tagErotic CouplingsThe Hogfather's Bitch

The Hogfather's Bitch


My friend Lara has insisted I go clubbing with her. She is a good mate even though she is bi. I know she wants me and I like to tease her sometimes. But I am straight. I love cock. I have dressed comfortably but sexily. I am wearing a sheer button up blouse with the buttons undone to my cleavage. It clings to my body showing off my curves. The blouse is tucked into the short denim skirt I am wearing with it. Underneath I have on my favorite ivory silk thong with matching bra.

I have brushed my hair till it shines. Put on just a light touch of makeup. A nice burgundy red lipstick matches my blouse. And I finish off the outfit with a pair of strappy sandals. My painted toenails poke out through the end of them.

Lara is wearing her tight jeans with a black t-shirt. Her small breasts are unencumbered by a bra. And I can see from the way her jeans sit over her tight little ass that she is wearing a g or maybe no panties at all. Her long black hair hangs loose blending in with her black t-shirt.

Our taxi arrives and we head off to the nightclub. The room is quite crowded though the dance floor is empty except for the odd person walking across it. The music hasn't started. I sit at a table facing the bar, waiting for Lara to come back with our drinks. Eyeing off all the people standing at the bar. My eyes are pulled towards you. You're leaning against the end of the bar. The part of the bar that is right next to the dance floor, directly opposite me. You are talking with some mates but see me watching you.

"Mmmmmm" I think to myself, "what a sexy looking man!"

I wet my lips, eyeing you up and down. As I bring my eyes back up I see you looking at me. I blush a little as I feel you have read my mind. You have such a wicked smile. A real 'come to my bedroom' look to it. And god yes I would love to come to your bedroom.

Lara returns to our table with the drinks, a beer for her and an ouzo and coke for me. She passes it to me and jokingly says "go easy Tarnee I don't want to have to carry you home."

I sorta "hmmph" but my mind is elsewhere. It is on you. You have me entranced and I want you to know it. We have a few friends join our table and they start chatting. I let them carry the conversation. I am trying to tempt you instead.

I have opened my legs. They are a good six inches apart so I know you can see straight up my skirt. I know you can see my pussy lip as it pokes out of the side of the thong, wet and glistening. I know you can tell that my pussy is smooth and clean shaven. I watch you watch me. I am licking my lips wishing it were you licking my lips but not necessarily the ones on my face.

I am getting so turned on so wet. My nipples are sticking out through my bra, hard like pencil erasers. I put my hand on my lap inching up the skirt so that my hand now rests on my mound. Pointing finger extended, I run it along the inside of my thong. I slide it along from my arse to my clit. Rubbing little circles on my clit. I see from the bulge in your jeans that you can see me. And it is having the desired affect. You adjust him. And I think oh god how much I would like that hard cock inside my hot wet cunt.

The band has started. A medley of medium slow numbers and the dance floor is filling. I grab Lara's hand and say "come dance with me." She does gladly hoping that with the crush of dancers she will get to close dance with me. But I have one reason to be on that dance floor. I can't see you now because of all the dancers and I don't like it.

Slowly I work my way to closer to you. The closer we get to you the more my pussy is dripping with lust. I keep Lara moving until I am finally standing directly in front of you. My arse is just centimetres away from your hard cock. And I know you must be able to smell my dripping wet cunt.

Lara senses that I am aroused but mistakenly thinks it is she that has caused it. She starts dancing closer, invading my body space, so I move back a little. Of course you're behind me so this pushes my ass against your cock. My hips are swaying to the music rubbing my bottom over your hard member. Lara is leaning into me her breasts are rubbing against mine. Her mouth so close I can feel her hot breath on my neck, my ears.

The dance floor is so packed now. We are like sardines. You take advantage of this to put your hand up between my legs. I feel what you are doing and open my legs slightly. Your fingers have moved my thong aside and you are touching my hard little clit. Rubbing it. Pressing it. Pinching it.

Lara has moved closer and is standing between my feet pressing herself against me. Pressing me against you. While you finger my soaking wet cunt. She hears my groans and sees my hooded eyes full of lust. Misguidedly thinking it's her, she presses her advantage. Her tiny hands with their long tapered fingers go to my breasts, pinching the nipples through the two layers of material.

