tagFetishThe Head Master and the Panties

The Head Master and the Panties


Marion was beginning to wish her best friend Caitlin hadn't persuaded her to sneak back into school with her to retrieve her purse. The two 18 year-old sixth-formers were best friends. Marion was Head Girl and Caitlin was Sports Captain, yet as they stood by the sign reading 'Staff Only -- Entry to all pupils forbidden' that stood on the gate to the courtyard she was worried.

"What if we get caught?" she asked.

"We won't get caught,' insisted Caitlin, "you saw there were only two cars left in the car-park, there'll be no-one about. It's the quickest way to the locker room, to cut across the courtyard. Come on and don't be such a drip!"

The two friends hurried across the courtyard and found the door locked.

"We'll have to go back round the long way," said Marion.

"No, look, there's a window open here, we an easily climb through!" replied Caitlin.

As soon as she had said it, Caitlin had opened the window as full as possible and was climbing in, seemingly unaware that her skirt had ridden right up and was exposing her knickers (silky pink with white polka dots) to the world. Once inside she smoothed her skirt down and beckoned for Marion to follow her. With considerably less elegance Marion tried to follow. She too ended up exposing her own plain white knickers and nearly ended up ripping her skirt by getting it caught on the window catch. Caitlin helped her free herself, her hand brushing the exposed thigh of her friend as she did. Marion blushed slightly, as she had a bit of a crush on her best friend and such intimate contact inspired naughty thoughts.

Once through they headed to the locker room. Once there they could retrieve the purse and leave the permitted way. They turned into the locker room. There by the lost property box was the Headmaster. He turned sharply, hurriedly putting his hands behind his back and said with an annoyed tone, "What on earth are you girls doing there?"

Marion was so scared she nearly wet herself! The headmaster, John Plum, was young, small but very, very strict. Depending on which version of the gossip you believed he was either the youngest headmaster in the county, or possibly in England. He was definitely small, just over Marion's 5' 4" in his shoes which were rumoured to contain lifts. His strictness was legendary, even though he had only been at the school a year. Visions of having to tell her parents that she had been expelled swam before her eyes. She was about to mumble an apology when Caitlin spoke.

"I think the question we should be asking, Headmaster, is why you are clutching a pair of P.E. knickers behind your back?"

Mr Plum felt his cheeks redden slightly. He hadn't realised that they had seen the PE knickers and he wasn't used to anyone questioning his authority.

"I -- I was returning them, I found them in the corridor." He stammered, clearly shaken.

"You looked through the box, took them out and were walking off with them!" exclaimed Caitlin. A sudden thought struck her. "I'll bet it was you who took Georgia's knickers from the changing room last week when we were swimming!"

"This is ridiculous!" Mr Plum blustered, aware that he had lost control of the situation. He took a deep breath. "The pair of you will report to my office at 11 o'clock tomorrow, to discuss your punishment for being out of bounds."

"We'll be there, Headmaster, but it won't be to discuss our punishment." Caitlin retorted.

Unwilling to engage further in this battle of words he was losing, Mr Plum turned on his heel and began to walk away.

"Haven't you forgotten something, Headmaster?" called out Caitlin. He turned, puzzled. She pointed. "The PE knickers?" she prompted. With a cross between a cough and a whimper he threw them into the lost property box and continued his retreat.

Once Mr Plum had disappeared Marion remembered how to breathe. "You were so brave" she gasped! "I can't believe the way you talked to him!"

Caitlin retrieved her purse from her locker and the girls began to walk away. "Neither can I! I just saw the PE knickers in his hand and decided to take a chance. Who'd have thought it? Mr Plum a panty thief!"

Neither of them noticed the door to the Girl's PE Office opening quietly. Out stepped the Head of Girl's PE, Mrs Stella Rixon. She smiled a satisfied smile. "Who'd have thought it indeed?" she echoed. "This will be most useful."

That evening, as she undressed for bed, an idea struck Caitlin. Instead of taking off her pink polka-dot panties, she left them on, even pulling them up slightly, snugly fitting around her crotch. "My goodness," she thought to herself, "he's in for a surprise tomorrow!" Then she sent a text to Marion, telling her to wear her shortest skirt the next day.

The next day Caitlin could hardly wait for their meeting with Mr Plum. Marion wondered what her friend had planned, but she wouldn't tell her. "You'll see soon enough."

