tagLesbian SexThe Helpful Son Ch. 01

The Helpful Son Ch. 01


This is sort of a long story. You will have to read a bit before the sex comes..

Mom has been having some troubles lately. It’s not so much her, but the people she dates. They're all jerks that don't deserve her in the first place. However, all of these problems have started to take a toll on her emotionally. I realized that I needed to step in.

I have been living with my mom all my life. I don't really know anyone else in the family. Ever since she had me at the age of 15, she has been ostracized from her family. I think the last time she actually talked with anyone from our family was when I was five. I don't even know who my father was. I hope that one day she will tell me, but I doubt that. I know her well enough that if she wanted me to know, she would have told me already. I'm now twenty-one years old, and my life has been great. I've had a few problems, but mom is surprisingly considerate if you consider what I have seen of my friends’ families. I wouldn't give it up for anything.

The recent problems started when she left her last boyfriend after finding him in his apartment with another woman. I have no idea why anyone would do this to her, she has to be one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. She is about 5'9", slender body, almost breast length red hair, and perfectly proportioned breasts. I once sneaked a look at her bra, and it said 36D. She could have been a supermodel, but she chose to be a veterinarian instead. I saw the girl that the last guy had been cheating with, and she definitely didn't look as good as mom. But this wasn't the first time. This has happened on at least two other occasions with other boyfriends. She never was able to settle down with anyone, and this last occasion hit her pretty hard. She stayed in her room for a week! It’s been a month since that happened, and I still haven't seen her fully recover.

This morning, I decided to change things, hopefully for the better. I've known about this service for a week now, and have considered going there myself. It is pretty much a sex service; however it seems to be better than some of the places I usually hear about. And I've gotten the impression that several famous porn stars do sessions there. That's how I found out about it. See, I'm a pretty big fan of the famous porn star Summer Cummings. I happened to be browsing through her site when I came across an ad for this place. Boy was I surprised when I saw that it was in my town. I went to the site that was listed, and have been making plans for the last week. Then I realized that maybe mom might benefit from this service. It says that this is for men and women, so maybe there will be something there for her as well.

"Hey mom, wake up already!" I yell upstairs. I've been making breakfast for her, as I have been doing over the last several weeks. I've gotten pretty good at it. I hear her coming down the stairs. "Breakfast is ready mom."

"Good morning Zack." She comes around the corner and stops. "Smells good. Let me guess. Scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast?"

"Close mom. It's a cheese omelet with bits of bacon in it, and toast." I make a plate for her and hand it over. "What do you want to...oh, you already poured a glass." I make another plate for myself and sit down at the table. "Hey mom, I made some plans for you today, if you don't mind. I think you'll enjoy it. And don't bother asking what it is, I won't tell you. It's a surprise." She promises not to ask as she finishes the toast. "Oh, and don't worry about clothes, I will lie something out for you while you take a shower." She agrees. We kind of sat in silence, her finishing her breakfast, while me thinking of what I will lay out for her. I wanted to make sure it was something sexy. When she finished the meal she took the dishes to the sink and went upstairs to take a shower. I quickly finished my meal and went upstairs.

When I got upstairs the shower was already running and the bedroom door was open. I went inside and started going through her cloths. As I was going through her lingerie drawer, I almost picked out a black bodystocking, but then realized that it might appear a bit weird if I laid that out. As I was going through all of this, I realized that none of the basic lingerie was in this drawer. I opened another drawer and found some more, and it was in the third drawer that I found all the bras and panties. Mom apparently is a lingerie freak. I eventually decided on this sexy black and purple bustier. I took off the garters, and then laid it and the matching g-string panties on the bed. I looked through the drawers and found a pair of jet black pantyhose (you can't even see through them), and laid that out too. I went to her closet and looked through her dresses. After some searching, I found the perfect dress. It feels like it is some form of spandex or polyester. It is a black mini-dress with open shoulders and the front has a v shaped opening that will show some good cleavage. That should be sexy enough. I lay that out as well, along with a pair of knee high (based off of how high they are beside my legs) boots. The tag says the boots have a 4" heel. As I finish laying all this out, I hear the shower stop. Closing the drawers, I knock on the door. "Mom, when you have dried off, wrap a towel around yourself and come out here." She agrees, and soon the door opens and she walks out.

