tagErotic CouplingsThe Hitch Hiker: Stephanie

The Hitch Hiker: Stephanie

byJust Plain Bob©

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It had been a long haul from New York to Detroit and as I was putting gas in the tank I was debating on whether to get another couple of hundred miles under my belt or find a motel and sack out. My thoughts were interrupted by a voice from behind me, "Excuse me sir" and I turned around to see a very attractive lady standing behind me. "I noticed the Colorado plates on your car and I wondered if you were going to or coming from."

"Going to, I'm happy to say" I replied.

"Would you like some company? It can be a long drive for someone alone."

"Company would be nice, but I have a rule against hitch hikers ever since one of them robbed my brother."

"Do I look like a robber?"

"The girl that robbed him didn't look like one either."

"Can I buy you a cup of coffee and at least talk to you about it?"

Why not I thought, she was a damned good looking woman and I wouldn't mind staring at her over a cup of coffee. At the table she opened up her purse and took out a wad of cash big enough to choke a horse and said, "See? I don't need to rob you." I just looked at her and she returned the look and said, "Oh, I see. You think I got it from guys like you who gave me rides."

I shrugged and didn't say anything. "Okay" she said, "How about this? You put your cash and credit cards in an envelope and mail them to your home address and I'll pay the expenses until we get there."

It was a tempting offer; she would be good company if for no other reason than to look at, but I was still leery. "Honey, I hate to sound paranoid, but what's to stop you from trying to blackmail me once we get there? You know, give me a thousand bucks or I'll tell the cops you raped me."

The look on her face said 'boy, you sure are some piece of work', but she didn't say anything, just got a pen and a piece of paper out of her purse. "What's your name?" I told her and she started writing. She handed the paper to me, "I, Stephanie Ann Gambellino, plan of my own free will on sucking the cock of (my name) every chance I get on the trip to Denver. I also, of my own free will plan on fucking him every chance I get." She had signed it. I looked at her and she handed me her driver's license; sure enough, she was Stephanie Ann.

"Put that in the envelope and mail it with your other stuff."

"You sure must want to ride with me pretty bad. Want to tell me why?"

"You are on your way to Colorado and I need to get to Denver."

"Okay, but why not a train, plane or bus? You obviously can afford it."

"Can we just say that I have what I think are good reasons and let it go at that?"

"Okay Stephanie Ann, finish your coffee and let's get the show on the road. I want to get another hundred miles in before I stop for the night."

We didn't make a hundred miles. We didn't even make fifty. Five minutes onto I-94 she slid over next to me and her hand went to my zipper. "What are you doing?"

She laughed and said, "Just what I said I was going to do - suck your cock every chance I get until we reach Denver."

I started looking for an exit with a motel, but it was another ten miles and by then she had me ready to blow. I told her I was going to cum and told her there were tissues in the glove box, but she didn't stop and I had to pull over until she finished.

"All the way to Denver huh?"

"All the way baby. If you can keep getting it up it might take us a while to get there."

"If you keep trying to get it up I know it will."

I pulled in at a Best Western and registered and we were barely inside the door to the room and she was trying to get my pants off me.

"Let me get it hard again baby and then we can take time to get naked."

She was a great cocksucker. She deep throated me and I'll swear that I felt the head of my dick touch the back of her throat. When I was hard again I pushed her back on the bed, "My turn" I said as I buried my face in her muff. I like to eat pussy and I've been told that I'm pretty good at it and Stephanie seemed to enjoy it so I was a bit surprised when she pushed me away from her.

"I want you in me. Please, fuck me now, I need your cock in me."

She was hot, she was wet, but God was she tight. As wet and ready as she was it still took me about eight strokes to work my way in. She was a wild woman in bed; she kicked and screamed, bucked and twisted and had several orgasms before I had mine. As soon as I came she pushed me away from her and went down on me. She fought a losing battle to keep me from going soft and when that fact became obvious to her she stopped and said, "Damn it, I'm still horny."

I grinned at her, "It will be back and I think I can keep you happy until it does" and I buried my face in her wet bush and went to work. It was a long night, but I didn't mind at all and I don't think she did either.


The next day, following breakfast, we headed on down the road. Two hours later I saw a sign telling me that there was a rest area half a mile ahead and she must have read my mind because she said, "Yeah! Park away from everyone else" and she climbed over the seat and laid down on the back seat. I drove that half-mile watching in the rear view mirror while she finger fucked herself. I pulled into the rest area and parked as far away from the other vehicles there as I could and then I joined Stephanie in the back seat. It was a no frills fuck that lasted almost twenty minutes and then we got back on the Interstate. Forty-five minutes later she slid over next to me and started playing with my cock.

We stopped three times that day and I didn't even cover three hundred miles. At that rate it was going to take me a week to get home, but I didn't care. Getting home would mean giving up this fantastic sex crazy woman and I wanted to stall that as long as possible. Except for when she was trying to get my cock out of my pants Stephanie was quiet when we were driving; mostly she just stared out the window at the scenery lost in thought. I tried to find out something about her, but she avoided all conversation so eventually I stopped trying. We stopped for dinner and suddenly, in mid bite, she put her fork down and said, "I'm running away."

I looked up from my plate and she said again, "I'm running away. That's what you wanted to know, isn't it?"