The lesson before their meeting was PE. The girls began to change out of their own clothes and into their PE kit. This consisted of a white aertex blouse, maroon PE knickers and maroon pleated, wraparound skirt. Marion changed quickly, as always, lacking the self-confidence to expose her pale, slightly chubby body for any longer than was necessary. Swiftly she pulled the blouse over her head and down over her full breasts. The shirt clung slightly to her boobs and across her belly. Swiftly she pulled the PE knickers up over her big thighs and onto her bum, over her plain cotton panties. Once changed, she waited quietly, stealing glances at Caitlin. Although Marion had a boyfriend she found Caitlin's slim firm body and self-assurance very alluring.

Caitlin didn't have any lack of confidence and was strolling around in just bra and panties, the same panties as the day before Marion noticed. "That's odd" she thought.

At the end of the lesson, a gentle game of volleyball in the gym, they changed back into their normal clothes. Even though she had scarcely broken into a sweat Marion was about to change into a fresh pair of cotton knickers (pale blue this time) after the lesson.

"No, Marion, keep them on today."

She looked up to see Caitlin standing in front of her, her pink panties right at eye level. Blushing deeply she sat up, catching a strong scent from her friends panties.


"You'll see!" said Caitlin enigmatically. "Tell me two things you notice about my knickers."

"Um, they're the panties you had on during the lesson. Aren't they a bit, um sweaty and um, ..."


"Well, now you mention it yes, smelly."

"What else. Who else had a pair like them?" she prompted

The penny dropped. "They're like the pair Georgia had taken!"

With that Caitlin slipped on her dress and they set off for their appointment with the Headmaster, not noticing that Mrs Rixon had been eavesdropping on their conversation.

Mrs Stella Rixon made her way purposefully towards the Head Masters Office. She had a small smile on her face as she knew he would be surprised that she knew about the episode the previous evening with Caitlin and Marion.

She knocked politely on the door and entered after his invitation. "He looks so damned smug sitting in his luxurious office" she thought. She didn't like him and was sure he had objected to her receiving a salary increase during the last award. However she was too experienced in office politics to let her dislike show. Her unfailing politeness always seemed to irritate him.

He looked up uneasily, momentarily disconcerted to see Mrs Rixon standing there. To be truthful he found her a little intimidating. Older than him, tall and elegant, she looked incredibly fit in her tight fitting blouse and short, pleated PE skirt. Her long, tanned legs looked quite stunning. Putting side such distracting thoughts, he smiled condescendingly and waved into one if the armchairs saying "and what can I do for you today Mrs Rixon?"

He was so relaxed, she had to fight the impulse to slap him, but she remained calm as knew she was about to take him down a peg or two. She sat down, then slowly and deliberately crossed her legs, taking her time to make sure Mr Plum (or 'Tom Thumb' as the staff called him behind his back) would get ample time to catch a glimpse of her panties. The direction of his gaze showed that he had been staring right at her panties.

She smiled sweetly saying "I believe we have to see to Caitlin and Marion this morning Head Master."

To her immense pleasure Mr Plum looked shocked. He had intended to quietly drop the matter. He didn't like the way Caitlin had reacted when she saw him holding the girls panties and it made him a little edgy. There was no way he could intimidate her and now this interfering old bitch Rixon was getting involved.

With a calmness he didn't feel he managed to maintain his relaxed demeanour and said airily "It's nothing really, Mrs Rixon. I don't think it's worth pursuing or indeed you becoming involved."

Stella smiled, but there was no warmth in the smile, just triumph. She had expected this and said firmly "But as Senior Mistress, Mr Plum, I consider that it is very serious. We can't let two 18 year old girls go sneaking around our school after hours and let them get away with it. Especially as Marion is the Head Girl and Caitlin is the Sports Captain. We may have to make an example of them."

Mr Plum started to try to waffle but Stella was in full flight. She carried on relentlessly, "If you let them get away with it Head Master, all the girls will try it on and then what will the School Governors have to say if they know you didn't take action." Mr Plum blanched at the mention of the School Governors. He certainly didn't want any trouble there. He had annoyed several of them with his autocratic manner and he knew they would seize on any evidence of mis-management.

He wavered. "Perhaps I had better send for them then," he said in an attempt to deflect her. If he could get rid of the interfering Mrs Rixon he could regain control of the situation. Stella was ahead of him. "I was under the impression Head Master that you had already arranged to see them. They will here any moment, won't they?"