I groan even more. God I am not les. But I am soooo horny from you finger fucking my pussy. Combining this with what she is doing to my tits I cant help myself. She has started nibbling on my ear lobe. If she opened her eyes, she would be looking directly into yours. But her eyes stay closed as she is finally getting to do things to me that she has always wanted to do.

You have sensed that I am close to my orgasm and your finger has gone into overdrive. ramming into my cunt as your thumb starts probing my arse. As it pops through the tight muscle to go inside me, I cum. like a waterfall, flooding your hand. You keep fingering me until the last wave has finished racking my body. You then remove your hand and I hear you sucking on your fingers as I press back into you, trying hard to stay standing.

"Oh God" I groan.

The band is taking a break and people are heading back to their seats. Lara tries to take my hand to lead us back to our table. But I tell her no.

"You find your own way home Lara. I have someone here I need to meet. To know more."

She looks at me shocked and turns in a huff to go back to the table. I don't care. I know she will be back. She wants me too much. I turn and look at you smiling.

"Thank you. My name is Tarnee." and then I kiss you long, slowly and passionately.

You slowly peel your lips from mine and take my hand.

"Come......." you order me.

I follow unable to resist you. You have me in your power. You have my body and soul under your control. I follow you gladly out the door to the car park. It is full of cars and a good number of bikes especially some fine looking Harleys. I am guessing by your leather jacket that one of them is yours but you lead me past them to a car. You stop before it and take me in your arms holding me....kissing me hungrily.

Your fingers confidently start undoing the buttons on my blouse.

"You have done this before," I think to myself.

You pull the blouse loose from my skirt and reach behind me to expertly unclip my bra. My globes fall free as you pull my bra away from them and start caressing them with your hands. Taking my nipples between your fingers, you pinch and tweak them....roll them. They are hard as pencil tip erasers now. Dark pink and hard, pointing out from my 36D's, like beacons in the night

Your mouth moves from mine to take one of my rock hard tips between your lips. Sucking on it so sensually, you are sending mini shock waves coursing through my body. The other nipple is given equal attention.

You then stand back a bit from me and say, "Take off your thong."

I do as you bid, sliding my now saturated thong down my long legs and stepping out of it. Tossing it on the hood of the car, I face you again. My heart is racing and my cunt is throbbing with desire once again. What is this spell you have me under. I don't even notice that your mates have left the bar and are standing at their bikes watching us. Every fibre in my body is attune to you and you only. My eyes are looking into yours so deeply, it is like I am looking into your soul. And it is a soul that mine has been searching for. I know this. I feel it with every single one of my senses.

Your hands go to the hem of my skirt, just below the hips and you start to slide it up. You can see my mound.

"Thank God, I shaved today," I think to myself.

My eyes watch yours. They are perusing my body like a new owner looking over his acquisition. starting with the hair dampened with sweat... clinging to my forehead my temple....taking in my heaving breasts showing beneath the ivory bra pushed up to give you access. Moving down my stomach to where the skirt is tucked up, your eyes travel to my red snail trail that runs down my mound to stop at my slash. My legs are spread a little so you can see my gleaming lips poking between my gash. Your eyes go down, taking in my long shapely legs before coming back to my pussy again.

Your hands grip my hips and before I realise what you are doing, you have lifted me onto the hood of the car. You order me to open my legs but it wasn't an order you needed to issue. My legs had already opened. My body wants this so badly. My pussy is craving your touch..... your fingers.....your tongue............your cock.

Placing your hands on the tops of my legs, just below the hips, you bring your mouth down to my thighs. Kissing them so softly. So surprisingly soft. But so erotically my pussy starts dripping even more. I try to slide my body lower on the hood. Trying to bring my yearning hole closer to your mouth but you will not be rushed. You are enjoying yourself too much to rush. You are relishing my scent ..my taste. Slowly kissing your way up to my pussy, I moan and call out to you begging for more. But once again you ignore me, taking your lips to my other leg. Kissing the thigh there. You work your way up slowly towards my gash once more.

I can stand it no longer and I put my hands behind your head, pulling it to my throbbing wet pussy. You bury your face in me. Your lips are pushing through mine to get to my entrance. Sucking at my juice. You stop. Lifting your head to look at me, your face is covered in my cream.

