tagErotic CouplingsThe Hitch Hiker: Alice 02

The Hitch Hiker: Alice 02

byJust Plain Bob©

I had spent a long time looking over my shoulder since meeting Alice, but when the trouble came it was not in the form of an FBI agent with a warrant or even a goombah with a gun. No, it was in the form of a dumpy looking businessman with a briefcase.

A customer of mine had flown into town and had called me and asked me to meet him for lunch at the motel where he was staying. By coincidence it was the motel where I had been putting Alice when we returned from my road trips.

I was sitting in the coffee shop with my customer when I happened to see Alice walk in the front door. She walked directly to the door that said "Manager" on it and without knocking she opened the door and went in. Darrel and I had finished eating and there was no reason for us to stay any longer, but something told me that I needed to stay there and keep an eye on that door.

"You know Darrel, I think I've changed my mind and I will have some dessert. I think I'll try some of that New York Cheese Cake after all."

I was half way through the wedge of cheesecake when the door opened and Alice came out followed by a short, fat guy carrying a briefcase. Alice said something to him and he gave her a nervous smile and then the two of them headed down the corridor that led to the first floor rooms.

Alice was home and fixing dinner when I got there. She turned to greet me when I walked into the kitchen and gave me a big smile.

"You want dessert first?"

"I don't know, what's for dessert?"

"Silly man" she said as she grabbed my tie and led me to the bedroom.

Over a late dinner I asked her how her day had gone.

"Nothing exciting. Watched some soaps most of the day and worked a few cross-word puzzles."

Uh huh, and that was your twin sister I saw at the motel.

The next day I didn't go to work and I was siting down the block from the house when Alice came out. I followed her back to the motel and I was behind a magazine rack in the gift shop watching the manager's door when the man I recognized as the manager came out with Alice. He went to the front desk and got a key and brought it back and handed it to her. He said something, she nodded a yes and then she headed down the corridor in the direction of the rooms.

I was outside, parked where I could see her car, when she came out an hour and a half later and I followed her back home. I let her get inside before I pulled up and parked. I was a little on the quiet side as I let myself into the house and closed the door behind me. Alice was sitting on the toilet using her douche bag when I walked up to the bathroom door. Until that moment I wasn't at all sure of what had been going on. The little dumpy man could have been taking statements maybe. For all I knew Alice might have gotten tired of running and was now cooperating with the law in some way. But you don't need to douche after just talking to some one.

I just stood there looking at Alice for a minute and then I turned and walked away. I was in the kitchen getting a beer out of the fridge when Alice came into the room.

"It isn't what you think lover."

"It isn't? Well let's just look at it from my point of view shall we? I see you heading for a motel room with a short, dumpy looking guy yesterday - a day by the way that you said you stayed home and watched soaps - and today I followed you to the same motel and watched the manager give you a key following which you headed for a room. So, you going to tell me that it isn't what I think, that two and two don't equal four?"

She stood looking at me for several moments and then she turned to walk out of the room. "Where are you going?"

"To pack."

"You would rather go pack than talk to me?"

"I've nothing to say that you want to hear and if I did talk you would probably throw me out anyway."

She headed for the bedroom and I finished my beer and got up and followed her.

She had a suitcase on the bed and was dragging stuff out of the closet. I stood and watched for a bit and then I said, "I hate to make this sound like it's an "All about me" thing, but haven't I been through enough shit with and for you to at least get an explanation?"

"Straight up lover? I've been hooking."

"I don't understand."

"A hooker, a prostitute, a play for pay girl. I've been fucking for money."

"I know what a hooker is, what I don't understand is why."

The same thing that got me into trouble in the first place - wanting to stay away from cops."

I made a 'come on, gimmie' motion with my hands.

"I'm walking around that fucking motel in my heels and revealing clothing and the manager comes up to me and says he's not going to have hookers dealing out of his place, at least not as long as he wasn't getting something out of it. I tried to convince him I wasn't a hooker but he wouldn't buy it. He told me to step into his office and we would discuss it. I told him we had nothing to discuss and he pointed to the front door where a cop car just happened to be sitting."

"In my office now" he said, or I go tell them I've had complaints from some of the guests about you trying to hustle them."

"You were out of town and I didn't know how to reach you and I didn't want anything to do with the cops so I went into his office. He wanted a blow job to cement our new business relationship and I've been taking care of whoever he sets me up with ever since."

"And you just went along with it?"

