tagLoving WivesThe Honeymoon Surprise

The Honeymoon Surprise


This is my first story attempt. I welcome all constructive criticism. I would like to thank hkf999 for his help in copy editing this for me.


I couldn't believe what was happening. I was about to watch as another man fucked my brand new bride. Just a few days ago I thought that I was marrying the perfect wife. Now what had I become and how did it happen?

It started a year ago. At my parents urging I had agreed to be a camp counselor for the local church. Although not an overly religious man, I did want to remain in good standing with the family. It was there that I met Chris. I was immediately taken with her. Of course what man wouldn't be? She was an incredible looking woman 5 foot 3, 110 lbs, long blonde hair and perfectly shaped breasts. The best part was that Chris seemed to feel the same way, and an already hot summer got much hotter.

Hotter except that there would be no sex. Chris also had been raised in a fairly religious family. A few years ago her father, who was dying of cancer, had made her promise that she would save herself for her wedding night. I was understanding and knew I could not expect my girlfriend to go back on a promise she had made to her dying father.

At times it was pretty difficult to control myself. Chris, although a virgin, was a very passionate and sexual girl. Our dates usually ended up in some serious make out sessions and some heavy petting and groping. But the end was always the same. I would have to drive home with my hard cock and blue balls until I could get home and take matters into my own hands. Still she was such a perfect woman and I knew I would happily wait as long as it took.

Everything was going so perfectly for the next six months, so at Christmas time when Chris had taken me home to meet her family, I decided to seal the deal and asked her to marry me. Everyone was ecstatic and plans were soon being made for the big day. One night after another great date we were doing our usual routine. Getting all worked up on the couch until it was time to go home. I was just about to say goodnight but suddenly Chris said, "wait honey I have a surprise for you. I know that I have to wait until our wedding night to become the sexual creature you want me to be but since we are engaged now, I was thinking I could give you a little something to give you some relief." I just looked on in amazement as she slowly unzipped my pants and pulled them down revealing my manhood. I was a little worried when she looked so shocked at the sight but then realized that she didn't have experience with the male member.After her initial reaction she proceeded to give me a wonderful hand job. I remember thinking how after so long without a woman's touch, a simple hand job could feel so amazing. It didn't take long before I was exploding in orgasmic bliss

That is when the first signs began to appear that there may be trouble in paradise. For the next two weeks Chris was different. She had gotten more quiet and distant. I worried that I had made a huge mistake. How could I be so stupid and selfish? I let her pleasure me and now she feels so much guilt. Did I ruin everything? I should have known, it always happens to me this way. With my ex girl friends it was always the same. Everything would be going great then after a while they would turn cold and soon it would be over. I was just about to give up when as suddenly as she got cold she warmed up again. She suddenly became more open and happy again. And the passion was back. She even started teasing me, telling me that once she was a married woman she was going to become such a little slut. That kind of talk from my virgin girlfriend was both shocking and very erotic.

Then I got a real shock. About two weeks before our wedding day, Chris while making out, asked me to do something special for her. I was so turned on and quickly agreed to whatever my sexy wife wanted. She smiled and handed me a small box. I opened it to see for the first time what I have since learned is a metal cock cage.

"What the heck is this I asked." She was rubbing my balls and explained that it was a male chastity device and that she wanted me to wear it until our wedding night.

"Why, don't you trust me?" I asked.

"Of course I do," but I want you very ready for what I have planned for you, so I would like to make sure you abstain from having an orgasm until then. I began to protest knowing that two weeks without any relief would kill me.

She just calmly stroked my cock and balls and said, "how about a deal? I'll suck it for you if you let me lock it up afterwards." My mind was racing. I was so horny and I could feel her incredible lips on my cock but then I would have to go without relief for two weeks! I was still thinking when she laid her head on my thigh and was gently rubbing me.

Of course her ploy worked, I was going crazy and needed to feel her mouth. I promised to accept her cage.

