tagIncest/TabooThe Haunting in Hollow Brooke

The Haunting in Hollow Brooke


My name is Stephen Holloway. I'm a twenty-two year old male from a little town in Maine called Hollow Brooke. Currently I'm in college studying Criminal Justice with the hopes of becoming a criminal prosecutor. I'm kind of tall, around 6'2. I have light brown almost blonde hair that comes down to just right above my shoulders. I'm fair skinned and often get told I look like the country singer Keith Urban. I still live at home with my parents. I tried living on the school campus, but I wasn't getting to spend enough time at home with my family. So now I'm back at home and saving my parents some money. My father is a journalist, and a very good one at that. He however is not home as much as my mother would like. That's one of the reasons I decided to come back home. You never know where he will be headed. Sometimes when he travels for work he will be gone for weeks at a time. It all depends on where and what the current big news is. My mother is a tall, slim blonde with an amazing body. She is a physical trainer so she stays in amazing shape. I have always had a very close relationship with her. Whenever dad is gone, she gets lonely and like's to spend a lot of time with my sister and I. My sister is someone very special to me.

To start off, we are identical twins and her name is Stephanie. I still to this day call her by Sissy and nothing else. She was born ten seconds after me so I often tease her about being the baby. The first seventeen years of our lives we lived in southern North Carolina. Then Father got transferred here to Maine. I don't mind living here now, but at the time it was horrible. I didn't know anyone here. All of my friends were back in North Carolina.

We moved into a really nice house here in Maine. It's a little gated community in Hollow Brooke. My mom thought it was the perfect place to move to because Hollow Brooke is so close to our last name Holloway. All the houses are fairly new, except for the creepy old mansion on the top of the hill that the Sherman's live in. The mansion was built in the mid 1800's for a man known in this town as Dig Em' Up Davis. From the tales I've heard he owned the local cemetery in town. He would go there late at night and dig up freshly buried bodies to take home and do with as he pleased. Some people say he only used them for his own personal sex toys. After he was done fucking them he would burn their bodies in the furnace in the basement. Others say he murdered his wife and their butler because they were having an affair. He burnt the butler's body in the furnace but kept her body in the mansion and would pretend she was still alive. He would prop her dead body up in the corner of their bedroom. Then he would kidnap married woman and fuck them in front of her while she watched. He murdered the woman he kidnapped and put them in the furnace. I don't know what stories, if any, are true, but I do know the man did live there. I also know that in the late 1900's when they refurbished the home they found several ears in jars that he had saved as souvenirs.

I have been going to the Sherman's big Halloween parties for five years now. They really do an outstanding job decorating it every year. The Sherman's say it's haunted. Things go missing all the time. They will sit something down and when they go back for it, it won't be there anymore. They also will hear people walking up and down the halls at night. Sometimes when they walk into the kitchen every cabinet door and drawer will be open. I don't think the Sherman's are too scared of the house anymore. I suppose they have just gotten use to all the excitement that goes on inside of their walls. It's a huge dark brick mansion with probably a good fifty windows; all of them with iron bars over them. The house has ivy growing up the walls. The front door is a wide dark brown double door with square panels all along the middle, and a creepy old brass door knocker. They have real grave stones in their front yard to help make it stay creepy looking. Their drive way is long and curvy going uphill and they have a black iron gate at the front entrance. You can see the Sherman's mansion from my bedroom window.

Their party is taking place in a couple hours. It's the biggest and most attended party in this town every year. I'm wearing a cowboy costume this year. Usually I go all out for it and try to win the costume contest. This year is different though. I have been going with Sissy every year since we moved to this town. However this year she is going out with some of her old friends from North Carolina. It will not be the same without her. I'm sure I'll know plenty of the people attending though so I'm still going.

Sissy and I were always really close, closer than most brothers and sisters. I believe it's because we are twins, we just have a special connection that I have never seen with other siblings. For the most part we do look exactly the same. We both have dark brown eyes and light brown/blonde hair. Mine a little darker than hers. She has beautiful long hair that stops just above her ass. We both have pretty nice figures thanks to mom being a physical trainer and always keeping us on the go. Sissy is in better shape than me though. She is also now a physical trainer at the gym with mom.

