tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hardest Kind To Be Ch. 04

The Hardest Kind To Be Ch. 04

byJoe Wordsworth©

Hopefully, you've read the previous parts--as some of this won't make too much sense if you haven't. Either way, the cast is eighteen and I thrive on your love and affection. Vote me well, mon ami... vote me well.

. . .. ... .....

The next morning was a hazy shade of warm beery tastes lingering in the back of Ginnie's mouth. She woke with a grumpy headache and had it not been for the remarkable sight of her roommate sleeping in that pink cloud of a bed, she'd have groaned and bitched all the way out the door to the bathroom with towels and her shower basket in tow. But, Ginnie stood there, quietly and curiously. Sissy was curled up in a comforter far too fluffy for anyone's good, peacefully sleeping away what looked like a worse hangover than Ginnie had.

Sissy looked the picture of a girl who had partied too hard. Her makeup was streaked, her shiny blonde hair ruffled and sticking up in strange places, and the red cocktail dress Ginnie had noticed in the girl's closet was hanging half-on and half-off while she snored lightly. All-in-all, Ginnie was most surprised by the girl even being there at all. She hadn't seen Sissy in the room at all the whole first week of classes--and had actually become accustomed to not really having a roommate at all.

Curiosity gave way to exhaustion, which gave way to a desire to clean up slowly and lazily in the shower. Ginnie cocked her head to the side, for a moment, and wondered why she felt so conflicted about Sissy. She could have sworn that there was hatred for this girl a week ago; but now, she just looked at the sleeping girl with the mild curiosity of a scientist from some other planet. She was a stranger. That, she felt, was strange all by itself.

Ginnie grabbed her shower basket, her robe, and a towel, and walked down the hall to the bathrooms. The dorm's bathroom was a large room with stalls and sinks on one side and a row of somewhat larger shower cubicles on the other. They were spacious and pleasantly efficient. Once you got past the idea that others were showering only a few feet from you, it was actually kind of nice to walk around and get clean without the cramped feel of showering at home.

While not tall enough to see over the edge of the walls, usually, she found she could peak a bit if she stood on her tip-toes--which was more to hold a conversation with Tina than anything else. The tall redhead had a habit of asking if Ginnie was paying attention when she couldn't see her face-to-face. But, the bathroom was empty and the light echoes of her footsteps were kind of nice. No playing audience for Tina, today--she'd just be lazy and frumpy and take a long, long, long hot shower. Unlimited hot water and spacious privacy was an enticing place to recapture some of the life that had evaporated out of her with the alcohol.

Ginnie ran the evening through her head a dozen times and still couldn't entirely believe she had touched Troy like that. Or said those words. Or even dressed up and went in the first place. How could it be that she'd changed so fast? She wasn't like this before coming to college (only a bit more than a week ago). Had she even really changed? Ginnie was not much for existential questioning, her mind was a little more practical, and the idea that she didn't know who she even was just annoyed her in that "I'm being silly" kind of way.

But, she liked drifting back to Troy. And what she had done to him. She didn't feel powerful, per se, but she felt something. Ginnie turned the scene over and over in her mind. The way he smelled, which made her flutter just thinking about it. He smelled clean and earthy--like fresh leather or something. It made her warm imagining his hands sliding all over her backside, taking their own joy in her. She felt attractive. Not powerful, so much as desirable.

Her face was red and she could feel herself getting a little warm down between her thighs. What an effect this steamy shower was having on her! She walked cautiously over to the door and stood on her tip-toes. Looking right. Looking left. Straining to listen. And satisfied she heard nobody, she went back toward the shower and quietly bit her lip and tried going back to the night before.

The smell of him, like a man--she supposed that was what men were supposed to smell like. And how strong he felt, how he grabbed her and how his lips were a little rough, but hers were very soft. She thought about how the muscles in his neck strained when she pulled him over to kiss her. How she could hear him breathing heavy, and how his short hair felt in her hands. And then, with her own hands running soapily down her breasts and over her tummy, down to the place that was almost throbbing with demanded attention... she remembered what he felt like through his pants.