"Yes, I just went along with it."

"Why? You could have told me and I would have gotten you out of there."

"Truth time?"

"Of course."

"There were a couple of reasons why lover. One, I needed something to do while you were gone. Two, I wanted the money and last, but not least, I wanted the sex. You know what the most amazing thing about me is lover? That I was able to hide out in Wigginsville for four years and do without any sex while I was there. I spent all my time worrying that if I got in a relationship it might somehow trip me up"

She walked over to the dresser, got her purse, took something out of it and tossed it to me. It was a passbook to a savings account and it was in my name. "That's where I put the money I got for sex. I figure I owe you a ton. I owe you for my new face, I owe you for my new tits and most of all, I owe you for my life."

"I looked at the figure in the book, "Are you out of your mind? This is almost four times what I paid for your surgeries."

"The surgeries maybe, but don't try to put a cost on my life."

I just stood there staring at her. "Don't look at me like that lover, say something."

"I don't know what to say Alice."



"Roberta, you're supposed to be calling me Roberta, remember?"

"Oh, sorry. I suppose that I'm just stunned by the rather casual way you are treating this."

"No surprise there lover, at least not to me. That's what I was when I met Sam. A little higher priced than now, but that's what I was - a call girl. I did it then for the same reason I'm doing it now; I loved the sex and I got paid for it."

She paused for several seconds and then, "So, should I keep on packing?"


That was five years ago and a lot has happened since then. The bottom line was that her hooking hadn't hurt me any so I told Roberta if she wanted to hook go ahead and she did. A year after Roberta ran Sam was found guilty and sentenced to eight to ten years in prison. He was out in five and a half on good behavior. When Roberta read about it in the paper she made some phone calls and found out where he was and went to see him.

She didn't tell me before she did it. I came home and found a note telling me not to worry, that she would be in touch. She was gone for nine days. She called me every night just long enough to tell me she was all right, but couldn't talk.

The tenth day I came home to find her in the kitchen fixing dinner. All she had on were a pair of high heels and an apron. She smiled at me and said, "Dessert first lover" and she grabbed me by the tie and pulled me along behind her into the bedroom. Every time I tried to talk she said, "Hush lover. Make love now, we can talk later." Over a very, very late dinner I got the whole story.

She had found out where Sam was and then had called him and asked him if it was safe to come see him. He had blown up on her wanting to know where she had been, why she hadn't gone his bail, why she had never visited him in prison or jail and on and on. She told him what had happened and suddenly he got real silent.

"They did that to you? Elmer didn't tell me any of that."

"Elmer is the one they sent to do it Sam" and then she told him about the meeting that Elmer had set up and what she'd seen and why she'd run.

They made arrangements to meet and she warned him that she didn't look the same anymore. They met and then spent the next five days trying to fuck each other to death.

"Hey lover, don't look at me like that" she said when she saw my face after telling me about the five days. "Not once during this entire affair did I say that I didn't love Sam. I did and I still do."

At the end of five days Sam had made some phone calls and he and Alice had gone to some meetings with various people, apologies were made, restitution was offered and several people were severely chastised for over reacting. The most severely chastised was Elmer. Sam broke every bone in his body and suggested that when he got out of the hospital he disappear and never allow himself to be seen by Sam again.

The meetings over there were another three days of non-stop sex, "And now here I am."

I just stared at her while I tied to get my mind around what she'd just told me.

She looked at me, "Well, say something."

"You disappear on me for ten days and have eight days of non-stop sex? What the hell do you expect me to say?"

"Glad to have you home would be nice."

"You lost me. You still love Sam, you've just had eight days of sex with him and you are here. What did I miss?"

"I admit that it might be a little unorthodox, but I happen to be deeply in love with two men and I do not intend to give either of them up. So, here's the plan. When you are on the road I am Sam's. When you get home I am yours. You get the better of the deal because, at least if the last five years are any indication, you will have me thirty-one weeks and Sam will only have me for twenty-one. Although I did tell Sam I would talk to you to see if I could talk you into an even split. He won't push because he's grateful that you saved my ass and he loves the new tits you bought me. Look on the bright side lover, I won't be hooking any more when you are on the road because I'll have Sam to keep me company."

I just sat there in stunned amazement and stared at her. She stood up and reached across the table and took my hand. "Come on lover" she said as she pulled me to my feet, "Let's go to bed and I'll work my magic. You will love this new deal to death when I get done with you."

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