I've had a strong sexual desire to be with Sissy since I was young. She use to walk around the house when it was just me and her home completely naked. I have always thought she would do that on purpose just to try and catch me looking at her. I remember all of the nights sleeping on the floor in her bedroom. She would often masturbate while I was in the room. I guess she thought I was asleep and that I wouldn't know. I could hear her wet little pussy sounds as she would finger herself. I'd lay there pretending I was asleep slowly jerking off under the blankets to her juicy pussy sounds. I always came as soon as I heard her breathing get harder and her legs squirm under her sheets. I have always wanted to tell her about my true feelings for her. I wouldn't want to ruin the great relationship we have though. I will never tell her my true desires.

I get dressed in my cowboy costume for the party. I put on an old brown cowboy hat. A old worn down button up shirt. Found an old pair of my khaki pants that have some dirt stains. Also a nice pair of cowboy boots that I had borrowed from one of my college buddies. Before I head out I check in the bathroom mirror, making sure everything looks alright. I go to the front door and slip on a brown leather jacket to complete my costume. It's a good thing I live just down the street from the Sherman's. There is already no parking on the street. Its nuts how many people come to this party. Walking up the drive way I check out all the decorations, some of them are really scary. You know that one house in your neighborhood that goes all out on Halloween decorations? Well the Sherman's are that family times ten!

I get in the house and start talking to all the people who I recognize. I take the basement tour they give every year. You pretty much follow Mr. Sherman down to the basement and he tells you the history of the house. He shows you where the furnace used to be and he always has people hiding behind things to jump out and scare while he is telling the story. He even has some jar of fake ears on display. I go back up to the party and start talking to some friends again. I notice a beautiful woman on the other side of the large dark room. She's wearing a light blue evening gown with sparkling stones and a matching masquerade mask. She has ruby red lipstick on and her blond hairs pulled back. She has fair skin and an amazing figure. I can see her small breasts peeking out of her low cut gown. She must of noticed me looking at her cause here she comes. She walks up to me smiling and looking more radiant than she did from afar.

She leaned up to my ear and whispered, "Follow me."

She took my hand and guided me up the large dark staircase. I start to feel something come over me. I feel as if someone is watching me walk up the stairs with her and upset about it. Every step I take up the stairs makes me feel really uneasy. I don't know why this suddenly happening. I have felt fine the entire time I've been here. Maybe the feeling are being caused by something supernatural? I've been going to these Halloween parties for the last five years now though and have never had any sort of supernatural experiences. Could I be feeling the pain of all the women that have lost their lives in this house? Could it be some kind of a warning that I'm not aware of? I don;t think I can follow this woman, I have to go back.

I pause for a second and just as I do the beautiful woman guiding me turns around puts her hand on my crotch and strokes my soft cock. I can feel myself flinch as her delicate fingers trace over my meat. She leans toward me brings her lips to my ear and slowly runs her tongue along the outside rim of my ear. Sending shivers down my spine.

She then softly whispers a second time, "Follow me."

I exhale with a deep yearning for this woman whom I don't even know. I continue to follow her. We make it to the top of the stairs.

She turns around again leaning in to my ear and says "Wait right here, I'll just be one second."

She kisses my neck ever so softly then lightly releases my hand. I feel her fingers run along mine until they fell away. She walks into the room on the right side of the hall. It's very dark in this hallway. The walls are covered in a horrible dark brown wallpaper. The floor is a dark oak with red rugs running all the way to the end of the hall. I see a very old floor length mirror trimmed in a gold brass frame at the very end of the hall. I can see my reflection in it but it's so dark in here I can only see my shadow. There looks to be eight doors down the hall, four on each side. The doors are all directly across from one another. They are very large doors, dark oak and thick trim. They all have really old brass handles with the skeleton key holes. There are brass sconces in between each door down the hall but they are dimmer than a candle. The Sherman's know how to make their house creepy on the inside just as well as they do on the outside. She's coming back to me holding a man's black tie. She leans towards my ear and whispers...

"Are you ready for me to make you cum?"

I reply with a shaking nervous voice, "Yes."