How he felt hard and unreal. She remembered that when it came out it looked so big, like it would never fit her--like it might hurt her, but she recalled being more excited by that than scared of it. She could see him touching himself and she heard herself saying those words that Tina gave her. And while she pictured Troy jerking himself off to her pleas and moans, she slid one wet finger between her folds and started slowly stroking into herself--slow, like he was doing it, and then faster and faster as she imagined it all.

But her imagination started wavering with her own need to cum, and instead of her telling him to touch himself and go faster and faster, she was picturing a different night altogether. She imagined Troy turning her around against the door instead of him, and pressing himself against her as snugly as she had pressed against him. She could smell him near her and hear him whispering in her ear instead.

She imagined him holding onto her tightly, telling her to bring herself off for him. She could hear his voice saying it.

"C'mon, baby... rub that little pussy for me."

Oh, the thought of him making her pull her skirt up and finger herself for his pleasure made her knees weak and brought stars to her eyes as her own orgasm drew a shuddering and satisfying "mmm" from her lips. She'd been trying to stay quiet, but she felt wave after wave come over her and she couldn't keep her silence with how hard she was cumming from imagining Troy watching her, forcing her, wanting her... desiring her that way.

"God, that's hot."

She could hear him complimenting her between gasps for air as the stars subsided, as she leaned against the shower stall with the hot water washing over her.

"You are the sexiest fucking bitch ever."

Ginnie froze.

That wasn't her imagination. And in sheer terror, she realized there was a guy in the stall next to her. Her blood went cold and eyes went wide, she stood there motionless and petrified. Oh, oh my God, she thought to herself, ohmygodohmygodohmygod...

"Mmmmm, don't stop. Please don't stop. C'mon, baby... don't tease me like that." the voice in the stall next to her said.

Panting and shocked, Ginnie stood there, she was dripping wet and so turned on by the idea that Troy would be watching her touch herself, she felt herself getting heady about the idea of this strange guy doing the same. She was still breathing hard, and her hand was still clutched between her legs--she started massaging herself, slowly.

"Oh, that's it. Just like that." the voice moaned. She could imagine him touching himself on the other side of that wall, and she took a deep breath and shook her head... oh, if he's seen this much so far, what's the harm, she thought. She started rubbing herself up and down, grazing her clit each time and she closed her eyes and listened.

"C'mon, baby, faster... a little faster." And, Ginnie smiled to herself as she drew her fingers up and down over her pussy quicker and quicker.

"Make it nice and wet, baby, I'm almost there. Keep going, oh, you're the sexiest fucking thing." the voice moaned.

Ginnie picked up the pace and threw a hand out to brace herself against the shower stall as her fingers flew over her throbbing clit, twitching faster and faster. She could feel herself start to go, and she wanted so badly to cum.

"That's it, oh God damn, that's just right. I'm so close." the voice groaned out into the bathroom.

Ginnie's eyes were clenched shut, her hand furiously bringing her off on the biggest orgasm she felt she'd ever had, and at that last little bit--the point where she knew she couldn't hold back as her wrist ached and her pussy felt like it was on fire, she said "I'm cumming... for you..." and the world exploded into lights and darks and all the air went out of her and she slid to the floor. Her body twitching and her thighs pressed tightly together as her body felt light and her pussy quivered.

In the steam and the showering water and the aftershocks and the coming-back-down... she could hear the oddest thing, vague and in the distance.

"Oh shit, I think there's someone here, babe." the guy said, "Um, hello?"

"Shhh, don't talk, I'm so busted for this." a girl whispered.

"Babe, I think we're too late for that, there's someone in the stall right over there", he said unabashedly.

"I thought you turned on that shower so nobody would go in there", she whispered back.

"Uhh, no... I thought you did that one, I did the other one." he dumbly responded.

"Shit", she hushed, "Well... shit."

A cloud of steam hung lazily in the air and Ginnie turned bright red. She'd been so wrapped up in thinking about Troy she hadn't noticed anyone coming in. She hadn't noticed the sound of another shower over the shower pouring over her head. She hadn't even noticed that there were two people next door. She was flushed with embarrassment, and a little shame. She just, oh God, she just brought herself off to some guy and said... things.

She could have died of embarrassment right then and there, her mind racing back and forth over whether she should just sneak away while they were occupied in there. She did NOT want to come face-to-face with him or her. This might have been the most awkward moment of her whole life.