"Okay, now you must trust me on this. Here is what you are going to wear." I step aside and let her look.

"I can't wear this, what if people see me?"

"Don't worry mom, we're going somewhere else today, and I want you to look your best. Trust me mom, I know what I'm talking about."

"Okay, but if anything goes wrong, I am going to punish you severely." As she takes a look at things, I begin to walk out of the room. "Wait Zack." I turn around. "I might need some help with some of this. Turn around and wait." I turn around and hear the towel drop. After a few minutes, I'm asked to turn around again. As I turn around, I see she has the panties and pantyhose on, and is holding the bustier up to her body. "Can you come and connect the hooks in the back, I'm having some trouble." I walk over and quickly connect the hooks. I hear her breath in as I do this, and then let the breath out afterwards. I hand her the dress, and she quickly slips in before I help her with the zipper in the back. She then sits down and puts the boots on.

As she stands up, and looks in the mirror, I add "You look wonderful mom."

"I feel a bit like a slut."

"Well, you look much better than that mom. Let’s go."

As we drive to the service center, mom tries to pry the surprise out of me. "Mom, I told you earlier, it’s a surprise. You can stop trying to get me to tell, I won't." It takes about 30 minutes to get there, as it is a bit out of the way. When we arrive, it looks like any normal building, and gives no hint as to what is inside. The only thing is that it does seem large. "We're here mom."

She looks out in wonder, trying to guess what might be inside. As we walk inside, she looks in numerous directions, as if trying to determine if anyone saw her. When we get inside, instead of a waiting room, there is just a desk. I give them my name (I made a reservation this morning) and this sexy lady takes us to a private room. It is about the size of a doctor’s examination room, but it has a computer and several magazines. However, they are basic magazines, and aren't sex related at all. The lady tells us to wait for a few minutes. Mom is continuing to wonder what we are doing here and probably why she is dressed up the way she is. Soon, another lady walks in and greets us. I am sitting behind mom, and as she walks in, I hold my finger up to my mouth in a "Sshh-ing" manner.

"Nice to see you Zack and, let me look, Pam. Glad you choose to come her today. My name is Sasha, and hopefully we will make your visit as nice as possible." I motion her outside.

"Look, she doesn't exactly know what this place is. She has been having problems lately and after seeing your ad, I thought this place my up her spirits a bit. So if you can, let me do the talking. Oh, and if I ask you to leave, lock the doors please." Sasha agrees, and we walk back into the room.

"Zack, please tell me what we are doing here. I can't wait any longer." She seems a bit fidgety. I ask Sasha to give us a few minutes. I hear the door lock.

"Look mom, you've have some bad luck with men in the past. I found out about this place and figured this might cheer you up a bit. Think of it as a sort of dating service. Only today, I will be picking someone out for you."

"WHAT! You mean to tell me that you brought me to a dating service!" As she yells a bit more, I grab her arms and force her to sit down. After calming her down a bit, I finally talk again.

"Look. Trust me on this mom. I know what I'm doing. I've done some research on this place. It's good. Just settle down." I quickly go to the door and knock, signaling Sasha to come back in.

"Sasha, I will be making the decision for her, so if you could get this started for me, and just kind of make sure she doesn't see anything. This needs to be a surprise." Sasha walks over to the computer and gets it started, than walks over to where mom is sitting and makes sure that she can't see what I’m doing. As I'm going through the list, looking at each candidate, I happened to come across Summer. Unable to resist myself, I select her. "I've made a selection Sasha." She comes over and takes a look, taking note of the time allotment I've selected. I figured four hours out to do it, wanting to make sure that mom enjoys this. I also selected to have it taped, so that if mom wants to keep a copy she can. Turning the computer off before mom has a chance to see it, Sasha walks out of the room, and heads off. "Mom, don't worry, I made a good selection." Within a few minutes, Sasha comes back and tells us both that it will be about 15 minutes. As we wait, mom picks up a magazine and begins to read. Pretty soon, Sasha is back asking for mom to follow her. Before she leaves, I tell her to just go with it, and not worry about a thing, these people know what they’re doing. About 5 minutes after that, Sasha comes back and asked me if I want to watch what is going on. I told her yes, and she turns the computer back on. She also points out a button that if pressed, will bring Sasha back as soon as she can. As she leaves again, I settle down in my chair, watching everything that is happening. I want to make sure everything goes as planned, and well, I can't resist watching Summer in action, even if she is in action with my own mom.

