to be that rough or if he was just so big and strong that he didn't realize how much force he was using. Either way, he was a very powerful man with a powerful erection that Cori knew could bring her to climax with a few well-placed thrusts. Alas, the dance ended with no relief, only heightened desire.

With everyone in the room now on the verge of climax but frustrated by a lack of release, Cori moved on to Holman, who didn't hold himself back. When Cori climbed on his lap, he promptly stuck his cock in her pussy and started banging away while she rocked her hips to the beat of the music. Everyone gathered around, clapping and cheering as Cori rode that big thick cock for the second time since her arrival at Holman's house.

She came almost instantly, drawing a round of applause as her unmistakeable cries and trembling body told everyone what was happening. Holman just smiled, gave a thumbs up to his party guests and pushed Cori's limp body onto the floor. He was on her in an instant, pushing her legs over her head where Verna dutifully held them while he roughly entered her glistening cunt. He filled her with powerful thrusts that drove her across the floor while she writhed, humping back at him, cumming again and again.

Holman finished by pulling out and yelling, "face or tits?" Face was the overwhelming favorite -- argued only by Sandy's vote for tits -- and Holman straddled her face, firing his steaming load at her. He covered her lips and chin, then stepped back and said, "cover the rest of it, boys."

Stan, Victor, Tanner and Harold each stepped forward and started jacking their cocks. They squeezed her tits some more or stuck their fingers in her pussy for added inspiration before one by one dousing her face with their thick, ropey loads. By the time they were done, her eyes were covered, her nostrils were clogged with semen, her hair was matted with wads of spunk and it even clung to her ears and eyelashes.

Cori was about to wipe enough away to look up when she felt two tongues on her. Verna and Sandy were on their hands and knees, licking up the cum, collecting it with their tongues and holding it in their mouths. When Cori was mostly clean, Sandy held Cori's mouth open while Verna spat her share of the semen into Cori's mouth. Sandy followed suit and they all watched as Cori swallowed it all. She looked around, not surprised to see that Holman was there holding a video camera and Tanner was holding a digital camera. They had filmed and photographed the whole thing.

"Cori," Holman said, "I know I said you wouldn't fuck anyone but me, but I think these ladies deserve a little something, don't you? I mean, it's not fair that they're the only ones who haven't cum yet, don't you think?"

Cori just nodded and began kissing both Verna and Sandy. They both took off their clothes and Cori sucked their nipples and fondled their pussies, then licked both pussies until both women climaxed in screaming, creaming orgasms that drowned out the applause coming from the men.

In just about an hour, Cori had inspired seven orgasms while experiencing three of her own. She was exhausted, laying in the middle of the floor, her body wet with perspiration, semen and pussy juice. Her hair was still matted with the cum that the women couldn't get out and her nipples were still erect with extreme stimulation.

She got up slowly and helped see everyone to the door, then turned back, glad that it was down to just her and Holman for the rest of the night. He showed her to the bathroom and left her alone for 30 minutes to relax and clean up while he prepared for the rest of the evening. He drank a bottle of water to replenish his fluids and snacked on fruit and crackers to regain his energy. This was a once in a lifetime night and Holman had no intention of running out of steam anytime soon, "steam" being the operative word, he chuckled to himself.

"That was quite a performance," Holman complimented her as she emerged from the bathroom. She was now wearing only her heels and a white terry cloth towel that she had wrapped around her.

"Thank you," Cori said. "I had fun."

"I could tell," Holman smiled devilishly. "I love to watch you cum. And I love the way you look with cum all over and your body all hot and sweaty. So, with that in mind, I thought we could spend some time in the sauna."

"Of course," Cori said. "Whatever you say, sir."

Holman led her to his private exercise room which included an assortment of weights, a treadmill, an exercise bike and a few other pieces of equipment. Attached to it was his private sauna. They both stripped and stepped into the sauna. Holman sat down on the small wooden bench and inserted a dildo in her pussy. He then had her sit on his lap while he played with her tits and they talked about the cum bath she had taken.

Soon, they were both sweating, their bodies glistening. Holman put his hand between her legs and stroked her clit, using his other hand to gently fuck her with the dildo. She squirmed a bit and her ass cheeks brushed against his cock, which was beginning to stiffen once again. He pulled the dildo, slick with her pussy juice, out of her twat and gently inserted it into her ass.

"Do you like it up the ass?" Holman asked, stroking her pussy once more.

"Yes, sir," Cori said.

"Good, because that's where this big cock is going next," Holman said. He took his hard cock and poked it between her thighs, slapping it against her pussy lips, the impact making a wet, smacking sound. Sweat was running down her breasts now, a drop clinging to her nipple. Holman squeezed those big tits together, watching the sweat pour down her cleavage and over her smooth belly. What a gorgeous babe, he thought.

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