The Head Master looked very nervous now.

Unaware of the events going on, Caitlin and Marion arrived outside the Head Master's office. Marion was very nervous, but Caitlin's confidence was helping her to cope. Caitlin knocked firmly on the door.

Mr Plum shifted uneasily in his leather bound chair at the sound of the knock. He didn't feel comfortable or in control. Stella looked sweetly at him "Shall I bring them in Mr Plum?" He nodded and swallowed nervously.

Stella went to the door and led the two girls in without saying a word. She had arranged two chairs directly opposite the Head and beckoned the girls to sit.

Marion suddenly felt terrible. Losing control for a second she felt a little bit of pee dribble out before she regained her composure. Caitlin had seemed so confident earlier on when she had told her friend to wear her shortest skirt but now she didn't seem so sure. What was Mrs Rixon doing there she wondered? The situation seemed totally out of control and she really felt scared now. To make matters worse, as Marion sat down her plaid skirt flared just a little. Normally it wouldn't have mattered but today her skirt was so short her panties were on full view to the Head and Mrs Rixon. She was sure they had both seen and she blushed deeply. However to her surprise she could see that the Head looked a bit flustered and almost as if he was slightly out of his depth. Then Mrs Rixon smiled at her! She surely wouldn't have smiled if she was angry with her. This reassured her as she knew that Mrs Rixon was a very determined woman. Perhaps she was there to defend the girls?

Caitlin also saw the Mistress smile as well and relaxed. She knew that Mrs Rixon disliked the Head. She felt instinctively that the Mistress was on their side. When she sat down in front of the Head her skirt flared in exactly the same way as Marion's had. Caitlin however deliberately hitched her skirt slightly higher and opened her legs, blatantly and defiantly showing her knickers. She glanced at Mrs Rixon and when she saw Mrs Rixon smile again, she opened up her legs even wider knowing that the Head Master could see all her panty gusset.

Caitlin spoke a little cheekily "You sent for us Mr Plum?"

The Head looked to Mrs Rixon for help. Stella kept quiet. Mr Plum stuttered a little as he said "You girls are very naughty, you shouldn't be in the school after hours. It could be dangerous." Everyone in the office could sense his nervousness. Marion could see Mr Plum was perspiring and looking very red in the face.

Caitlin was feeling very confident now she felt Mrs Rixon was on their side. She asked with exaggerated politeness "I know we were wrong Mr Plum but could I ask you about the girl's underwear you were holding when you caught us?"

Mr Plum blustered. He knew the girls had caught him red-handed with the PE knickers, but he couldn't bring himself to admit this "I don't think they were underwear. It may have been some cotton material." Mrs Rixon smiled. She knew the Head was telling a lie but she didn't interfere as Caitlin was doing very well


"No they weren't Head Master; they were a pair of regulation PE knickers. We both saw them quite clearly, didn't we Miriam?" she added turning to her friend for confirmation.

Miriam nodded "That's right, you were definitely holding a pair of PE knickers."

"Perhaps you were returning them to lost property, Head Master?" asked Stella.

Mr Plum looked sharply at her, but her serene smile gave nothing away. Damn it the old bag is enjoying watching me squirm he thought. Miriam and Caitlin looked in amazement at her. Why was she throwing the little creep a life-line?

"Yes, Mrs Rixon, I seem to recall that is exactly what I was doing."

"If you say so Head Master," she paused, prolonging his agony. "There's just one thing Head Master. You didn't have anything in your hand when you went past my office to go into the lost property room, so you must be mistaken. And perhaps you can explain why I also saw you leaving the girls' changing rooms when a pair of knickers that belonged to another girl was taken. Can tell us what you were doing there?"

He felt his face redden. He tried to think of a lie, when Caitlin spoke.

"Don't lie to us Head Master. You were stealing Georgia's knickers." Feeling confident now that she had him trapped in a corner, she pressed on with her plan. "They are exactly the same as the panties I'm wearing now. Look!" As she spoke she hauled her skirt right up and opened her legs

Her knickers were clearly not too clean and Mrs Rixon had a job not to smile openly as she saw Mr Plum blush. From where she was standing she also saw some movement in his trousers. She decided to up the pressure on the pathetic little man.