I put my fork down and took a sip of my iced tea, "Well, I do have to admit to a certain amount of curiosity when a gorgeous woman with a purse full of cash, who just happens to be a nymphomaniac, comes up to me and asks for a ride. Especially when she has the money to get there a whole lot quicker and in a little more comfort."

She laughed and said, "But I couldn't do what we've been doing on the plane, train or bus. You want to drop me off at an airport? Or would you rather have me, emphasis on the have, all the way to Denver?"

I threw up my hands and said, "Okay, okay, have it your way. What are you running away from?"

She looked down at her plate and pushed her mashed potatoes around with a fork, "From an abusive husband."

I already knew enough not to go there so I asked, "Where in Denver are you going?"

"It's not really in Denver. It's a suburb of Denver called Castle Rock."

"Where in Castle Rock?"

"A place called the Woodlands."

"Where in the Woodlands?"

"On Pinyon, why?"

"Because I live in Castle Rock."

"My sister lives there. I haven't spoken to her in over eight years. She doesn't even know I'm coming. I just hope she can put me up for a few days until I can figure out what to do next."

"Can I ask why you haven't talked to her in eight years? Hell, I don't get along all that well with my sister, but we still talk on the phone two or three times a month."

"My father was dead set against her getting married and they had a big argument. I sided with my dad and she hasn't spoken to either of since."

"Why didn't you go and stay with your dad?"

"Because that's the first place Rocco will go looking for me. He knows about my sister not having anything to do with me so he'll never think to look there."

That night was a repeat of the previous night and the next day was a carbon copy of the previous day. At the rate we were going it was going to take me five days to make a trip I usually made in twenty-three hours. Stephanie was usually quiet when we were driving, but she opened up when we stopped for meals and I found out a lot more about her. The reason her father had been against her sister's marriage was because he was sure, or was pretty sure that he knew, that the man she was marrying was hooked into organized crime.

"What is so ironic is that my dad pushed me into marrying my husband because he was good looking and had money. What he didn't know until it was too late was that my husband's money comes from the rackets. Ain't that a kick in the ass."

"Did you ever find out about your sisters husband?"

"No, she hasn't spoken one word to us since."

"How do you know she won't just slam the door in your face?"

"I don't know that she won't. I'm just hoping for the best."

"What happens if she does let you stay and your husband plays the long shot and finds you there?"

It's not likely. He will be spending most of his time looking for me in New York, but if he does find me I'll just split for some place else."

"Why New York?"

"Before finding you I went out to Detroit Metropolitan Airport and found a sympathetic lady who let me buy her ticket in my name. When Rocco uses his contacts to check things he will find that my credit card bought a ticket to New York. I have some cousins there so that is where he will go."

"Why are you so sure that he will look for you?"

"Because to him I am a possession. And in the world he moves around in he will suffer a great loss of face because I took off."

That night she told me that she wanted to try something different, "You haven't had my ass yet and I love it up my ass."


We didn't get out of the motel until almost noon the next day and then we stopped at a rest area around two where she gave me one of her stupendous blow jobs. At six we were in the back seat of the car in a Union 76 truck stop parked way out on the back of the lot. We were ten hours from Denver and could have made it there by six in the morning, but she wanted one last night so we hit a motel. She damn near destroyed me that night; she managed to get me up five times and I was so whipped when the seven o'clock wake up call came that I couldn't get out of bed. It was ten before we got on the road again.

For the first hour or so Stephanie was very quiet and then she said, "You live in Castle Rock, right?"

I nodded a yes.

"Any chance that I could stay with you if Rosalie does slam the door in my face?"

My eyebrows went up at that but I was quiet for a bit and then said, "It might be difficult, but maybe I can talk my wife into it."

"Oh Jesus, I never asked, did I? I never gave a thought to the fact that you might be married."

For the next ten minutes she stared out the window and then, "What kind of relationship do you have with your wife that she might let you talk her into letting me stay with you?"

I grinned and then said, "She needs more cock than I can give her, kind of like you in a way, so I let her go out and play. It keeps her happy and she, in turn, keeps me happy. The thing is, I don't play around on her so you will be somewhat of a surprise and I don't know how she will take to sharing me. And she will have to share if you stay with us because I won't be able to keep my hands off of you."

She laughed and said, "You might not be able to get your hands on me. Your wife sounds like my kind of girl. If I stay with you I might just be going out with her to play."

I smiled at her, "I wouldn't be the least bit surprised."

After two stops on the road to satisfy Stephanie's urges we rolled into Castle Rock around nine in the evening. As I turned off Hwy 86 onto Woodlands Blvd Stephanie asked me where I was going.

"To Pinyon. All I need is an address."

She dug in her purse to find the number and told me what it was. I pulled into the driveway at the address and got Stephanie's small bag from the back seat,

"Come on honey, I'll be your moral support" and I walked her to the front door. She took a deep breath and pushed the doorbell and waited. No one came so she pressed it again. I waited about thirty seconds and then I reached past her and turned the door knob, "I forgot, the bell doesn't work."

I pushed the door open and hollered "Rosalie, I'm home and have I got a surprise for you." I stepped back and smiled at Stephanie, "After you sweetie," and I waved her in.

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That was fun

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NOT a Trucker Story ...

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