As I look on the screen, I notice mom sitting on a couch with Summer. I reach over to the speaker and turn up the volume.

"...nice son if he is willing to set you up with our service." Summer appears to be looking over mom, checking her out, noting anything of interest.

"Well, he's the only person in the world I can truly count on. So where's the guy I'm supposed to meet?" Mom looks like she is a bit nervous. One hand is fiddling with her purse strap, and she is sitting up straight, instead of in a relaxed position. Summer, on the other hand, is quite relaxed, with one arm over the back of the couch, and her legs up on the couch, with her legs in a sort of "sitting on your knees" position. She is looking more beautify than ever, her black hair in a ponytail, wearing a red strapless dress. You can't see her feet, so you don't know if she has any shoes on, but you can tell that she is wearing pantyhose (or maybe stockings), and they look to be a light red color.

"Oh, you're not meeting a guy. I'm the one you're meeting today."

Mom quickly stands up, followed closely by Summer. "What do you mean 'I'm the one you're meeting today.'? Isn't this a dating service?"

"Not exactly. It is more of a care service. I'm here to help lift your spirits. I was told that you've been having some problems lately in the romance department. I'm a sort of counselor." Summer reaches for mom's arm, and tries to get her to sit down again. I'm not sure if mom noticed it or not, but Summer sat down a bit closer to her this time. Wrapping an arm around her, Summer tries to counsel her. "Look, it's my job to help people feel better; you have to trust me on this. I've done this enough times before." Summer's hand moves away from mom's neck, and starts playing with her hair.

"I don't know what's wrong. Maybe I'm not beautiful enough for the guys I date? The last one was the third one to cheat on me. I don't know what's wrong."

"Well, you can trust me; it’s not your looks." As she says this, I noticed that she is inching her way closer to mom. "If I was a guy, I wouldn't leave you. Any guy who doesn't want you must have a problem." Summer runs her other hand along mom's left arm. If mom has noticed anything yet, she is doing an excellent job of ignoring it. "Look at me for a second. No, look in my eyes. That's right. There is a problem with them, not you." All of a sudden, Summer leans in and kisses my mom. Imagine my surprise when there was no resistance. Of course, there didn't seem to be an acceptance either, it was more just her sitting there while Summer kissed her. Summer breaks it off and still no response from mom. "Look, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to surpr..." All of a sudden, mom leans in and kisses Summer. She places her hands on Summers shoulders, as Summer places her hands on mom's cheeks. Then she breaks it off.

"I've never done that before. I've never been interested in women. But for some reason, when you kissed me, my body got that warm feeling you get when you feel comfortable." You notice that mom is relaxing a bit. "Kiss me again." Summer does as she is asked, and this time places her left hand on one of mom's legs. Wrapping her arm under mom's legs, she scoots her up onto her lap. Mom wraps her arms around Summer's body, and I can tell they are getting into the kiss. Was that some tongue I just saw there? Looking up from the TV, I can' believe what is going on. I wasn't sure how receptive she was going to be once she found out what this place was, but it definitely surpassed my expectations. Hearing some moaning, I look back at the TV to find mom lying down on the couch with Summer on top of her. They are still kissing, only this time, Summer's left hand can't be seen. It is somewhere between them, and I can make some guess as to where it is, but unless they move a little, I can't be sure. "I can't help looking at your breasts, they’re so large."

Sitting up, "Well, if you want, you can get a better look at them," Summer responds. As mom sits up, Summer reaches out and takes one of her hands. Guiding her to the zipper on the front of her dress, she motions for mom to unzip her. Without hesitation, I watch my own mother do something I've always dreamed about doing myself...removing Summer Cummings clothes.