Or it would have been until the girl piped up.

"Listen, chickie...? Are you there? Look, I realize this is a little fucked up, but I think I'd rather offer to do your laundry for a year than get busted on this one." she heard a familiar voice from the stall next to her.

"...T-Tina?" she sheepishly asked into the wall.

A pause. And another pause.

"Darling, we have to stop meeting like this." the redhead replied from the other side of the wall, in an amused voice that made everything alright, "And, no, I'm not doing your laundry. But would you like to meet Charles? Charles? That's Ginnie over there, Ginnie this is Charles over here."

"Um... hi, Ginnie." the boy muttered.

Ginnie started giggling, then laughing, then outright guffawing at the situation. Here she was sitting, on the floor of a bathroom stall, after having the most intense orgasm of her short life to the moans and pleasure-wracked sounds of a boy that was getting "serviced" by her best friend in the whole world. She could hear Tina laughing with her, and Charles nervously chuckling to himself.

"Well, uh... babe? What do you think? Like..." she could hear Charles trying to whisper to Tina.

"No, no, I'm afraid the mood has been broken, chum", Tina—still chuckling--replied in that matter-of-fact way of hers, "But, this does represent a new concern over being caught."

"Oh, please, I'm not going to te--", Ginnie started before being cut-off."

"Honey, I'm not worried about you blabbing. I'm worried about the other girls waking up and coming to get showered. Me thinks I didn't think my clever plan all the way through. Hrmmmmmm." Tina said.

A few awkward moments passed in the thickly steamed up shower.

"O.k., here's the plan chaps. I'm going to go outside and see if the coast is clear. Ginnie, if you'll keep Charles company. Charles, please stay put. I'll come back when the sneaking can begin." Tina raked off the agenda. Ginnie could hear the shower door opening and closing and found herself sitting there, thinking about an uncomfortable and unsatisfied Charles next door.

They listened to the water fall and waited for Tina to return. After a few minutes of earth shattering silence, it was the naked guy next door that spoke up.

"So, um... sorry about us makin' noise over here." he apologized into the steam and over the wall.

"Oh, well. No, that's alright. I mean, I kinda ruined the mood, really." she politely replied.

Another few minutes passed by and the bathroom was starting to grow into a captured fog-bank.

"So, were you... like, y'know. Over there?" he asked.

Ginnie blushed to herself, glad the visibility was hindered by both walls and clouds.

"Maybe. Yeah. God, that's embarrassing." she blurted out, "What were... you know, you two doing?"

At this, the awkwardness started to melt away; they were two very nervous teenagers in a very strange and funny situation. They were united in a common orgasmic enterprise and could acknowledge that.

"Well, she was going down on me. I didn't realize I was making so much noise though." he laughed to himself and her, "And until you said something, I really didn't think anyone was here."

"Yeah, me neither. Until you started talking, I mean." she replied.

"So, were you touching yourself... like, to me?" he asked.

Ginnie thought about saying "no". But, really, what would Tina do in this situation? She'd be honest. Because it sounded better and shame was for the weak--that's what she'd say.

"Yeah. I met a guy last night and I was thinking about him again, this morning. And then I started imagining him talking, because he didn't last night. And then I realized I wasn't imagining it, and it was really you. And then, I kinda thought you were..." she paused and took a deep breath, "...watching me and egging me on to keep going."

"Like, peeping at you in the shower?" he asked.

"Exactly. Like peeping at me in the shower. And I just kinda thought you were giving me directions. This is really embarrassing to talk about, by the way." she smiled to herself as she blabbered on and on.

"Well... did you, y'know... finish?" he meekly questioned.

"Um... I don't know. Like, I did--but not all the way, because we got interrupted." she admitted.

"Oh.", he said simply.

A moment passed between them and Ginnie thought she knew where this was going. And for the life of her, she couldn't figure out how she felt about that.

"She's taking a long time; do you think she'll be back soon?" Charles pondered openly, "I mean, maybe she got tied up with someone or something."

"Mmmm-maybe", Ginnie felt herself grin, waiting for the inevitable.