She slowly moved between my legs and gave me an amazing blow job. For a virgin she seemed to really know how to suck cock. Starting by licking my balls, taking each one into her hot mouth. She looked up at me and gave me an almost evil grin before taking me all the way in her mouth. I remember thinking that even though I would have to pay for this for the next two weeks it felt so good it was worth it. Little did I know just how much I would have to pay for that blow job. It only took a few minutes before I was exploding in her mouth. I expected her to run to spit it out but instead she swallowed and then kissed me forcing her still pungent tongue in my mouth. I got a little sick tasting the cum that was still on her lips but realizing that she had just taken a whole mouthful of it for me I did my best to kiss her back.

She seemed almost giddy as she reached for the cock cage and said. "A deal is a deal" and my now flaccid cock was put inside its new prison.

As you can imagine the next two weeks seemed to drag on for ever. First realizing that I had to sit down like a woman every time I wanted to pee. That damn cage was shaped so that my manhood had to remain bent and pointed down making it impossible to stand and relieve myself. And when I started to get an erection I was rewarded with a very uncomfortable pain. I tried to complain to Chris that it was too much but she just would hold up the key that she had on her necklace, smile a wicked smile and tell me how much she looked forward to the honeymoon. I must admit though as uncomfortable as it was, wearing the cage was also kind of erotic. I made me constantly aware as it held my cock. It also made me think constantly about the woman who had put it there and the key that was hanging around her neck.

Finally the big day arrived. Chris had made all the plans meticulously. She said that I should leave everything up to her and I was happy to oblige. She even wrote our vows so that everything would be perfect. I rehearsed my vows until I had them down which where pretty standard.

"I Jim take Chris to be my wife. To honor, obey, forsake all others etc."

After saying my vows it was Chris' turn to read hers "I Chris take Jim to be my lawfully wedded husband. To have hold and care for and to provide the guidance he needs until the day I die." I tried to hide the look of shock and heard a few murmurs from the audience. Why was hers so different from mine? Why did she not promise the things I did? Instead she offered me guidance?

I quickly forgot about the vows at the reception and soon we were off to our honeymoon. In the limo that her family had rented I realized that since Chris had made all the arrangements I didn't know where we were going. We ended up in a mountain town and a beautiful lodge. There was a nice town nearby with some local nightlife, so it was not completely remote. When we checked in I couldn't help but notice the very sexy lady that greeted us for check in. She was a little older than us probably around 40, her 5 foot 8 frame with brown hair dark eyes and incredible sexy long legs made for a great look. She introduced herself as Maria the owner of the lodge and welcomed and congratulated us on our new marriage. Then this stranger began to whisper to Chris and then embarrassed my new wife. I thought this was a little surprising but then realized that Chris had probably been corresponding with her for quite a while making all the arrangements.

The limo driver brought our bags up to the room and I couldn't help but notice how he was flirting with Chris. It didn't help that he was a tall muscular man with dark hair and strong features. I felt my jealousy surge and when Chris offered him a tip he casually told her she could give him a better tip later before turning to leave. What the Fuck? Did this asshole just say that to my wife? And why did she seem to be blushing like she enjoyed it?

After checking in and having a nice dinner Chris said it was time for her fun to begin. I was so excited and reminded her that in order for that to happen she needed to give me the key to this thing on my crotch. She started giggling and said. "Oh quite the contrary that beautiful ornament is all part of the fun I have planned."

I tried to take what she said in stride but realized that she wasn't joking. "What do you mean? What do I have to do to get out of this god awful thing?"

She unbuttoned my pants and reached in and started stroking my balls. Looking into my eyes she suddenly got a serious look on her face and said calmly and directly. "Whatever I ask you to."

I was shocked but something about the way she said it made me melt and I heard myself hissing, "yes."

Lifting my chin to look her in the eye she asked "yes what."

Without realizing what I was doing I heard myself say, "yes Ma'am."

She broke out in laughter and squeezed my balls making me flinch. "Wow Maria was right. This is going to be easier than I thought"

"You talked about our little arrangement with Maria," I asked.

Chris simply said, "sit down in the chair on the patio and I will tell you all about it." I started to move when she said. "Wait, lets start to have a little fun. Take off your clothes so you can feel the warm breeze while I look at my new hubby."