She wraps the black tie around my head covering my eyes and ties it in the back. I can't see a thing. I feel her body brush my hand as she comes around to the front of me. Her hand runs down my arm to my hand. She put her hand around mine and guides me down the hall. We come to a stop and I hear a door knob turn and the door creek as it opens. We start walking in the room. She stops me, still with the tie around my eyes.

I ask, "Take the blindfold off now?"

She places her finger on my lips and says "Shhh."

I feel her fingers on the collar of my shirt starting to undo my buttons. As my shirt begins to come apart I feel her lips on my chest gently kissing my newly exposed skin. She begins to slide my shirt down off my shoulders and her fingers glide down my arms as the shirt falls to the floor. I feel a tug at my waist as she unfastens my belt, unbuttoning my pants and pushing them to the floor. I feel her hands exploring my toned chest. She places a hand on the outside of my underwear and rubs as she licks at my nipple.

She then slips them down to the floor and I feel her warm soft lips kiss the tip of my cock. She then starts licking my cock starting at the base sliding it along my shaft and doing circles on the rim of my cock head. Her tongue feels amazing, the warm wetness sliding along my fast growing cock. She wraps her lips around my cock and starts to take me in and out of her warm wet mouth. Her fingers are fondling my balls. It feels so good I'm about to cum. I don't know how much more of this I can take.

I put my fingers into her hair that is now down. Her hair feels so soft and long but i cant be sure. I gently hold her head between my fingers as she continues taking my cock deep in her mouth. She starts to speed up I can feel my cock start to erupt in her mouth. I throw my head back and let out a long moan. She continues without pause as I squirt my cum down her throat. She doesn't release my cock from her grip until I let it all out. My body is drained and I feel like I could fall over. I feel her get up and move around to my back and start to untie my blind fold. The blind fold releases its hold on me. I'm standing in a very large master bedroom. The bed in here is an old fashion four post king size canopy bed. All the dark wood furniture matches. The room is lit by one candle stick sitting on the bedside table. I turn to see this amazing woman. I can't believe what I see.


She looks into my eyes and says, "I'm sorry Bubby, I have been dreaming of this for so long."

"Sissy, what are you doing here? I thought you were supposed to be out with your girlfriends tonight?"

"I just told you that so you would not know who I was."

"Wow! I cannot believe this! I'm in shock Sissy!?"

I take her hand in mine and walk her over to the foot of the bed. We sit down. I tuck the strands of her hair that lay in front of her eye behind her ear. Look into her eyes and say...

"Alright, listen. First of all, I have wanted you to do that to me for years. I have been admiring you and your body for as long as I can remember. I have never told you in fear of how you would react."

She cuts me off by bringing her finger up to my lips, leans in and kisses me. I bring my hand to her cheek and kiss her back. She swings her leg up and over my lap, shoves my back down onto the bed. She swings her head to the side making her long hair fall to the side of her. We continue to make out passionately. I bring my hands to the zipper on the back of her dress and unzip it. I slip the shoulder straps of the dress forward and she pulls her arms out of it. While she is sitting up I put my hands softly onto her small breasts and lightly squeeze on them. I then pull her upper body closer to me so I can put one of her perky little nipples into mouth and play with it. I flip her over onto the bed pull her dress all the ways off. She lays there on the fluffy red comforter. Her long blonde hair sprawled out behind her head. I say

"Sissy, you are so beautiful."

She smiled back at me. Her knees bent hanging off the bed and her elbows lifting her back up off of the bed. She starts pinching her nipples and licks her lips then takes her index finger and motions for me to come to her.

Taking a deep breath I say, "It's my turn to make you cum for me now Sissy."

I get down on my knees in front of the bed. I move my hands up her thighs lightly messaging them. I start planting some love kisses up her legs. When I get to her perfectly groomed pussy I kiss her pussy lips soft and slow. I have been dreaming of being able to kiss these succulent lips for so long. I run my tongue along the outside of each lip like I I'm applying some chap stick to them. Then I press my tongue inside of them. It's a warm wet taste of heaven. I love her taste; I could lick up her sweet juices and never get enough. I feel around the inside of her pussy lips for a good minute. Just exploring every little piece of her perfect little pussy. She must be enjoying it, I haven't even touched her clit as she starts to wrap her legs around my head, pulling my hair with both her hands. Thrusting her hips into my mouth and breathing loud. I stick my tongue into her tight little cunt hole and she starts cumming all over my tongue. I continue to wiggle my tongue in her tight little cunt hole as she is losing control of her body. I look up at her with my tongue still planted firmly in her cunt as she starts to moan.