"What do you want?" you ask me.

I moan but you want an answer.

"What do you want me to do bitch?" you say. "Tell me what you want!"

"Oh God, I want you to suck on my clit. I want you to suck on my cunt. I want you to eat me until I fill your mouth with my cum. I want you now," I beg.

Your head moves back down to my throbbing pussy and your tongue slides along my crack. Starting at my ass.. across my wet wanting cunt ..... to my clit. Using your fingers, you push the hood back exposing my hard little pearl to the cool night air. My body gasps in a breath of air. Your tongue flickers at it causing jolts of electricity to shudder through me. You suck it into your mouth, tongue still licking as you suck.

My body writhes in ecstasy.. in agony... wanting more. Following the crease, your tongue licks through my lips to my entrance. My juices are dripping from me and you lap at them like a hungry kitten. I moan as my pussy tries to clench itself around your tongue. Trying to pull it in deeper. You finally oblige and your tongue delves deep in me exploring. Fondling my insides. You find my g spot and your tongue does a dance over it. And then you start to suck.

"Oh my God"

I have never felt such an exquisite feeling. My body trembles....my legs start to shake as an earth shattering orgasm tumbles from my body, filling your mouth with my sweet nectar. You swallow and suck until my body finally stops its spasms. Stops issuing its juices from me.

You lift your cum covered face and say to me, "you have cum twice now bitch. Now I want you to suck my cock."

I slide off the car and kneel at your feet. Unbuckling your belt and unzipping your jeans, I delve my hand into your shorts feeling for this cock that had me so turned on in the club. My eyes fill with lust as I first see it removed from your shorts. See the hard angry knob gleaming under the street light. I notice that you have some precum dribbling from it and my tongues swoops to sample your jism.

It has an earthy, savoury tang to it and I start to suck on your bulb as my hand girths your rigid shaft stroking smoothly. I lick all over your head and I suck up and down on your hard cock. My other hand has found your balls and is weighing them....kneading them.

You weave your fingers through the hair at the back of my neck and pull my head down onto your throbbing stiff cock. It pushes down into my throat making me gag and I pull back slightly but you push it back again.

I start to fuck your dick with my mouth. My head bobbing faster and faster as your excitement mounts. My hands feel your testicles tighten. My mouth feels the cum rising up your rod. I suck harder and faster. Your hands are pulling my mouth over your cock. It is ramming deep in my throat as I feel the first wave of your seed squirt from your eye down my throat nearly choking me. I quickly swallow and pull my head back a little as surge after surge of delicious hot cum fills my mouth, dribbling from the corners as I don't swallow quickly enough. Strands of it hang from my chin and I use my fingers to scoop them up and suck on the fingers.

You lift me to my feet pulling me close to you. Kissing me. It is only then I notice from the corner of my eye that your friends have been watching looking on expectantly. I stiffen in your arms and start to tremble.

You look at them and say, "piss off! She is my bitch."

I relax in your arms now revelling in their closeness. Feeling protected. Feeling safe. Feeling loved.

When the trembling in my body finally subsides, you lift my chin up... tilting my head...forcing me eyes to look at yours.

"My name is Ian. I want to fuck you. I want to fuck every part of your body. I want to start making love to those sexy toes of yours and work my way up your body until I finally reach those sweet lips. Then I want to work my way down your back to your tight little butt and I wanna fuck your ass as I bend you over so I can pay with those great tits of yours. What do you say my sexy little Tarnee? You wanna come home with me and be my bitch."

My heart is swelling as I realise you want me as badly as I want you. I gulp in air and nod my head yes.

"Say it then Tarnee," you order me. "Tell me what you want."

In a quavering voice, I answer, "I want to be your bitch Ian. I want you to do all those things. I want to do for you what ever you want me to.....whatever you tell me to. I want to come home with you. Yes oh yes... I want to come home with you."

"Come then love." you gently tell me.

And my heart feels like it will burst as you lead me to your Harley. You pass me a spare helmet from your bike. Climbing on, you start the engine thrumming. As I climb behind you, my skirt hitches up around my hips again and my bare fanny sits on the pussy seat behind you. My thong is tucked safely in your pocket as we ride off to the start of my life with you.

