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The Hardest Answer Any Other Family


I've been working with Lauren and Julia's story for a year now and it's been a pleasure sharing their story with you. Because of a personal choice, I've not posted much of Lauren's and Julia's story online. However, I hoped they, as characters, resonated with readers. I know I'm far from done with Lauren and Julia's path, but I do want to have readers here to find some safe haven with Lauren and Julia's future--I chalk that up to being a part of the 'Disney Generation'.

Lauren has come quite far from the insecure, lonely, introverted person. Julia who has always been loving, has opened her heart up further.

If you want to know more about Lauren and Julia, send me a message, but I hope to leave this story here for everyone to enjoy. Thank you for allowing me to share this story with you. And now, the final chapter of The Hardest Answer, but not the final moment of Lauren and Julia, here for Literotica.

*** *** *** *** *** ***

Jeremy was already snoozing across her lap and the television was nearly silently flickering, and Lauren was not too far behind from joining him when Julia gently brushed her fingers across Lauren's lips. Feeling the silken skin with expected callous on the index finger, Lauren opened her eyes halfway opting to kiss the tender fingertips. Julia laughed as quietly as possible and leaned over and drew Lauren into a soft kiss.

"I've got to put him to bed." Julia said with a trace of regret that their intimacy would be so short lived.

Without a word, Lauren carefully slid aside and picked up the dead weight that was Jeremy and hoisted his body against her; he weighted no more than one of her other students in a wheel chair. Gratefully, Julia led Lauren to his room where Julia turned the bed with only the night light to illuminate the entire room and Lauren lowered him into the bed and stepped back allowing Julia to mother the boy, something she did not quite feel comfortable in doing. In fluid, trained motions, Julia stripped her son of his day clothes and put him in his pajamas and tucked him in with a reassuring kiss. While she did so, Lauren glanced about the heavy shadows cast by the small traffic jam of dump trucks and racecars she managed to navigate without stepping on.

"Mommy, where's Lauren? Is she going to tuck me in too?" he asked sleepily.

Julia looked over to Lauren hesitantly. Lauren slowly returned to Jeremy's beside, Lauren kissed two fingers and placed them on his forehead.

"I'm right here buddy. I thought you were dead asleep."

"I just wanted to say 'good night'." He mumbled.

"G'night buddy." She whispered and tousled his hair, feeling Julia's arms slip about her waist appreciatively. Lauren ran her hand over Julia's and turned and kissed Julia's neck and then left.

Julia stepped out into the hall as soon as she pulled the covers up over her son and kissed him. Lauren kissed her. "I'll see you tomorrow at work." she promised.

"It's late, please be careful." Julia felt her mouth go dry, the unnecessary comment was awkward. 'It's not what I want to say.'

"I always am." and with that, Lauren turned to slip out the side door, oblivious to Julia's desire to say something more.

Julia stood by the front room window watching Lauren bike away in the middle of the night wishing that Lauren didn't feel so honor bound to bike away the nights that Jeremy stayed over. He clearly had come to some understanding that his mother was seeing someone. Jeremy did also at least appear to like Lauren.

Julia was lost in the image of Lauren leaving; she didn't hear the side door open. She didn't hear Lauren return until Lauren's arms were wrapped about her.

Julia looked up at Lauren waiting for an answer.

"I don't want to leave tonight." Lauren gathered Julia up in her arms, confused by the heartache she was feeling.

"When we're close like this," Julia whispered to Lauren in her ear, "I see you for who you really are."

"When I dream, it is you I see. I desire your touch, your voice. You are not a replacement for any void in my life Lauren, one that I very much want and believe we can share. If I saw you as a child, I would not have the desires for the woman I see and desire you to be."

Lauren felt stunned and shivered until Julia's arm came over her back.

"I love you Julia."

Julia smiled and kissed Lauren softly. "I love you too."

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