I can't believe it. I'm actually getting a rise out of watching my mom. Of course, she is unzipping the dress of the woman I have desired, and never thought I'd have, for the past three years, but still, it’s my mom. This is the type of stuff I read about in adult stories, not something that would actually happen to me. Yet I don't feel wrong about it. I watch as first the left breast, and than the right breast, are forced out from the still partially zipped dress. And she isn't wearing a bra. God I love those breasts. I want to feel them in my hands, lick those nipples to attention, than suck the life out of them. But, while I don't think I will get them, mom will.

"God they're so big. How do you put up with the weight?"

"I manage. Do you want to play with them?" Summer says this as she arches her back, pushing her breasts up towards mom's face. With a grin, she takes hold of the right breast, and just explores. Running her fingers across them, feeling the cleavage, playing with the nipple. I watch as mom rolls the nipple between her thumb and index finger. She skillfully brings it to attention, and then moves to the other breast. After another minute of playing, both nipples are at attention, and look to be straining against the flesh. Mom looks at Summer with a "May I?" look on her face, and with a little nod from Summer, mom leans forward and runs her tongue over them. She even spits on the right one, and while she massages the spit over the breast, she begins to play with the other one. Instead of spitting on the breast, she explores it with her tongue. After several minutes, both breasts have a 'spit-shine' on them. All the while, Summer runs her hands through mom's long red hair.

Mom proceeds to finish unzipping the dress (the zipper runs down the entire front of the dress), confirming that Summer is wearing light red pantyhose, and not just stockings. I don't have a good angle though, and can't tell if she has any panties on, but based on the lack of bra, I doubt it. Getting turned on even more, my cock is straining against my pants. Looking at the clock, only about 30 minutes have passed. Turning back to the screen, I watch as mom begins to lick her way down Summer's body, spending some time around the belly. I see Summer shudder, and guess that it tickled a little bit. Then mom moves further down. However, she passes the sweet spot and moves to the legs. While still wearing the pantyhose, Summer begins to get her foot sucked on. Then, a tongue runs up the length of one leg and down the other, finishing with the other foot sucked on. Finally, mom moves up to the final destination, and not even bothering to pull the pantyhose down, begins to lick Summer's crotch. She gives a few licks before just planting her face against Summer, and what I guess can only mean she is sucking her down. Summer is enjoying herself, her back arched up and her eyes closed. A grin is on her face as she forcefully grips the sides of the couch. She is moaning heavily and begins to yell out mom's name. "PPPPPAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!" As mom is jiggling her head back and forth between Summer's legs, Summer calls out "FASTER! FASTER!" Mom moves as fast as possible, until finally Summer calls out "I'M CCCUUUMMMIIINNNGGG!!!" Summer bucks wildly, mom skillfully holding on. I almost wondered if she has done this before, but I doubt it. Soon, Summer's body slows down, and mom finally lifts her head up. "God damn that was good! Have you done this before?"

"No, that is my first time. I wasn't sure what to do. I just...did it."

"Well, you seem to be a natural pussy eater. I've never orgasmed that powerful before. Come here." Summer curls her finger, motioning mom to move closer to her. She grabs mom around the neck and pulls her into a kiss. After a long passionate, and definitely tongueful kiss, she breaks it off. "I just love the taste of pussy juice, even my own. You should try your own sometime. I know it sounds a bit odd, but you'd be surprised."

"We'll see won't we?" Mom says with a grin. I can't believe I'm even hearing this from her. If she knew that I was watching, she wouldn't be acting like this at all.

"Have you ever swallowed before?"

"Once, in college, but it was forced on me, and I didn't enjoy it. I didn't want to swallow, but at the last second he grabbed my hair and forced his dick down my throat. It was an interesting feeling, but having pumped right into my stomach just didn't feel good. Of course, it was my first time, and I've heard that it is a taste you sometimes have to develop." I am sitting her flabbergasted. I've never heard her talking like that before.

"That's true. It took a few times before I enjoyed it myself. You never tried it again?"

"No, unfortunately, I haven't had a lot of opportunities. Like I said earlier, I've been cheated on three times now, and I never made it that far with either them or the other guys I've dated. In fact, my sex life since that guy I gave a blowjob to has been relatively slow, almost negligible in fact. You are the first one in a few years in fact." Wow, I didn't know that. I thought she had already done it with the last guy. That might explain why he left. I wonder if she has ever thought about that.

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