The vibration of the big engine under my seat has my box pulsating....... wanting a cock to fill it. We have only travelled about 20 kilometres when I can stand it no longer. My arms are wrapped around your waist and my hands begin to wander, rubbing you dick through you jeans. Feeling it stir... come to life under my fingertips. I press my breasts into your broad hard back. I am crushing my tits against you as I continue to stroke your hardening shaft with my hand. I know if I were to move back and look at the back of your jacket, I will see indentations in it from my stiff nipples.

You flip on your indicator switch and pull into a grassy verge. The road is fairly deserted apart from the odd truck passing by. Switching off the engine, you dismount. We both remove our helmets.

Unzipping your pants and pulling out your stiff member, you say, "you want me to fuck you Tarnee, my love."

"Yessss...... please Ian...... please fuck my cunt. I need your hard bone inside me....filling me.....ramming me."

"Bring your leg over Tarnee. Sit side saddle." you order me.

And I quickly bring it over, spreading my legs wide so you can see how wet my box is. How much I want you. You push me back a little and guide your knob to my slit. Sliding it along my swollen throbbing gash. Pressing it against my sensitive clit making me shiver. You push it through my slippery engorged flaps pausing at the entry to my pulsating pussy. Holding it there as my cunt clenches.... quivers wanting more.

"How much do you want it Tarnee?"

"Oh Ian fuck me please. I want you. I need you. I have to have your cock in me now. Fuck me for God's sake!" I demand.

And you do. Ramming it into my pussy until your head slams the tip of my womb. My pussy clenches. My legs wrap around you, holding you deep inside me.

"Fuck yes Ian. Oh yes love. Fuck me hard babe." I moan as you start pounding my cunt with your mighty shaft.

My pussy fits around your cock like a scabbard made for your sword. And it is a well oiled sword, covered in my juices. In and out, you assault my pussy. Pounding me so hard you push me across the seat. And before long my body is tensing ready to explode. You sense this and holding my hips tight, you increase your pace. Your head bows to find my taut nipple with your lips.... sucking it..... nipping it.

I yell out your name. My scream breaking the silence that surrounds us, as my orgasm racks my body. Gushing from my cunt, it covers your cock and balls with my cum. My pussy is spasming on your cock as I climax, causing you to release your seed in me. Spurting it deep inside my body. I slump forward into your waiting arms. Kissing you on your lips.

"Thank you love. You continue to amaze me at how hard you make me cum."

You return my kiss and hold me close as our bodies recover and slow to their normal pace.

"Come on hun. I want you home with me," you tell me as you climb astride your mighty machine again.

Donning our helmets, I climb behind you, holding you close. My cheek resting on your back. Feeling your warmth through the leather. You start up and pull off onto the road once more.

Down the road another ten minutes or so we start to come upon housing again and you de-accelerate. Cruising quietly, the engine just purring. Of course by now my cunt is dripping again from sitting on this giant vibrator. My hands are once again curling around your cock. Feeling it grow with the tender touch of my fingers. Just as I have him back to his previously rigid state, you pull into a driveway, driving right into a garage that you have opened with a remote control.

Before we enter I quickly look around and see a low hacienda style home with the back enclosed by a high fence. The sound of frenzied barking tells me that you have a few dogs behind it who sound very happy to hear you home. I note that while your lawn is green and well tended, there is a decided lack of colour. And my mind is making mental images of rose bushes there.

You turn the engine off and we dismount, taking out helmets off as we do. I walk to your work bench to put the helmet there and you follow pressing me against the bench from behind. Reaching around me you start to fondle my tits. You start kissing my shoulder and neck. Then nibbling on my ear lobe you say,

"You are a hot little bitch aren't you, my sexy Tarnee."

My answer is to push my butt back against that solid bayonet or yours. My hands cover yours and I press them hard against my heaving boobs. You start to pull and pinch at my tips, making me groan with lust. My honey pot is throbbing and dripping wet. I take your hand down to my crotch to show you just how you affect me.

I whimper when you remove your other hand from my tit but you need it to unzip your jeans again, freeing that mighty cock of yours. Pushing me forward over the bench, you slide it along my crack, pushing my puffy lips apart with your head. My juices are flowing as you tease my cunt with the tip while your other hand is flickering....rubbing my clit.

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