I was so crazy from two weeks without an orgasm that I immediately stripped and went to the patio. I sat down in the wooden chair which faced in towards the bedroom. I was thankful that there was a pad to protect my bare skin from any splinters. Chris came out and moved behind me and started massaging my shoulders. I was in total bliss and closed my eyes. I felt Chris rubbing her hands on me and didn't notice when she slowly traced down my arms and I felt something wrapped around my wrist. Suddenly I realized I couldn't move my arms and opened my eyes and realized she had put velcro straps around my wrist.

"Very funny Chris," I said, "now let me go."

She looked at me and in the same cool calm voice that she used earlier she said. "Babe this is not a joke," and placed a piece of duct tape over my mouth. I began to pull on the straps but she simply reached into the bag that she had and pulled out more straps which she attached to my legs.

She then sat down in her own chair and said that if I promised to remain polite she would remove the tape and explain what was going on.

I shook my head yes and she smiled, patted me on the head and said. "There now that is a good boy." Then she said "I guess since you have been a good sport I can let that little thing between you legs free for a little while as we talk."

What? Little thing? Is that what she thought about my cock?

She then proceeded to tell me that tonight I was going to begin my new life as a cuckold."I know you probably don't know what that word means. I did not myself until I was lucky enough to find Ms Maria five months ago. Basically you are going to serve me however I like while I take other lovers for my pleasure." I was stunned.

Are you serious you expect me to stand by while you have sex with someone else.

She looked at me with a sad look on her face and said, "honey you don't have any choice. What are you going to do tell your poor mother that you are getting a divorce?" Then she stroked my hair and said, "I know this is hard for you now but I think in time you will realize that it is for the best."

"What about your late father" I said? "And what about the promises you made to me? Does any of that matter?"

She looked up at me and smiled. "Dear I am keeping all of my promises. I promised my father that I would loose my cherry on my wedding night and since you can't do that with your little boy penis I have no choice but to find a real man to do that for me. And as for you I promised to become a little slut once I had married you." She smiled at me and said, "tonight I plan on doing just that."

I was devastated. Tears started to well up in my eyes. "What do mean since I can't pop your cherry," I said.

She cracked up. "Baby look between your legs. You can't pop a woman's cherry with that little thing."

Talk about a slap in the face. "Is it that small?" I said.

Chris looked at me with a total look of shock. "Oh My God! Do you not know what a cock looks like? Baby you have a little boys penis." She went in and got a ruler out of the desk in the room. Coming back she traced her fingers over me until I was hard. She measure it and reported "3 1/2 inches." She began to giggle. "Sorry hon but I can't believe it is not even 4."

"What is normal," I said.

She said, "statistically average is 6 inches but a nice size man is 8, 10 or even more."

"So you don't think I can satisfy you or even take your virginity."

"I tell you what," she said. "I'll ride your little winky for a few minutes and if you pop my cherry then I won't go on my date with Ron."

"Who is Ron I asked?"

"Our driver silly, why do you think he was willing to drive us all the way across the state?" With that she came over lifted her skirt and sat on me and began bouncing up and down on my penis.

"See," she said. "See what I mean? Nothing happening here." She looked down.

"I did get it in didn't I?" Looking at me. "Well, did I?"

"Is it inside me?"

I was totally mortified as I said. "Yes Chris it is in."

She got up and said, "oh yes. I forgot since you are now my cuckold hubby. You need to call me Ma'am or Mistress Christine now ok?"

I didn't say anything and she grabbed my balls and twisted them as I meekly said. "Yes Ma'am."

"Good" she said. "I am now going to get ready for my date. Oh but wait first I don't want you shooting off to early." She returned with a cup of ice and after holding my penis in it for a few minutes she could easily slip it back in its cage. Then she turned and went inside. After the glass door slid shut she shut off the patio light. It was then that I realized how completely screwed I was. I was naked on the patio, unable to move, my pitiful cock was locked up and couldn't even get hard and I was in the dark. I could see right into the lodge bedroom but no one inside could see me. I was going to be in for a night that I would never forget.

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