"Yes! Bubby! Don't stop!"

I start exploring around her pussy with my tongue again as she starts to loosen up her grip on my hair. I get up onto my feet flip her over onto her hands and knees. Place each of her perfect little ass cheeks into my hands and spread them apart. I lick down her ass crack until I get to her hanging folds and dip my tongue right in for some seconds. Her face and shoulders instantly hit the bed as she lifts her ass up higher in the air for me to dig in. I push my tongue in her hole and back out again to get to her little clit bead. Wiggling her clit around as fast as my tongue can go. I then take my tongue back down into her tight cunt again.

Her ass is starting to move, and I grab her upper thighs and pull her up into my face so she can't get away. I slide my tongue back up to her clit again wiggling it around as fast as I can. The top half of her body starts banging against the bed as she starts cumming for me again. She is loud this time as she is flailing around. Not losing grip of her ass I continue to eat her buffet as fast as I can. I taste her yummy juices flow onto my tongue. Shaking my face into her pussy while she gets it all out. I feel her body start to give up as her second orgasm comes to an end. I stick my finger in my mouth lubing it up, and insert it right into her tight little cunt. Her pussy walls wrap tight around my finger as I slowly bring it in and out. I insert a second finger slowly. She is moaning non-stop. I start to move in and out faster, then she starts jamming her hips back in to my hand.

She yells, "Oh my god Bubby! Yes!"

As she is fucking my fingers I take my other hand and start wiggling her clit with my fingers.

She yells, "Fuck yeah! Bubby, I'm cumming for you again!"

I keep up with the fast motions my hands are doing because her body is jerking so hard. She falls to the bed. I suck her cum off my fingers, flip her body back around. I tell her to move her head up to the pillows as I climb up onto the bed. I slide my fingers up her legs from her feet, pushing her legs apart. I bring my knees up between her legs. She looks at me smiling.

"Bubby you made me cum for you three times. That was insane! Thank you!"

I smiled and replied, "How about you cum with my cock inside of you now Sissy."

She pulls my body down to hers and kisses me passionately. My cock is so fucking stiff from making her squirm. It slides right in, without even meaning to put it in it yet. Her pussy is so fucking tight around my cock, I'm ready to cum on the first thrust. Still kissing her she lightly bites down on my bottom lip.

I tell her "Sissy, don't move. I'm gonna try to hold it."

She says to me "Cum in me now Bubby, right now!"

She thrusts her hips up as far as they will go, and grabs my ass pulling me in. I start thrusting into her tight little pussy, I can't hold back now she has gone too far. Her luscious little tits are bouncing up in down with each thrust. Her pussy hugging my cock so tight. We're looking into each other's eyes as our mouths both start to open at the same time. We both start to moan.

"Yes Bubby! Fuck me like we have both been dreaming about for so long!"

We both orgasm together at the same time; her cunt squeezing away at my stiff erupting cock. We never break eye contact during, and watch each other's faces as we cum together. The most intense orgasm I have ever had, by far. I fall to the side of her, lying on my side and looking at her gorgeous body.

"Sissy, thank you!"

"No, no, no Bubby... Thank you!"

We both start laughing as she takes my hand into hers and we just stop to relax for a moment. I close my eyes for a couple seconds, and the pleasure begins to turn to unease. I feel as if we are both being watched. I open my eyes and am overcome with dread.

I see an old creepy woman in a long night gown sitting in the chair in the corner of the room. There's a tall old man dressed in an old black suit standing next to her with his arm on her shoulder. They were smiling as the man leaned forward and pushed the candlestick on the night stand over. The table immediately lit up like it had gasoline all over it. We screamed jumped out of bed completely nude and ran out of the room as fast as we could. We weren't even to the stairs yet and the flames were behind us.

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