"So, would you like to... maybe let me watch you? That'd help me out, too, because we got stopped, y'know?" he tried sounding very cool and casual about it. Like masturbating to some random girl in a dorm shower was just a matter of etiquette. She let him hang on that last question. She let him hang there for several moments, reveling in how turned on he must be by the hope of this.

"Well, I guess that'd be o.k. Should I come over there? Do you want to come over here?" she felt her voice going back to that innocent girl voice from the night before.

"Oh, it doesn't matter. Um, but I'd like to leave this stall, if that's alright", he nervously replied.

Ginnie ran her hands back through her hair, repositioned herself sitting there under the shower with one leg straight and the other bent sexily at the knee and leaned a bit over to cover her sex. She arched her back a bit and put on her best "Come hither" look as she waited for this boy to come through the door. With only a latch and no lock, they weren't exactly high-security.

The latch slid out of place and young man about Ginnie's height came in with a towel around his waist. He was hairy, but not overly so. His dark hair and dark chest hair wisped nicely over a tanned body. He had muscles, and he was handsome in a very Italian way. Charles stood there and drank in the sight of this naked woman waiting for him, and as he looked at her body--up from her tits and down her legs, barely making eye contact--Ginnie could see his towel tenting out.

They smiled at each other and she took control of the situation.

"Hi, Charles. So, how do you want me?" she looked up with her best doe-eyes.

He coughed nervously and felt awkward standing there--unsure of what to say.

"Oh, um... however", he tried to sound reserved and at ease.

Ginnie didn't know what was coming over her. Was she just some repressed slut or something? A prostitute in a former life? Was Tina rubbing off THAT much on her?

"So, this is fine?" she purred as she slid her legs apart, keeping one hand over her pussy.

"Um... well, yeah, that's fi--", he started to say.

"Or would you like me like this better?", she raised her eyebrows like a little girl asking for approval as she turned over onto her knees--hand still between her legs--and leaned forward with the other hand against the shower wall. The view of her ass pushed out and swaying side-to-side almost made Charles explode right there.

Her wet body was glistening, flush with the heat and steam of the shower and her own rapidly intensifying desire. She wanted to cum for this boy; she wanted him to remember her just like this for the rest of his life. She wanted him to touch himself and think about this moment. To touch other women, and think of her.

"That's... wow." was all he could manage.

"Mmmmmm, I like this. Thank you for suggesting it, Charles. This feels sooooo much better." she cooed at him over her shoulder, "Don't touch anything until I'm done, baby. Come over here and talk to me a little. Please? Tell me how much you like this? I need you to tell me."

Charles almost stumbled over his own feet rushing down onto the shower floor on his knees. This beautiful girl, curvy and wanton, was pleading for him to appreciate her. And he did.

"You're the sexiest thing ever." he told her--and found he meant it, "This is the most unbelievable shit... you're gorgeous."

She realized quickly he wasn't going to be telling her what to do--which is what she wanted. He was going to ogle her and that was alright, too. This time. She was so hot from the thought of this boy admiring her pussy and watching her cum that it didn't take very long before her breathing became labored and she felt her own orgasm start to build.

Charles noticed, too. She started going into her own little world and he watched her arch and bow her back up and down, up and down, while her fingers ground against her clit. He watched in open amazement as this girl brought herself to a panting, yelping, twitching orgasm right in front of him--for him.

Ginnie gasped as her body crashed over and over in a powerful orgasm--several times in a row. She stayed there, panting and murmuring to herself, on all fours. Trying to catch her breath, and trying to open her eyes. Feeling the tingling in her toes and neck and everywhere. It was a few moments before she realized Charles was even there.

She turned her head and saw him kneeling there next to her, and saw him touching himself to the sight of her cumming. He looked so different in the steamy haze than Troy had been. Where Troy was tall and fair, Charles was shorter and darker. Troy was lean and Charles was stocky. Troy had been so large, in her mind, and Charles's cock was more modest.

It barely filled his hand as he jacked himself off to the sight of this girl, sway-backed and on all fours, panting and starting wide-eyed at his penis.

Ginnie looked at it, and then him, and she saw him look a little nervous. She just looked right back down and leaned forward as he removed his hand and she slid his cock all the way into her mouth. She closed her eyes and stopped thinking about everything but making this man cum for her. Making him climax hard and bring him pleasure like his watching her brought her.

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