"Come out from behind your desk Head Master and have a closer look between Caitlin's legs, so that you can judge if they are the same as the pair of knickers that were taken."

He was in a terrible position. The fact that he didn't even try to deny knowledge of the stolen panties was proof of that. He was quite mesmerised by the brazen display of panty and thigh Caitlin was giving him. He now had a very stiff thing between his own legs, but he felt powerless to refuse to obey Stella's instructions. He stood up and walked around his desk. He was aware that his stiffness was clearly visible to the girls and this shamed him. The girls knew it.

Caitlin said quietly, but firmly "Kneel down Head Master and have a closer look."

He had no alternative. The silence in the office was overpowering as the three women watched Mr Plum kneel down in front of Caitlin. She opened he legs wide apart and he shuffled forward between Caitlin's thighs to see her panty crotch close up. The aroma was overpowering.

Mrs Rixon spoke quietly "Well Head Master; are they like Georgia's knickers?"

He nodded and whimpered a little and then Caitlin whispered loudly "They'll smell a lot more than Georgia's knickers did Head Master. Hers were a clean pair but I've been wearing these. Have a good sniff!" As she said this she pulled his head in. He resisted only a little and soon his face was almost buried between the 18 year old girls firm smooth thighs, his nose brushing against her panty gusset. The aroma of the dirty knickers was intoxicating but with a great effort he drew away and stood up. His throbbing penis was like a huge tent pole in his trousers. Caitlin giggled.

Miriam realised that for the last few minutes as she watched the drama unfold, she had been rubbing herself through the crotch of her panties, which were now very damp. No-one was paying her much attention so, eyes fixed on the tell tale bulge in Mr Plum's trousers, she continued to rub herself.

Mrs Rixon looked sternly at him "It does appear Head Master that you did indeed take the PE briefs out of lost property and have them in your possession last night"

He nodded "I think that is possible Mrs Rixon"

"And did you also steal the panties from the changing room?"

He nodded.

"Speak up!" Stella ordered.

"I did" the humiliated Head Master mumbled.

"You did what?" Stella spat out the words.

"I took the panties from the changing room, Mrs Rixon." He hung his head in shame.

"That's better. It's good that you're telling the truth now. The question is how to punish you?"

Suddenly Marion took them all by surprise. She looked very excited as she stood up, reached under her skirt and slipped her damp panties off. She dangled them in front of the Head Master teasingly and asked coyly, "Do you want my knickers Mr Plum?"

Stella Rixon smiled and Caitlin looked on in amazement as Marion panted "They are a bit damp and dirty Mr Plum, but I think you will like the smell! Or maybe you'd like to taste them!"

Although Marion was partly teasing the Head Master she was obviously very excited. So were Caitlin and Mrs Rixon. They exchanged smiles

Bewildered by this turn of events the Head Master just stood there.

Stella prompted him. "You heard Marion, thank your mistress for her offer and ask her for permission to taste her panties!"

Mr Plum looked like a little boy lost. His resolve crumbled.

"Thank you mistress," he said to Marion, his head bowed, "Please may I have permission to taste your panties?"

Marion suppressed the urge to giggle and in a stern a voice as she could manage she said "You have my permission, um, Head Master."

As the humiliated Head Master gave in to his impulses and sniffed then licked the panties, savouring the smell and taste of the damp knickers, Stella said "I think under these circumstances 'Head Master' is somewhat inappropriate. I think 'Jonny' would be more fitting."

Caitlin had an idea. "Jonny, remove your trousers and pants."

"Yes, Mistress," he said. Reluctantly he put down Marion's panties and nervously removed his trousers and boxers. Unrestrained his cock sprang to attention. The three women noticed his arousal immediately and came to the same conclusion; he was aroused by his humiliation.

"Kneel before me," ordered Caitlin. As he obeyed she hitched up her dress around her waist. "Remove my panties, Jonny."

Kneeling submissively before her he reached out and tenderly slid her panties down, exposing her neatly trimmed bush and glistening pussy lips. Once removed Caitlin said, "Wrap them round your cock, Jonny. You have my permission to wank yourself."

Obediently he wrapped them carefully around his erect cock, noticing the dampness with pleasure and he began to wank. It took only a couple of strokes before he grunted loudly, cumming messily in the pretty pink panties.

"Did you get permission to climax?" asked Stella sternly.

Nervously he shook his head, "No, Mistress, I didn't. I'm very sorry."

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